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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Terry Crews – IN STUDIO – 8AM
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Ron Felder – The Eagles – IN STUDIO – 9:30 
Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:12-6:26
We’re back! Weather. Traffic. News A worker is facing multiple chargers after finding that two children were left alone and locked in a day care center. Typhoon Man-Yi hit Japan over this weekend, destroying multiple homes and possibly hitting the power plant. You were touched by a meteorologist when you were younger, there’s a mental block. Red light cameras could become operational in Abington, PA. Sports The chargers beat the Eagles. Phillies lost to Washington. The Flyers lost to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Sounds of money.
Time 6:36-7:19
Blur on WMMR! Traffic. SQ. Birthdays BB King; 88, Mickey Rourke; 61, Marc Anthony; 45, Amy Poehler; 42, Jennifer Tilly; 55, Ed Begley Jr.; 64, Lauren Bacall; 89, Molly Shannon; 49, Nick Jonas; 21. SA. Entertainment News Insidious 2 was #1 at the box office this weekend. Miss New York was crowned Miss America last night in Atlantic City becoming the first Indian to win the competition. Lamar Odem has been charged with one count DUI after the cops found him driving too slow, his license will be suspended for a year. Lamar, there’s a monster on the phone for you. Paula Deen got emotional after receiving a standing ovation at the Metro Cooking and Entertaining Show. Sounds like she is having an orgasm; “I’m sorry I cants stop my orgasms! I got a swamp between my legs.” Texas, Texas, Texas! I just knew there wouldn’t be a lot of minorities here. Patrick Wilson is defending Katherine Heigl against rumors saying she is difficult to work with. Anderson Cooper joined his boyfriend, Ben Maisani at the opening of his new gay bar. Super hero, Dr. Oz  is on the phone. He recently saved a woman who got her foot severed by a cab in NYC and unfortunately lost her whole leg. Dr. Oz’s oldest daughter is expecting a baby. There’s footage out of Oz of him dressed as a woman because he was doing a study on the issues of women’s shoes. Lindsay Lohan’s mom was arrested over this weekend for driving drunk. Jessica Biel has legally changed her last name to Timberlake. Russell Brand has written a piece for The Guardian slamming the man of the year awards. Daniel Radclife feels awkward for admitting that he has a crush on Katy Perry. Clips Emily Deschanel talks about a gruesome scene in Bones. Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks about working with the late James Gandolfini. Dreyfus is a slinky heir. She feels bad when she takes the elevator.
Time 7:30-7:55
Freddie Mercury on 93.3. Traffic.  Sound of Money. New research says that men with small testicles are better parents. The study tested 70 fathers that measured their testicle size and brain wave movement while looking at pictures of family. The white whale has larger testicles than the blue whale. The white whales testicles 520kilos each, that’s 2,000 pound balls! Ridiculous scientific studiesPreston saw another study last week that says severe obesity is rising in U.S. kids, but he saw one this morning that said obesity is down and healthy eating is up. Casey’s kids will eat whatever he is eating. Kids stealing your good food His one kid will straight out ask for junk food. Wawa. Preston doesn’t like to give his kids food that he is excited to eat. Apparently, cow tipping is a myth and does not happen in rural areas. Cow tipping is a myth Cows don’t sleep standing up. Cows also are skittish creatures and keep an eye out for predators. Preston tried to go cow tipping once, but scared a horse instead who spooked and fart-trotted away. It is possible to tip a cow when you run at them full speed. The cow normally just walks away. Sound of Money.
SQ: What’s a micromort?
SA: A risk calculator that determines how long you will live or, as Preston has, 1 micromort = 6 miles of canoeing
Time 8:09-8:25
Steve was watching the documentary Bob and the Monster over the weekend.  Traffic. Kathy wants to see Bob and the Monster. We have an announcement! Tuesday November 5th MMR Rocks Bon Jovi! His fan base is so huge and loyal, that he is always a sell-out. The concerts are always filled with MILFS. Jersey tourism used to use “Who says you can’t go home” as their theme. Bizarre File A man who crashed after driving fast, pant less, wearing prosthetic boobs, holding a bottle of piss, and high on meth with his daughters in the back seat gave a teary apology in court. At the end of the hearing he received 29 months in jail. A man is accused of shooting another main in the groin after an argument over a moped. A Boston area man planning to kidnap children, keep them in his basement, and eat them has been arrested and given a jail sentence. Insidious tickets
Time 8:34-8:51
Pumpkins on WMMR. Word of the Week. Sound of Money. Traffic. Big thanks for Pica’s Restaurant for the pizza this morning. Kathy won last week with the Delco Vs. BucksCo and Casey is still hurt by the win. The gang wants to drop Preston off at a golf course and then have him figure out where he is. Preston played 72 holes of golf this weekend. Kathy and Preston are participating in a golf tournament today. Geoff Surrette is in studio Is a PGA Tour representative got in touch with the gang and decided to get them in the upcoming tournament. There is a promotional group called “Get Golf Ready” to get more golfers. In a month, Kathy was ready to play on the green. She became interested because of the US Open and the charity aspect of the game. Inside Golf on Sports Net has Kathy appearing in the episode. Mark Anderson is in studio and has been helping Kathy with her gold game. Her swing is her biggest skill, but still isn’t great at her short game. Preston loves being out on the green and loves the culture around playing the game. Women are not focusing on golf more recently. Golfing is a great way to socialize for business meetings. Geoff is the executive director for PGA in the Philadelphia area. while everyone is golfing, Steve will be cow tipping.
