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Tomorrow's show Grampy Grand Prix!


Here's what happened on Today's show:

Time 6:12-6:24

Good morning! Weather. Traffic. News Explosion in home in Somerton section of Philadelphia. Homeowner lit cigarette while cleaning his stove. Suffered second degree burns to face and hands. Delaware attorney Bo Biden underwent successful procedure. He is in great shape and being discharged tomorrow. He was weak and disoriented while on vacation. Federal judge has overturned the conviction of a man who’s been on death row for the past 21 years. James Dennis survived two decades on death row. Was sentenced to death in October 1992 for the murder of a 17 year old high school student. He was 22 years old at the time Sports Phillies win 4-3 against the Colorado Rockies Michal young hits winning single. Ichiro Suzuki joins Pete Rose and Ty Cobb only player with 4,000 career hits, highest levels in professional baseball. Allan Iverson prepared to retire. He has not played professionally since 2010. Grampy.

Time 6:35-7:09

Grampy Grand Prix tomorrow. Traffic. SQ Birthdays. Vernon Read; 55, Cindy Williams; 66, Adewale Agbaje 46, Rodrigo Santoro, 38, Ty Brell; 46. SA. Entertainment News Lindsey Lohan seen with female friend and hotelier Vikram Chatwal. New Jersey judge approves Snooki and Jwows new show. David Cassidy was arrested in upset New York for DUI. Was released on 2,500 bail. What if the judge is dyslectic Lawyer Thomas. In PA there are 3 different levels. The lowest level is .08. Roseanna Arket got married. Had a private ceremony in Malibu. Lisa Robin Kelly died at California rehab. The county corner found out from TMZ. Lisa had a history of drug and alcohol abuse Paris Jackson doing well in boarding school under the name “Frankie” with dyed hair. Also stayed away from social media. The source says she has been doing much better. Kylie Jenner’s birthday party guests got 150,000 gift bag which was filled with 808 headphones, makeup and gift cards. Whenever Kathy has a party makes sure guests leave with something. Fox network wants to re shoot certain scenes from Seth McFarland’s new show Dads because of being too racist against Asians. Dollywood to receive a 10 year 300 million dollar expansion. Clips Josh Duhamel talks about his experience in Death Valley. Olivia Wilde talk about how similar she is to her character in the movie Drinking Buddies. Grampy

Time 7:20-7:55

Grampy. These are veterans. Traffic. Cinderella’s Pat’s Chili Dogs Commercial Cinderella wrote a jingle for Pat’s Chili dogs. Why didn’t they release that as a single? Made the commercial in 1983 early version of the band. Casey never ate there. There’s a place in Texas that just serves French Fry Heaven there are more than 50 flavors of seasoning. They have to fly them back from Belgium. Steve still loves McDonald’s fries. Preston likes fries in sour cream. Steve favorite standard fry is the crab fries. The Preston fat day’s new Ken Burns documentary. Listener Heather likes to mix mayo garlic powder and hot sauce together. Preston and Kathy gave up Mayo. Nick hates mayo and Casey loves it. Steve would make Mayo sandwiches. Jason Hayward of the Atlanta Braves hit by pitch. Jaws wired shut TMJ is the jaw joints working in unison. Listener Jen’s dad had surgery on jaw and is now claustrophobic. Listener Conner had to talk to customers with jaw wired shut. Listener Mike had pallet broke right down the middle by a hockey stick. Doctor Bill on the phone had braces and bands were so tight he couldn’t talk for sleep apeana. Grampy. Worlds End


SQ: What 1970 character was great googly moogly?


SA: Grady from Sanford and Son


Time 8:03-8:25

Traffic. Preston saw the link on Preston and Steve website sexy single girl Angela Perfetto. Bizarre File A pickup truck exploded. Flammable gases leaked throughout the night. Key fob ignites explosion. A prank theft turned into serious injury. Victim was dragged and knocked on his head. Detroit EMS technician had heart attack while performing CPR on patent. Zoo keeper gored in leg by welder beast during feeding process. The woman was in serious, but stable condition. Senior citizen in court for shooting homosexuals should be put down while using an air horn. New Jersey pool employee found jar with green liquid turns out to be lava lamp liquid. Grampy grand prix racers “White lighting” put is grandsons in wall while on vacation. Grandson Ryan on phone. Family members can’t wait to watch him. Grandfather Bob horn on the phone. He is 79 years old and is into sailboat racing. Never had the chance to get behind a stock car. Took grandson out of daycare while sleeping and started stock car up woke grandson up. Their team name is “White Lighting. Grandson Justin on the phone. Go carts to slow he wanted to go faster. Grampy Jack on phone who fought in WWII and was a co-pilot . Responsible for B10, B18, B17, B29. Favorite aircraft is the tiger morth a biplane that does 40 mph. Used for flying around England. He is 91 years old and ready to race. Their team name is “Toro”.

