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                                Time 6:06-6:16

We’re live from Speed Raceway in Horsham! Traffic News Woman is accused of potentially running over her sister on the 2600 block of carter road. Lehigh University student was found dead in her off campus apartment. Police say a group of men posing as utility workers knocked on a homeowners’ door claiming to work on their water and stole $300 worth of items. Sports. Phillies won for 2nd straight night in a row over the Colorado Rockies. Milwakuee Brewers player apologizes for using steroids. Michael Vick says he wants to run the ball more often. Live at Speed Raceway. Grampy Grand Prix.  

                                  Time 6:27-7:02

Traffic/ SQ Birthdays  Dean Dileo, Kobe Bryant 35, Scott Caan 37 Kathy thinks his Dad cam in Studio James Caan but But it was Ed Harris, Ray Park(Darth Maul) 39, Jay Moore 43, Shelley Long, Barbra Eden 79.Kaceys effing last effing age 79.SA Entertainment News Stalker Jon Dubis lived in Jennifer Lopez pool house for 6 days before found.  Dubis said he was an ex of J-lo and that he masturbated and released his semen in the garden. Ben Affleck is the new Batman. People may not like him because his name may overshadow the role. Report Says Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz are nothing more than friends. Us Weekly reports that Gwyneth Paltrow was eating at Serofina and refused to eat the carb food that her family had. Lindsey Lohan shopping with Vikram Chatwel . Amanda Seyfried reported dating to Justin Long bc she like creeps. The Funeral for Lee Thompson Young is today. David Hasselhoff “Hoffee” advertisement stolen results in mans injury. Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman flaunt their love wearing a 16k Diamond Bracelet. Kloe Kardashian Odem broke silence that Lamar is cheating and that they are living separately. Anna Kendrick ended her four year romance with Edgar Wright her new dating tips include poor judgment and sex. Clips Jake Johnson & Nick Frost TWE. Speed Raceway/Green Eggs.

                                  Time 7:13-7:50

Live at Speed Raceway. Traffic. About to say hi to the grandfathers. Huffington Post decided to stop allowing anonymous comments on stories. Internet Trolling Nick goes to a sports website that regulates comments. We don’t allow it on our website. Preston is annoyed by them. Trolls have started targeting memorial pages for people who have died. An interview with one heavy commenter reveals he doesn’t know his comments can hurt people. Most people take back their comments when they are confronted. Green Eggs Café Audio from Georgia tech about being accepted. Steve was introduced to students as a faculty member at a college. New study from Hershey Medical Center proved you can’t catch up on sleep. Kathy feels she can catch up on sleep on weekends. Preston has recently been getting up at 5 on weekends. Increased sleep on weekends only partially improves functions lost during the week. According to Nabisco Meeting the Grampy’s. Breaking Balls Bobby and grandson Joseph. Beat cancer three times. They cut off an inch of his weiner, he’s left with 6. Jack and grandson Jason. Jack is 91. To make it to 91, you’re living like a throat pillow. Team Jack’s Bombs Away. Robert and grandson Kyle. Team Raging Pollock. Harry and granddaughter Laura. Somebody farted over here. Ed and granddaughter Michelle. Team Poppy’s Posse. First torpedo squad to drop torpedoes on Japanese ships. Bob Team White Lightning. Started digging ditches at Peco, worked up to digging ditches. James and grandson John. Dennis and grandson John. Pitcher with “Guinness the Menace” written on it. John and   grandson Joshua


