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Date: 9-03-2013

Time 6:11-6:24

Back from LDW. Weather. Traffic. News: 1500 school teachers in limbo wondering if they will get a contract or not. Fire at Dietz and Watson factory has been contained 24 hours after it started, no one was hurt, still not sure why the fire started. Nokia sold to windows and is moving to US Sports: Jimmy Rollins hit a home run final score 3-2. Cole Hamilton struck out 8, game tonight 7:05. Federer lost before the semi-finals first time in a decade. WBO Tommy Morrison died at the age of 44 tested positive for HIV in 1996. Caller Dan a firefighter for Dietz and Watson on the phone says the fire smells like bacon. Balls sacks are yummy should make a cereal called ball sacks. Hey mister balls sacks are delics! Welcome back WOTW. Recap of LDW, Made in America.

 Time 6:36-7:09

Lips of an Angel. Title of a porn Songs A-Z. Traffic.SQ Birthdays: Charlie Sheen, 48; Steve Jones; 58, Garette Hedlund, 29; Shaun White, 27; Jennie Finch, 33; Jevon Kearse, 37. SA. 50 Shades of Grey will star Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam Tom Brokaw battery clamps on your nipples and twirl your pubic hair, it’s okay though as long as we have a safe word which is Ow! goddamn it that hurts Entertainment News:. Robert Frost died at 74, who is known for interviewing Nixon. Tommy Morrison died at 44 false positive for HIV. Lamar Odom arrested for DUI. Khloe’s voice. Instead of a rolling pin she was holding a tree. Looks like two transformers fighting. Sounds like a lioness when she sleeps, like a T-rex oh she ate some bad berries you have to dig through her dong. Angelina Jolie is back at work since double vasectomy wore a black pencil skirt a white blouse and a big handbag the movie is about an Olympic runner who was taken hostage WWII during in Japan Dr. Christie Funk. Douglas said no crisis in marriage. Comedy Seth Meyers got married to longtime girlfriend Alexis Ashe. Clint Eastwood recently announced that he separated from his wife of 17 years, caught dropping off some mystery blonde. Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana  met on the set of The Words, then broke up last year be reunited on screen as Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy. Lohan flaked on Venice film festival to promote her the Canyons. Dennis Rodman heads back to North Korea today, trying to patch the gap between America and North Korea. Clips: Vin Diesel on Reddick, Naomi Watts on A Door, Guests Dave Coulier.

 Time 7:20-7:47

Inxs. Traffic. Texters feel like they are in an 80s montage. Texts about back to school. Diana Nyad at age 60 swam 53 hours straight without a shark cage from Cuba to Key West about 90 miles. She sounds awful with jelly fish stung lips. Physically demanding activity: Steve: 500 push up in one sitting, he would rather eat jelly fish. Preston: Black belt challenge, Casey: Sprint Triathon, Nick: climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro, Casey wants to swim to St Johns .Steve talks about the radio run from the car to the station and picking what intern will get his coffee. Susan Maroney did it in 1996 with a shark cage. Caller Brandy road bike from LA to Sea Isle City. Steve voice of old lady. Next time try swimming on a shark. French traffic and English traffic crashing at Chunnel. On the way to Cape May. Stretch of road glenwood canyon glennal expensive to make Caller Dave from England about the Chunnel. Is this the biggest hole you have ever seen?! Similar to autotrain. Recap, Made in America, back to school A-Z.

SQ What European country capital is mention in the lyrics of men at works hit down under?

SA: Brussels

 Time 7:58-8:10

Back to school A-Z. Traffic. Casey mad does loud breathing. Kathy mad speaks quickly, every minute of every day. Walks in hi. Everyone else hey, how are you, what’s going on. Cheerleaders Bizarre Files: high schooler drank so much vodka that had to get her wind pipe fixed it erupted during vomiting. A long island man lost two fingers from a croc trap. Now going to sue gold course where this occurred. A 50yo man died from boobie traps he set to protect his marijuana plants. Measles was declared no longer in the US over a decade ago however there have been 21 cases with people who have not been vaccinated. Spartacus giveaway when we come back from break.

