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Time 6:13- 6:24
Weekend is over. Week’s weather looks fantastic. Traffic. News. Hostages being held in Nairobi Mall have not been rescued. One gunman still on the loose. Most Hostages have been released. Coatesville high school super intendant Richard Como and athletic director Jim Donato have had their racist and sexist text messages on school cell phones. Fire on Schuykill Expressway caused traffic to stop. Sports. Phillies lose to Mets 4-3. Last Home Game. Both the Giants and Washington fell to 0-3. Cowboys become only team in NFC East to win game outside division. Henrik Stenson won the tour championship. Jessica Dean & Jose Garcas will call in today. Sound of Money. Preston & Steve sorority. Emmy’s were last night.
Time 6:37- 7:09
Tesla- song performed at the troc. Traffic. It’s not 2Chainz. Lil Wayne and Justin Beiber were next to 2Chainz at the fight. Lil Wayne is the ugliest creature on earth. Birthdays: Bruce Springsteen 64, Steve used to be a huge Bruce fan. Jason Alexander 54. Julio Iglesias 70, took son to brothel to ease him into manhood. Mickey Rooney, 93. People who are tall die early and people who are tiny live forever. Elizabeth Benya, 52. MaryKate Place, 66. E! News.Emmy’s were last night. Gwyneth Paltrow was overheard talking bad about Jessica Alba because they both blog. She demands a dry shower, fresh vitamin water, and unopened toilet paper at the gym. She complained about the Lady Gaga and Madonna playing at gym.Oprah suffered a nervous breakdown last year due to struggling network. Couldn’t take anymore stimulation. Jon Gosselin was waiting tables- photographer followed him home & he pulled a gun out & fired a warning. Donald Trump enjoying success of Celebrity Apprentice but another group demanded to pull the plug on the show. He says don’t expect it to go anywhere. It’s been # 1for 14 seasons. Emmy’s featured a tribute to Corey Monteith. Adam Klugman criticized them for giving him the tribute and his father, Jack never had a tribute & won 3 Emmy’s. Dina Lohan was busted for DUI charges. She is close to losing her hom in Long Island -failed to comply with mortgage. Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsome got married. Rhianna spent a weekend in Thailand. Her pics showed her next to a loris, a protected animal, got two men arrested. Also playing with a herd of elephants. Harper Lee is seeking to trademark the words ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ because a museum sells t-shirts with those words on it. Clips. Emmy’s. Rush.
Time 7:21- 7:43
Nirvana. Beautiful weather. Traffic. Emmys. Neil Patrick Harris great job hosting. Supporting actor comedy- Tony Hale. Supporting actress Comedy-  Merrit Weaver. Bob Newhart won first Emmy.Jim Parsons won-Big Bang theory. Reality competition- the Voice. Heidi Klum- project runway. Casey is into project runway. Tina Fey looked great. Supporting actress in Drama- Anna Gunn from breaking bad. Supporting actor in drama- Bobby Canavale. Will Ferrell was w/ his kids. Lead actor drama- Jeff Daniels (news room). Michael Douglass gave a great speech. Drama series Breaking bad. Best comedy series- Modern family. Animated program- South Park. Best reality program- undercover boss. Robin Williams gave a tribute to Jon Withers. Jane Lynch gave tribute to Corey Monteith. Elton John gave tribute to Liberace. Nick did’t like Melissa Leo’s outfit. Bizarre file coming up. Sound of money!
Stupid question: Max Born is the grandfather of what singer?
Stupid Answer: Olivia Newton John.
Time 7:57- 8:15
GnR. Bumblefoot can’t stand when Axl is late. Traffic. Chef Jose Garces and Jessica Dean are coming. Bizarre file: Northern Ca. 11 year old girl was shot in the butt thought she was menstruating. Family went to look at bed they found bullets. A fight in the movie theater caused chaos b/c there was suspicion of a gun. No gun but it turns out that a man urinated on a 14 year old boy. Boy’s family did not press charges. Southern Columbian man had penis amputated from Viagra overdose. Woman with 6 kids lived with body of husband for at least 4 months. Elderly in South Africa are discarding pills for boxes of condoms. Lubrication cause ease arthritis pain. Medical experts say there is no scientific evidence. Calendar announcement for 2014: List of on Airen Hess, Ashley Alexis, Ashley Fisher, Ashley Gallo, Ashley Autin, Caroline Strasula, Chrisi Bush, Lindsay Hetrick, Morgan Boyle, Sarah Clayton, Taylor Worstur, Victoria, Val Keil, Lauren Harris. Preston and Steve sorority.
