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                                                                   Date: 9-20-2013

Track  1                          Time 6:11- 6:24
Weather, Traffic, NEWS: New iPhone out today – people waiting in line for hours. Steve, Nick, Kathy talking about the new iPhones and their software. 5C, 5S Chester Police, Shooting kills manager, two suspects. Two weeks after massive fire Dietz and Waston, stench of rotting meat, cleaning up the mess Sports: Chiefs’ won 26 -16 over the eagles, lost 8th straight game. Phillies open up home game tonight. Authorities Ronald lee Homer Jr, committed suicide of the 4th level of ballpark.

Track  2                          Time 6:35 – 7:09
“Learning to fly”, Weather. Traffic. Preston reads texts to make Casey feel good, SQ is going to make Steve Feel good. Wichita Lineman Preston’s friend only had one song on his iPod, Edmond Fitzgerald Birthdays. Kristen Johnson, 46. Gary Cole, 57. Moon Bloodgood, 38. Anne Mira, 84. Sophia Loren, 79. George R.R. Martin, 65. SA. Entertainment News: TMZ Zac Efron in rehab for cocaine. Four key factors to drug problem – controlling parents, stalled career, girl issues, fell in love with the wrong people. Jon Gosling, former reality star Jon & Kate +8, now waiter in Beckersville, PA, lives in cabin in the woods without television and internet. Kris Jenner turns money into cash cow, talks about her sister and how her sister isn't the image she wants television to portray, that’s why you never see her. Sister has bad dating history. Scott Disick, spotted with Tyga. Tony da' Tyga. Scott Disick is working on music and wants to be a rapper. Da' Lion, new rap song G-raff, hip-hopotamus. Bruce Jenner, skin cancer on nose, 30 stitches. Patrick Swayze’s mother, Patsy, passed away. Biography of Johnny Carson. Kanye West demanded his floor ironed because it wasn't flat enough. Kathy talks about golfing and fear of crickets. Clips. 

Track  3                          Time 7:19 – 7:52
Stone Temple Pilots. Ardmore Music Hall Meet n Eats. Traffic. Talk about falling rocks and traffic on 76 W and new construction of roads. Casey and Preston’s kids all learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. Are there adults that can’t ride a bike? Nick had his bike stolen on his bike trail. JoJo the bike thief. Philly Bike Share. Caller: 23 years old who can’t ride a bike with any balance and has tried over and over again. Preston and Kathy talk about finally riding a bike without training wheels. They talk about childhood memories about riding a bike. Johnny Ding-Ding, bike thief. Caller: Paige about to get married still can’t ride a bike tried about 5-15 times. Caller: Bob, wrapped towel around torso under armpits and let go.  Caller: Mindy, 30. Never tried to ride bike. Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia teaches adults how to ride a bike. Caller: Got a bike as a child and never learned because the bike was too big. Casey sees guys riding a girl’s bike. Sound of Money. Casey can’t imagine not having a bike or not being able to ride a bike because that is how he and his friends got around.  Preston talks about one time when he was riding a bike and his jeans got stuck in the wheel, over the handle bars, and flipped but was okay. Caller: Sean is riding his bike from Philadelphia to Wildwood, currently in Cherry Hill, riding to Irish Weekend.  Preston and Steve want to help out the adults that do not know how to ride a bike and want to teach adults with towels. Caller: Henry, 30, can’t ride, tried in college, fell, and doesn't want to learn. Sorority bike ride. 

SQ: What artist had a top 5 pop hit with the country Wichita Lineman in 1968?
SA: Glen Campbell
                                                                       Date: 09-20-2013                              
Track  1                          Time 8:05 – 8:16
“Dirty Deeds Done dirt Cheap” WOW, Traffic. 5 passes for Club Risque. Bizarre File: Michigan, road rage, two drivers are dead as a result of a shootout, both drivers were shot and killed and carried license to carry guns. New Mexico burglary, breaking into mobile home and then set it on fire, stole DVD’s about midget pornography, 17 & 18 year old thief’s along with stealing television and Spartacus DVD. 39 yr old threw feces in Hoboken, NJ about a parking ticket when she was leaving city hall, she thought she was being targeted because she’s Latina; she scooped the feces in a cup off the street. A couples dream wedding day stormed into the church after he cut off his testicles. Guests were not allowed to enter church because of the man who cut of his testicles with scissors. However the wedding still went on and the bride didn't know about it. Win passes to the screening on Rush.
Track  2                          Time 8:28 – 9:02
Traffic. Eagles didn't play well last night. Plays McNabb’s retirement speech. Casey’s glad he took a shower during that. Preston thinks about McNabb’s mistress. Kathy hates that players are nicer after they’re retired, they don’t talk until they want to say something specific. Athletes reach out to radio to promote but never help. Hockey players are the best at that. Casey is disappointed in the Eagles first 3 games. Preston likes Pope Francis’s style about issues on abortion and birth control. Pope Francis speaks out about gay rights. Shout out to cardinals for moving the church into a certain direction. Pick a pope by playing thumbs up, heads down, 7-up game. Ardmore Music Hall. Pope has massive ears. 5 and 10 game. Ardmore Music Hall. Caller: 10 seconds, appetizers won passes to see Rush. Caller: stores in a mall. Caller: types of wine. Caller: songs by the Rolling Stones winner copy of Star Track into Darkness. Caller: characters in Star Wars Saga, Star Trek Blu-ray winner. Caller: sports teams who names are other than birds. Caller: 5 horror movie franchises. Caller: Hollywood directors. Caller:  sitcoms. Won Now You See Me DVD. Caller:  items of clothing, won tickets to see Rush. Caller: styles of dance. Caller: menu items from McDonald’s; winner of Now You See Me. Caller: reasons a police officer would pull you over, won passes to see Rush. Caller: appliances, winner of Insidious Chapter 2: Run of Engagement. Caller: bad habits. Caller: pieces of fitness equipment, winner of Rush movie passes. Caller: names from the bible; winner Insidious: Chapter 2 movie passes. Caller: European languages. Caller: things found on a playground. Caller: 5 things that make sound; winner of movie passes to Rush. Club Risque Ladies Night VIP, join the sorority. Ardmore grand opening with The Hooters.

