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tomorrow on Preston and Steve:

Riley Cote and Zac Rinaldo (in studio)

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Here's what happened on the show today:

                        Time 6:08-6:18

Good morning! Weather,Traffic. News: gas station attendant was shot and killed during a robbery. Overturned car injured 6 people (4 children). 5 suspects are wanted for shoplifting in a home depot in Newark Delaware. Took off in a Uhaul van. Kathy knows a guy who got out and ran to escape cops. Preston’s friend got pulled over and he pulled into Preston’s driveway & got out & ran. He had a warrant for a traffic ticket. Sports: Phillies won yesterday. Roy Halladay pitched -first time in a while. won 9-5. playing the mets tonight at 710. John Kruk missed a broadcast due to dehydration. Little Leagues: Tokyo beat California. Eagles won in Jacksonville last night. VMA recap and Bear Grylls.Word of the Week. Free Music Monday.
                         Time 6:31-7:07
Guns N roses. Traffic. Birthdays: Shirley Manson, 47. Melissa McCarthy, 43. Chris Pine, Macaulay Culkin, 33. Wayne Simmons, nickname nighttrain, 25. Stupid Answer: Dom: Ben Franklin- wrong. Zach: Tom Jefferson- wrong. Britt:John Adams-wrong.  The correct answer is on mental floss. Boxoffice: The Butler, We are the Millers, Mortal Instruments. E!news: Lamar Odom missing for 72 hours. Khloe kicked him out bc he has crack/cocaine problem. Concerned about her husband. Nick Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence were spotted having a picnic in Montreal. They were watching moose. Brian Cranston has been casted in batman and superman sequel. He will be in a minimum of 6 films. Ben Affleck-make up to 13 appearances in batman movies. People are upset with the choice. Linda Ronstadt was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. NY attorney general sued Donald Trump for 40 million dollars for ripping off students and promising them they will be rich. Alec & Hilaria Baldwin had baby girl. They welcomed a new baby pig.16 year old sister gave her advice. Perez Hilton encouraged fans to buy Christina Aguilera’s album to spite Gaga. Justin Timberlake won big at the VMAs. Mike Tyson admitted to being sober for only 6 days. Rob Pattinson feels isolation. Katie Holmes was dancing at the Apollo in the Hamptons. Ron Pearlman had interest in the theater in Harlem but opened one in the Hamptons. Clips: getaway, get out alive.
                          Time 7:16-7:46
Greenday. Traffic. Household chores.  Single men clean sheets 4 times a year. Nicks hs friend never did laundry. Preston ironed & took all day. Kathy hates ironing. Marisa says buy a steamer.Single women change sheets every two weeks. Caller Phil- just graduated college-still doesn’t iron. Preston figured out what pointy part of board is. It’s for putting your sandwich. Casey’s wife irons on the floor. Marissa ironed shirt with straightener. Preston needs a distraction while laundry/ironing. Colleen- she is doing all laundry for husband & 4 kids. Women do 81% of laundry. Devon folds Preston’s underwear. She sees his skid marks. He used to wait till everything was worn to do laundry. Nick had one washer and dryer for his frat house. People will move clothes,that’s when you pee in machine. Nick did pantyhose trick where he could keep quarters. Brian- likes to iron. Kylie- sometimes her clothes would be folded in communal laundry. Guys take girl’s underwear for fun. Christine- wants to challenge Brian to an ironing contest. Use distilled water to avoid mineral build up. Preston hates cutting grass, nick likes it. Its time consuming. Kathy has the greatest housekeeper ever. Caller Ed: gf carrys laundry 4 flights of stairs and offered to pay for laundry service. Casey cleaned sheets more because he peed the bed. 

Stupid question. Who was the second person to sign the declaration of independence?

Stupid Answer: Josiah Bartlett.