Time 8:23- 8:55
Sound of money later. Traffic. Jessica Dean. New CBS anchor. From Little Rock, Arkansas. Knows the rule of starting at a small market. She’s been at the anchor desk before-wants to make everyone proud. familiarized herself w/ Philly terms.Can’t spell ‘Bala Cynwyd’. Went to school at SCU. Husband not in the industry. Steve gives advice on moving to Philly, Preston gives her the word ‘passionate.’ Excited about being in Philly. Preston & Jessica both flew w/ blue angels. Preston passed out &threw up. She didn’t get sick. She’s doing 5, 6, 10, & 11 tonight.  Mick Jagger to be great granddad. 7 legit children from 4 women between 14-42. 21 year old granddaughter is expecting.. Nuclear weapons new book revealed. A hydrogen bomb almost exploded in Goldsborough North Carolina 1960’s. How does our gov’t react to that? We blame another country. Goldsborough North Carolina has been dragging us down. Erasing Memories.  Scientists think they are closer to being able to erase memories. Gene tet-1 performs memory extinction. Helps victims w/ PTSD.  memories make you the person that you are. Preston pointed a loaded gun at a girl’s head when he was a kid in a joking way. wishes he could forget. He flinches &it freaks him out. Steve says losing memory makes us lose accountability for things that happen, understands if soldiers want to erase it. Caller Joe: soldier that suffers PTSD, would want to erase some horrible memories, but thinks it is great to get help. Shartout: Stacy gave husband shartout because she’s obsessed w/ PnS. Fire company open houses- October is fire safety month. Jose Garces up next.
Time 9:08- 9:23
Gorgeous Monday morning. Traffic. Jose Garces. Preston loves his restaurant in AC. Gala is think local grow local at the Kimmel center on Oct. 3rd. He brought produce from his farm. If you don’t use it by the end of the week you can make sauce. Best time of year for corn and tomatoes. Farming is a total body workout. hard to make a living from being a chef. He loves all food. Chiefa is going away but those cheese balls. Jose Garces sounds like Marcus in the Darkus. He learned how to be a chef from his mom. He has a bake night with his daughter. He has a weakness for pizza. Gala details: English as a second language for restaurant worker, community health days free dental and health screenings, luna farms programs. He says people should cook at home more.
Time 9:36- 9:52
Sirens, Pearl Jam. PnS sorority. Traffic. Preston found an e-mail from August. A Listener, Cameron, drove his Harley all the way from San Francisco. They travelled through 10 states and it took 13 days. There’s a beef N beer at the mouse to benefit the Peters family. Crane Machine: Stan Bent of California grabbed 6,000-7,000 animals from crane machines. He won 34 stuffed animals in one day. The girlfriend he doesn’t have must be impressed. He gives them to his church. Tips: look for one key prize that locked others into place. Drop claw in front of prize and push it back. Preston’s kids are good at it. They were winning prizes for everyone at a restaurant. They should have them in strip clubs and get lap dances that way. Bizarre Files: a former south Texas gang member was snoring while being euthanized. 12th inmate to be convicted. A Judge on Friday fined  an online reporter $300 for 180 days for not turning over documents with details of a double murder. His attorney said he will appeal. He found that murderers had sex with bodies. A zookeeper in Germany was killed by a Tiger because he forgot to close the cage. 86 year old Oregon man on trial for murder of wife for putting the lid on the ketchup bottle too tight. He was suffering for delusions. Rush.
Time 10:02- 10:20
Photo shoot going on as we speak. Shane Victorino said we are flooding his twitter feed with pictures. Hollywood Trash: Miley Cyrus performed wrecking ball and broke down crying. Lost the man of her life, doesn’t know whether to show everyone her snatch or stick her tongue out. Dave Coullier confirms that You Outta Know lyrics ‘hate to bug you in the middle of dinner’ are about him. During that time he ate dinner a lot. Jon Gosslin fired shot to keep photographer away. Preston hates Miley and thinks she’s an idiot. Skrillex  playing during winner music. Preston watched a video of the breakdown of music theory of Beatles. Music News: Metallica is going to be interviewed and perform on Comedy Central on Tuesday. Rob Trajillo He’s going to be in Philly at the Franklin Mills premiere of their movie. They just played in NYC on Tuesday. Kings of Leon are back with new album and attitude. They were cocky and didn’t follow advice of other bands. Mechanical bull comes out tomorrow. Incubus guitarist said they have no plans to make new music soon, but it doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. A video of Nirvana performing setlist apprentice is online. Guns N Roses guitarist Bumblefoot, has admitted that he was not pleased with Axl Rose’s tardiness. He had the hardest time in the band. There’s nothing he could do. Band is better at starting show on time. Free Music Monday.
Time 10:29- 10:38
Preston wife and son were outside and the clouds were perfect. Thanks to Jessica Dean, and Jose Garces. Pierre Robert is in studio with Jason, Tara, and Tegan. Tegan is two months. She just got vaccines, and mom cried. She is sleeping so contently. She sleeps 4 hours at a time. She’s so cute. Thanking sponsors. Tomorrow we have Brian Taff from 6ABC.
Lesson Question: What reclusive author is going to be starring in the new Expendables movie?
Lesson Answer: Harper Lee
Letter of the day: B
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