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Here's what happened on the show this morning:                                                              

                                Time 6:11-6:26

Good Morning! Weather. Traffic. News A mother and her boyfriend are accused of keeping their 10 year old son chained to a radiator in Camden, New Jersey. The mother and boyfriend are in jail and bail is set for 50,000 each. Last night, Obama did not give any new advice on last night’s speech on Syria. He did a trick where it looked like he was removing his finger. Three people, including two college students, were arrested and are being charged at University of Delaware due to an extreme party. Police say a mob broke out on Main Street after the police attempted to break up the party. Sports The Padres won against the Phillies last night. Their series continue tonight and game time is at 7. America made its second World Cup appearance against Mexico. Detroit Lions player, Ndamukong Suh, was fined 100,000 for a hit on Sunday’s game against a Viking’s player. Secret Text Word.

                                Time 6:37-7:11

It’s going to be a super-hot day. Traffic. SQ. Today is the anniversary of the tragic September 11th attacks Birthday Harry Connick Jr.; 46, Moby; 48, Bryan De Palma; 73, Virginia Madsen; 52, Amy Madigan; 63. SA.  Entertainment News the Situation revealed that his addiction to prescription pills started because of an injury he obtained during Dancing with the Stars. Lamar Odem is denying his drug addiction when leaving “Teru” sushi. Chloe is saying that her family is being supportive. Chloe has Lamar followed by a private investigator. Its dajavoo news with Preston Elliot. Chloe has photographic proof that Lamar has cheated with 5 different women. Kathy knows someone that has an infidelity clause. Chloe is worth 18 million dollars. Lamar in being sued by paparazzi for destroying camera and equipment. He is suing for 565,000 dollars. Tom Hanks has jury duty and is on a 12 member panel. Middle Eastern price spent a half a million dollars for meeting Kristen Stewart for 15 minutes. Pitch Perfect star Brittany Snow honored for her anthropology work and was referred to as Brittany Spears. Prince William and Kate Middleton are asking Nanny Jessie to come out of retirement for full time duties. Eddie Murphy coming out with new reggae album called red light. Maya Rudolph just had 4th child. Oprah Winfrey is afraid of balloons. Reminds her of gun fire. Clips Patrick Wilson Insidious chapter 2, Tommy Lee Jones The Family.

                             Time 7:20-7:46

Traffic. Party atUniversity of Delaware out of control Listener Kyle was at the party. It is a smaller school and they do not know how to control this kind of situation. The party happened at the rugby house. There were 1,000 people. Craziest Parties Preston’s biggest party Reno Rodrez field party. It was his band’s first gig. Nicks biggest party was Arts Fest in Penn State. Listener Anthony was throwing beers at people and cars were getting tipped over. People were on street lamps. Preston got swiped up in a big fight. Nick always has an out if things get out of control. I was a greaser to grease my bald head. Listener john’s school sent the on spring break on St. Patty’s day. Listener Mark went to Delaware and went through 36 kegs. Casey was at one party at West Chester in the basement. This party was set up by video crew I am Smacked is like a college party girls gone wild. Listener Jess was in bed during riot. Rush events have to be dry. Movie tickets

SQ: Who said this “Oh my God?”

SA: Maury Povich


                                  Time 7:55-8:14

Live on Fox Good Day Miley Cyrus naked on wrecking ball video. Surfing the web is good for productivity. Casey wastes time with Words with Friends. There is a tie between Kathy and Casey for Delco vs. BucksCo. Steve won against Preston on Doug loves Movies Podcast. Divine nine Casey and Preston played golf at for cancer. Preston hit a ball with an 8 and a half foot driver. He will play the every year. Traffic. Steve had a request picture of Preston and Steve girl Tina. Bizarre File women in Montana pushed husband off cliff. She faces charges of second degree murder. 50 year old man wears pink and polka dot dress and glasses during a bank robbery.  There was a 45 minute standoff. 18 year old track star shot dead after jumping out of closet. She was just trying to scare another person. Movie blogger talks about cell phone user’s constant texting during movie screenings. He was afraid that the content was being pirated. Secret text.

                               Time 8:27-8:53 

Alice in Chains. Traffic. Chazz Palminteri in Studio every time he performs A Bronx Tale it’s new. Hollywood was trying to get him to sell it off. There were a lot of big stars that wanted to play Sunny. Robert DeNiro let the script flow. Sunny has to die it’s not a sad ending it’s a happy ending. The whole work began with him witnessing a murder. He comes from a hardworking family. He has never been in the mafia and is good friends with them. When the mafia talked business he walked away. He plays 18 characters with separate voice and mannerisms in A Bronx Tale. Best show of the year in Las Vegas does 25 to 30 dates a year. His show had Kathy’s attention the whole time. Was in LA during 9/11. Received a phone call about 9/11. Believes that we have to protect this country, have to be careful of our rights. Moment of silence for September 11th He thinks there will be more movies about 9/11. Worked for a while as a bouncer was head of the bouncers. He had to throw down a couple times when a guy was coming at him. Had a flat tire in Mount Laurel last week. He has done the performance 853 times.

