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Date: 9-05-2013

Time: 6:10- 6:22
Welcome to Thursday! Weather. Traffic. News Philadelphia police have identified the torso as, Frank Zarzycki that was found in the Schuylkill River. School electrician has been shocked with 277 volts in Skippack Elementary school. More than a hundred vehicles have been involved in a crash on a bridge in Kent, England due to foggy conditions. Sports Jordan Zimmerman lead the nationals to a win over the Phils. NFL season starts tonight with the Broncos vs. Ravens. Eagles will play on Monday vs. the Redskins. Preston has a major migraine, he will let him play with his butt, even bit it if the pain stops. Guests on today’s show: Lamorne Morris,Big Ang with daughter Raquel, its mini Big Ang. Doppelganger Anger.

Time: 6:33-7:06
Sick Puppies continuing with R on the A-Z, they came to the Camp out for Hunger a few years ago. Traffic SQ Birthdays Brad Wilk, 45; Dweezil Zappa, 44; Rose McGowan, 40; Michael Keaton, 62; Raquel Welch, 73; George Lazenby, 74; Bob Newhart, 84. SA Entertainment News Sofia Vergara has been named the highest paid actress of the year at $30 million Jack Nicholson has retired from Hollywood, due to memory loss. Preston likes when he plays the well to do business man who can do whatever he wants. Nicholson is Nick’s favorite actor of all time. Preston doesn’t like when Sean Connery eats in movies. The one thing that Nick shares with Sean Connery are his mouth queefs. 2 Million tuned into watch John Stewart return to the Daily Show. People reporting the Scarlet Johansson is engaged. Lamar Odom checked himself into rehab. Clint Eastwood trying to move on from his failed marriage. Ex-wife trying to clear his name and defend him by taking to Twitter. Just as long as my face doesn’t end up in some dudes ass. Ever see the human caterpillar? It’s a centipede, whatever. I just wanna try fingerblasting. Do I have 5 fingers or 6? Its gonna feel like a celery stalk. Jennette McCurdy from iCarly spent her weekend with a man shes been having an online flirtation with since Aug. It included a trip to Disneyland and laser tag and sodomy. Claire Danes’ role on My So-Called Life almost went to Alicia Silverstone. Joan Rivers she’s prepared to take legal action against Michael Lohan after his comments. Clips Neil Patrick Harris Preston’s migraine is getting better.

Time: 7:17- 7:47
Traffic Casey has a puppy that’s 4 months old, got a call from his wife. He got gum for each of his kids for being good. Casey’s Dog Eats a Pack of Gum There are magnets in the gum to hold the pack closed. The dog ate the entire package. Casey bought another pack of gum to investigate. They called up poison control and started freaking his wife out, they were more worried about the dog swallowing the gum. There’s a chemical in the gum that’s super toxic to a dog. He brought it into the vet and did all of these tests to check the dog out. His dog eats everything, Casey has taken poop out of his mouth. Steve has had one dog that would eat poop in the winter time. Listener’s puppy ate their BBQ grill brush. Kathy’s cousin’s dog got into the trashcan and ate tampons. Listener has Rotweiler that chews the drywall off the walls. Pet insurance has been on the rise to avoid such expensive surgeries. Gum with xylitol is the chemical that harms the dog. Listener’s dog ate the middle out of a couch and also ate an S.O.S. pad. Casey’s friend’s dog would eat rocks. Lucy has a 6month old dog had a red mouth, he ate a smoke bomb from the garage and ate Dura-Flame logs. It costs $39 to call poison control. Kathy’s cat never ate anything, he was picky. He would eat yogurt and beer or wine. Danielle had a yellow lab that would eat rubber bands and “crowns” aka crayons.

Stupid Q: In 1997, the first Build-a-Bear store opened in what U.S. city?

Stupid A: St. Louis


Time: 7:59- 8:15
Alterbridge on MMR’s A-Z Rosemont College Traffic Delco pride is a huge thing. BucksCo is a huge thing too, Kathy is from Bucks County. We’ve decided to let Casey and Kathy to face off the 1st Delco vs BucksCo Casey knows Delco like the back of his nutsack. Bizarre File Man huffing 16 cans of air duster passed out in back room of Kmart covered in vomit. Man fell 30 feet when being air lifted into a helicopter. Mexican police seeking woman who is suspected of killing 2 bus drivers, sought vengeance for sexual violence against women. Man found guilty for shooting his friend after an alcohol and drug infused argument over the existence of God. 300k attempts to access porn website in the houses of Parliament. Lords of Salem DVD

