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Here is what happened this morning on today's show:

Date: 8-29-2013

Time 6:11- 6:24

Weather. Traffic. News: police have made an arrest after the body of Crump was discovered in a construction site. Anderson lured Crump to site and shot him 10 times. Delaware police are looking for two armed robbers that stole from a mobile store. Fast food workers are staging a walk out today for higher wages, want more than double the federal minimum wage. Almost all of the current owners of McDonalds began at the cash register. Sports: Cole Hamels pitched seven straight innings for the 6-2 Phillies win. Johnny Manziel has been suspended for half a game for possibly receiving money for signing autographs. Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffins will start against the Eagles on Monday night Football on Sept 9th. Manziel was suspended for half a game? Maybe they should give him an Indian burn, ten minute time out, purple nurple, a wet willy. Today is going to be the greatest show we’ve ever had. Guests: Gene and Billy Baretta. If your name was the brothers Baretta wouldn’t you become dancers or cops. Bill Burr, will be at the Tower Theater in November.

 Time 6:37 – 7:11

Can to Can’t. Weather. Traffic. SQ Birthdays: Lea Michelle, 27; Rebecca deMornay, 54; Robin Leche, 72; Elliott Gould, 74; John McCain, 77; William Friedkin,78; Joel Schumacher, 74; Carla Gugino, 42. Listener Kyle SA. Entertainment News: Stacy Keibler has found her rebound after Clooney. Her new boyfriend is billionaire. John Stamos, 50 with a mini Full House Reunion including the Olsen twins. Liam Hemsworth wasn’t happy about Miley’s little dance routine at the VMAs, he didn’t find anything sexy about it. Matt Damon speaks out on the backlash of Ben Afleck being Batman. He will not be taking on the role of Robin. Kathy was glad, just to piss all of us off. Donald Trump business University wasn’t worth a damn, for things that could have learned on the internet. Trump Chicken? Johan Hill has what it takes to be a great actor, but owes it all to Seth Rogan and Judd Apatow. Kris Jenner’s talk show has not dropped, Bruce Jenner looks like a burn victim. Dancing with the Stars rumored to have Jack Osboune, Snookie, Elizabeth Berkly, Valeria Harper. Beiber were pulled over running a stop sign, but does not have a valid license. Pippi Longstocking, Tami Erin’s ex is trying to sell a hardcore sex tape. The first time Kathy wants to watch sex. Clips: Lifeguard Kristen Bell. Close Circuit, Rebecca Hall.   

  Time 7:22-7:56

Buffalo Solider. Traffic. Preston watched extremely awkward show, Extreme Cougar Wives, Woman 58, Boy 27, imagine corky, nerdy, people that you went to High School with but extreme age difference but into the role playing, the clothes, the interaction. Preston is happy these two weirdos found each other. With such an age difference is it more than a cougar? It is a mastodon, saber tooth tiger? Gotta get me some Denna HE-HEE(in Michael Jackson voice). Made In America: setting up around Art Museum, last year the overall vibe, everyone seemed to get along, only one arrested an older man trying to buy alcohol for minors. Verizon will be more present there so audience will be able to tweet etc. starting off, A$AP Rocky tribute Tracy Chapman,Singing “I don’t know” to rocky theme song. Dead Mau5 DJ’s performing, are they really worth watching? Casey’s impression of electronica. “It’s not how hard you get hit it is how hard your vagina gets hit and manages to queef.” Casey and Robert DeLong remix Bing Der. Perfect song if you are opening someone’s rib cage. Kathy a club kid with cat tranquilizers and light up pacifier. Kathy at Brogata with Katrina Smirnoff and ear plugs.

SQ: what is the chemical symbol for potassium?



 Time 8:07-8:18

Cumbersome. Traffic. Chubby chaser theme. Pitchuation would be perfect for extreme cougar wives. Bizzare files: a wheelchair bound man was hit with a tub of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. A 61yo neo-Nazi white supremacist is trying to turn his town into a stronghold. Population 19. A man smashed a male coworker over the head with bottle for changing Michael Jackson music to Dubstep. Mcgee assaulted coworkers at multiple office parties. Man swallowed a human toe in a jar of whiskey. Captain dick steveson toe was mummified with salt and booze 50,000 people join the club 500$ fine for swallowing the toe. Coming up Guess the Guest with Kathy