                          Time 7:57-8:06
Bush. Traffic. Thank to those who came to Philly fight rugby championship. 28-22 final score. Bizarre file: Slaughter, Louisiana. 8 yr old intentionally killed elderly woman after playing grand theft auto. Victim and child had a normal relationship. Law states that kids who are under 10 are exempt from laws. Tamika Robinson arrested for fight that happened weeks ago. Tamika bit woman’s nose off. Oregon man intentionally drove motorhome into bar. Accused san diego pimp wearing shirt that said ‘I make pimpin’ look easy’ Charged with sex trafficking.
                        Time 8:18-8:52
 Shinedown. Traffic. VMA recap: Preston and Kathy hate Miley Cyrus. whore mode. Steve finds her bizarrely sexy. Will Smith family had an appalled look on their face when she took her clothes off. Mark- she looks like Malfoy from Harry Potter. She had pictures w/ Salvia and song w/ Snoop Lion. Preston liked Bruno Mars locked out of heaven but not the video. JT won best director for video. No official host. Tom: talking about blurred lines video. Robin Thicke looks weird.Justin Timberlake 16 minute medley of hits was great. NSYNC came out and sang bye,bye,bye. Camera cut to Taylor Swift because she knew a lot of words. One Direction has horrible hair. One looks like he’s in perpetual wind tunnel. Steve hates when people uglify themselves. Snooki-too skinny. Kids going back to school today. Preston’s daughter is excited for 1st grade. Kids are 1st,5th and 7th. First time- all kids in full time school. He is little nervous about bullies. Casey’s kids start after Labor day. Some states start way earlier. Kids have Friday & Monday off to ease them. Back to school shopping been done. More interactive due to e-mail. Grade can all be found online. Send an intern to go check on them. Porn. Preston hated going back to school. Hollis Thomas from the eagles talked about how they shared porn with the Phillies. You don’t need magazines anymore. Steve used to paste pages from the bible on the wall. Hustler was the best magazine. Preston’s friend described the difference between playboy, penthouse, and hustler.  Caller Vince- renovating a house and found a box of porn in the ceiling tile. Preston stored his in a foot locker. Steve found it under his mattress. Caller Beth- found mags in 16 year olds room. He blamed father for internet porn. She left the magazines outside his door. Casey’s friend said dirtiest magazine he remembers is lips. There was oui, and jugs. Dennis (grampy grandprix)- bad cell signal. Grampy recap. Paul talking about his porn/ bringing it in.
                      Time 9:01-9:26
Weather. Traffic. Word of the week. Preston is not good at poker. He plays pussy poker. Bear Grylls is not calling in. Kanye. He was on the Kris Jenner show. Steve doesn’t like his music. He interviewed well on the show. Looks at life differently because he has a daughter. He should transition into responsible father stage. Finally showed pictures of baby, North West. Weekend Recap. Casey babysat Preston’s kids so wife and him could go out to dinner. Casey’s kids came over too. They went to Spring Mill café then Bed Bath and Beyond and drove by Kathy’s house. They went to the renaissance fair. Saw a lot of boobs. One girl had the best boobs Preston ever saw. There was a harp player. It was pirate weekend. They do a joust every day. Caller Gene- knows girl with the big boobs- had son take pic with her. Marisa saw people jousting with milk jugs and wants to do it. Dennis- had to go to bathroom. Thanking everyone for the grandprix. Labor day weekend. Campout for hunger.
                        Time 9:36-9:57
Van Halen. Bear might call in. Traffic. Bizarre Files: Jacksonville Florida man attached a 9 year old girl in the Best Buy bathroom. He held her head under the toilet. Girl is in stable condition. There was a motorcycle rally in honor of autistic teen who was the victim of a hate letter. He was made a member of the Canadian Motorcycle cruisers. He loved motorcycles. A new Jersey man opened fire when he got angry at a lady wouldn’t let him sleep on her shoulder. Archie Comics co-CEO is the subject of unwanted sexual harassment. She claims the organization is being sexist towards her. There used to be a cartoon. Everything’s Archie. Reunion of River Valley Vocal band. Veronica or Betty? Preston was a Betty fan. Blood on toilet seat. Steve went in the handicapped stall in men’s room and saw blood on the stall. It tasted like regular blood.  If you’re listening you know who are. Preston’s not a fan of toilet seat cover. Pa Ren Fair girl. Either very covered up or excused. Queen Elizabeth didn’t let her jugs hang out.  
                          Time 10:10-10:18
Metallica. Hollywood Trash: Ireland Baldwin gave baby sister advice, Emily Vancamp  thinks it should be illegal for people to make living off candid celeb photos. Lee Daniels at the top of the box office for the second week. Music News: Metallica are playing the Apollo theater. Justin Timberlake got 4 moon men at the VMAs. Macklemore and Lewis got 3 moon men. It was at the Barclay center in Brooklyn. Best rock video- 30 seconds to mars. Best pop video- Selena Gomez. Best male- Bruno Mars. Best female- Taylor Swift. Linda Ronstadt was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She knew it was mechanical and had to do with muscles but thought it could have been from a tick disease. Free Music Monday. 
                         Time 10:29-10:40
Blind Melon. Breaking News: really gigantic boob girl is on the phone. Her name is Jess. A lot of people want to take pictures with her. Shes a 36D, not ridiculous but impressive.  Plugging the south jersey letter boys at the ren fair. Pierre comes back tomorrow. Letter of the day. F. Grandprix recap.Thanks sponsors.

Lesson Question: Who is diamond drummer’s brother?
Lesson Answer Luke: Wolf fart.

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