Track  3                          Time 9:15 – 9:41
Pearl Jam new song, Traffic. Word of the week. Greg Warren comedian. Warren’s new CD available on iTunes. Talks about his experience of someone offering him a steak. Muslim women don’t make eye contact with him. Talks about experiences with cab drivers in NY vs. St. Louis. Vegas drivers can’t recommend places. Warren talks about West Point experiences: folding clothes, square meal, and obstacle course. Military takes fun out of a water slide. Degree in Journalism, worked as bust boy at Denny’s. Talks about his age and future life of being alone white man. Goes for walks, talks about him exercising at gym with old men and how they tell him about his untied shoes; Old men at the gym talk about cars. Warren’s dating life.
                                                                        Date: 09-20-2013                              
Track  1                          Time 9:48 – 9:55
Traffic. Bizarre Files: follow up story – Christopher Jackson enjoys branding his initials onto girl’s vagina but more recently was discovered to also enjoys filming his pet dog and two older women together in porn. Deputies searched the home after he was found guilty of branding his initials when they found home videos of animal and human porn; Jackson was charged with beastiality. A Chinese women survived 15 days in a 12 ft. abandoned well; she had fallen in the well when she was harvesting miscible crops, when she fell she tried grabbing on to corn stalks that had fallen with her; Survived by drinking rain water and eating raw corn. Women lost a substantial amount of weight. Pig carcass hurled as a weapon and wrapped around door, pig is unclean to Muslim. 13 year old girl pretended to be flight attendant since July, living in the airport. Eva Faith born on September 8th, born with two front teeth, mother didn't want to breast feed. 2-3 babies out of 2-3000 are born with teeth.

Track  2                          Time 10:05 – 10:16
“Mr. Beck” WOW. Sound of Money. Pancake is Pierre’s producer. LQ – Mentalist: The Complete 5th Season. Hollywood Trash: Jay-Z and Beyoncé Highest paid. Julie Chen denies other plastic surgery except eyes. Billy Ray Cyrus praised his daughter for leaving Hannah Montana behind. LA. Tony Da Tyga. Mentalist, - the Complete 5th Season. Music News: Papa Roach Singer and wife give birth of their 3rd son Brixston Gabriel Shaddix, Pearl Jam releasing Lighting Bolt, available Oct 15th, moody and stark song. Metallica offering to contribute the craze for ugliest Christmas Sweaters, Christmas version of bands sweaters. Available from bands’ online store. Kings of Leon new album, Mechanical Bull, will perform live on Letterman webcast concert on Thursday September 26 via Summers last stand weekend. 

Track  3                          Time 10:27-10:37
Preston’s got a mouth full of Baklava. What’s in baklava? Nick made baklava that took him hours to make in middle school. Nick took cooking class. Steve and Kathy used to make chocolate chip cookies in cooking class.  Different classes they took in school.  Adrmore Music Hall. It used to be the Twenty-Three’s Cabaret, used to get big acts such as Dave’s Matthew’s. Pierre hosted the first Blues Travelers show in Philadelphia.  It’s a legendary hall. Then it was Brownie’s Twenty-three’s cabaret, but then it shut down. Which is now what will be the new Ardmore Music Hall. Jimmy Price Keystone Rhythm Band. Letter of the Day, “R”. “Gobby duh – Govery Duck” Caller: John, WOW “Under”. Pierre talks about Pancake and his new name for his show, either Christopher or Mr. Pancake and about what coming up in his show.  Bought a new car and bottomed out in his car with seven people inside.  Car handles well. Next week, Jessica Dean - new CBS anchor, Chef Jose Garces, Bryan Taft from 6ABC, Chris Kattan, Marisa will be at Best Buy tomorrow with Jose Garces. 

LQ: What is Cash Money rapper Tyga’s first name?
LA: Tony da’ Tyga.




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