Time 8:21-8:45

Back to school A-Z. Traffic. Weather.Made In America- weather was great over the weekend even though there was a promise of rain. On its way to being great. Comfortable and never over crowded they had a carnival ride of the swings. Marisa went both days Casey went Sunday two chainz was only wearing one chain. Beyoncé was amazing performed and hour and a half. Imagine Dragons were awesome as well. Nine inch nails had a big crowd. A few Flyers were there. Kathy said people were ‘twerking’ everywhere. Public Enemy, Flava Flav’s group played a mix of rock and rap including White Stripes and Nirvana. Steve Father/ Son Trip- Colorado, mountains there are huge, the foot hills there is what the Poconos calls mountains. White water rafting at least once a year, water was 65 degrees. Parker his son almost fell out of the raft. Sit on side of boat and lock your feet. Toes and nose out of water. Elevation was 10,800ft. and a bike ride, take freq. breaks takes your breath away because the air is so thin. Couldn’t really see stars would have to go to top of mountain to see that. Took small jeep like things called Razors, two hour ride didn’t see much wildlife. Parker had ‘the talk’ about a year or two ago. Taking a break will talk about the James Franco Roast.

Time: 8:55

Dave Coulier will be on it about 15 mins. Traffic. Celebrity deaths David Frost- interviewed Nixon, frost’s career was on its way out he reported ‘fluff’. Nixon voice, he is God. Died of a heart attack. Gave a speech on Disney cruise, hey can you guys come out to the poop deck. Nixon wants a fritter. Tommy Morrison died at age 44yos - Guillain-Barre disease. False positive for HIV, was in Rocky 5, Tommy Gunn. Rocky voices. Japanese government 470 million ice wall to stop radiation for Fukushima. Freeze ground up to 100ft. similar methods are used in subway and tunnels but never for a reason like this. Dave Coulier-  Clean guys of Comedy Tour coming to theaters, family friendly. Bob Saget is the complete opposite of this, especially with Aristocrats. Cut, it, out, gets messed up all the time. Could be worse, could be get er done. Full house has been cross generational. Cue violin, now DJ, you know that you shouldn’t have set that smoke bomb off at the funeral. Cut it out, replaced eat my hole. James Franco Roast- friends were actually on this as in the past it was just a bunch of comedians with one liners. Seth Rogan was the MC, Jonah Hill on Bill Haider books commercials for T-Mobile.Sarah Silverman- Johan gained 50lbs for movie role, one scale of 1-10 do you even own a scale? Andy Samberg takes a Norm McDonald approach. Jeff Ross focus on Hill’s weight, had cornrows to mock the Spring Breakers star. Revolution caller 7

Time 9:38- 9:52

Weather. Traffic. Tweet by Charlie sheen, 10 million epic followers, I’m me, I can wear camo pajamas. Tattuesday: intern Ryan, moving to Colorado got Gadzooks on side. Ryan is in the running for an Emmy at the colligate level for an Eastern State Penitentiary. Bizarre Files: British woman has to wait 8 years for pet chicken to die to retrieve her diamond earring.   Tom Credo did a double take when a naked man was running in circles and landing ass first through his wind shield. A woman tried to hire a hit man to paid 60,000$ in unique stamps to kill her husband. Arkansas marketing athletic dept, Tee shirt gun exploded injuring an intern taking them out on a stretcher.

Time: 10:04- 10:16

Little Black Back Pack by Stroke 9. Traffic. Text of guy sucking on pickle is back. LQ Trash: The Butler beat the One Direction concert for the LDW box office, 18th place was the Gerard Butler movie about the Spartan butler who worked during the Carter admin. Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam will play in 50 shades of grey looking for actors who can perform ‘cheap’. Kayne West performed for grandson of Kazakhstan enjoyed it said that he will perform at the Cats Banana stand. LA MusicNews: Nine inch Nails performed at MIA and now has new album out. Demo of the song find my way. VMA was slammed by Foo Fighters guitarist; the VMA’s don’t mean f-ing S. he urged fans to make stand for rock music in that. 311 plan on releasing new album on March 11 also known as 311 day. Slayer caller 12

Time: 10:25-10:34

Back to School A-Z. Totally office Calendar time to change to Irene. Joseph Anthony thank you to Dave Coulier for calling in, intern Ryan got the tattoo of Gadzooks on his ribs. Pierre in studio WOTW: N

LQ:according to steve which one of the golden girls played Frost in Frost Nixon?

LA: Rue McClanahan 

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