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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:

Not Your Average Listener – Peter – 8AM

Time 6:08-6:18

It’s Tuesday morning. Weather. Traffic. News. Stepson of hero fire fighter Phil McAllister gunned down at Morris Estate Recreation Center. Man and woman arrested Saturday during an investigation of prostitution website “backpage”. 30 break-ins in 30 days in Lower Merion Township. Part of a promotion, 30 for 30. Sports. Haladay had the shortest outing in his career, with only 16 pitches, 5 of them were strikes. Marlins beat Phillies 4-0, continues tonight. Broncos beat Raiders 37-21. 2014 Calendar shoot yesterday, Angela Profetto wore 6 inch heels.  Red Sky

Time 6:31-7:03

Foo Fighters, Everlong. Traffic. SQ. No stupid question, let’s try and make one up from Nick Murphy’s shirt. Birthdays: Shawn Crahan, 44; Nia Vardalos, 51; Kevin Sorbo, 55, had an aneurism in his shoulder which caused a stroke; Mean Joe Greene, 67, from famous commercial, cut out the part where he shows his genitals; Robert Irvine, 48. SA Louis. Entertianment News. Michael Douglass gave shout to eldest son who is currently incarcerated due to having drugs in prison during Emmys speech. Nick Carter reveals in new autobiography that relationship with Paris Hilton only encouraged partying. Jennette McCurdy canceled gig in New York City because her mother passed away from cancer. Jessica Alba revealed she struggled with body issues when younger. Stephen King slams Twilight and Hunger Games, while talking about sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep. Jada Pinkett Smith suffered from addictions of several kinds when younger. Robert Pattinson debuted new girlfriend, Shoshana Bush. It’s not arethra franklin is it? Sha show me your bush. Actors deprived of Emmy gold invited to post Emmy loser party hosted by Jon Hamm and Amy Poehler, free entry to losers, $1000 donation to charity for winners. Dave Coulier says Alanis Morissette’s song “You Oughta Know” is about him. Laura Prepon finds it incredible that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are dating but not surprising. Clips. Seth Green on Dads. Mindy Kaling on Mindy Project, directly to WMMR. Sound of Money. Club Risque 3 callers. Red Sky

Time 7:12-7:47

Black Sabbath. Sound of Money Traffic. FAA recommends to be more relaxed on electronics usage on planes. When will they allow hot plates? Smartphones in society It’s nice to be unplugged for a little while. Steve likes wifi access on vacation, so he isn’t overwhelmed with emails. Preston completely detaches on vacation. No scientific evidence linking phone usage to interference. Primo’s At calendar shoot, there’s a picture of several girls sitting on phones. Clip of Louis CK talking about phones being harmful to kids. Bullying is easier on phones, you can’t see the reaction. Texts coming in were extremely rude about recent guest, they wouldn’t say it to their face. Nick checks everything his son does with phone. Sarah Silverman talked about how she was hurt by joke about being old, she gets made fun of for a living. Casey read a mean tweet that he couldn’t find a reason it was wrong. 1 in 5 people have a smart phone in the US. What is the right age to have a phone? You gotta let kids sext You reach for phone in the car because you feel lonely. A little sadness is good for you. Kathy calls old friends in the car. Sound of Money Preston thinks 13 is the right age for his kids to have a phone, doesn’t cave to other kids getting phones. Good side of phones, having a world of information. Phones now have remote controls for TV. Listener says 3 year old cousin has cell phone. New Jersey trying to make law where you get in trouble for receiving a text while driving. Apple says 9 million iPhone 5s’ sold in first day, iOS7 downloaded 200 million times. Sound of Money

SQ: What does UHF stand for?

SA: Ultra High Frequency

Time 7:58-8:09

72 degrees, greatest temperature invented by god. Traffic. Union caller 7. Email from Ron, why doesn’t Marisa have camera for Daily Rush. Bizarre File. English man with only a few teeth “gummed” off his neighbor’s penis. Wheelchair-bound man stabbed an acquaintance when he refused to buy an Xbox. Pennsylvania Halloween Park daring visitors to pass through haunted house in the nude in Naked and Scared Challenge. Boulder, CO college residents giving away marijuana to aid in recovering from flood. New Zealand man crashed motorized bar stool. Club Risqué 3 callers.

