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Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:12-6:24
It’s time to begin! Weather. Traffic. News New Jersey State police are questioning a man who made an incredible bomb threat. Media companies including The New York times were hacked by the Syrian Army, a hacking group, who changed their websites to link to a special Syrian Army page. Shut down Candy Crush, and then you’ll get some traction. Two more dolphins washed up in Stone Harbor making the total 70 dolphins that have washed up due to the pneumonia virus. Why are you rubbing your genitals against that dolphin - to make a statement about Syria. They use fin sanitizer. Sports The New York Mets beat the Phillies last night. Shane Victorino was hit by a pitch and scored four times with a Red Sox victory. 17 year old, Victoria Duball won 5-7-6-4-6-4 who fought a former US Open champ.
Time 6:35-7:07
There’s a strange looking sky this morning. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Jack Black; 44, Jason Priestley; 44, Daniel Stern; 56, David Soul; 70, Scott Hamilton; 55, Billy Boyd; 45, Shania Twain; 48, Man I feel like some Activia. Jennifer Coolidge; 50. SA. Entertainment News Michael Douglas is set to announce a divorce to his wife of 13 years, Catherine Zeta-Jones. Billy Ray Cyrus has addressed Miley’s performance at the VMA’s stating that “she will always be his little girl.” Alex Baldwin is being accused of attacking a paparazzi photographer in New York. Kate Middleton stepped out to do some grocery shopping in Cambridge, showing off her slender figure. Girls Gone Wild producer, Joe Francis is getting jail time after being physically abusive to multiple women in his home. A federal judge signed off on Paula Deen’s race claims since the accuser has attempted to sue multiple people for the same reason. Alexander Skarsgard tried to rally a club in support while cheering in his native tongue during a soccer game. The third American Idol judge seat is up for grabs again. You have an issue with your insoles. Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel have announced that they will be divorcing. The local beach force was called to LBI when Teresa Giudice refused to pay a 5 dollar per person beach fee. Scott Disick uploaded a photo of Kourtney Kardashian’s belly with a caption stating “looks like an angel!” Vin Diesel has been honored with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Clips Eric Bana talks about his new role in Closed Circuit. Oh I’ll hit you with a dingo. Ethan Hawke talks about what it’s like behind the wheel in Getaway.
Time 7:19-7:47
WMMR rocks! Weather. Traffic. There was a discussion on Reddit about certain features men don’t think are attractive, but some women find it adorable. Preston thinks his entire face is unattractive. Some women dig bald men and man pattern baldness. Casey is self-conscious about his weight and is attractive to women who are over-weight. Some things on the Reddit list are; small penis, messy hair, nerdiness, gut, lack of muscles and chest hair. Even though she’s picky, Kathy does love men with Salt and Pepper hair. Kathy absolutely hates when people have snaggle teeth, but Preston thinks it’s cute when girls have imperfections. Preston love freckles all over while Listener Craig hates how he is skinny. Years ago, Steve bought a bald cap and realized that he could rock it. Preston’s wife likes his hair longer. I like fat black men. Kathy prefers a bald head over everything else. Listener Casey loves a guy with chicken legs. Many girl callers seem to enjoy extreme nerdiness and skinny guys. One guy prefers girls who are 200 pounds and over.
SQ: Aviator Douglas Corrigan earned the nickname “Wrong Way” when he landed in what country other than his planned destination in Long Beach, California.
SA: Ireland
Time 7:55-8:08
Going to go live on Fox Good Day. Traffic. Secret Text. Live on Fox Good Day. What Women find attractive about men, that men hate about themselves.  Lengthy discussion with audience, got some interesting responses.  One woman likes chicken legs which Mike from Good Day has. Steve hates guys who are good looking and try to look dirty. Kathy has a second job as a urologist. It’s not the size of the boat but of your genitals. Bizarre Files. Leon Smith had a fox snuggle up next to him in bed. It came through the cat flap. Police arrest 52 year old woman after dousing patrons in soy sauce and chocolate milk. She slapped an officer who was trying to arrest her. Three people in Virginia injuring by flying camera drone after making in through the running of the bulls. Man Trampled by a herd of cows in England while walking his dog. It is an Utter Catastrophe. 25,000 people failed an entrance exam.  Pile of goat crap caught on fire in Windsor, Vermont. Going to talk to Harry Shearer and announce Philly’s hottest short shorts.  Secret text.
