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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Chazz Palminteri – IN STUDIO – 8:20
Jamie Moyer – IN STUDIO – 9:30
Arsenio Hall – Phoner – 10AM

Here'w what happened on the show this morning:

Time: 6:10- 6:24
Traffic. News: At pats a person drove up on the sidewalk after running a stop sign and hitting a line of car due to drunk driving. Two other people in the car, female got out of the car and the third passenger ran away. Philly police found a 3 year old girl weighing 11 pounds died of starvation, she showed obvious signs of neglect. Handset market, Apple is offering 2 new phones instead of 1. One cheaper and one upgraded with a faster hard drive. A lower cost smart phone could allow more overseas purchases. The cheaper version is much like the iPhone 5 but a plastic and colored covers. Sports:Mike Vick and McCoy cramp 56 plays in a 30 min half, Vick ran 9 times completing 15 of 25 throws. 33-27 final score. Phillies off yesterday, play tonight at 7 against the Padres. Green room congestion losing voices. Round 2 of Delco vs. Bucks co ‘Taking it from behind’.

Time: 6:34-7:11
Shinedown. Weather. Traffic. Announcement around 8 o’clock today. Taking it from Behind. Bag over Kathy’s head and driven to a location in Bucks co. place her in a secret location, blinders on her sides she must look forward to determine what is behind her. SQ Birthdays:Joe Perry 63; Guy Ritchie 45; Colin Firth 53; Bill O'Reilly 64; Chris Columbus 55; Arnold Palmer 84; Randy Johnson 50; Phillip Baker Hall 82. SA Entertainment News:Paltrow refuses to be on the cover of Vanity Fair. The magazine says they wouldn’t be doing their job if there wasn’t tension. Natalie Portman to become French citizen. They put you in the baby army. Arnold and Patrick Schwarchennegar partying together. Joe Jonas spill the beans about Taylor Swifts break in. Jane Lynch says she isn’t comfortable living a “normal” life style after being a star. Sandra Bullock talks about being an academy award winner. Sharon Osborne had an affair with Jay Leno before meeting Ozzy. A judge released Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware from charges against Michael Jackson. Katherine Jackson’s Lawyer claims Gongaware ignored facts about Michael’s health. Woodchips and Caulk on a cardboard sandwich. Keeping Up With The Kardashians may be coming to an end. Rebee or Jermagesty. Pro soccer player tackled a member of 1 Direction, caused him to be sick. Tina Fey announced as SNL premier’s host. Clips:Robert DeNiro, The Family. Delco Vs BucksCo, Kathy on the phone. Kathy has no idea where she is. Drive around the parking lot and she’ll think she’s in Idaho. Nick Murphy is driving. Woman with bag on her head and key of coke under the seat

Time: 7:21- 7:54
311. Weather. Traffic. Golf outing this afternoon with Preston and Casey. As excited as Casey was on game day. Eagles Live Tweeting: we don’t agree with the first call. We don’t even have to watch the game we can just watch the live twitter feed. It started before the game started. Casey’s daughter sees LeSean flash on screen and she comments that it wasn’t “The Sean”? The first half we got fun something that we haven’t gotten in years. Plays are rocky vs. phantic as signs on the side lines. There has always been a rivalry between Phanatic and Rocky. The first four plays were done in 1 minute. BucksCo vs DELCO-Taking it from behind: Where is Kathy? We are spinning her around, its actually a mob hit, there is plastic on the furniture. Nick was spinning her by her breasts. Taking the bag off, Guesses Pizza Hut. Nope it was Fishers Tutor. The Police are disappointed in her. Sam Adams

SQ: What is the only US state to host the summer and winter Olympics.

SA: California

Time: 8:04-8:14
Kathy knew the location, she will be beating herself up. Traffic. Tune into a the daily rush to see Preston’s zit, but he won’t eat his nose scab. Preston’s kids now get zits and daddy is setting an example. Doug Bensen’s podcast is now up and you can listen to the Doug Loves Movies. Announcement: Return of the Sound of Money starting Monday at 7:30-7:45 Bizarre Files: Man dressed as Batman gave a cat mouth to mouth after they realized the building it was in was filled with smoke. British bus driver fined for extra rider says it was a blow-up doll. Feral pig gets drunk, wrecks havoc and gets into a fight with a cow. gets drunk and throws down with a cow. Charge: Kent Juggalo stabbed boy at birthday party. Guiseppes/Sam Adams.

