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 Time 6:08-6:21
Weather Traffic News Woman charged with homicide after her dead baby was found in a toilet tank of a bar in Northampton County. The hospital was less than 2 miles away. Friends saw blood on her pants and offered to take her to the hospital, she refused. Mother of child found alone in a car will be charged with reckless endangerment, she went shopping in Walmart with child sweating perfusely inside the car with windows up. Temple Spring Fling canceled due to excessive drinking on campus after the death of a S.C. student falling from a roof of a N. Philly row house Spring Fling Party. Sports Phillies beat Mets 2-1. Chip Kelly will rest starters in the preseason finale. Hulk Hogan calling in, Riley Cote & Zac Rinaldo in studio, John Ratzenberger calling in and Meatloaf. Liscios Bakery

 Time 6:32-7:07
Traffic SQ Birthdays Alex Lifeson 60, Glen Matlock 57, Aaron Paul 34, Paul Reuban (Pee Wee Herman) 61, Barbara Bach 66, Downtown Julie Brown 50, Jim Thome SA Entertainment News Will Arnett dating Katie Lee Joel Billy Joel’s ex-wife. Katie having difficult time with Amy in his life, Preston says she’s a “star-effer”.Joseph Gordon Levitt chatting it up with Lady Gaga Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman photographed kissing in the south of France. Kate Goslin filed lawsuit in Philly against John Goslin for taking a hard drive of hers. Olivia Newton John’s daughter Chloe has extensive plastic surgery at 27 also has been in a 4 year battle of depression from alcohol and cocaine. Nick doesn’t understand why pretty girls get surgery like that. Beautiful Sing-A-Long Kate Middleton Preston asks whats the best pub in Buckleberry, the Slutty Virgin. 27 yr old Annette Johansen claims she auditioned with Church of Scientology to be the wife to Tom Cruise after Katie Holmes. Duchess, Fergie joined Andrew reignited their romance and they’re planning to remarry. SyFy wants to make 12 Monkeys series. Clips Selena Gomez & Morgan Spurlock for One Direction they’re called One direction because that’s the way their hair is going.

 Time 7:18- 7:45
Kyrontie, Listener Tom is adding some PnS ink. Traffic Sarah Murnaghan is going home after several lung transplants. First time in two years she doesn’t need help breathing. Rick from the MMrArmy, has had multiply open heart surgeries. Kathy went out for her birthday, wants to say hi to Nick, they flagged down a limo and the driver did it. Limo drivers are the modern day cowboys Steve rented a limo to have sex with himself, he called it a Pleasure Trip. Electronic cigarettes French Study relieves that electronic cigarettes are just as bad for you as real cigarettes. People use the electronic cigarettes rectally nicotine is not the harmful, it’s the carcinogenic, study came after France banned electronic cigarettes. Listener Roman, says that they are a lot harsher than regular cigarettes, Casey agrees; like a big bong hit. Preston hasn’t smoked in 10.5 years his method was becoming a raging alcoholic. Steve’s wife quit cold turkey, she ate cold turkey, but if there were no medical side effects she would smoke. Old school cigarette ads by doctors and for pregnant women. Chopping wood produces 15% more testosterone the sports. Preston should share LSD with his 13 year old son, lets trip in the woods. Jeep tours, they are pretty small, you can walk around them pretty quickly. Preston will be taking tours in a Razor Jeep. Anywhere in the US we can go, he son’s eyes light up and he said Hawaii, he meant the continental US. Pain and Gain


Stupid Q:
In WWII spoof Top Secret
What was the name of the only black member of the resistance?

Stupid A: Chocolate Mousse

  Time 7:55-8:14

Liscio’s Bakery Traffic Congratulations to Angela who won’s Philly’s Sexy Single. Bizarre File Serbian man injured in bar fight impailed by metal stool leg went through his head has made full recovery . Mayor shocked when female journalist exposed breasts in public. Body of 26 yr old man attacked by crocodile in Australia found in the Mary River. Domestic dispute started over a used tampon found on the floor. Hulk Hogan on the Phone He’s trying to keep up with us he’s back on track. He still feels like he’s the champ. Steve watched him arm wrestle Toronto mayor. Says when he shook his hand it was like a ham sandwich he looked like Chris Farley. Not about getting knocked down it’s about getting up and moving forward Says Philly is always a great wrestling city. Every time he went to the Spectrum no matter how tired he was he loved going to Philly for a shot of adrenaline. Kathy says The Hulk was the first person she got completely star struck

