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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Jay Pharaoh – SNL – IN STUDIO – 8:15
Jake Shimbukuro - "The Jimi Hendrix of the Ukelele" - IN STUDIO – 9AM
Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:09-6:12
Good morning! Weather. Traffic. News toddler was rescued by neighbors after climbing from a third story window onto utility wires. Black boxes from a UPS cargo plane crash have not yet been recovered, just outside of Birmingham. 7 foot boa constrictor, named Snakey, is on the loose in Swarthmore. Sports. Braves beat the Phillies last night. An MRI on Tom Brady came back negative. US soccer beat Bosnia to extend their record winning streak to 12. Currently it is the longest winning streak in the world. Shart Week. Guests today are Doug Benson and Victor Fiorillo
             Time 6:33 -7:10
STP! Where’s the coffee? Sugar packets are sealed but empty. Traffic. Intern Gauge didn’t get the McDonalds coffee, he’s sick, he deserves punishment. SQ Birthdays Jennifer Lawrence; 23, Anthony Anderson; 43, Ben Affleck; 41, Joe Jonas; 24 Kathy watched the reality show, Married to Jonas, Pat Priest; 77, Deborah Messing; 45. Nick doesn’t like her, she always looks like she’s about to crack up. Natasha Henstridge; 39. SA. Preston wants to play cards with his kids. Nick remembers playing rummy 500. Entertainment News. Gia Allemand, former Bachelor contestant, committed suicide by hanging. The Sun is reporting that Brad Pitt is moving to the UK for the World War Z sequel. Fox is offering Hugh Jackman $100 million for four more Wolverine movies. Ron Burgandy is releasing a memoir. David Arquette fired from an upcoming indie movie because of hard partying. Anonymous woman has a string of dirty texts from Dominic Monahan. ABC released the first photos of the new cast of the View. Whoopie Goldberg looks like a man. Debbie Rowe broke down in court. The pain was like a little boy’s butt. MJ works at the double deuce. The doctor testified that she would check on Michael twice a day. Debbie Rowe reminds us of Chris Farley when he worked at the Gap. Teresa and Guilesppe “Joe” Guidice  pleaded not guilty to 39 charges against them. Johnny Depp may be making music with One Direction. Eddie Vedder also hung out with 1D Clips. Dermot Mulroney and Amber Heard. Shart Week. 5 callers World’s End.
             Time 7:18-7:54
Gimme Shelter, isolated vocal tracks. Traffic. Email from listener from Aruba. Email from Seattle, works on Xbox One . World Wide Wequest Weekend.  Preston’s son got braces. He got to choose the colors. He remembers how much he didn’t want them. Having Braces. Braces don’t look as bad as they used to. Nick wants braces again, he didn’t wear his retainer. Nick chipped his tooth in a bar fight with a lesbian. Casey liked his braces and wanted headgear. Adult’s with braces look more awkward. The procedure is much easier and shorter now. Glasses are also less of a social problem. Listener Bob had braces for six years. Would you rather wear braces for six years or a chastity belt? Retainer clip from Good Will Hunting. Pre braces, a key opens up the mouth. Like a shoe tree for your face. Listener ripped the braces off of his friend’s teeth. Bane: I’m a freak now she’ll never go out with me Listener Nicole, lesbian black, thinks braces are sexy. Braces are expensive because each pair comes with a black lesbian. Preston refused to get braces. Caller‘s dad removed braces at home. Preston might get them himself. Matt Cord got braces, for a while he was working as the Cape May Light House. Listener Jennifer, lesbian wife had braces at 40. If you’re using the front of your teeth for pleasure you’re doing something wrong.
SQ: In a four player game of hearts, how many cards are dealt to each player?
SA: 13
             Time 8:06-8:16
Faith and More. Ashley on Hottie Cam. Traffic. Parx Casino Workforce Salute. Bizarre File. Capetown SA, a teacher who took a student to have his penis pieced is suspended pending charges. A Chinese man was locked in a container on its way from China to LA, mistook a shipping container for a bed and breakfast after drinking. A British couple discovered a mummified cat while working on their house. They embraced it as good luck. An Idaho man who dressed as a dog arrested for having sex with a cat. Robbers attempted to steal quiche from a cafe. A case of two Canadian brothers thought to be strangled by a python is now under investigation as murder. Caller 3 for Oblivion. Ashley on Hottie Cam.