 Time 8:28-8:55

Live It up. Kathy mic off WHAT’S GOING ON HERE! Traffic. The Clydesdales horses are in town for a ceremony to kick off Budweiser Made In America starts at 7pm. Guess the Guest: Kathy can never remember the guests even when there is photographic proof. Kathy will get the name of the guest and she has to guess if they were on the phone, on the studio, or not at all. Contestant on line can agree or disagree. Richard Lewis, Kathy said in studio correct listener Sherri- agree wins walking dead 3rd season. Mark Ruffalo, Kathy said on the phone Vince-agree wins Pain and Gain. Dennis Haysbert-Kathy in studio Jim- agree wins 50$ gift card for melt down grilled cheese. Carlos Mencia- Kathy in studio Allison- agree win Wayne Hoffman at revel. Zachary Quinton- Kathy not in studio Steve- agree win walking dead 3rd season. Ludcriss- Kathy in studio Jason agrees wins Great Gatsby. Fred Willard Kathy says was not in studio Craig- no, does not win. Steve Zahn- Kathy: not in studio Mike: disagree wins Wayne Hoffman. Carl Lewis: yes Kevin: agrees wins Wayne Hoffman. Chuck Yeager- Kathy said not in studio Frank-O: disagrees does not win. Ed O’Neil: Kathy says in studio Bimbo Barb: says he was, wrong. But she lost a love one and they gave her Wayne Hoffman tickets. Kathleen Turner: Kathy says yes John: agrees wins Gatsby Casey does girl poses in pictures, hand on hip like Marisa and Kathy. Norm McDonald: Kathy says yes Luke: agrees wins Wayne Hoffman. Jim Belushi- Kathy said yes Captain- agreed wins Wayne Hoffman. Not always entertaining but generous and honest. Bill Burr and Brothers Barretta coming up

 Time 9:07-9:25

WOTW. Traffic. Text from Mike C from saying that this feels like the best show ever, Gene Barretta in studio Billy Barretta on phone Gene is an author of children books and his brother voice of Swedish Chef from The Muppets. Denette Fretz it’s her first book and Gene is the illustrator for it. 2 days for sketches 3-4 days per painting. Live from LA phone Billy Barretta pine wood studios tour see behind the scenes. He is co-producer for the new Muppet movie. Ralph the dog photo with Billy, 2 Ralphs in rotation there is not a lot of extra Muppets, Ms. Piggy has a few as does Kermit but majority only have like 1-2. Wedding anniversary today for Gene. Superstar cast to be in next Muppet movie. How to maintain passion for what you do, it is a front want to be in MMA. Gene has done a few things, characters. How about your wife? I have my hand in a few things. Gene wrote to Jim Henson how to make puppets and the started the love and creative. Next Movie spring 2014., the big boob renaissance fair lady. Gene posed his son with her just for a snap shot.

 Time 9:35- 9:59

Traffic. Bizarre Files: hit the button and nothing happened. SpongeBob best day ever. New Jersey guys doing the right thing, 4 men paid for sunglasses and batteries even when no one was at the Buddy Small Lots. Ice cream shop made a hamburger ice cream over in England. No one likes it. Frostburg University died during preseason; family suing he collapsed and was bleeding from the head, never regained consciousness coach told him to stop acting like a bitch. Man putt putting on a stolen Moped, police ensued in a low speed chase. Instead of tire strips they should have put down thumb tacks. 10 squad cars chasing the Moped he ran from officers but was tasered. Bill Burr: wasn’t transferred over by helicopter. Bill wants to take helicopter lessons.reciting dirty lyrics to Born to Run by the Boss neighbor so close Could leap off roof and land on neighbors. Dj’s at Made in America nothing makes him feel older than a dj at a concert, he wants to know how good are the drugs that people are actually going to this. He is too old to ‘get it’. What about hair metal, we were watching basically cross dressers singing blues. Omg how did he make this song, you just combine two songs with the same beats. Bill plays drums and guitar, but if you heard him you would understand why he is a comedian. A character in Breaking Bad even though it is in its last season. Movies coming up with him, Rock of Shame, Black and White. Preston watching ‘you people are all the same’, new material takes about 2 years dump the old out the joke you are tired, first and slowly bring in your new material, head back to comedy clubs. People taking pictures, it is like they are documenting a war. Twitterland is where you get the harsh stuff. Does not want to be on social networks but doesn’t want to lose his “friends”. Performs November 9 Tower theater. Chip Kelly fired football coach becomes football coach. Worn out his welcome and goes.

 Time 10:11-10:29

WOTW. Xfinity live. Nick will be at Urban saloon Budweiser. Willy Lowman being portrayed as horse. Clydesdales realizing life is over. Joseph’s Anthony boner when massage happens. Tailgate with Chardonnay LQ  Hollywood Trash: Valerie harper has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Jessica simpson, weight watchers tells her to lose baby weight or they will drop her.JLo mad at boy toy for returning to American Idol and took away his Xbox for a week. LA  Music News:  intern Joe getting his tant tattooed is now an EMT, STP has sent a title and date for new album due out Oct 8 with Chester Bennington. EP has 5 songs on it. Device has canceled all tour dates for the next month due to singer wife’s pregnancy complications from now until October. Smashing pumpkins founder has few kind words for band members calling the guitarist a piece of Shit and drummer a liar. But made important contributions it was a good collaboration that James and He relationship has deteriorated. Rabi on air to talk about A-Z weekend 2300 songs this week. First song is John Lennon then goes to Steal Panther and Rush.12 days long. End in Z with two U2 songs after it is all over there will be a list.

Time 10:41- 10:50

Weather. Freak Thunder storm Marisa car got stuck, thought she could make it through a puddle but couldn’t. Almost happened to Steve. Wrap Up Pierre is now in, police telling Marisa to move over even though it was stuck. Budweiser Listener Bryan: WOTW Thank you to guest Bill and Gene Barretta and Bill Burr

LQ: how does Michael Jackson like to say Dennehy







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