Time 8:36-9:01

Traffic. Bradley Manning changing Genders He is a male who wants to be female and wants to be called Chelsea Manning. He wants hormone therapy as soon as possible. Should have had gender reassignment before he went to prison. Women the size of busses. Steve - Stephanie, Casey - Ronda, Kathy - George, Preston -  Prestina. Duck Dynasty biggest show cable history Preston watched 30 seconds and figured out this wasn’t the show for him. Steve finds it unwatchable. Casey is watching hard knocks on HBO. Duck Dynasty specialize duck calls and decoys. Prince did the same thing kept it low key and humble. Nick does not like the show. Steve watches a show called haunted mines. Casey says that True Blood and is mad at the actors and writers they have gotten really lazy. Listener Jack people enjoy it because there is no cursing. Listener Brittany and Boyfriend are rednecks she loves it, he hates it. Steve does not like the show Big Brother. Preston enjoyed American Chopper. Casey watches a lot of HGTV shows. Worlds End.

Time 9:12-9:30

Traffic. Courtney Soloman in Studio came out with 8 films to die for a festival for new movie writers. Has a lot of stuff with Joel Silver. He is the executive producer of the movie “Getaway”. The concept is a guy walking into his house and it’s a wrack and gets a call saying you’re going to do this for me or I’m going to kill your wife. The cars are CGI in the movie. Preston loves when you get an awesome car in a movie. In the end the movie is a heist movie. Did 60 days of stunts. They used 130 cars in a car graveyard. Selena Gomez has resin very quickly. He has learned more about cars and shot something with a black Selby. He wanted it. Coming out with a zombie movie. All point of view stuff. Like you’re watching a TV episode with commercial.

Time 9:41-10:00

Grampy. Traffic. Bruno Gervais in Studio Ian Laperriere came back from a puck in the face. Got his face caved in by Collan White. Every time he took a sip of his drink it would leak out. He blocked a shot with his toe. Referees asks players if they are ok after a hockey fight. When players loose fights it sticks with them sometimes you are just sticking up for a teammate. In juniors fights start sometimes you a kid coming in and playing men. In junior hockey it always feels good to get your first fight under your belt. When he first started playing he never crossed the blue line. He is from just outside of Montreal. Montreal cheese is called squeaky cheese. Steve Mason new mask. It is a zombie themed Ben Franklin. Everyone describes Ilya Bryzgalov as interesting. The whole bear thing yea I get it. A bunch of old Flyers are still in the Philadelphia area. Bruno is a big fan of Philadelphia. Is the only player on the team that is married. Had surgery towards the end of last year. it’s a weird feeling putting your skates on after having them off during the off season. Bruno Gervais is a big fan of the show. Upset he missed the Bizarre File.

 Time 10:11-10:28

GrampyBizarre File Preston’s balls itch. Scientists developed test that show kopi luwak beans pass through cat like mammal its 150 dollars per pound. It’s a written test. One legged naked man crows across the street and throws brick. Eight year old taped to chair for sharpening pencil too often. Mom has reported incident for possible assault. Man’s half court show gives him free tuition. Only student in schools history to make the shot. Casey would practice so much. LQ Hollywood Trash Lady Gaga, David Cassidy, Justin Bieber. LA. Music News Tool singer appeared of Marc Maron WTF podcast. Carl Palmer has confirmed Tony Mommy wants him to play the drums with Black Sabbath. He explained why he could not do the gig he was off with Asia. Last year Asia had a new album out. Trent Reznor make a comparison of their sound to Kanye West.Trent finds Kanye an interesting character. I heard it and it yucks my yick. He says it feels like it might implode a little rough around the edges. Knucklebonz is creating a Lemme Rock. Comes with a certificate of authenticity. Blink 182 plans to release new album in 2014. World’s end.

Time 10:37-10:44

Angela Perfetto is up for the Philadelphia Daily news sexy single contest. Kathy was just at the solon where she works at and there’s always a guy in her chair. Thank you to our Grampys. Matt Chord will be in Texas. Thanks to Bruno Gervais and thank you too Courtney Soloman. We’re going to get Tommy Keefer on and ask him about Pat’s Chili dogs. The drop kicks show was awesome last night. Matt Cord was on stage introducing the band. He crushed it. LOTD: C. Tomorrow it’s all about the Grampy Grand Prix!   


LQ: What does George Romano sell?

LA: Insurance



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