Time: 8:27- 8:52

Preston is doing CPR after the last song to bring us back to life Its by Mad Season for MMR’s A-Z originally used by the Captain Crunch commercials Traffic Lamorne Morris In Studio Plays the role of Winston in The New Girl. Used to do a lot of Man on the Street stuff. Born and raised in Chicago now he’s in L.A. He was part of Second City in Chicago. Casey hopes that the on-screen relationship is the same off-air. Lamorne says they all genuinely get along. Kathy brings up the scene where the WMMR bumper sticker was placed in the background. He has no idea, but thinks it’s a set designer guy. Dennis Farina who played Nick’s dad passed away, Lamorne loved working with him said he has crazy stories. His hand-shakes hurt. In the show he’s afraid of the dark, he likes bubbles and thought he had his period in the upcoming show. He created the “gay old negro ghost” was his creation. Says Zoey is business minded and scolds him for stupid purchases. He’s going to be MLK on Drunk History. Max Greenfield talks way too much about working out. Everyone on the show is taken except him, he’s the lonely black guy in the corner. He doesn’t mind watching himself on tv. Season 3 premieres Tues Sept 17th on FOX.

Track 3 Time: 9:03-9:34
Traffic. Delco vs. BucksCo Battle Royale. Both constants are nervous. Preston likes soup. Steve is a tomato basil guy and he accompanies it was a boner. Campbell Soup announced a soup line with the Green Mountain. Soups in Keurig It only needs a place to put man parts. Steve just ordered the office size for his house. But he orders to orders; he has bras coming to the house and he is using them for dip bowls. Texter: Hi my name is Ron and I use the Keurig to make Ramon. It’s a support group for the Keurig. I like men, big hairy sweaty men, Preston is a sucker for men. Pumpkin Flavored Items Released too Early Low rumble, it’s from the office, we need a speaker for the office. Marisa loves pumpkin beer. Kathy doesn’t like anything pumpkin flavored. Listener Toby: was talking to a beer distributor, if they release the beer in October it’s gone too fast. beer distributor guy is the sidekick to Lobsterman. Thanksgiving Dinner winner at the Big Tex Choice Awards: Deep Fried Cuban. Recent study shows that to produce the healthiest offspring to sleep with multiple partners. Do you feel that humans are getting better looking over time, which is subjective and relative? Skullface and PoopSmear – Indian trackers that moved to Big City. The hunger games, everyone has plastic surgery and have changed themselves. Altering photos from the 20s and we find them attractive. Australian woman is pregnant after surgery, she had ovalern matter placed in her abdomen. Super Soup gives you a bigger penis. Rosemont.

Time: 9:47-9:58
Traffic. Mike Benz for Chuck Cassidy Scholarship fund. This year was the first year that graduates were on full scholarship. Event on Monday September 9, it sold out for golfers, always looking for other donations, money, gifts. People who qualify for the scholarship are children of cops. Bizarre File a pet sting ray named Steve Irwin stung owner, sent him to the hospital. NC family with an epileptic child was giving a gift when a stranger paid for their dinner. Woman is claiming that an electronic cigarette blew up leaving char marks in her living room. Indians player Perez had 9 oz. of marijuana was delivered to his house in his dog’s name. $30k casket comes with speakers allows the family to hear what is playing in it. You can add tracks to the playlist.

Time: 9:47-10:32
Big Ang and Daughter Raquel on the Phone says working on 3 shows is a lot of fun. Ang is NYC half the time and Miami the other half. They do not share the same taste in men. What can we expect from this show? A lot of drama between NYC and Miami. Ang is the nicest person, she wants to engage with the customers and fans alike. Invites them for Sunday Dinner. Meatballs with raisins is Silician. Ang’s meatballs are moist, wet and used top quality meat. She has had the nickname Big Ang since she was 12, she had a tattoo of it, but removed it before Raquel was born. Raquel is going to try and deflate her lips. If you eat her food it makes them look bigger. Big Ang is 40DD , Raquel is 34C. Big Ang is married, Raquel is getting involved. Best opportunity to see them. Steve’s impression is spot-on. She’ll be in town for Fashion Week. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Clint Eastwood dating ex-wife of Scott fisher the man who’s romancing his estranged wife loves swapping and looks forward to using his mouth on a dude. Farrah Abraham telling news that being a feminist was being a lesbian also said “analingus” was the only way she’d fly to Ireland. Lady Gaga wants to be buried in her stripper boots the ultimate way she wants to meet god is looking like a whore. Lesson A Music News Metallica streaming new live version of master puppets at Soundgarden has new video for “Halfway There”, directed by Dave Grohl. Gwen Stefani expecting 3rd child she is just resting right now. U2 bassist Adam Clayton married his 4 year Brazilian model gf. Indian Valley Scuba annual dive festival this weekend.

Time: 10:43-10:52
A-Z continues. Thanks to Lamorne Morris for stopping by and Big Ang and her daughter. Thanks to everyone for putting up with Preston he has not been feeling well today. Wrap Up He had a horrible migraine around 4:30 this morning, but he pushed through. They generally last about 3 days. Letter of the Day C The “Raging Pollack” from Grampy Grand Prix sent Emos Pizza out to Preston. Fan Duel


Lesson Q: How many bras did Steve order today?

Lesson A: 10

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