Time: 8:22 – 8:57
Sam Adams pairing contest. Atlerbridge:Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy: 4 am ribs. tofu is not rock and roll. Myles played the MMRBBQ. Going from album to album. They kind of just wing it, wiring while they are apart from each other. In Allentown someone stole his music. Would creed have been a different band if Bert Kreischer was the lead singer? Loves the shred videos! Doesn’t like the parts were he is featured, he has cried tears watching that. European tour starts in Oct, in US early next year. Traffic. Preston is not watching anymore viral videos, Kimmel announce girl was twerking and caught on fire was fake. Viral Videos being BS: Marisa hasn’t seen this, which she finds weird. It got 9 million views in a week. Hard to tell what’s real & what’s fake. Long basketball shots, show me an newborn that can drunk out of the womb. Sexiest Body Parts: genitals #1; You ignore the parts you don’t like if your boobs look good. Followed by lips, after ears. Farrah Fawcett had huge nipples, look like a hot plate. Study from South Africa - Lethal Weapon foreshadowing by Casey. Including inner thighs and shoulder blades. Muscle on a women is sexy. Lips? Wiich lips. Preston was Kenny Knight when he met his wife who has a great smile & big boobs! Sam Adams pairing contest: food bloggers test the best cheesesteak pairing in the area. Coco’s pizza/Sam Adams

Time: 9:10-9:37
Weather is deceiving. Traffic. Where the hell is Kathy? Hats off to people who brave the traffic. Sam Adams cheesesteak contest Winner Announce. Coco’s, Guiseppes and Mikes, Winner is Coco’s! Mike’s has a unique taste it’s almost like a sloppy joe. The pumpkin pizza is awesome, Preston and Steve say its good enough to rub on your balls. Food blog make money, if so Casey should have one. Kathy returns from ‘Taking it from behind”. Discussing various places that it could have been, nifty fifties or Parx casino. Someone yelled the answer out of window. Kathy’s mom thought that she would be taken to the Dump, or historic Bristol. Tie in game so far 60-60. Overnight TV Audio: Arsenio Hall is back clips, instagram was a cocaine delivery service. Leah Remini on Ellen: Ushered into scientology but she left the religion Leah Remini. Can Mormons drink? Church suggests that you give 10% donations. Steve’s parish just purchase a hover craft. Caller Chuck was in Scientology, They claim that is it not a religion have to take classes to reach a certain religious level, wanted to see his credit card and make his donations by charging up his card. If you do not have the money, you are not going anywhere. John Travolta, as long as he can get a reach around from his masseuse he is fine. 3 gift cards to Mike’s/ Sam Adams.

Time: 9:48-9:57
Kathy is back and upset. Traffic. Sound of Money, Strella Med spa, 3 gift cards to Mike’s/Sam Adams. Bizarre file: former youth pastor was his duty would help with sexual purity, Brent Giroux arrested on 60 accounts including 4 young boys. Investigators say a man known as Radio was released from hospital as being hit by a Corolla. Seattle 5 officers had to break up a fight at a baptism. They tried to break up the fight but then they became involved in it. People who are legally blind or fully blind can now buy guns in Iowa. 18 pack of beer also contained a dead snake in it, It was shrunk up and ice cold, he showed it to his party guests, the company reimbursed him. Ear wig a bug with the pinchers on it, in movies you see them go into the peoples brains. 3 gift cards Cocco’s pizza.

Time: 10:09- 10:24
Puddle of Mud, lost track of how many times he has been arrested. Grabs a chain saw and tried to bring down the wall. LQ. Hollywood Trash- Louis from One direction had a vomit spree after taking a hit at a soccer tournament now knows what it is like for us to listen to his music. Kate Winslet displayed her baby bump this will be her third child, Miley appeared on a German tv show where she spanked a dwarf’s ass, she will appear on a London tv show having sex with a dead body ridden with herpes.LA. Oxford Valley Mall gift card to a Buckco caller. Music News: Steven Taylor appears today on Dr. Oz show talking about battle with addiction and hitting rock bottom, addiction to prescription meds taking more than he was prescribed. Black Sabbath offered an online demo of Black Sabbath days that will be playing at a 3D horror maze in Universal. 30 to mars member who is also an actor told Huffington post that he lost a lot of weight for a new role, looks like a concentration camp victim. Bono surprised the granddaughter of Warren Buffet, Emily Greenberg by serenading with the song ‘stand by me’. Bono voice, double parked car, alliterations. In June bono surprised to Warren Buffet dedicating Home on the Range to him. Buffets and Bonos have bonded due to similar ideals. Giuseppe’s gift cards,2. Sam Adams, Jeff still getting tattoo has been in there for a while, she is a piercer but has been training for tattooing since day one.

Time: 10:34-10:44
Pearl Jam. Jeff tatuesday. Tattoo Talk: With parental consent any child can get a tattoo. Wouldn’t want to tattoo anyone under 15. Azura Sky in 28 days with Sandra Bullock, Jen the tattoo artist looks like. Jen has a tattoo of a fish mermaid bitch on her shoulder. Thank you to Giuseppe’s biggest applause to Kathy for the Bucksco vs. Delco. WOTW E is in EAGLES. Twitter everyone is a comic. Kelly’s play list was half the size of Reid’s because he’s was half play list and half Denny’s menu. The Candy Lady from Albuquerque New Mexico where Breaking Bad is taking place sent blue ‘meth’ candy for the whole crew, just rock candy dyed blue. Thank you to all the sponsors. Giveaway 3 4packs for Metallica Passes.

LQ: what song is feat. In the Sandra Bullock movie Gravity
LA: Summer lovin’

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