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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve show:

Day 2 of #DELCO vs. #BucksCo

Mark Tremonti & Myles Kennedy - Phoner 8:20

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Date: 9-9-13

                       Time 6:08-6:23 
 It’s time to get things started on this Monday morning! Weather. Traffic. News. Protests, a march, and a candlelight vigil were performed to represent the death of Philadelphia schools. Guppy ducks!  Two men both in their thirties were shot after leaving The Grape Room. A New Jersey woman is trying to save the Rolling thunder ride at Six Flags. Sports The Dallas cowboys beat the Giants. The Eagles and the Redskins start their season today. The Phillies won yesterday afternoon against Atlanta, they are 13-8. Preston is finally getting over his cold and now Steve is getting a cold. Delco vs. Bucksco competition is today! 

                         Time 6:35-7:10 
 Thanks for everyone who listened to the back to school A-Z! Traffic. SQ. 
 Birthdays Adam Sandler; 47, Hugh Grant; 53, Michelle Williams; 33, Henry Thomas; 42, Rachel Hunter; 44. SA. Entertainment News Jennifer Love Hewitt and her fiancé were leaving a restaurant when a member of the paparazzi became violent. Prince Andrew, the second son of Queen the Elizabeth II, was thought to be an intruder walking around the royal palace. Perez Hilton reported that Lindsay Lohan hit the club early in the morning to celebrate NYC Fashion Week. For some reason I thought meatballs. Kim Richard’s young-adult children allegedly had a mental breakdown. Simon Cowell said that he is not leaving his money to his kids, but to a charity. Kendall Jenner posted a video of her driving and now might be fined from driving while using a mobile device. The New Adventure of Pippy Longstocking star, Tami Erin, is releasing her sex tape with her ex-boyfriend. Do remember the scene where she is holding a skull and is burning the flesh off of it? Lamar Odom loves crack cocaine so much that his dealer is not selling him anymore coke. Bruno Mars is going to perform at the Super bowl halftime show. David Blane should play the halftime show. Emma Watson has landed the lead role in “Your Voice in Your Head.” Cynthia Nixon signed up to work on the second season of Hannibal. Candiace Bergen and Charles Grobin have been casted as Michael J Fox’s parents on his show. Clips Talks about what inspired her, Michael Pfeiffer talks about  co-star Robert De Niro.  Delco Vs. BucksCo.

                        Time 7:20-7:47 
Incubus on WMMR. Weather. Oxford Valley Mall. Traffic. Preston is drinking decaf coffee because his doctor told him it would stop the muscle spasms. Coffee drinking and how it affects your health. There are withdraw symptoms if you completely quit from caffeine. Too much of anything is a bad thing, but it also depends on the person’s body. Pierre used to drink a lot of coffee, but then he stopped and had a terrible reaction. After 2pm, Nick and Kathy can’t have coffee.  Dr. Mike is on the phone! He says that coffee is a positive thing to drink and people don’t realize how beneficial it is to drink. The reason why it is bad is because of the creamers and sugar people put in the drink. Drink it, know that it’s healthy, but use natural creamers. Jill McDevitt, owns Feminique hosted an event called free vibrator day and over 300 people showed up. The gang wants to send out a male intern and pretend that they’re breast feeding a baby. A third US porn actor has tested positive for AIDS. This even has rocked the porn industry’s world. Dr. Jill McDevitt called in and said she couldn’t believe the outcome. She did vibrator trivia with the people waiting. Casey got pulled over with dildos in his car. 

SQ: What is a group of jellyfish called?
SA: A smack

                         Time 7:59-8:10
Foo Fighters on WMMR. Weather. Traffic. Text word. Bizarre Files A man who police said who was 107 years old was killed in a confrontation during a confrontation with the SWAT team. A man was charged with voyeurism when he used cameras to look up woman’s skirts who were seeing the Lincoln Memorial. I have a dream…you have a cooter. Chinese State media has reported that a child had his testicles ripped off by a monkey while having his diaper changed. Another visitor had successful retrieved the testicles until the monkey quickly stole them again and ate them. Metallica through the never. Delco Vs. BucksCo is coming up! 

                          Time 8:21-8:50
Goo Goo Dolls! WOW. Traffic. Casey lives in Delaware County and Kathy grew up in lower Bucks County. They both know a lot about their areas. We’re going to end the rivalry! Delco Vs. BucksCo!. Amex Gift Card. The first round, the questions are worth 20 points each. Q: On the current site of the Home Depot once stood this shopping destination. A: Bizarre of all Nations. Q: This local ice cream stand had a cuckoo sign above its stand. A:Dairy Delight. Q: This once stood on the site of the YMCA on Havertown road A: Swell Bubblegum factory Q: In what Lower Bucks town did Washington cross the Delaware River? A: The Washington Cross Q: Jennifer Aniston lived in Eddies Stone and left an autographed picture in what Deli? A: Vicki’s Q: This beloved ice skating rink burned down in 1995. A: Grundy. The score is tied! Q: What is the only city in Delaware county? A: Chester county Q: What used to be displayed on the site of where the Neshamity mall sign sits? A: Indian Totem pole Q: On what is the new shopping center in Township line on West Chester pike built on? A: The Quarry center Q: This tiki themed restaurant used to be in the Oxford Valley mall?. A: - Kahuna Ville Q: The location where Planet Fitness sits used to be two business, what did these two businesses sell? A: Antiques and Neon Lights Q: This world’s great hamburger’s landmark used to be on Lincoln highway. A: Fudruckers A: What Delco bar is named after a 40 year old championship? A: McGloan’s Stanley Cup Q: What is the name of the haunted covered bridge in New Hope Bucks County? A: Cry baby bridge Q: What Upper Darby deli is named after this Republican politician. A: Sevara’s Deli Q: What town in Lower Bucks was almost the capital of the United States? A: Morrisville. They’re tied for the first round! 