Time 9:03-9:29
This morning is flying by! Weather. Steve was able to wear his leg warmers with this autumn weather. Traffic. It’s Selfie Monday and Steve appreciates a lot of the twitter handles. “Chip Kelly’s balls” is one of the funniest ones he’s seen in a while. There is a video of a guy riding a on the sling shot ride and he is screaming saying he “s’ed his pants.” Clip face is a serial killer. One of the biggest swings is in Las Vegas. Steve was there when it first was released, but didn’t want to try it because the ride was still in the “test phase.” Robert R. Taylor, the guy who created liquid soap, passed away over this weekend. Soap is too hard! Ow! Ow! Nicks aunt and uncle were offered to invest in soft soap. What is this made out of concrete? Steve remembers when soft soap came onto the market. Taylor also bought Calvin Kelin’s make-up products. He knew that people could produce and manufacture soap faster than him, so he decided to buy out all of the soap pumps in the area. Soft soap is reportedly better for your body and is better at fighting germs. Auto mechanics use this soap that basically scrubs your skin off. Kathy and Preston hate dentures. Nick’s kid is 7 and hasn’t lost his baby teeth. The gang wanted to announce something special, but they don’t know if they are allowed to say something about this person.
Time 9:38-9:58
Welcome to Monday! Weather. Traffic. Jason Fehon is leaving as a producer and we have been wondering who was going to get that spot. Pierre’s new producer is Pancake! He has transformed to producer Pancake. Pierre doesn’t call him Pancake, he actually calls him by the nickname of Chris. He got his nickname of “Pancake” because he brought the gang IHOP pancakes on International Pancake day. Steve has some clips from last night’s Miss America pageant. This is the second year in a row that Miss New York who is the first Indian-American to win. Miss Minnesota talks about using butt glue on her bathing suit. Miss Kansas singing opera was absolutely stunning. Everyone is glad that Miss America is back in Atlantic City. Bizarre Files Holy Water could actually be more harmful than healing. While testing the Holy Water, it was found to be infected by germs found in fecal matter. A Myrtle Beach man was arrested when he got upset when having a three some with his girlfriend and her cousin. Pet cemeteries are now accepting human remains to be buried next to their pets.  A 58 year old who disappeared in the Andes Mountains months ago finally was found living off of eating rats and raisins.
Time 10:10-10:22
Follow you Down by Gubby and the Ducks…just kidding it’s Shinedown. WOW. Sound of Money. Thank you to Pica’s Pizza! LQ. Hollywood Trash Miley Cyrus unfollowed fiancé Liam Hemsworth over the weekend on Twitter. Savannah Branson attended an event with Lebron James. Gucci Mane was arrested over the weekend and was in possession of a gun and weed. LA. Music News Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt spoke about the incident of where Billie Joel Armstrong went crazy during a concert. A lot of the issues were due to pressure of being on the road. Pearl Jam released the song “Mind your Manners” that will be on their new album. The new album is coming out on October 15th. Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, said in an interview that the band “has an s-load of riffs” and are continuing to write. Black Sabbath will release a concert DVD entitled “Live” on October 26th. Dave Matthews stopped by Sesame Street recently to sing with Grover about feelings. Kathy’s baby does not like Grover, but likes Elmo. Free Music Monday.
Time 10:34-10:42
We are working our way through this day. Matt Cord is in for Pierre today! Pierre tries to suck in every last moment of his vacation. Thank you to Dr. Oz, Geoff Surrette, Michael Anderson, and Pica’s Pizza! Kathy hope that the rain goes away from golfing, if not, Preston is going to hold a umbrella over her head. Follow us on Twitter, we’ll be tweeting pictures of Kathy in her golf outfit. LOTD. Marisa is going to be in Conneticut School of Broadcasting tonight listening to the tapes at their open house. If you’re interested in being in the business, it’s a great place to go to and check out. Congratulations go out to Pancake again for getting the producer spot for Pierre. The parking lot got resurfaced and is confusing Matt Cord. Tomorrow on the Show: Terry Cruise, Don Felder, and Larry Kane.
LQ: What was the Slinky supposed to be according to Steve?
LA: A gun that shoots downstairs
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