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 Date: 9-25-2013

Time 6:14 - 6:25

Weather is Gorgeous. September Morning. Traffic. News. Delaware State Police are looking for a girl in Newark despite no report of a missing child from a family. White girl, 10-12 years of age. Steve saw an alert on TV last night. Former Eagle Hugh Douglas is being charged with assault. Happened at Hartford Hotel, Douglas claims the injuries happened after rough sex. University of Delaware Rugby Club has been suspended for five years after a party at their house got out of control. Police have arrested some and are still looking for others responsible. They’re Schmucked. Sports. Darin Ruff and Kevin Frandsen drove in runs as the Phillies beat the Marlins in Miami last night 2-1. Preseason home game Flyers v Devils 2-1. NCAA will reduce sanctions against Penn State starting next season. Wednesday is the worst day of the week. Not your average listener coming in today.

Time 6:39 - 7:10

75 degrees. Zeta Eta Pi. Traffic. Casey farted on the conference call last night. SQ. Birthdays: Catherine Zeta Jones, 44. Will Smith, 45. Heather Locklear, 52. Mark Hamill, 62. Anson Williams, 64. Barbara Walters, 84. SA. Entertainment News: Deena Lohan attended court in a chauffeured Rolls Royce because her license was suspended. Dr. Drew Pensky diagnosed with prostate and survived; Arnold Schwarzenegger seen kissing another woman. Amanda Bynes lawyer says that she is mentally unfit to face charges against DUI. Khloe Kardashian is confusing people about her marriage, changed her instagram but kept her wedding ring on while at a club. Charlie Sheen showed up to court for jury duty.  Judge thinks he’s too much of a distraction. According to US Magazine Sophia Loren wore a $7,000,000 Vera Wang dress along with jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz. Sophia Loren posted picture twerking on instagram that night. Britney Spears is paid to lip-synch. A rep has said that she will be singing and has been practicing voice lessons. Kayne West told BBC, rap is the new rock and roll and that he’s the number one rock star. Jim Henson’s daughter Cheryl donated Muppets to the Smithsonian. Steve and Casey’s least favorite Muppet is Ms. Piggie. Sony Pictures is going to make raunchy movie by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogan called “Sausage Party”. Clips. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 in theaters this Friday. Rush, Chris Hemswoth, Chris found many conflicting details about James Hunt that made him want the role.

Time 7:20 - 7:46

Slice of Heaven. Traffic. Black listener C.C. McGee. Nick wants Steve to watch “Black Dynamite.” Olivia Newton John, worker at her house committed suicide. So they performed an exorcism on the house. who has the ability to bless things? Decants can “De-can do dat. De-can do anything”. Nick wants to know the difference between superstition and religion.You need to go all the way up to the Vatican’s approval in order to be able to perform them. Caller: bought a house with murder suicide. Kathy’s mom blesses people when they leave and carries holy water. Casey used to have holy water out front of his house. Holy water filled with germs. Holy Purell Caller: Father Gabe can’t exorcise a property, only people; has blessed random things. TV shows increase house blessings. It can take long for exorcism. Fr. Gabe has assisted with two, Father was asked to bless Flyers jersey. Sound of Money. 

SQ: What is the TV Show Jersey Shore called in Japan?

SA: Macaroni Rascals

Time 7:55-8:11

Pierre will give away money later on. Traffic. Live on Fox Good Day. Child birth: Kathy came to see Preston’s third child born. Simon Cowell doesn’t want to be a part of his child’s birth. Should we be blasting him for that? Preston says child birth is a miracle. Men say once you see child birth they do not want to have sex with wife. Bizarre file: video footage of Lamborghini down a Brooklyn street it split in half after it hit sedan but are built to do that. Everyone involved in crash is OK. A man who stole father’s body after a funeral was placed on probation in order to take mental health care. A 3 yr. old Harlem girl was killed in accident involving an open sofa bed that collapsed and suffocated her. Hawaiian farm goats stolen and duct taped to keep them quite; bucks (male) and pregnant nannies (female) worth about $10,000. Vandals set fire of life size statue of Ronald Regan at the Ronald Regan sports park. Steve impersonates Ronald Regan. Tomorrow night, Lady’s Night at Club Risqué; Zeta Eta Pi has sorority paddles.