Time 8:21-9:01
Led Zeppelin on WMMR. Harry Shearer and Judith Owen.  What’s with Honey Poo Poo. Judith’s character’s name is Teria because she was born in her favorite cafeteria.  Producers tell stars on reality TV to “Redneck” it up.  People really love watching a train wreck. Matter of time before the car wreck channel is on TV. Judith would be considered hot by Honey Boo Boo standards. She likes “say yes to the dress.” Every episode of Honey Poo Poo ends with a hosing.  Preston let his kids watch the second season of The Simpsons and questioned the content.  Nick had to sneak to watch it.  Philly’s Hottest Winners.  3rd place is Chrisi Bush. 2nd place is a cash prize won by Taylor Wurster. 1st prize is Sarah Clayton!  Steven Singer. 50 years since the “I Have A Dream” speech.  Preston gets chills from it.  125K people showed up. Preston always thinks about Forest Gump running out to jenny during that speech. Kathy never wants to go to something like that. Kathy made Marisa miss the Phillies Parade and Preston stayed at Club Risque. It’s like a Weird Al show, you just wana be part of it McDonalds will have bone in chicken wings. Nathan Lane was in a Nyquil Commercial. Failed Mcdonalds Meals. Preston liked the McDLT. Won’t have Blue Cheese with wings. And Marlon Brando did a Hot wheels Commercial. Hotwheels tearin down the track, Hotwheels never comin back Regis comments on dipping sauces. Hawaiian Burger was a disaster. Lobster Sandwich now at McDonalds. Philly’s hottest short shorts winner Sarah Clayton calls in. Prizes. Big Sixers fan and would love some tickets. Walking Dead 3rd season.
Time 9:13-9:30
MMR Rocks. Traffic. Brett Brown In studio. Matt Cord in studio too. He’s giving a preview of the Brett Brown announcement.  Kathy would try and get the players involved in her contests. And that’s why there was all the loosing going on. Brett’s accent has a little Boston and a little Australian behind it.  Brett has three children ages 17, 15, and 9.  The two oldest were born in Australia. Australia has so many deadly animals like snakes and spiders. Sixers surprised people with the draft and Brett had no say in the draft. The Sixers are in a rebuild stage. He is thrilled to be in a fantastic city. Sixers drafted Nerlens Noel in the first round.  He’s only 19.  Brett felt that he could see daylight with the Sixers. His challenge will be giving something that the city is proud of.  He is the kind of coach that gets up and is active during a game. He won’t play music during practice like Chip Kelly does with the Eagles. He lets his interviews go wherever they go, it’s hard to script everything.  
Time 9:41-9:56
93.3 WMMR! Word of the week. Traffic. On the Preston & Steve fan page, some listeners said that instead of playing Marco-Polo, they played Hey Bitches-Hey what! Flowers in the Attic is going to be remade soon with Heather Graham. Nick always gets Flowers in the Attic and Flowers for Algernon confused. Bizarre Files An Idaho man was killed when a tree fell on his tent at the Stagger-Inn Campground. A whale watching boat was taken out for an unauthorized ride. Guess what I get to do!
Witnesses reported on seeing the boat doing donuts in the water. Costume competitors wrestled against each other in the national Gravy wrestling contest. A Collegedale resident was asked to leave a church that she has attended for 6 decades when she would not publically condemn her daughter’s lesbianism. A woman reportedly called 911 when she woke up and was abandoned in an acupuncture clinic. Pain & Gain.
Time 10:07-10:17
It’s still a rainy morning. Weather. Xfinity live. LQ. Hollywood trash Rapper Fat Joe turned himself into prison for tax evasion. 2 Chainz raps with Fergie  on a new song called “Netflix.” Madonna, the highest paid celebrity of 2013 is currently raking in 21 million dollars a year. LA. Music News following their win for best rock video at the VMA’s, 30 Seconds to Mars has issued a lyric video for their new song. Jared Leto also was released a video for his new movie Dallas Buyers Club that is receiving Oscar buzz. Kings of Leon guitarist, Nathan Followill, stated that his bad was never in danger of breaking up. Alice in Chains guitarist is talking about possibly being inducted into the Rock of Fame. Nine Inch Nails started streaming the band’s new album on Itunes before the album’s release. The members of Metallica gave a press conference in Singapore and talked about how they deal with the physical strains of being on tour. Many of the band members stated that they like doing yoga, surfing, and eating healthy.
Time 10:26-10:
Mid-Week! It’s hump day! Thank you Mr. Harry Shearer and his wife Judith Owen, Head Coach of the 76ers Brett Brown, and a very special welcome to the Philly’s Hottest Short Shorts winner Sarah Clayton. LOTD. Tomorrow on the show: Comedian Bill Burr and The Baretta Brothers – Gene & Bill! Pierre is back and was ready to give the LOTD.
LQ: What expression does Regis like use to describe sexy women?
LA: Hot mustard
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