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Next Week on the Preston and Steve Show:
Illusionist Wayne Hoffman – IN STUDIO – Monday
Tan Mom – Phoner – Tuesday
Dropkick Murphys – IN STUDIO – Wednesday
Writer/Director Courtney Soloman – IN STUDIO – Thursday
Dave Attel – Live from the Grampy Grand Prix – Friday
Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:12-6:23
Another gorgeous day. Traffic News 2 veteran police officers shot and wounded in Trenton yesterday. Gunman is dead. Man who sold the gun that killed a MontCo police officer was sentenced yesterday. Nutter said the city will borrow $50 million so schools will open on time next month. Sports Vick and Nick Foles both played well against the Panthers last night. Giroux sustained tendon damage in his finger after he shattered golf club. Roy Holliday played 1st game back. Shart week 1.Happy Birthday Dan 2.Wife’s co-workers listen -so much sexier. Jay Pharoah and Jake Shimabukuro on the show today. Green eggs café meet and eat and 97.5 Fanatic girls will be on the hottie cam.
Time 6:34-7:09
A traffic. SQ. Birthdays Madonna, 55. Kathy got roofied at a Madonna concert once. Steve Carrel, 51.James Cameron, 59 – Aviator? Whoops, Avatar. Announced 4 sequels for “Avatar.” Timothy Hutton, 53. Angela Basset, 55. Julie Newmar, 80. Bob Balaban is 68. Frank and Kathy Lee Gifford share a birthday, he is 83 she is 60. Rumer Willis is 25. SA Entertainment News Scott Discick is Mason’s Father. WWE Superstar Darren Young is the first openly gay wrestler. John Cena commented on him coming out, he has a gay brother and is happy for Darren. Preston’s concerned wrestling fans may bash him for being gay. Sad News, Lisa Robbin Kelly from That 70’s Show past away in her sleep in a rehab facility where she was battling an alcohol addiction. Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long are testing the waters of dating. Did they meet at a square dance Mika Brzezinkski says she is proud of weighing 135.9 and is not afraid to admit it. Preston is trying to eyeball Casey’s weight,. The cast is guessing each other’s weight. Kelly Rippa always talks about how big she is and she is a rail. Kick Ass creator says Jim Carry’s bashing of the movie has actually helped with marketing the film - 30Million of publicity. Miguel was arrested for a drinking while driving. Kim Kardashian, Kanye, and baby North West were finally photographed together. Clips Harrison Ford, John Leguizamo.
Time 7:21-7:45
Picture Perfect Day/Traffic Strella Med Spa hottie Cam 97.5 the Fanatic girls - #rightonfighton for Darren Daulton. The USGA announced it will cost $300,000 to raise a child to the age of 18. Cost of Raising a Child There different savings programs to save for children’s college. The Statistic is based on middle income families and it costs more to raise a child in the northeast than the south. Steve asks how much it would cost for pretend children. Steve thinks college of the future will be totally online. Preston oldest is 5 years away from college. Caller says the same article mentioned that its %20 less for each additional child. Casey wants to know profit margin for each college. Nick had Carrot Top come to his school. Kathy School had Adam Sandler. Kathys asks if Preston would be ok if his kids didn’t go to college and went to a school like him. Casey is wearing a Harvard t-shirt from his visit last year. Steve thinks that he learned everything he needs to know with his associates. Caller Tony just graduated with $80k in college loans. Kathys Counselor said I have no underwear on. Now Preston is depressed. I wish I went your route Steve and just had cats. Steve is a Godfather. It will cost Preston roughly 780,000 before inflation to raise his kids. Oblivion Giveaway.
SQ: Mayor Nutter said, “You cannot be a jack-ass,” in the wake of what Philadelphia event?
SA: The World Series
Time 7:22- 7:46
Fanatic Girls Strella Med Spa Hottie Cam. Traffic. Shart Week Shart out for Matt for all that he does. Shart out for Steve West Bradford twp. Stuff the bus event for bucks county schools. Bizarre Files Drunk Louisianan man rode a horse into a saloon and lassoed a patron outside and drug him around. A Chinese zoo apparent afican lion was outed as a dog when it barked. The dog was a Tibetan Mastive. Also several other animals were outed as frauds. Two Chicago men tried to rob a restaurant were fooled when the owner said to return later to rob the resturaunt. The owner called police and let them know they were to return. Seattle Police will be giving out doritos at Seattle Hemp fest in efforts to educate on marijuana legalization. 10 passes Worlds end movie Screening
Time 8:19-8:57
Weather Traffic Jay Pharoah in Studio. He was real fat and his 6 year old girlfriend doesn’t remember it. He lost 70lbs in 3 months. Steve wanted him on when they first saw him. Jay joined SNL on the 36 season. Steve said its one of the hardest auditions Jay said you have to power through it only getting 5 min. Jay did 6 impressions and 2 character doing Will smith as a tour guide and Jay-z impression. Denzel Washington likes his impression of him. This is the White version of BET aka “WET”. Jay lived in Harlem, his apartment complex they lived had a chopped up body. Jay is doing his Harlem Walk in studio. People’s accent from Harlem sound like they have a cold. He used to get real frightened when he did Obama. Jay thinks doing impressions is like having a hit song. Jay tried to tell one of his bodyguards that romans weren’t in 300 but the body guard wouldn’t have it. Jay thinks Kanye needs Jesus. His sister is in studio she said when he fell he was fine. His sister Shana is his Manager. His dad was his last manager but he fired because he took 50% him for his sister. He thinks Barbie is weird because of not having nipples, says nipples are a key to the soul.