 SQ: What Michael Jackson video features his sparkly glove  


SA:  Michael


                                Time 8:04-8:20

Cool Alice and Chains tune. Race starting in the next 20 min. Speed Raceway Green Eggs Café Traffic Go karts go up to about 120mph. They’re just puttering around the track right now as a practice round. Preston wants them to go faster. Scotty Palmer is our announcer once again. The barriers aren’t totally fixed so they need to play it safe. Pistachio girl now sells cracker jacks. Nick was at the game last night with his son, they had the best seats, he got 2 baseballs. Bizarre File Burlesque dancer’s raunchy show ended after her nipple tassles caught on fire and building had to be evacuated. Swan owned by Queen Elizabeth found bbq’d on the banks of the Thames by Windsor Castle. It was cooked with feathers still attached. Called swan lifeline Thanks for calling the swan line if you have any damage to a swan leave a message this is not the mallard hotline. Thanks for calling Buckingham Castle. Chinese man born with his heart in his abdomen left him breathless all the time needed to lay down. Police arrived at Open Door Christian school and church over the confusion over a toy gun fight. It was a Nerf gun fight. Town in Colorado issuing permits to shoot down surveillance drones. $25 given for shooting one down and more for bringing the debris into gov’t.

                               Time 8:37-8:52

Traffic Heat 1 Scott Palmer, Nick, and Preston calling the race. Green flag, blue flag, and checkered flag. They don’t have airbags, but their enlarged prostates will save them. Preston announces the first heat racers: Dennis, Harry, and Robert. The track looks like a maze. They’re off! False start, Harry didn’t move. Grampy’s agreed on a speed prior to race. They were going really slow. They’re off again! Going much faster than before. Dennis held the lead for the entire race, taking nice and tight turns. Dennis the menace wins heat 1! It was a very clean race. Preston talks to Dennis. His strategy was petal to the medal the whole time. Preston filled in for Matt Cord nicely.

                               Time 9:05-9:21

Live at Grampy Grand Prix. Traffic Heat 2 of Grampy Grand Prix Speed Raceway. All racers in heat 1 did a great job. Heat 2 racers: Breaking Balls Bob, White Lightning Bob, Slim Jim. Jim is trying to put on bifocals. We should have got him a prescription helmet. They’re off! False start again. They’re going slow. It’s like swans moving across a pond with helmets. Two of them just celebrated their birthdays. They’re off again! Slim Jim in the lead, White Lightning Bob close behind. White Lightning takes the lead! White Lightning wins a close race. Preston talks to Bob. Bob says if he wins there’s a keg stand in his future. Ryan says his sailing experience helped him. Whats a car but a boat with wheels.



                                Time 9:33-9:46

Live at Grampy Grand Prix. Speed Raceway Traffic. Heat 3 Getting the early lead is important, but a good turn can take the lead. Races are: Johnny Jag, Jack, Ed. Put the feather to the schmeckle. False starts are tradition here. They’re off, no false start! John takes the lead, with Ed on his heels. Final lap, John still in the lead. Neck and neck as the races closes. John wins! John wins even though he has Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s Disease my ass! Preston talks to John and Josh.

                                 Time 10:00-10:20

Casey looks for sponsor sheet. I’m not eating, move along. Bizarre File A pair of thieves found getaway ruined when $1400 worth of ice cream they stole melted. Nicole Peate from UK dislocated her jaw trying to eat a burger. In Boone, NC, a man was arrested for breaking into homes and giving women unwanted backrubs. Ohio man was declared dead for 45 minutes and suddenly came back to life. Steve gives a birthday shout out to James Salvator. Casey gives shart out to Tastycake workers.

Final Race Racers are: Dennis the Menace, Johnny Jag, White Lightning Bob. Grand Prix Sponsors This race will have obstacles. They’re off! John takes the lead, but all three are close. Johnny Jag takes a big lead. White Lightning takes second place, catching up to John. On the final lap White lightning takes the lead. White Lightning Bob wins!  Preston talks to the champion and his wife. She has to be turned on by now. Bob used the breaks to his advantage in the final race. Grand Prix Sponsors Ryan says Bob proved he’s the coolest granddad in the world.

                               Time 10:30-10:45

Speed Raceway Wrap up Preston talks to Meredith from Speed Raceway. Thanks to Scott Palmer for calling the race. Thanks to Verizon for equipment, and Rodney. Thanks to the grandfathers. Grand Prix Sponsors. White Lightning Bob gets his trophy. Brent Porche in the studio. LOTD Sam got it right! Butch got the word of the week, Sam. Rugby Bally’s beach bar. Sound effects echo in the room. Rage on!





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