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 Time 6:05-6:18
75-80 degrees, weekend looking good. Traffic News Possible rape being investigated in a rec center in S. Philly. 14 yr old girl says she was attacked by another 14year old boy. Lehigh Valley doctor faces attempted murder for attacking his son in law outside his Ohio home. Wearing all black with a bar when he hid outside the home of his son in law who is estranged from his wife/daughter. 85 coach purses recovered after being stolen from a Rehoboth beach store. Sports Phillies beat Padres 4-2. Rhys Darby in studio and “The Pitchuation” will be on a blimp. Preston wants to hear his Rocky impression again. He went down 5 dead ends in 5 seconds. DELCO vs BucksCO Casey will be taken in a secret direction that he’ll have to identify. Preston wants to do this.
Time 6:32-7:11
Casey is heading out in a moment for DELCO vs BucksCo Traffic Stupid Q Birthdays Neil Peart, Paul Walker, Joey Pantoliano, Nina Blackwood, Jason Statham, Jennifer Hudson, 2 Chainz, Steve never liked him in the one chain phase. Stupid A Casey always sings the Wild Wild West song to the Stevie Wonder song. Casey is getting ready to leave. Entertainment News Tom Hanks’ time as a juror came to an end following accusations of jury tampering. Gov’t officials in Indonesia threatened to get Harrison Ford deported after asking too many questions to the forestry ministry for a documentary. Asked if he as into “finger stuff” Mark Paul Gosselar’s wife expecting in a few weeks they plan to give the child an atypical name. Why don’t they name him Atypical Gosselar? Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz have no gadget rule in their bedroom. Khloe Kardashian posting keek videos and updates, Sunday they hacked Kylie’s twitter haha it was so funny we were posting things on her account. Ms. Kansas is the first contestant to compete with her tattoos visible in Ms. America Pageant. She was military in the Dental Core. RINSE!!!!!! This is my toothbrush… this is my floss Joseph Gordon Levitt plays a porn addict in a new film, he discussed that porn is fine, but it’s only damaging if you allow it to be. Clips Ryan Seacrest Million Second Quiz, Lake Bell
Time 7:22-7:41
Expecting showers late in the afternoon bringing in cooler weather for the weekend. Traffic Cole Hamels Foundation DELCO vs BucksCo Casey “Taking it From Behind” He’s standing outside with a blindfold and a bag over his head. He plugged his ipod in and got lost in that so he has no idea where he is. He’s a little nervous. He doesn’t want anyone to scream out the window, he wants to earn this. He sees a Wawa sign in his peripheral, but can’t look too much because of the street signs. He thinks he’s close to Havertown, and thinks he knows what’s behind him. He guesses Pica’s restaurant and gets the 50 points!! Kathy thinks he knew immediately and paused for ratings. He knew that Wawa and figured it out. Kathy says that the show picked Pica’s Pizza a place that Casey talks about all the time, that’s all she’s going to say. She knew from the start that she was going to have to count on tomorrow. Preston doesn’t know if he’d be able to identify a location if it was behind him.


Stupid Q: “Looking back when I was a little nappy headed boy” was the line to what Stevie Wonder song?

Stupid A: “I wish”