                                 Time 9:06-9:36

U2. Traffic. Sound of money Round 3 DelCo vs BucksCo the score is still 60-60. Our category today is streets in their county. Casey feels confident.  He knows all the back roads of DelCo. Kathy is not really confident. BucksCo there are a lot of roads. Heads for Delco tails for BucksCo. Kathy begins. Kathy incorrect. The answer was North Old Lincoln Highway. David playing with Casey. Dave playing with Kathy Oxford valley mall. Casey’s turn. Incorrect. Answer is 1212 Macdade Blvd. Kathy’s turn. Her answer Hood Blvd. She is correct. Casey’s turn. DelCo’s only strip club. Casey Correct. Answer is Powelhatten. Kathy’s turn. Correct. Answer was five points. Casey’s turn. Correct. Answer was Macdade Blvd. Kathy’s turn. Correct. Neshaminy Exit. Casey’s turn. Incorrect. Answer was 320. Casey gets another question. Intersection question. His answer is correct Baltimore Pike and 320. Kathy’s question her answers are Mulberry, magnolia, Maple. She is correct. Score is 100 to 75. Casey’s turn. He is correct Eagle Rd. Kathy’s turn. Her answer is 213. She is correct. Score is. Casey’s turn. He is correct the answer is Route 3. There is another tie score is 125 to 125. Listener Dan is the prize winner. Oxford Valley Mall


                                  Time 9:45-10:08

Traffic. Jamie Moyer in studio Larry Platt helped him write the book. There was some hesitation. Writing a book can signify the end of a carrier. Used to wear a pink garter belt under his uniform. Was really embarrassed to wear it, but he did. Has a relationship with Harvey Dorfman. Got him to reevaluate who he really was. Harvey worked for Oakland, Marlins and Rays. Understood things important to him. Learning things about hitters makes a pitchers job easier. He would consider being a pitching coach. He loves the game and would teach the game and to have a pitching academy. Baseball is a negative game. He would tell Roy Holiday that he needs to figure out and understand where he is. A few years ago I wrote a book just tell me I can’t so I can go sit down. He is the oldest pitcher to win a major league game. Played with Nolan Ryan. The most mentally tough position to play is goalie. He enjoys being in the forefront. He was not feeling real well during game 3 of the World Series. Winning the World Series was very magical. Will be back in town next week. Arsenio Hall on the Phone He has everyone booked. His new drummer also works on his show. He would regularly have music performances. He was blessed with a unique audience. The numbers held his audience is more into music. He had a knack for the moments people will talk about. He has a more casual approach. Jon Bon Jovi loved the show and he wanted to direct his show. Casey wants to see a one on one match with Woody Harrison and Arsenio Hall. He had written a fan letter to Johnny Carson. Still has the letter. On the show tonight Nas and Magic Johnson.

                                   Time 10:16-10:34

Bizarre File Staff at an assisted living facility found mice eating an old lady’s face. This woman was amble and could not defend herself. Golf courses advertise rate for 9/11. The golf course closed on Wednesday. A unique way to put it out there so people won’t forget. Pearl necklace harbor day. Austrian woman advertised a dominatrix to hire slaves for farm work. After a week the men realized that they were being scammed. New Mexico dad beats peeping tom naked and making noises around her window. Dad charged with aggravated battery. Secret text word Hollywood Trash James Franco, Lamar Odem, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Music News Halestorm new EP. Feature renditions of Lady Gaga. Said that songs included our favorite songs. We recorded the week of the Grammy’s. Rise agents new cover album. Recent covers of Bruce Springsteen. Said that punk music always spoke for the underdog. Tony Iommi Gene Simmons Paul Stanley offered 3 year contract for Tim Tebow will be playing for arena football league. Tebow will be great addition to the team. Offers were not made public. Work your way up first play for the ava team movie passes

                               Time 10:45-10:54

Matt Cord has a stylish hat. He looks like Justin Bieber. Tomorrow rain in the afternoon. Preston’s playing golf tomorrow where he played the Devine nine. Kathy worked a little on putting. Casey thinks her outfit will be her befit. She is going to wear a skirt golfing. Hats give Kathy headaches. She has so many things to get before golfing. Matt wants to be a part of the foursome behind them. She takes a little longer addressing the ball. They are playing 18 holes and playing with a pro. Casey got invited to Arsenio Hall’s show. No fighting. Tomorrow on our show Rhys Darby. Casey is going to be out of the studio for DelCo vs. BuckCo.


Lesson Question: What Shakespeare play did mike the situation struggle to perform while on drugs?

Lesson Answer: MacBeth.


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