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Partly sunny less humid Traffic News Rescued 3 months ago, Michelle Knight confronted her kidnapper Ariel Castro in a court room, says “your hell is just beginning” He was sentenced to life in prison plus 1000 years. Man jumped into woman’s passengers seat of car, told her to be quiet, went through her purse and threatened to sexually assault her. She saw a septa bus, jumped onto the bus yelling “help me” One Powerball ticket was sold in a deli in West Philly. Sports Giants beat Phils 2-1, Papelbon retired last night. McCoy says changed relationship with Riley Cooper. Casey had a late start and he’s a little grumpy. We have a scooter for someone with a bum leg, it’s found a spot in the office and Preston keeps tripping over it. Lilly Collins in studio and Steve Carrell will be calling in.

 Time 6:40-7:11
311 on MMR. Traffic Stupid Q Birthdays Mary Louise Parker, Sam Worthington, Edward Furlong, Kevin Smith, Butch Patrick “Eddie Munster”, Peter O’Toole, Jimmy Pop, Joe Lynn Turner, Wes Craven. Stupid A I wanted five finger death punch. Entertainment News Simon Cowell secret shocked a lot of people. Neither commented on the story. Marty Singer I’m a gun for hire its completely ridiculous. Reckless and we’ll take legal action, I’m Marty Singer, I’m a gun for hire. Woaawww The name is “Hop-a-Long-Lipschitz” Amanda Bynes making huge improvements found a combination of drugs that have helped bring her back to reality. We’re really happy with the progression im Donnie Singer, Marty’s brother. Jamie Lee Curtis had an accident in her SUV after the accident she called Jodie Foster and showed up to comfort her before the ambulance arrived. Oprah’s sister. Shirley Jones from “Patridge Family” releases book saying her and Jack Cassidy were propositioned by Joan Collins and husband. Collins denies. Amber Heard explained why her and Johnny Depp won’t be like “Brangelina” they’ll be “Damber” or “Jam” she doesn’t want to be a celebrity. Stacy Keibler needs a break and is heading on a European vacation. Preston says she’s flawless. TLC announced called the man with the 132lb scrotum will document his troubles from day to day. James Cameron mentioned they’re doing 3 sequels to Avatar. Clips Denzel Washington & Rawson Marshall Thurber Phillies Tickets Giveaway

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Lindsey and Danielle on the Strella Hottie Cam Traffic Nick’s rabbit Carmella is in the studio, Preston was trying to feed it a carrot and she growled at him. Simon Cowell knocks up friend’s wife. Is it Okay to Date Your Friend’s Ex? Both of best friends wives are nice and attractive, but what if his best friend or wife is dead, is it okay? Why even risk getting involved with a friend’s ex? Kathy was at a wedding and everyone in the wedding party had slept with the groom at one point. Listener Michelle, was in high school, broke up w/ a bf her friend started dating him after and they were together for 4 years, she’s friends with them to this day. Listener’s, best friends dad & brother basically swapped wives. Ed brothers both married each had kids got divorced, brother married the other brother’s wife they have 6 kids together like the Brady Bunch, they hate each other now. Listener Ted sounds like a real man. In Jr High asked a girl out all the time, in H.S. he moves meets best friend introduces him to the girl he liked, he broke up with her suggested he make a move on her. Best friend dates her, ends up getting married and she still hits on him. Casey liked this girl for a while in college and his friend started to like her and he got pissed.


Stupid Q James Watt caught crap from Ronald Reagan for banning what group for performing at the National Mall?

Stupid A Beach Boys

 Time 8:03-8:15
Strella Hottie Cam Traffic Kathy thinks she’s allergic to the rabbit, she’s coughing from it. Lindsey on the hottie cam is in Phillys Hottest Short Shorts Preston went to the doctor yesterday he had a bump on his hand, its nicknamed the “Bible Bump” it’s called that bc an old remedy says you take a bible and smash the bump down. Bizarre File Husband of woman who hired a hit man to kill him has defended his wife begging a lighter penalty saying she’s a “godly woman”. Two Barbary Macaques (monkey) in Germany escaped from an abusive owner after being castrated. Firefighters rescued guy in a tree after trying to get his remote control helicopter. Man on mushrooms fired a sargeant’s gun before being subdued used a stun gun 7 times. 2 Guns Passes