Time 9:10-9:36
Weather/Traffic Green Eggs Café grampy grande Prix 3 gift cards giveaway. Jake Shimabukuro “The Jimmy Hendrix of the Yuekelele” He got the name from a article in the La Times. His career started from youtube and has played with Yo Yo Ma and Bette Midler. His mom also played the Ukulele. Jake is into Martial arts philosophy. Playing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” Bill Cosby introduced him as the cheapest man in show business. The Kamata Ukelele is the most revered in music. Most expensive ukulele Jake has heard of is 5,000. Now Playing the George Harrison Arrangement. When Steve Hears Jake play he appreciates the original so much more. Jake is a real stickler for Melody and respect for the original artists. Playing “Bohemian Rhapsody” is played. Casey asks if he plays Jimmy Hendrix. One of Jakes Hero is Bill Cosby and loved his HBO Special “Just Me” saying the subtle things in the performance make the show. Preston has a guitar but only knows a few chords and thinks about buying a ukulele. Jake thinks that Eddie Vetter makes the ukulele cool. Steve says jake thinks that Eddie Vedder can’t touch him. Playing In My Life.
Time 9:47- 9:57
Red Crows. Traffic. Green Eggs Café. Do you think Daniel boone used syrup?  No he shoved the pancakes up his butt. Green Eggs Café gift cards. Bizarre File .On Sunday Christine needed protection from her roomate Kenneth Thompson. She wanted a restraining order from her roommate. When he found out he reacted by threatening to shoot himself in the face and then fought with a guest she had biting off a piece of his ear. His tooth fell out and he put it in creamer. In Columbus Ohio, Fort Rapids Water parks and Resort will soon become a temporary dormitory, and will use waterslides for free. The Daredevil who parachuted as James bond died in a wing suit jump. His injuries were so severe they needed DNA to Identify him.  
Time 10:08-10:32
Black Sabbath During a show in Philly Ozzy kept saying I CANT HEAR YOU. And his urine is dust. LQ. Hollywood Trash Will Arnet is back in the dating game and apparently seeing Katie Lee. Prince finally got a twitter. Darren Young revealed he was gay in an interview. LA. Greg Fitzsimmons calling in Last time he was in the got a librarian to walk on his back cause he has a foot fetish. He says it’s not a fetish. He’s doing a radio tour and this is the show he’s been looking forward to most. I love Cincinnati. He has stuff about family, politics, and farting in his new stand up. He did a show in Phoenix last night. The last ten minutes of the show was older stuff. Preston saw him at helium and he just took the mic and said, ’alright what’s everyone wanna talk about.’ He plays guess the Asian and guesses audience members ethnicities with alarming accuracy. He’ll be in Philly in November. His son is skipping a year of math. The math tutor he uses was so hot. She painted her toe nails for the Fourth of July. That’s a classic porn scenario. He says she’s in control if you’re looking at the breasts but if you look at the acne scars you got her. You missed a great career as a serial killer. He was a numbers guy when he was younger. He was more focused on quantity then quality. His wife has good feet; she doesn’t have one long toe sticking out like its throwing gang signals. Casey was playing Words With Friends that whole time with someone named I AM HERO. Music News  STP they did what they had to do when firing Scott Wylin. Blue Oyster Cult Allen Lanier died August 14th. Dave Grohl and Pearl jam documentaries will be on Rock Docks. Pete Townsend came to the aid of One Direction. Paul McCartney will get the rights to the songs he and John Lennon wrote. Michael Jackson paid 47.5 million for over 200 Beatles songs. Drop Kick Murphys will be in studio on Wednesday. I AM HERO on the phone this is someone Casey plays in Words With Friends. Casey says he’s winning. Casey beats him most of the time. If he could play during work like Casey does he’d be better. Oblivion movie pass give away
Time 10:45-10:55
Preston broke his toe yesterday. I see a lifetime movie in this, how you bounce back.Wrap Up He did it chopping wood. Casey is going to get his cortisone shots in his feet today. Thanks to Greg, Jake Shimabukuro, and Jay Pharoah for coming on the show. LOTD. Preston said Pierre’s hand got skinnier. Your fat hands are gone, chubby digits. There’s a beef and beer tomorrow for a loyal listener John who has colon cancer. WOW. Pierre will have an action packed show.
Lesson Q: How did Daniel Boone eat pancakes?
Lesson A: He shoved them up his butt.
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