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Weather Traffic News man assaulted a police officer in target at port Richmond store. Man went to return an AC unit and was refused and blamed for stealing it. Police are still searching for this man who got in a purple mini van. Police looking for man who shot 19 yr old man on a demolition site in Somerton shot execution style. Police say it was a very brutal murder. Daquan Crump kneeled in the dirt before he was shot execution style over 10 times in the face and chest. Police warning TD customers after Jersey resident accounts in Egg Harbor Twp had their cards hacked. Sports Mayberry and Chooch homered to beat Rockies, first 2 straight wins since the All-Star game. Grampy Grand Prix
 Time 6:33-7:08
We’ll meet the Grampy’s for Grampy Grand Prix at Speed Raceway. Josh’s Grandfather, John, is 83 says he has a “need for speed”. Grampy John on the Phone he said it sounds like it would be a lot of fun. He was in the Navy 4 yrs as a parachute rigger. Stupid Q Birthdays Fred Durst 43, Robert Plant 65, Amy Adams 39, Joan Allen 57, Al Roker 59, Connie Chung Stupid A Entertainment News Jennifer Lawrence back Nicholas Holt they did 69 right on the red carpet. It’s called “The Walking 69” I was part of the Walking 69 we’re losing men like crazy! I wanna read this letter from Abraham Lincoln…that’s why you’re gonna go look for that Ryan. They went into a party walking in as a pair and walked out as a cantaloupe. Lindsay Lohan photographed exiting a cycle studio seen smoking a cig after the workout. Dick Van Dyke pulled to safety after car went up in flames. Disney actor from “Jett Jackson”, Lee Thompson Young found dead from suicide at 29. Mark Zuckerberg had account breached by someone who successfully hacked his page and posted to his wall. Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad surprised his Twitter followers by having phone chats with them. Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde busted cutting through airport security at LAX. Clips Vanessa Hudgens & Simon Pegg. The World’s End Screening Daily Rush
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Dropkick Murphy’s will be in our studio tomorrow Traffic Nick pulls into a neighborhood and as he makes the right he makes a wide turn into the left lane, a guy 100 yards away coming from the opposite direction, gives him the finger. The guy was mad at him for the turn. Giving the Finger While Driving Nick thought it was someone he knew joking around. Kathy doesn’t give the finger because she’s afraid of doing it to the wrong person. Preston says you don’t know what kind of a day that other person is having. Steve gives the finger if someone does it to him and he’ll do it in glorious fashion he’ll do it for 20 miles all the way home. Listener Roy does impression of Pitchuation, Meltdown Grilled Cheese Cheesy Caller caller was at X-mas mass with gf when van cuts him off in Church parking lot & gave the finger, learned it was her father. He never flipped anyone off after that. Franks truck broke down on 76 hears loud speaker telling him to get off the road, he gave the finger to an unmarked police car. Preston zipped into the other lane with enough room, woman got pissed off at him, she gave the deaf signal for “A-HOLE” Instead of the Hustle it’s the “Puckered Sphincter”. Caller had someone following him tailgating had a group of friends in his back seat shooting paintballs at the car tailgating them. Two police officers were waiting for him when he got home.

Stupid Q:
What club do Roy Mcavoy and David Simms face at the driving range?