 Time 8:26-9:05
Traffic Preston reads emails Daily Rush When you park at the Art Museum and you’re not going into the museum then it costs $32. Casey says there’s a place by the museum you can park and also get your car detailed. Casey’s Carwash Ideas He suggests a football game or at Sun mass Granny Panties Becoming More Popular panties are showing an increase in sales, they’re higher cut more vintage looking. Casey prefers panties over g-strings and thongs. He loves the panty lines. Steve is into the VTS “visible tampon string”. Kathy gets spray tanned and after she got home her string was hanging out of her underwear. Retro bathing suits are in Preston needs to see one. Men With Big Testicles May Develop Heart Disease Man’s testicle could indicate something about his health. Men with bigger testicles are more likely to develop heart disease. “Testicles are where its at baby” a sign in the doctor’s office.. Florida is the Weirdest State Florida’s #1 state for identity theft and mortgage fraud. Panama City divorce capital of the world. Queen’s Speech for Nuclear Conflict Released A speech for the queen to read in the 1980’s, for the event of a nuclear conflict. Translating Rocky’s speech in Russian. Casey had neighbors that were really anti nuclear weapon activists, they had a trailer that said “NO NUKES” on it. I see Russians and Americans together and I have this idea why not have car washes where the people are? Russian translation. I didn’t like it much non either been come to known as, he’s a total idiot moron incapable of speaking. I know you’re the old union of soviet social workers or something if I can live with me I can live with your sister okay I didn’t prepare. Listener Allen speaks fluent Russian it’s a little different from what Rocky actually says. Cheesy Caller Melt Down Grill of the Week if you can eat cheese we can all eat melted cheese. He’s going to be the Russian translator for Rocky 4.

 Time 9:15-9:38
Traffic Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Mower & Novelist Cassandra Clare in Studio Mortal Instruments in theaters 8/23. They have a Harry Potter-esque fan base. Lily understands because she’s a huge fan of the books. She was at comic-con and got really good reviews. They just got the green light for movie #2 to film in Sept. It’s about finding the aggression and being calculated in Jamie’s movements he’s done Krav Maga to prepare. She’s a shadow hunter half human half angel. Cassandra says she came up with the idea in a tattoo shop and she couldn’t commit to getting a tattoo and was looking through the art book. The “fan-dom” is getting bigger and they love it. Casey asks if they like Genesis, Lily went on a couple of their shows when they went on tour. Cassandra says the final book is in progress. She used to be an editor for the Weekly World News in NY she loved it and was involved with the “Bat Boy” story
and “Chocolate covered woman gives birth to sugar coated baby”.


 Time 9:45-9:53
Traffic Strella Hottie Cam Bizarre File sea turtle nursed back to health set free in FL a thief ruined the ceremony masked bandit distracted the crowd and stole a wallet, it was actually a raccoon. Chinese man tried to smuggle a pet turtle past security by hiding it in a KFC hamburger. Woman mistakes beach for St. Tropez and ran into the ocean naked yelling this is going to be the best day of my life. Virgina rapper bragging about one of his murders in his songs was arrested. Phillies Tickets

 Time 10:04-10:34
Beautiful weather today. Traffic Phillys Hottest Short Shots Grampy Grand Prix Strella Hottie Cam Metallica Weekend We’re getting ready to talk to Steve Carrell he’s in the middle of talking to Billy Bush. Lesson Q Marty Singer lawyer and gun for hire wears what kind of cowboy hat? Hollywood Trash James Cameron announced 3 sequels to Avatar will be called “Blue Balls”. Bieber’s buddy “Lil Twist” accused of battery if arrested he could end up serving 10 yrs in prison renamed “Lil Bitch” Lesson A Stetson Steve Carrell on the Phone In the “Way Way Back” he says there’s no excuse for Preston to not see the movie. It’s a good script the first scene actually happened to the Nat Faxon when his step dad was actually berating him. He had no idea that it was a true story when he read the script. Says Sam Rockwell is funny and charming in this film. Right now Despicable Me 2 is the highest grossing animated film now. He liked the directing style by Nat. He’s getting excited for Anchorman 2 he just got an email from Judd Apatow and it looks like it’s going well. Music News Jack White’s ex-wife has been granted a restraining order against him says she fears for her safety. Rob Zombie’s wife has asked to move a skateboard park away which is adjacent to their home because of the noise. Lollapalooza kicks off in Chicago this weekend lineup includes The Cure, Mumford and Sons, Vampire Weekend, Queens of the Stone Age, Postal Service and NIN. Dave Grohl makes an appearance with Joan Jett and the Black Hearts on their album.

Time 10:44-10:55
Strella Hottie Cam injury Lindsey fell off the bouncy ball Preston is so tired from glass blowing classes going late into the night. Just blowing blowing blowing … Preston has been exhausted from those scuba recertification classes. Wrap Up
Pierre is playing with Nick’s bunny rabbit. Carmella LaFonda Soprano is the rabbit’s name. Thanks to Jamie Campbell Mower and Lily Collins for coming in and Steve Carrell for calling in. Pierre found a load of sealed packets of sugar with no sugar inside. LOTD: O It’s a Metallica Weekend. Word of the Week


Lesson Q Marty Singer, lawyer and gun for hire wears what kind of cowboy hat?

Lesson A Stetson

Word of the Week: PATIO

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