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Here's what happened on the show this morning: 

Time 6:09-6:21
Good morning! Weather. Traffic. News. Massive fire along Seaside Park boardwalk. Dug artificial dunes to control fire. Began at a frozen custard stand. Today is one year anniversary of Officer Fox. A plaque will be added where he died near the schuylkill Trail. Amtrak service suspended due to severe weather. Sports. Phillies win 10-5 over the San Diego Padres. 5th victory in the last 6 games. NE Patriots beat NY Jets 14-10. Eagles continue to prepare for home opener Sunday at 1 against Chargers. Nick wrote Padres instead of Chargers. Jillian Mele, Yvonne Strahovsky, Daphne Avalon on the program today. Delco vs BucksCo finale today. Miller Lite

Time 6:33-7:09
Talking Heads. Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Stella McCartney, 42; Jacqueline Bisset, 69; Richard Kiel, 74; Tyler Perry, 44; Jeff Ross, 47. SA Brian. There’s bread all over the place Entertainmetn News. JK Rowling to write Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Nick thought it was Monster Book of Monsters, which is not the same. Carl Wu knocked Nicole Kidman to the ground. Someone put fake tears on her when she fell. Julie Chen confessed she had surgery to remove her Asian eyes. Was the result of a TV director telling her she doesn’t appeal to her audience. Steve was black and shortened his penis Gwyneth Paltrow posted pictures on Facebook from party at the Hamptons. Her kids had a great time riding Sarah Jessica Parker. Harry Styles caused a scene at Chateaux Mormont with Robert Pattinson. Rumor that Khloe Kardashian got tested for STDs after she found out Lamar Odom cheated. Khloe growling and getting sick. Liam Hemsworth denies he was sexting with January Jones. Demi Moore rumored to be dating the father of her ex-boyfriend, Harry Morton. She gets all the steak she wants. Listing menu items from Mortons with explosions Brodie Jenner’s relationship with Kris Jenner was major plot point in Keeping Up With Kardashians. Brodie’s mother Linda Thompson was also Elvis Presley’s longtime girlfriend. Jacky Bam Bam saying he did it. Keanu Reeves says production on Bill and Ted 3 hit a snag. Dumb and Dumber To sounds like a better sequel. Clips. Diana Agron describes acting in The Family. Ron Livingston on Boardwalk Empire. Delco vs. BuckCo. 

Time 7:20-7:47
Foo Fighers. Delco vs BucksCo. Traffic. Oxford Valley Mall We will have a winning texter as well as caller. Text DELCO or BucksCo. Delilah’s. New shirts. Xfinity live. Marisa looking tired, working long days. Research says women bragging about tiredness is a social norm. Being Tired Kathy’s friend likes to party all the time There’s a difference between being tired for too much partying and working hard. Casey’s wife complains when he plays golf and gets tired. Steve feels more productive on 5 hours of sleep than more. Steve thinks about Casey bad. Steve drove off road once while tired. Twitter announced it’s going public. Investing in Companies might get annoying with ads. Steve uses programs to avoid ads. Twitter will make nearly 600 million in revenue this year. It’s difficult to know what companies to invest in. Casey almost invested in Yahoo before it went big. They will have a monkey invest against a stock broker and sometimes the monkey wins. Preston primarily uses Facebook, Steve is Jesus of the internet. People will miss cool moments while tweeting. Marisa is so active Jacky Bam Bam worried when she didn’t post. Delilahs. Last day for Cole Hamels in studio tickets

SQ: Where does P Sherman live?
SA: 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

Time 7:58-8:15
Weezer. Revel Traffic. Delilah’s. Oxford Valley Mall. Jillian Mele in Studio. “High School Blitz.” Gives attention to High School football. Vote for Game of Week. This week’s game Cardinal O’Hara vs LaSalle. It’s cool to see two local personalities supporting HS sports. HS football is very important in Mid West. One team member writes on tape on wrist before game. Are those the letters he learned that week? Bizarre File. Sweedish court rules it’s not sexual assault to pleasure yourself on beach, if it doesn’t involve another person. A Louisiana woman named Courtney Cox, not the actress, swam nude in fountain of a Casino. Utah dad fed up with short shorts dresses as Daisy Dukes in public to embarrass his daughter. Man arrested for branding his initials on girlfriend’s vagina, using butane torch. Delco vs BucksCo next.

