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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Chris Hemsworth – Phoner – 9AM
Terry Crews – IN STUDIO – 8AM
Valerie Harper – 9:30
Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:08 - 6:23
Good Morning! Weather. Traffic. Seamless transition ruined. News: 13 people dead after the attacks at the Washington navy yard, FBI named suspect Aaron Alexis, a former navy reserve member. Delco’s Marple Township for a hostage situation a hoax, it’s a prank called swatting, there is no suspects. Sasha Anderson was taken into custody after she assaulted a flight attendant, she throw her cell phone and scratched him. Sports: Cliff Lee had 3 hits with a career high 4 hits, Phillies won 12-2 over Marlins. Second pitcher to accomplish this since ‘90. Bernard to Daulton led the Bengals to win over the Steelers. Liscio’s  Guests: Larry Kane and his perspective on the Beatles. Don Felder from the Eagles. SoM
Time 6:35 - 7:08
Weezer. Preston made his coffee in 30 seconds. Traffic. SQ Birthdays: Kevin Clash, 53; Cassandra Peterson, 62; Phil Jackson, 68; Brian Singer, 48 SA. Entertainment News: Khloe and Lamar, living separate lives and haven’t spoken in days. Phil Collins and Marylyn Martian singing alittle diddy about Khloe and Lamar. Khole’s out digging pools with her bare hands, On this date 6-2-10, Allan Tipper Gore was splitting from wife. Jennifer Gardner turned the tables on a photographer, she turned the tables by flashing the muff. Recently testified, “she choose the public life, but her kids are private citizens.” Mark Wahlberg earned HS degree in June. Liam Hemsworth got flirty with Eiza Gonzalez in Vegas only hours after split with Miley Cyrus. Deena Lohan had a booze-free birthday We are reporting on what they drink, she has been sober for 12 hours. Jaden Smith’s twitter rant suggested to followers to drop out of school. Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America there has been serve black lash of racism. Buzzfeed published an article compiled these tweets with direct links to the accounts. The O network is too serious that’s why people were not tuning in, it needed more humor. Kardashian family took to twitter to remind people how rich they are, Scott wipes his butt with $100,Kiley and Kendal posed in bikinis. Miley Cyrus’ recent VMAs performance, Hollywood’s obsession with stripping. The article states that it’s not the actresses it’s the writers fault. Strippers on screen: Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Nathalie Portman, Melissa Toma, Selma Hayek, Jamie Lee Curtis. Clips: Enough Said: Toni Colect. New Girl: Schmitt on bringing back Nick and Jessica from Mexico.
Time 7:19 - 7:46
Motley Crue, Weather. Traffic. Entertainment: Pink got the congressional medal of honor, But really getting Billboard Women of the Year. Jillian Milley’s Birthday. Chipotle’s commercial: it’s a guy crapping in a mason jar. Anti-factory info-merical with Fiona Apple singing the song from Willy Wonka. The beginning is where he is still a stripper. You can use the characters from the clip in games. Tortillas is pimp, you want scarecrow, hay all night. What to change the world…screw it, you can’t do it. Alcohol in all Chipotle’s except in PA. Quoba’s futuristic soda machine. 2,000 possible combinations of soda. Forbes Richest: Bill Gates richest man again. Warren Buffest number 2; American’s Cup boats are insane. Multi- million dollar boats. Walton Family members, Michael Bloomberg. 31 billion. SoM Concordia: upright, par-bucking. Invented by Fatty par-buckel. The Captain on trial for man-slaughter. They should turn it into a hooters; the floating hooters became an artificial reef. NASA lunar modula has been mapping the lunar landscape and the rotation moon. There is a moon ass, Preston’s daughter calls the moon, a butt. We can see the dark side of the moon. Congrats: Tom from Folcoft for SoM
SQ: In the DC Comic universal, what female arch-villain serves as the  Joker’s girlfriend and accomplice?
SA: Harley Quinn
Time 7:57 - 8:11
Bob Marley. Weather. Traffic. Senior project from Preston’s neighbors, created a golf outing for the American Cancer Society at McCoby Golf Course. Alex
Bizarre Files: In Alaska a man punched a grizzly bear in the face, successfully. Wakey-wakey eggs and bacy, just popping into say hi. Bawls have broken out in Chinese airports leading airlines to teach their attendants Kung-Fu. An owl that was supposed to deliver rings to a couple during a wedding ceremony flew into the rafters and fell asleep. Bank robber left keys in the bank, fled into an office building and was quickly obtained. Chinese hospital asked for blood from female virgins, has been condemned because they asked for females, not males blood. Residents of Lewes, UK, strange patch of ivy that looks like a witch has been blamed for happening around the town, garbage cans disappearing and milk cartons being found on front porches. Penny-wise looking clown in the UK, really creepy. Through the Never 5 callers
Time 8:22 - 9:00
Gas light anthem. Announcement soon. Traffic. The website is broken, recapping Golf for cure. We are still waiting for the internet to catch on. Liscio’s Preston and Steve have always wanted to be honoree members of a Sorority. There is a sigma with middle aged men joining a sorority. Announcement PnS Sorority and Ladies Night: Created very first Preston and Steve Sorority Zeta Eta Pi, female only except Nick, Casey, Preston and Steve, plus Chuck. Co-presidents. Back to school night Club Risqué 5 ladies for PnS Sorority. Secret handshake and song to Cherry Pie by Warrant. First 5 members very excited other women like us that were left out of the Sorority life. Might be a little nilly, but not much willy. Casey type fantasy from Marisa. Marisa’s Fantasy: what if someone was standing outside her door and kidnapped me? Just tuck her into a bag, how will she indicate that she is in trouble via phone? Kidnappers do not listen to radio. Answers: mention an old boyfriend, or “Hey guys you know me, I’ve just decided to not come to work today or tomorrow.” Or Sam milkman, tell him I’m not coming in today. Answer with complete nonsense. Xfinity uses code words. Steve would start doing air checks. Casey’s ideas for app a special panic button code to a certain beat or Morse code to call emergency contacts. Listener Nick: military has duress words something that wouldn’t come up in normal conversation. PnS duress word. just have a vest with dynamite and a trigger. There is a phone case with mace on it. Kathy’s had amazing form at her golf tournament. 115 yards on the green, first tee.