Time 8:20-8:56

Soundgarden. Red Sky Café. Traffic. Agents of SHIELD on tonight. Agent Coulson coming back. Nick thanks the guys for getting him into the Avengers. Joss Wheadon being involved will make it worthwhile. Preston not sure if he wants to add a TV show to the list Casey wants to use it as a bonding experience with his kids. What superpower would you want? Preston says super strength. Nick says stopping time. Flight is cool but not necessarily useful in a fight. Casey says super intelligence. Flash has super speed and can go through walls. James Spader to play Ultron in next Avengers. Ultron is a top three villain in the Avengers. Craig Laigons says Agents of SHIELD takes place right after the Avengers. Coulson’s life model decoy was killed, it wasn’t really him. Is there a character Kathy can relate to? Kathy sent a list of 24 topdance movies. 24: Footloose. 21: The Full Monty, very funny. Steve recommends The Red Shoes, about the world of ballet. Do you remember movie about shoes with superpowers? 18: Step Up Revolution. James Mason was in that one 17: Billy Elliot. Became successful musical on broadway. 13: Flash Dance. Cynthia Rhodes was good in that one. Could you show me your muff? 12: Magic Mike, was a bizarrely good movie. 9: Step Up 3D. We had the star of that in studio on drunk day. 8: Saturday Night Fever. 7: Stomp the Yard. Easier than mowing the lawn. 6: Save the Last Dance. 5: You Got Served. 4: Bring it On, had really hot girls. 3: Center Stage. 2: Dirty Dancing. Corny scene where Patrick Swayze saves the day with the last dance. Go from 50s to 80s music. 1: Step Up. Kathy asks Steve the name of a movie with Vivica A Fox she can’t remember. Smack the Bush Listener Sarah says it was actually Vanessa Williams called Dance With Me. Red Sky 3 callers.

Time 9:08-9:29

Weather. Rush 10 callers. Traffic. Robert Irvine’s birthday today, he sent us a tweet thanking us for mentioning. Calendar shoot yesterday. Val Kiel flew out from California, she was really cool. Preston saw Lauren Harris laying on a  bed of flowers. She considers Casey like a pet. Follow us on twitter for pictures. Brian Taff in studio Brian’s wife could be in the calendar. Just got back from anniversary trip to San Francisco, there for America’s Cup. Ships are millions of dollars and go incredibly fast. Project Home founded in 1989 to eradicate homelessness, located in Honick Learning Center. Provides several programs, including afterschool daycare. 3 hours of learning assistance. One girl started a business, made $20,000. 100% of kids in the program graduated high school. All of proceeds from tomorrow’s fundraiser silent auction go to Project Home. Prizes include breakfast with Preston and Steve set visit to Always Sunny, and private cruise. Brian’s wife poured hear heart into this organization. Red Sky caller 5.

Time 9:38-9:58

Metallica. Into The Never coming out soon. Traffic. I want to mention two short things. Marisa and Casey. Remember Dick Cheney gun incent? He had a gun malfunction at the charity antelope function. Martin Aircraft developed first real jet pack. In past, jet packs could only allow far jumps. Preston might take his kids to try the water jet pack, but it’s a big investment. Jet pack designed for cruise speed of 30 km/hour and to last about 30 minutes. Casey gets cold riding his scooter, it’s just like a jet pack. Would be good for first responders. Use for corporate events, exactly what you want at an office party. 30 km or 30 minutes, whatever comes first. Might be the Segway of the sky. Kathy and Nick rode Segways for drunk day. Bizarre File. Man in Sweden charged for vandalism after urinating on fruit in supermarket. Soldier arrested for disguising himself as a lieutenant general at a bar to avoid paying bills. Who would win, crocodile or shark? A man saw a salt water crocodile chomping down on a shark. 26 year old man wanted for car theft hid inside home and used a three month old baby as a shield. 45 year old man became stuck in tar while working at an asphalt plant, used peanut oil to loosen tar. Club Risque 3 callers.

Time 10:08-10:18

Gaslight Anthem, at MMRBQ few years ago. Lots of events coming up. Follow the show on Twitter for calendar shoot photos LQ. Hollywood trash. Daniel Radcliffe will play Freddy Mercury. Ellen Popeo of Grey’s says there wasn’t enough diversity in the Emmy’s. Michael Douglass said he wasn’t allowed to see his son Cameron who is in solitary confinement. LA Dave says Smack My Brush, gets Meltdown gift card. Wayne gets it right. Rock Me Baby, BB King. Music News. Halestorm posted a cover of Get Lucky by Daft Punk, off an EP of cover songs. Members of Metallica to make appearances in theaters around the country for opening of Through the Never. Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge talks about getting back into writing new music after taking a 2 year break. Fall Out Boy tease Ryan Adams collaboration announcement on Pax-AM. Red Sky caller 8.

Time 10:27-10:39

Queen, beautiful song for beautiful day. Weather. Wrap Up Tattoosday, listener Chris. Grim reaper holding list of people to be killed, which has Preston and Steve and Bill Weston on it. Grim reaper is supposed to be Casey seeking revenge. Pierre never got a tattoo. If you have a tattoo and a piercing, you become a boca burger. Preston nails the “Hey everybody it’s good to have you…” clip. It came from Pierre’s description of top 40 radio. Preston used to be a top 40 DJ. Preston does an intro as Kenny Night. Old tapes of Preston in broadcasting school. Clip from Weightlifting video of man really into himself LOTD Thanks to Brian Taff with Project Home. Pierre’s plan for the day. Jason’s last day, we’re going to miss him. Calendar photo shoot after the show. Rage on.

LQ: What should have been the name of the movie with the girl who lost her arm in a shark attack?

LA: Smack My Bush.



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