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Time 6:08-6:20

It’s Wednesday. Weather. Traffic. News: 50 year old Ariel Castro was believed to have committed suicide in jail, the man who kidnapped three women for 10 years. Told judge he was a man of porn addiction. Castro’s family upset because they found out through the media. Women found partially clothed in wooded area, African American, listed in critical condition with no suspect.  Teacher met with parents about lack of staff with the start of school. City agreed to borrow 50 million dollars to open school; Public schools teachers return to school, make between 45,000 and 90,000. Sports: Wilson Ramos hit a 3 run home runner helping the Nationals beat the Phillies. Serena Williams close to perfect in quarter finals of the U.S. Open. The first took 19 minutes and 2nd 33min. Claude Giroux will not be at Flyers training camp due to golf injury. Smell of the air, fights over drug addiction.

Time: 6:32-7:07

“No Sleep Till Brooklyn” – Beastie Boys. Traffic. SQ Birthdays: Beyonce, 32; Kim Faler, 53; Dr. Drew Penski, 55; David Wayans, 53; Wes Bentley, 35. SA Do you know how he killed himself, he ate 50 Lincoln Logs. Entertainment News: Simon Cowell, excited about the birth of his child but not the diaper change. Rachel Zoe might not return for her show on Bravo because of her second child. Katie Couric’s boyfriend proposed to her during their holiday weekend in East Hampton, NY. Kim Kardashian sported a new look with blonde hair. Amanda Bynes is still on a psychiatric hold. Her was Twitter hacked with a tweet saying “I love Drake.” May be held at the UCLA psychiatric center for up to a year & it’s 3500$ a day. Drake has received multiple tweets from Amanda but believes they are hacked tweets. Pippa Middleton, sister of duchess Kate might be engaged to Niko Jackson. Zoe Saldana and  Marco Perego – are hiding rumors of being married. True Blood’s final season will air next summer. Kate Upton will be named Model of the Year. Unhappy fans, petition of cast for 50 Shades of Gray. Richard Gere will shoot his new film in Philadelphia. Oprah Winfrey was in Wildwood this past weekend staying at a hotel in Stone Harbor. Put her on stilts in order to blend in. Clips: Carl Urban talks about being a fan of Riddick. 9th Season Danny DeVito describes 9th season of “It’s Always sunny in Philadelphia”.

Time 7:17-7:46

No way Back. Rosemont College Traffic. Robert Irvine will be here in a bit. Over the weekend Ariel Castro, the man who kept women captive for 10 years, hanged himself. Preston thinks this was a positive thing because he could dish it but couldn’t take it. Preston almost died eating French onion soup. Jeffery Dahmer was killed by a cell mate. Robert Irvine in studio talks about his new 6 layer energy crunch bars and working alongside the Wounded Warrior Project. On September 11th he will be volunteering with Wounded Warriors in NY. Robert talks about new show Restaurant Express; 9 contestants competing for the prize of a brand new restaurant. Casey talks about Bar Rescue and how it compares to Restaurant Impossible. The new energy bar will launch September 27th at the Olympia fitness competition in Vegas. Preston and Steve think the bars are delicious. Robert explains how he came up with his idea for the energy bar and how the bar is good for your body. There will be 7 more flavors coming out in January. Visit or the twitter page @fitcrunchbars to buy these bars. The bars aren’t in store, but every bar that you buy, will donate to Wounded Warrior.

SQ: What inventor left a suicide note saying “My work is done why wait?

SA: George Eastman - founded the Kodak Company

Time 7:54-8:12

Live on Fox Good Day soon. Traffic. Preston wore special burgundy shirt for Fox Good Day. Live on Fox Good Day Steve’s friend lost a job due to tattoos Tattoo’s don’t bother Preston.In Oklahoma it’s illegal to get a tattoo. Women have themed tattoos. Kathy has no tattoos because her parents wouldn’t let her. Tattoo on Kathy’s leg that says “Open for Business” Preston wants his 3 tattoos fixed. Casey has his kids’ footprints on himself along with other tattoos. Casey likes the idea of tattooing your kids drawing on yourself. Preston likes tribal and Japanese tattoos. A man with the history of Rock and roll tattooed on him. Nick doesn’t like tattoos. Preston wants ankle tattoo covered up. Bizarre File: Cops in Halifax, Nova Scotia saw a car without headlights with pot in it. Officers found 20 marijuana plants in the front seat with the second passenger in the trunk to make room for the plants. A new London skyscraper called “the Walkie Talkie” has been blamed for reflecting light that melted a Jaguar car on Thursday; developers paid for the repairs of the car and repairs to fix the building. A Photographer told the owner about his car.  The skyscraper has turned into a magnifying glass because it’s concaved. A police swat officer had a glock-35 in a holster on his thigh at a children’s event called “Reading Roundup”, where a young child accidentally pulled trigger into the officer‘s leg, who was then taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