Time 8:26 – 9:15
STP. Delco listeners cheer. Traffic. Casey and Kathy getting into positions. Oxford Valley Mall. Bayou Bar & Grill. Delilah’s.  Delco vs. BuckCo Finale. Casey winning after yesterday, 175-125. John from Delco. General knowledge about each county, then Final Question where you can wager an amount. Donna from BuckCo. Coin toss; Delco wins. Casey is nervous. 30 points per question. This not in my neighborhood scumbag police chief is a media go-to for crimes in Upper Darby. Casey Mike Chipwood, correct. BFD refers to what BuckCo restaurant. Kathy Blue Fountain Diner, correct. Lanark Diner from Silver Linings Playbook located near what intersection? Casey Township Line Rd and West Chester Pike, correct. In 2004 this pop star played Pennsbury senior prom. Kathy John Mayer, correct. Name of funeral home opposite holy cross church? Casey O’leary, correct. Langhorne amusement park provided jobs for teens. Kathy Sesame Place, correct. Delco native was first NFL pick by Rams? Repeat the question in Hebrew. Casey Floyd Wedderburn, incorrect. John Capaletti. Morrisville movie theater well known for selling tickets for how much? Kathy $1, correct. (Blank) Road Stacy alleged prostitute named after what street? Casey Calkin hook rd, incorrect. State Road. Name of lake across N Oxford Valley rd and Hood blvd intersection. Kathy Oxford Valley Lake, incorrect. Lake Caroline. Score is 325-305, Casey winning. Final question, same format as Jeopardy. Category Wawa. Weird noise, Kathy farted. Over 450 Wawas in Philly area, how many in Delco, how many in BucksCo? Get within 3. Kathy 13, incorrect. 18. Wager 100 pts. Casey 52, incorrect. 39 stores. Wager 286 pts, Final score 205-39. Kathy wins. Casey says his questions were harder. This contest brought out the worst in us. Oxford Valley Mall, Donna Yvonne Strahovsky. Series finale of Dexter Sept 22. You were on Dexter and, you must have an avid fan base. It is difficult to detach from a dark character like Hannah. Doesn’t enjoy it as much as Dexter. Yvonne would like to play a different character, like she did on Dexter. She will be in I, Frankenstein. Congrats on a successful run. Daphne Avalon stunt woman in Hollywood, in Jimmy Kimmel twerk video. Shot it back in June, found out it was released through friends. She got a weird call asking to do the video. The only angry comments were before it was revealed as a hoax. She should do stunts in the next Avengers movie. The hoax makes you more cynical. Bayou

Time 9:30-9:46
Purple Haze. Weather. Kathy won delco vs buckco. Casey said his questions were inaccurate. Listener Tim won the text Oxford Valley Mall prize. Traffic. Delilah’s Shart out to calendar girl Jess’ boyfriend, Chris, Joe, Stacey, Lulu. Jeff Daniels Jeep fund raiser Sept 29. Bizarre File. 100s of wild monkeys carrying herpes on the loose in Florida. Father caught having sex with a land rover. Bayou caller 7,8,9

Time 10:00- 10:11
Neil Young. He likes to collect cars. Picture with 1959 Lincoln Continental. He’s launching a campaign to get higher quality songs on ipod. LQ Hollywood Trash. Jennette Mccurdy candidly opens up about relationship with Andre Drummond. Make eyes look less Asian. JK Rowling write screen play of Fantastic beasts. LA Eric. Music News. David Drayman and Lina Yatta welcome baby boy Samuel Bear Isamu Drayman. Mumford and Sons kicked out of a strip club for taking pictures. Linkin Park made new track with Steve Aoki, to hear the song play Facebook game LP Recharge. Rob Zombie posted preview of Halloween music and horror event outside of Los Angeles. Meltdown Grilled Cheese caller 10.  

Time 10:22 – 10:31
The Police. Weather. Halloween decorations are going up too early. Wrap Up Temple. Bayou. Delilah’s. Shart outs; Jim in Delco, Jeff, Casey’s cousin Meghan and his Dad. Thanks to Yvonne Strahovsky, Daphne Avalon, Jillian Mele. LOTD Caller 4, Dave. Matt Cord has workforce blocks from Seether, Pink Floyd, and a band with a drummer. Dave says Casey should have known State Road Stacy. Rage on!

LQ: What do monkeys use to wash down dirt and spiders.
LA: Thunder Bird. 


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