Time 9:13 - 9:38
Green Day. Weather. Traffic. Larry Kane In Studio: been on every radio in Philly, including ham radios and doing some Morse code next week. We could sit around with Zeta Eta Pi girls and you can’t make this up, middle class to riches, wanting to quit, betrayal, support from families, the Pete Best controversy. Went to visit McCarthy and the chief staff stated that he was dead at the white house eventually apologized to Kane. McCarthy was a fantastic interview from Preston, dream come truth. They were on the tender hooks of never making it. The Beatles, didn’t know they were the Beatles, you never know you are in history. He has hundreds of unopened letters from 1964 from female fans to band members there where convinced one of the band members loved them. Note Philadelphia, Completion in this town, Sports love each other and DJ loves each other, News Anchors want to kill each other. First and wrong, then second and right we would rather be third and incursive. 3 callers Liscio’s
Time 9:55 - 10:27
Metallica. Through the Never Caller 5 Traffic. Larry Kane saw the Beatles in concert 77 times. The gentleman to Preston’s right was his first concert Don Felder In Studio: no mistakes were ever allows on stage or recorded. He loved playing with Joe Walsh both on and off stage destroying hotel rooms. Trashing hotel rooms with chainsaws. If you want people to remember sometime put it to a simple melody. Hotel California was a demo made up on the spot. He had to play the demo, something that was made up a year prior, they had to call the house keeper to blast record it and re-learn. Decided Hotel California would be the single, Felder argued that it was not good for ‘70s radio. Never been so happy to be wrong. Hotel California was the international success, gave them the success they were looking for. Well they were doing a lot of Coke and it wasn’t cool to walk down the street with a sugar lip and they would always tell each other, you’re showing. During a harmony solo, Don smiled at Joe and said, “you’re showing.” There was a disagreement on stage because of Glen thought that Don was being rude to a Senator Cranston’s wife. Joe would smash guitars when he was having a really frustrating performance. Don learned from Joe, after this argument Don smashed a guitar in front of Senator Cranston. Keith Moon taught Joe Walsh and Joe taught Don. It’s fun to throw a TV out a 20 story building and watch it land in a pool. Never realized he was that skinny and his hair was that long, thanks to the documentary 5 callers
Time 10:33 - 10:45
Bizarre File: 6 year old Chinese boy whose eyes were gouged out by aunt and has now committed suicide, will be receiving free replacement eyes, they were look real but not function. Swedish National Food Agency gibberish in Swedish from Steve has confirmed that anal secretions from a beaver can replace vanilla bean in baked goods You would think it would be more like Chocolate (Not the first time, anal beaver secretions have come up). LQ Hollywood Trash: Rep of Liam Hemwsorth confirmed that he has ended his engagement with Miley Cyrus, stating, “they only feelings he has for her but now are loathing and degust. Jaden Smith recently tweeted that everyone should drop out of school and the world would be a smarter place shortly after the post, he was sent to his room for chewing on a lamp cord. Take that with a grain of salt. Deena Lohan had a post DUI - birthday celebration where she didn’t drink at all it was nice to just let vodka soak in via tampon LA Music News: Gene Simmons recent chat with Rolling stones calls out Peter Criss and Ace Frehley stating they don’t deserve another chance. Kiss has always been about giving the audience a show. Kings of Leon’s frontman, Caleb says he felt blindsided by the band's comments following the incident and his rehab stay. Liscio’s callers 7 & 8
Time 10:52 – 11:00
Tattoosday Former intern Dan the Legend tattoo on his leg. Favorite actor is William Shatner.  Wrap Up: Pierre is back, red eyed it back. The Brother’s Comatose is staying at his house, playing the World Café Live. It’s like a little rock crash pad. LOTD Guests: Larry Kane, a Philadelphia treasure. Don Felder from the Eagles
LQ What terrible thing did Casey do in Vermont, recently?  
LA: Killed a women with a hammer
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