Time 8:22 – 9:04

Foo Fighters – Best of you. Traffic. $25 Charity event with Steve for the Peterson Family. Out dated names for household items “the breezeway”. Casey sings about Perky Jerky’s. Peter, not your average listener. Super Bowl, NFL listener. Peter’s 23, majors in business. Nick asks where his knowledge came from. Says he became a pro after Titans and Rams game at the age 9 and eventually wanted to learn more and more. Peter is asked a variety of multiple football questions pertaining to the Super Bowls.  Peter answers every question without thinking and get close to every single question correct.  Peter correctly answers question about the winning teams in random Super Bowls. Asked question about hockey, but is more knowledgeable in Super Bowls and World Series’.  Callers start asking Peter certain SB questions and World Series questions. Peter doesn’t know too much on half time shows or half time scores. Peter’s favorite SB is SB 31 where the Packers played the Patriots. Lists key players of Titans. Caller: Rob SB 39. Peter posts huge Facebook status about how important the SB is. Peter is really superstition; Casey can’t wear any colors of the opposing team. Peter does not do fantasy football.

Time 9:15 – 9:36

“Mary Jane’s Dance”. WOW. Traffic. Preston asks another question Super Bowl questions. Peter gets it right. Peter’s friends will wake him up in the middle of the night to settle a bet. His friends use him as a party trick. Do people think he’s not the average listener? 82% think yes. Preston plays piece of audio with Bono and Bill Clinton. Audio of Bono imitating Clinton.  Agents of Shields is a spin off show from the movie the Avengers that stars a newbie hot actress, Chloe Bennet. Casey wants to change his fantasy football team because now his daughter can read. His team’s name is S#!T Lips, wants to change it to “Finger Blaster”.  Rumors of how the new Apple software turns the phone waterproof. The new finger print scanner can read cat’s paws. According to studies, insects have personalities. Studies about honey bees and firebugs depict primitive personalities. Casey watched bug cross the floor and what is the bug doing. Casey talks about how to waterproof your phone. Preston and Steve, Philadelphia Union Game.

Time 9:46 – 9:57

Stone Temple Pilots. Traffic. Yesterday was second day of “Totally Office Calendar”. Lots of sexy pictures on Twitter. There’s a lot of behind the scenes that goes into the photo shoot. Thank you Carl Allen for designs. Bizarre File: 3 teenagers arrested for beating and killing homeless man in a game of “knockout”. Found wedged in between fence. Postman called police after Nathan Harrington of Maine was sitting on chair and pleasuring himself for the second time. Police holding self-proclaimed prophet for two naked women carrying widowing baskets and for practicing witchcraft in Africa. Police found witchcraft paraphernalia. A college profession used a camera pen to look under 2 students’ clothes and stated he was finding evidence of his students not wearing undergarments which he thought was inappropriate. Cops found his camera pen and footage in his office. When asked why he filmed women’s breasts, he stated it was inappropriate. Rush.

Time 10:10 – 10:23

Offspring – Self Esteem. Secret Text Word. Intern Bill brings Preston a bagel from downstairs. Preston makes fun of intern Bill, “Kill Bill”. Bill was a nice kid but will kill all of morning show. Advanced Auto Parts. LQ: Hollywood Trash: Amanda Bynes, mentally unstable. Justin Beiber, Barbara Walters seen with mystery man. LA. Casey plays one of Preston’s favorite song by Robert Palmer. Music News: Casey accidentally plays audio of Preston from bizarre files. Lumineers and Fall Out Boy, will be new show “The Rider Challenge” 16 teams, equipped with Ford Fiestas, of two fill out various request on a real artist tour riders. Jonathan Davis stated to having fun touring with Rob Zombie. Creed front man, Scott Stapp will release new solo CD, Proof of Life and has been working on this for the last 4 years and is the soundtrack of his life which includes dark titles. DJ Ashba got married to 21 year old Nathalia Henao. Secret Text.

Time 10:34 – 10:44

“Rock and Roll all night and party everyday – Kiss” Caller #8 Secret Word. “rage” Wrap Up. Pierre Robert, Preston asks what any of his nicknames were. “Pee in the air”. Miley Cyrus is on the cover of Rolling Stone. That’s ironic. Her tongue is out with mascara running down her face and talks about a tattoo she got on South Street and references Philly. Kathy does’t like Miley Cyrus. Pierre remembers twerking in the 70’s, calling it Twerko. Letter of the Day. “I” Pierre talks about what’s coming up next in his show. In the 1 o’clock hour Pierre will air part three of his interview with James Hatfield of Metallica, and sound of money at 11:30. Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve show will be Flyers player, Max Talbot. Stars, from “Breaking Bad” Betsy Brandt and Dr. Mike will be coming in to give everyone flu shots. Hollywood money movie passes, to Prisoners. Have a great Day and go groom a dog.

LQ: What part of the house did you have to go to get a handy?

LA: The Parlor

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