             Time 8:28-8:46
Inaccurate band members. Traffic. Shart Week Spinal cord injury charity. Ashley on Hottie Cam Victor Fiorillo in Studio. Terrance Howard arrested for domestic violence. Preston reads a threatening quote. Last week second ex-wife placed a restraining order after she claims he gave her a black eye. He has a volatile and aggressive personality. Second restraining order she has requested. First ex-wife also ordered restraining order, after allegedly breaking down a door and punching her. Terrance cursed out and punched a couple waiting in front of him in a restaurant for not being seated first. He admitted to having a criminal past with many charges dropped. Victor’s curiosity was peaked since Terrance is local. Terrance’s father was convicted for murdering another dad in line for Santa. 6 different accusations of assault on women. Allegations of witnesses being paid off. Preston plays Terrance threatening wrong number clip. Clip of him apologizing. Go to for the article. Ashley on strella med spa hottie cam.
             Time 8:59-9:48
Yellow Ledbetter lyrics isolated? Traffic. Preston saying “wow.” Studies provide data that BMW drivers are jerks. Jerk drivers, nice cars Steve saw one guy cut across multiple lanes of traffic. BMWs don’t buy douchebags, douchebags buy BMWs. People with nice cars are automatically perceived as douchebags. John Lennon lyrics, Imagine there is just one car. Casey wants to have fewer, easier choices for good cars. Two truck drivers stayed next to each other on Schuylkill, They were playing Pictionary. Listener can’t stand Prius drivers. People judge based on type of car. Credit Karma survey says 64% of people thought about physical appearance more than debt. Debt vs weight Terminal cancer or a nice brunch? Casey says would you rather be obese with a giant wang or thin with a little wang. What if my wang is able to pay off my debt? Kathy says nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Ice cream is Preston’s weakness. Huge wang or IC? How much IC? about 8 inches Bassetts. Casey misses Chichi’s Mexican fried IC. Oxford dictionary added new meaning for “literally,” accommodating common usage. I literally have a huge dirty wang. Psycho linguist is cuckoo for constantans. Doug Benson Doug’s gets pizza when he has the munchies. Smoking weed increases your sense of taste. The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled depicts Doug  on tour. Just turned on the cameras and watched what happened. Steve suggests Doug start a series on roller coasters. Doug in Bethlehem Sept 7th at the Arts Quest Center. Listener who beats opening act will be on stage at next show. Shart Week Get the movie on demand or online. Doug is excited for World’s End.
              Time 10:02-10:16
Preston’s thoughts on wonderwall. Strella Med Spa hottie cam. Traffic. Ashley is doing a charity event on Aug 26th at bungs tavern,, and Smokin hot 5k for Del Ran fire co. Bizarre File. Simon Wesenthal Center calls global boycott for Italian wine with Nazi symbols on its labels. Serial killer Keyes admitted to killing up to 11 people in the US but says Canadians don’t count. Alabama man convicted of child sex allegation killed himself by swallowing a cyanide pill. Bomb tech specialist received a suspicious package that turned out to be a dildo. Could you put a bunch of jimmy hats on my ice cream please? Thanks to Insomnia Cookies for bringing cookies. Brownie Toppings: porn star name, Black porn star with big tits. Trojan whores Caller 5 Parx Casino Strella Medspa
             Time 10:26-10:39
Preston couldn’t believe Eddie Van Halen on Eruption. Weather. LQ. Hollywood Trash. Brittany Spears went berserk over Kevin Federline. Stephanie Meyer said writing Twilight wasn’t a happy experience. Sandra Oh is leaving Grey’s Anatomy after 10 seasons. LA. Listener Anthony got it right. Preston remembers having to cross fade songs in Broadcasting School. Music News. Metallica played in China for the first time ever with 2 sold out shows. Muse is planning something special for its 20 anniversary. Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd is releasing a solo album, with contributions from Matt Cameron and former Pearl Jam drummer Matt Chamberlain. Surviving beastie boys members appear on a track called Bad Dancer from album Take Me on the Way to Hell from Yoko Ono’s Plastic Ono Band. New Orleans Voodoo music festival will feature headliners Pearl Jam and Nine Inch Nails, with The Cure just being added. World Wide Wequest Weekend. Calle 4 Olympus has fallen
             Time 10:51-10:57
Sound City Players on MMR. Weather. Thanks to Doug Benson, Victor Fiorillo. LOTD
Thanks to our sponsors Thompson Toyota, Patient First. Pierre’s plans for the day. Parx Shinedown at the Mann last night was great. Pierre is impressed with what Shinedown has become. Thanks to Ashley for being on the Hottie Cam, and to Insomnia Cookies. Pierre ate a whole box. Tomorrow on the show: Jay Pharoah and Jake Shimabukuro..."the Jimi Hendirx of the ukulele". Have a great day, Rage On!
LQ: When Preston’s dad didn’t pay for his braces, where did they get to go on vacation?
LA: Cabo
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