Time 8:23-8:56

Songs A-Z. Rosemont College.Traffic. Preston just got an email from police officer that says sex offenders aren’t beaten in jail. Jailers typically get left alone. Preston was wondering because of the Ariel Castro case. New cast of Dancing with the Stars; include celebrities like Snooki, Bill Nye, Bill Engvall, Jack Osbourne, and Leah Remini. Senator John McCain was playing poker during senate hearing on Syria. He told CNN he gets bored and that he lost thousands of fake dollars. Casey plays Zinga Poker. Preston’s plays Craps on his phone. Casey doesn’t like playing with real money. Preston talks about a movie coming out involving online poker. Android’s new phone released to be called “Kitkat” and there will also be Android themed Kit-Kat bars. The next phone will be called Genital Farts. Ball sacks are yummy. Kathy is booking a trip to Sesame Place. The inventor Craven Walker created the lava lamp 50 years ago. Standard light bulb covered by a cylinder with shapes. Nick talks about how tapestry was popular among potheads and illusions from Spencer’s. The creator of the lava lamp is going to make a 200 L lamp at London’s Royal Festival; also delivered customs lamps for the Superman movie in the 80’s along with Ringo Starr being the first celebrity to buy one.

Time 9:11-9:34

Traffic. Casey’s kids rode the bus for the first time today. Casey and Steve talk about their first time riding the bus. Kathy hated the bus and had her mom drive her every day, even in high school. Casey’s older brother would wake him up by yanking his sheets off. Preston reads an email from a woman saying she put her kid on the wrong bus.  Casey did five practice runs to the bus stop. Preston talks about a story of a child in New York that was taken by a man while walking to school. Back of the bus was good for the bumps in the road. Preston almost got into a fight with John Wetzel. Preston talks about his bus experience when he missed the bus. No one likes long bus rides that have a lot of stops because it takes forever to get home.

Time 9:45-9:53

Philadelphia’s own Cinderella!  Traffic. Weather. Bizarre File. Ohio woman found her cremated son’s ashes tied up in a Wal-Mart bag inside the erne. Her 17 year old son died of a heart condition and thought that putting his ashes in a Wal-mart bag with the logo cut off was disrespectful.  A man faces multiple charges for falsifying his identification and smoking a crack pipe was arrested for felony warrants. After a bathroom break the man attempted to smoke the rest of the crack in the pipe. Australian police are investigating a dwarf player who was set on fire; Blake Johnston was hired to play at function. A football player lit the dwarf on fire but was put out. The incident was said to have been malicious and not an accident. Police say a NW Ohio man tried robbing a gas station and when the amount of money wasn’t enough, decided to beat the cashier with a bible. In 1955, a woman named Zaharrah started going into labor with no sign of the baby. She needed C-section, days after, she fled hospital, the pain suddenly stopped and the baby was never born. It wasn’t until at the age of 75 that the pain returned only to find out the fetus had died and calcified into her stomach and was later successfully removed.

Time 10:08-10:19

Rush on WMMR! LQ. Hollywood Trash Miley Cyrus is telling People magazine that she wanted to do something at the VMA’s that made a difference. Pippa Middleton has accepted a marriage proposal from her long-time boyfriend. Jennifer Lopez says she brings a lot to the table with her current relationship with her boyfriend. LA. Music News: Stone Temple Pilots’ new 6 songs; some include “Sex and Violence”, “Piece of Pie” The Stone Temple Pilots will be playing at the House of Blues this Saturday. Seether will be releasing a 2 disc, 27 song package with 3 news tracks. Their first single called Veruca Salt. Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum arrived in Japan to protest Japan’s annual dolphin hunting.

Time 10:29-10:38

Reading of Limp Bizkit. Boulders crushing houses and cars. Farrah Abraham auditions for a soap opera and reads from her phone. A random texter won tickets to see the Suicide Girls. Marisa put together Limp Bizkit compilation. LOTD. Preston just found out his friend is a meth head.  Preston just finished the rest of the energy bar and is the most delicious bar he’s ever had.

LQ: George Eastman killed himself by eating what and how many of them?

LA: 50 Lincoln Logs


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