Time 8:22- 8:43
Weather. Traffic. Liscio’s Bakery. Riley Cote & Zac Rinaldo In Studio Zac had to lose weight and Riley helped him cut down on his fat, they went grocery shopping together, who sat in the seat in the cart? Zac is maturing as a player, small advantage to not being in the playoffs, they have a longer time to recover. Lock out he was with the Phantoms with Riley. Phantoms have become the Allentown Flames in 2014. Have you talked to Giroux. Preston bent the club, he cut himself but he couldn’t tell his dad. Golf is a tougher sport, almost as tough as hockey. Riley misses fighting, but not the emotional struggle and the stress levels. It’s a respect thing, two guys doing their jobs. Zac has called someone in the hospital when he was high school, he felt bad for hitting him. WMMR is carrying 16 of the games for the Flyer’s season.
Track 3 Time 8:54- 9:30
Traffic Steve Lushbaugh has been at the radio station longer than Pierre. The A-Z Promo he did for Labor Day weekend is so good. Kathy likes the “know the show” promo. Farmer’s Almanac Says We’re Going to Have a Cold Winter We’ve come to put together the almanac for 2013 must only be imparted to Farmers we have some food here from Liscios John Ratzenberger on the Phone Preston wants to see if he remembers any of his Cliff Claven trivia because the Almanac says were going to have a really cold winter. John is an Almanac aficionado you can tell by the amount of nuts the squirrels put away, you know it’s going to be a tough winter. Superbuddies is a film he did for Disney it’s a hardbiting crime drama he was always told not to work with kids and puppies so he decided to jump right into it. He always does the voice overs in Pixar solo. Asner He said he always wanted to be a Tugboat captain. Preston read a tweet that he worked with Ted Danson recently on CSI. He’s a bar owner in the show. Says he’s the nicest guy in Hollywood. Thinks the writers are afraid of doing a Cheers reunion, but he would love to do it. Ms Philippines Pageant Audio answers a question about the 5 senses. Preston says he’d buckle if the question was turned around on him. I took the senses last year and of the 5 I’ve been a part of that was my favorite. Believe it or not I’m walking on air I never thought I could feel so free. Casey asks Preston Mr. North Dakota former foot model what famous person does your personality most parallel? Preston says that’s a dumb question, you lose the pageant. Ms. Oklahoma worked in a slaughterhouse where she shot the nail gun into bovines skulls what’s the biggest challenge to young people today? Kathy answers very well.
Casey Mr. Nebraska works as a cosmonaut what is your definition of success? Using only adjectives. Nick Mr. Guam what bothers you most about what is happening in your country today? Nick thinks the biggest struggle is the state of the education system. He keep stumbling. Marisa Ms. Liliput it’s from Gulliver’s Travels if you could be on the cover of any magazine which would you choose?Marisa says she’d want to be on Time. Liscios

 Date: 8-27-2013
 Time:9:43- 9:54
Traffic Kid likes the movie Into the Wild, his body was found in the woods 1,000 feet from his vehicle investigation for suicide. Bizarre File Stephanie Key daughter of New Zealand prime minister created self-portraits in a number of revealing pictures, octopus covering genitals. 81 accidently shot himself when police arrived James pace sr. said he was having a raccoon problem, he sneezed and shot himself. Ryan called police saying his brother shot his mother, a tracker driving gunman on the rage, police killed Carnin before swat arrived. Prairie village ticketed for zipping through a stop sign bicycle club all 26 members were pulled over Liscios

 Time: 10:05-10:21
WOW. In studio shart out. Request for a “Cher Out” for a 2 year wedding anniversary. Preston wants Steve to do a Cher auto tune. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Kim K stunned family at dinner saying she’d like to taste cooked placenta said it was in the script, the script of life. Wentworth Miller announcing he’s gay also called out Russian for lax boxing rules for the death of Apollo Creed. Anne Hathaway got milk campaign said she’s lactose intolerant just because she’s bathed in diarrhea doesn’t mean she doesn’t like milk. Lesson A Nick has got a couple of texts this morning letting us know and wondering why we haven’t announced that Neil Armstrong died. Preston says he died a year ago. Music News Avenged Sevenfold’s new album Hail to the King is out today. Scott Weiland wants the group to buy out his spot in the group. STP can’t use the band name without all four original members. Rumors flying that Metallica is preparing a surprise performance at Yankee Stadium.

 Time 10:31- 10:53
Thanks to Zac Rinaldo and Riley Cote for stopping in John Ratzenberger Liscios Bakery RC never showed up today he probably was eaten by the garage gremlin. Waiting for Meatloaf to come on the air. Wrap Up Pierre is back after staying on Cape Cod. Pierre tweeted a photo from the cottages. Meatloaf on the Phone performing in Vegas now through Nov 6th. He’s in Vegas and we just lost him. I’d like to sing you a song. It’s called going to Cape Cod. Steve got to know him a bit better even after a 10 second conversation. He’s calling back. He thought we hung up on him. The band has never done anything for this long before. It’s going to be a gorilla fighting a dolphin, he said that was on his list. Says everyone is going to leave as a tumbling act, it’ll be euphoric. He’s putting so much pressure on himself at the moment. He’s working on a new album called “Braving Crazy” he’s hoping it’ll be out next Sept. Preston said he sounded like his grandmother. There was a slight delay on the phone line. Letter of the Day

Lesson Q: Where did Steve’s dad take him on his father son bonding trip?

Lesson A: Spencers


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