Stupid A: Seven Iron

 Time 8:00-8:15
Traffic Grampy Grand Prix this Friday Angela Perfetto in the Studio she’s one of Philadelphia’s sexy singles with the Daily News. 1st place wins a night at the Borgata and $500 spending money, she’s very competitive. She’s in the lead, but close with other girls. Preston is asking the Preston and Steve Nation to vote for Angela. Use Promo Code: ANGE to vote for her. She had surgery on her ACL 6 weeks ago, rehab is going well. Bizarre File photographer at wedding attached camera to a quadricopter to capture a video of a bride and groom getting lovey dovey in a field and it ended up slamming into the groom on the side of the face before their wedding. Truck driver from Philipinnes drinking w/ friends tucked the gun in his waist band when it fired into his crotch. BONUS B-File story driver thru sex boxes being introduced in Switzerland to regulate prostitution. It’s like a drive thru car wash. 40 sex workers, boxes open 7 days a week. The World’s End Screening
Time 8:26-8:57
Grampy Grand Prix Vote for Angela Perfetto for Philly’s Sexy Singles Preston heard Casey fart the longest fart he’s ever heard and it actually giggled. Preston recreates it. The change in his diet has changed his farts. Famous People Buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery Derringer is a concealed pistol Abraham Lincoln was killed with one. Henry Derringer was from Philly and is buried in Laurel Hill he was killed with an Abraham Lincoln. Preston wants to know what other famous people are buried in Laurel Cemetery. Preston will always make his way through Arlington Cemetery a lot of heroes are buried there. He’ll go to the tomb of the unknown soldier when he’s there. Listener says Harry Kalas is buried there and Adrian Balboa in the final movie that’s where Rocky goes to see her, hey look Optimus Prime I didn’t even know he was buried here. Steve loves going on the ghost tours for the history. Preston went to Paris he wanted to go to see Jim Morrison’s grave because it was a freak show. Harry Kalas’ gravestone overlooks Kelly Drive and the Schyukill River. Grounds Foreman at Laurel Hill says Adrienne Balboa’s tombstone is there. He lives on the grounds as well. They get a lot of visitors for Adrian Balboa. They have a lot of paranormal groups that come through. He saw Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee when they were shooting Transformers. Steve suggests going to the Winchester House in California. Listener Jennifer went to a cemetery in Seattle to see Jimi Hendrix’s grave she says it’s beautiful. Dropkick Murphys Tickets
 Time 9:08-9:24
Traffic Grampy Grand Prix this Friday Joseph’s grandpa was a school bus driver but was let go because he got into an accident. Grampy Grand Prix, Bob, AKA “Breaking Balls Bob” He drives with both feet on the gas and the brakes. He’s a 4 time cancer survivor. In the photo they’re each holding onto a pair of Preston and Steve underwear his dad was in the splash mob we did a few weeks ago. Grampy Bob is 79 and the wheel of his bus hit a parked car that was parked illegally. He’s enjoying his retirement now after 12 yrs of driving a bus. He drives his wife around and take care of his grandchildren. He hopes he doesn’t double over and crash. They’re calling him “Breaking Balls Bob”. John Salvatore’s grandfather James is the definition of a motorhead, he’s always buying old cars to fix up. John and his grandfather are pretty close. Grampy James AKA “Slim Jim”
is 76, purchased a flame thrower and accidentally lit the bushes next door on fire. He’s a veteran in the Air Force it was right after Vietnam they sent him to Germany. He was a mechanic.


 Time 9:33-9:51
Drop Kick Murphy Traffic Preston is re-thinking the beard thing. He read that a study says it can make a man look 8 years older. Steve says in a totally gay way that it’s his best look he’s ever had. Preston is not going to shave it still. Obama Gets New Puppy a 14 month old Portugese Water Dog named Sunny. Pink Flamingos cross dresser the dog poops and he picks it up and eats it, there’s no cut-away-scene. Kathy’s cat was huge, the neighbor came in to check on them he thought that a human pooped in the litter box as a joke. Kathy hates when people let their dogs poop on her lawn even if they clean it up. Yawning is Contagious Between Dogs and Humans Your dog will yawn if you yawn. Steve’s dog starts laughing when he’s laughing and it doesn’t always get the joke. iphone uses more energy than a refrigerator in a year. Preston has 3 refrigerators in his house. Nick says if every person in the world gets rid of their extra fridge we wouldn’t be in an energy crisis. Bizarre File FBI investigating whether a Utah man exposed himself after getting a peppermint oil pain reliever on his penis. N. Cali man accused of downloading illegal child porn images on his phone while being interrogated.
 Time 10:05-10:22
Preston didn’t fade that song out Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits. Captain Dale sends an e-mail in and wants a shart out. Tattoosday Jeanine from NJ took her 2 hours to get here. She’s unemployed right now, but she’s a vet assistant. She got a portrait of her father. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash 42 yr old contractor suicide at Olivia Newton John’s Florida home he left a note Im not the one that you want boo hoo hoo. Kanye taped an hour long one on one interview with Kris Jenner says she eventually settled on 5 words per segment. Lesson A Music News Foo Fighters Dave Grohl asked his thoughts on reissue of In Utero by Nirvana he recognizes himself back then and says its hard to believe that much time has passed by. Alex Band front man for The Calling was abducted and robbed this past weekend in Michigan he was forced into a blue minivan by his hotel beaten and robbed and left on a city street. He got 3 broken teeth and 15 stitches. Justin Timberlake and former band members reuniting at the VMA’s on Sunday. Bill Burr Tickets
 Time 10:31-10:36
Vote for Angela for Philadelphia’s Sexy Singles and follow her on Twitter @PassionSorella9. Wrap Up Thanks to the Grandfather’s we met today. Matt Cord made his way into the studio he won’t be making it to the Grampy Grand Prix this year, his niece is getting married in Waco Texas this weekend. LOTD: U
Philly’s Hottest Short Shorts voting ends this Friday.


Lesson Q: What actress ate poop in a scene from Steel Magnolias?

Lesson A: Shirley McClane


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