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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Date: 9-6-13                                  

                                           Time 6:08-6:24

 It’s Friday morning. Weather Traffic News Two people are dead and a third in critical condition after a 48 year old man shot his son, shot his wife twice, and then killed himself. Police rushed into the house after hearing four gun shots and found the boy and his father dead and the mother still alive. Philadelphia police have arrested three people for the murder and dismemberment of 40 year old man whose torso was found in the Schuylkill River. Chobani is issuing a recall on some of their yogurts that were affected by mold. Sports NFL season began last night in Denver. Manning threw a record tying 7 touchdown passes. Denver won 49-27 over Baltimore. Riley Cooper says the fight with Eagles teammate Kerry Williams was just two competitive teammates fighting for the same ball. Phillies open up a weekend series at home tonight. Preston is feeling lousy. Casey says Preston is lucky because he has terrible gas. Graham Elwood and Chris Holts are coming by. Meltdown Grilled Cheese.

                                 Time 6:37-7:12

Smoke on the water as we do our A-Z SQ Kathy remembers doing Jane Fonda videos with her mom. She had a favorite girl in the video. Birthdays Roger Waters is 70. Rosie Perez is 49. Jeff Foxworthy is 55. Jane Curtin is 66 today. Dolores O’Riordan is 42. Idris Elba is 41 SA Entertainment News. Michael J Fox said he is very much a married man and Catherine Zeta Jones was seen wearing her wedding ring in Connecticut. Welcome to Connecticut put your ring on. 19 year old Dakota Fanning is in a relationship with a 32 year old male model. Rumors are circulating that Mila Kunis and Ashton are engaged because she was wearing a gold band. Maybe she was just in Connecticut. Russell Brand was apparently kicked out of the GQ after party for making Nazi jokes. There are conflicting reports about whether Lamar Odom checked into a rehab center or not. NBC has confirmed Alec Baldwin will be returning with a show Up Late with Alec Baldwin. Naomi Watts has been promoting her new Princess Diana movie and walked out on an interview with a British radio host. Steve tells Preston not to get choked up about Diana. It isn’t your fault. You could wipe your nose with One Wipe Charlie’s. Corey Feldman has requested a press release to say he felt bullied by the paparazzi about a lingerie party he threw. Guinness World Records have honored Betty White and Breaking Bad. Preston finally tried a One Wipe Charlie and it stung. Clips Karl German on the show “Almost Human.” Eric Sorkin director of “News Room.” Meltdown Grilled Cheese.

                                 Time 7:22-7:50

WMMR A-Z. Traffic. Next week’s competition Delco vs. Bucks co 911 Calls News story about 2 men who helped to stop a kidnapping in progress by calling police when they saw a girl in the back seat of a car mouthing help me. Preston called the police because he saw a car slowdown in the left lane and there was a struggle in the front seat. He is the worst 911 caller. Kathy almost called yesterday because she saw walking with his eyes closed through an intersection. Preston had a guy try and side swipe his car and run him off the road. Casey called 911 after seeing trash on fire. Caller JoAnne saw a man jump off a bridge while waiting in traffic. She told a cop. Caller said he once saw a man trying to kill a woman with a knife and he intercepted and saved her. They caught him and he was also convicted of a rape from ’77. Melt Down grilled cheese.

Stupid Q: What color leg warmers and tights did Jane Fonda wear on the cover of her original work out book

Stupid A: black

                               Time 8:02-8:20

A-Z Marathon Rosemont College. Traffic. Twerking going on, on the Hottie Cam. Chris Holts In Studio. His new show, “Real Fear” premiering tonight at 9 on Chiller TV. He’s had some stuff happen to him but he’s a skeptic believer. The Preston and Steve show is going to be on the show tonight.  He had his craziest thing happen to him when he was doing a sleep study at Pennhurst. He can’t give too much away because it will be on the show tonight. A man on the show talks about being abducted. Of course they had one wipe Charlie’s on the ship. His band Shovelhook is good. He is the events coordinator at an assisted living facility and he gives a shout out. Bizarre File  A 31 year old woman was arrested after swinging a dead rabbit around. A teenage model helicopter hobbyist was killed after his radio controlled chopper boomeranged and chopped off the top of his head. Parents of a teenage couple are distraught after the couple ran away together. The teens found out they were going to different high schools and that her parents did not support the relationship. A documentary exposes a man as the leader of FEMEN. A man took his date’s cell phone in compensation when she refused to pay half of the drink bill. Bobby Lee will be on in a moment.