                Time 9:01-9:38
Blink182. Metallica Through the Never. Traffic. Monday night football seasons starts tonight for the Eagles! We have the Eagles Pep Band in studio! They’re proud of Casey representing Delco. It’s their 18th year with the team! They played the Eagle’s Fight song and Enter Sandman by Metallica! A woman in Rome was in pregnant by her lover who told her that he wouldn’t take care of the baby and said she should get an abortion. Pope personally calls a pregnant woman.She didn’t know what to do, so she wrote a letter to the Pope and he personally called her. He said that he would send her a 25 dollar gift card to Fudruckers. Students in 19 states are having school weigh-ins reports for parents. Schools being concerned about student’s weight. One listener’s daughter got a health report and she is in the 1st grade. Wasps are attacking more and are getting drunk on fermented fruit. There’s venom in a wasp sting & the best way to get one out is using a credit card. Leonard Maltin always loses the Leoaord Maltin game, he doesn’t do trivia. Steve has been using his guide for years. No one inspired Maltin to become a critic, it just happened. He approaches movies as a movie fan. Maltin doesn’t like to watch movie trailers because he wants to know nothing about a film before he watches it. 

                        Time 9:48-10:04
Morning! Party pack text. Traffic. E. Steven Collins was an executive at Radio One sadly passed away last night due to a fatal heart attack. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Bizarre Files A Texas sign company created a decal of a woman tied and bound on the back of the pick-up truck in order to gain more attention for their company. One man is accused of changed his address number in order to prevent his house from being demolished, but ended up demolishing the wrong house. Veronica Valdez during her finger surgery, the doctor placed a sticker moustache and tear drop then took pictures of her unconscious. Maria Papadakis is in studio! She is promoting the Feastavile which is a kick off to the Philly Fringe festival. Feastavile is this Thursday at Pier 9. They have a variety of different performers and some of the best chefs in this area. It’s all the best food on one pier! Philadelphia has some of the best art and food. Maria is repelling off a wall for charity on her Sport’s show, but every athlete she wants keeps getting injured. 

                          Time 10:16-10:31
Guns & Roses on WMMR! A-Z weekend was pretty awesome and the full list should be up soon on WMMR. Party pack text. Both Philly’s Hottest Nerdy and Cheesesteak girls are getting their photos taken today. LQ. Hollywood Trash Serena Williams won the US Open over this weekend. Swamp People star, Ray Jay, surrendered to the police for a beer bottle attack. Victoria Beckham had a rough start to Fashion week by getting her bike stolen. LA. Music News Metallica’s new movie, Metallica through the Never makes its world premiere tonight. Coldplay has recorded an original song for the Hunger Game’s. Kings of Leon have released a new promotional video with members of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast. Fun, the Killers, and Queens of the Stone Age are set to perform at the Bridge school festival. All the proceeds go to the Bridge school for disabled children. Nickelback’s Chad Kroger and Marilyn Manson make an appearance on Avril Lavinge’s new album. A single disc blue ray of the Freddie Mercury concert will be issued sometime this fall. Pearl Jam and Dave Matthew’s Band crossed paths in LA this weekend. Nick was there to check out the Dave Matthew’s band, about 13-14 songs in Dave called in Mike McCredie. He said it was phenomenal seeing both his favorite bands on one stage. Free music Monday. Texting contest. 

         Time 10:42-10:51
Super Soaker by Kings of Leon. Thank you to Leonard Maltin, Maria Papadakis, the Eagles Pep Band, and round one of Delco vs. BucksCo. They will be competing all week. It’s Intern Vicki’s last day. She said that she is so sad to leave. Vicki competed in the Intern Olympics and completed in third place. She doesn’t know where to go and is trying to find a job. Follow Vicki on twitter @mrsvictoriadepp. She’s a huge Johnny Depp fan! Best of luck to her! Pierre is out this week, which means that Matt Cord is in for him. Matt only got two of the questions right on the Delco vs. BucksCo competition. Kathy got screwed this round. Preston thinks that they need to double check their questions. LOTD. Party pack text. 

LQ: What does Steve do when he stops drinking caffeine? 
LA: He killed a hooker

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