 Time 7:53-8:02
Delco is beating BucksCo so far, tomorrow we’ll find out who will walk away a winner. Oxford Valley Mall Gift Card Traffic Bizarre File Elk slain in Utah had its last revenge when its antler punctured the neck of the hunter that killed it. Hunter told dispatchers that he was having trouble breathing. Man arrested for battering his wife with a bowl of chicken wings. Woman’s son died at 22 years old, family preserved his body as a mummy for 18 years and used a viewing window. Doctors facing trial after attaching her intestine to her vagina. When she burped she had an orgasm Metallica Screening
Time 8:15-8:36
Cooler weather this weekend Meet the Flyers event at XFinity Live Traffic
Rhys Darby in Studio he’s never been in Philly he’s from New Zealand. Preston wants to go there. He’s from Flight of the Conchords. He was a fan long before the show. Theres a lot of improv in the show, Nick likes when he gets hit in the face with a sandwich. He was in the military, he was a Morse Code signaler/radio operator. There were lots of tests and courses he had to do in order to learn it. Steve plays a morse code signal…Rhys says it’s disgusting. That is the speed he was at. He learned Latin in school as well. He’s usually writing stuff on his downtime. He likes to walk around the city and take in what each city is about. Earlier this year he was in Africa and did a few safaris with the family. He was up for the placement of Steve Carrell in the Office. He’s got American tv show pitching going on right now. He gets along well with Jim Carrey. On stage he’s quite physical, he tells stories and acts them out. His stand-up is acting based, he does a lot of characters, dancing and sound effects.
 Time 8:47-9:19
Rush YYZ for Neil Peart’s Birthday Traffic Preston tells the origin of that Rush song. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of Brad Fox’s death. Flyers Xfinity Girls on the hottie cam from Cheerleaders. Pitchuation is supposed to call in from the Minion blimp for Despicable Me 2. They’ve created an artificial egg hit the shelves to replace eggs, it’s a plant egg substitute. Plant Egg Substitute Hits Shelves they’re trying to make it an all natural derivative from plants. Kathy thinks its gross, her husband eats all natural. Preston wants to use the stick up Kathy’s ass to churn his butter. Casey wants to know the ingredients in butter, Steve has the butter magazine right by his side. Kathy says there are too many chemicals in margarine. Kathy’s husband would never eat a hot dog. Listener Mark explains the meaning of “processed” Steve wants to know if the most natural things come out of an aerosol can.
Preston loves this time of year, he has farm land by his house the word that popped into his mind is anal abundant. In the movie the Iceman there’s a scene where Wynona Rider says its bad luck to toast with water. Originated from The Navy. Bad Luck to Toast with Water Preston found the origin of superstitions “Jinx” comes from a bird known as the jinx. Bianca and Lauren are on the hottie cam Easy way to be more attractive is to just use a shortened version of your name. Shortened Names are More Attractive Kathy likes the full name like Nicholas and Preston and Charles instead of Chuck. Steve’s wife was an intern at a radio station. Casey met his wife when he was selling newspapers on the street. First thing she said was “you like midgets don’t you?” Kathy and her husband met each other by knowing eachother’s ex’s. Nick met his wife in Key West on a group trip. Cheerleaders Hottie Cam


 Time 9:32-9:51
Casey is ahead 50 points for DELCO vs BucksCo Traffic tomorrow we’ll find out who the champion of the counties is. Score is at 175-125 Casey in the lead. Bizarre File man used cell phone to scare off polar bear suffering puncture wounds and scratches. Man hospitalized after turning green from a parasitic infection his liver from flat worms in river snails. I’m a polar bear doctor. Maryann died after torturing her children- chilling obituary to local newspaper “died alone, survived by 6 of 8 children after toturing” nightmare finally has closure. Intern Pitchuation has never been on a boat or traveled in the sky. Intern Pitchuation on the Minion Blimp It’s inspiring him to do a Rocky impression. He’s comparing it to Sim City. He thanks the guys for some social media advice. He’s definitely more open to traveling via airplane. Cheerleaders Birthday Package
 Time 10:04-10:16
Cheerleaders Birthday Package Xfinity Flyers Lesson Q What kind of bear is a polar bear’s lawyer Hollywood Trash Lamar Odom seen purchasing scrubbing pads mainly used in making crack pipes, says I use them because I like my kitchen to be spic and cocaine. Lesson A Kodiac Bear Music News Harvey Weinstein says Led Zeppelin didn’t appear at the Hurricane Sandy Relief concert because Jimmy Page passed on the charity gig. You can see the blimp off in the distance. Listener Anthony wins passes to Xfinity Live to meet the Flyers
Time 10:26-10:34
Preston wants the weather to hold out because one of his best friends is flying in from out of town and they’re supposed to play golf. It’s a new world order the time of old golf is over I’m going to destroy on you on the field of battle. Bane in a gay bar. I feel uncomfortable I feel the need to leave, well maybe one quick samba. Matt Cord does his Pierre impression calling the girls on the hottie cam “petunias” Wrap Up Thanks to the Pitchuation for doing his first flight and Casey in the lead for DELCO vs BucksCo. Letter of the Day C

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