                                 Time 8:30-8:57

Back to School A-Z. Hottie Cam. Melt down grilled cheese. Traffic. Riley Cote is on the line. It’s the first day of Rookie camp. Bobby Lee in Studio. He is going to be at Helium comedy club tonight and tomorrow. He and Steve rushed off to the back room to show him his collection of toys. He’s a watchman fan. He doesn’t like Afflect as Batman. He would rather have Urkle as batman, or even he would be better. Steve is impressed with his fearlessness about getting naked. He says he’s shaped like a scallop. Yellow and doughy like a fat picachu. It’s the worst being Asian and a celebrity. He gets, “hey heroes,” “Hey Greys Anatomy,” “Hey Hangover.” He has done Harold and Kumor but he auditioned for Kumar. But he has a day job at Home Depot. Sometimes he has to audition for parts that have already been casted. Two weeks ago it happened to him with a movie. He took a big risk and it went terrible. He walks in and there are 30 people in the room and Ridley Scott. He took a long pause, said bye in a feminine way, ran out, and then spent the next three hours screaming. There’s a picture of him in an old WMMR shirt. He found it at a thrift store in LA. He played Temple a few years ago and it was awful. He was booed offstage in front of 20,000 people and this was just as bad but with 500 people. So he showed his genitals and left. He took his pants off to hug Preston.

                                  Time 9:07-9:29

Back to School A-Z. Traffic. Indian Valley Scuba. Graham Elwood in Studio He was in Doug Benson’s, “The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled.” He’s doing P90X and Doug is smoking out of an apple. He does yoga. He takes a yoga class from a German guy. He says Helium is a great comedy club and Philly has a lot of podcast fans. He loved “Pacific Rim.” He was disappointed with “Man of Steel.” There was one summer where Doug was booking shows around amusement parks and got them front of the line passes. They shout out really nerdy things on coasters. He did a Doug Loves Movies with Leonard Maltin and Sam Levine. Steve thinks he’s going to fold this weekend. The show Sunday is almost completely sold out but there is also a show in Bethlehem. Do I take my pants off now? Meltdown Grilled Cheese.

                                Time 9:40-9:57

Smooth on the A-Z marathon. Hottie Cam. Traffic. Marisa is going to be at Ron’s Original in Exton tonight from 8-10. Tomorrow 12-2 Preston will be at the Springfield Mall at the Sleep Number Store. Delco! Delco vs. BucksCo starts Monday, a face-off between Kathy and Casey. It will end with the swimsuit competition. It’s not a which county is better it’s about who know there country of origin better. There taking more from Lower bucks because the whole Bucks County is so much bigger then Delco. Beth is from Delco and she called it Butt County and Nick Murphy is from Bucks Co and he is calling it Smellco. Kathy had to move because she got the job on the show, so it’s their fault. People who grew up in Delco tend to stay in Delco and people who grew up in Bucksco tend to stay in Bucksco. Kathy was not the whore of Bucksco. Casey wishes he was the whore of Delco. He asked girls out by writing letters. It will either be legendary or something they will never do again. Bizarre File. An orthopedic surgeon accused of faking operations has surrendered his medical license and admitted to some of the charges. He is accused of 250 counts of medical misconducted. He is accused of pretending to perform surgeries, botched surgeries, and unnecessary surgeries. Five little girls made a lime and lemonade stand and were severely burned by the limes. They initially thought it was sun burn but they were big blisters that were growing rapidly. It’s caused by photosynthesis; exposure on the skin combined with ultraviolet rays caused the burns. The black Portuguese millipedes caused one passenger train to crash into another. Hundreds of the tiny creatures were found squashed on the tracks. One couple in China almost caused a pile up when they began having sex in the back of a taxi. Alligator hunters in Mississippi set records when catching a 727 pound alligator. It was13 feet and a quarter inch.

                                Time 10:08-10:20

In the S section of A-Z. Preston guesses the last part of the A-Z marathon will be Monday morning. Meltdown grilled cheese LQ Hollywood Trash Lindsey Lohan is taking a crack at a standup comedy gig. John Cusack got a restraining order against a girl who said an angel said they were supposed to be together. Chaz Bono lost 70 pounds from martial arts. LA. Music News Singer Chester Bennington has spoken with Rolling Stone about his new gig with STP. Pierre saw them the other night and was raving about it. Alice in Chains has released two songs from their new album. Kings of Leon front man said in a new interview with Short List that their band considered dropping their biggest hit Sex on Fire a few years ago. As soon as the songs over people B line for the exit. Alter Bridge is releasing a new CD this fall. Caller number 18 will get tickets to Muse.

                                  Time 10:31-10:42

Wrap Up Preston and Steve will be at the Doug Loves Movies podcast on Sunday. If you go to the show tomorrow night you can win a chance to also be on the podcast. Thanks to Graham Elwood, Chris Holt, and Bobby Lee for being on the show today. Pierre thinks Preston should take a few shots of Jack Daniels. LOTD. Preston will be at the sleep number store tomorrow. Marisa will be at Rowan right after the show, and Ron’s Original tonight. WOW. Pierre was going to do the word Nice this week but choose Nick because he was short with Nick the other day and wanted to formerly apologize. Meltdown Grilled Cheese

Lesson Q: Lamar Odom tried to check himself into rehab but ended up where?

Lesson A: Fuddruckers



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