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Disc: 1                                                                     Date: 7-30-2013

Track  1                                  Time 6:05-6:21

Traffic News Natural gas leak explosion that leveled an apartment in S. Philly. Central Florida propane plant explosion, one person in critical and two others with injuries. In nature the Blue Rhino and the Blue Rhino alone can start fires. Amazon is adding 5k new jobs and has begun sending Steve things he has had not even ordered yet. Preston is thinking about buying inversion boots, for his back, Steve can do one click shopping. Casey ordered a kettle bell on a Sat and it was at his house on Mon. Sports Phils vs Tigers, to end 8 game losing streak. Jason Phillips, has a torn ACL, McNabb retires after 14yrs on Sept 19th.  Winner of Brooklyn’s “smallest penis” contest coming in. Final day for Philly’s Hottest Short Shorts.

  Time 6:32-7:15

Beautiful weather today. Traffic Stupid Q Birthdays Arnold Schwarzenegger 66, Hilary Swank 39, Lisa Kudrow 50, Laurence Fishburne 52, Christine Taylor 42, Tom Green 42, Vivica A. 49, Fox Jamie Presley 36, Kacie McDonnell from FOX 29 is 23. Stupid A  Entertainment News Queens psychiatric patient Alexander Houser, a gay white supremacist, was arrested for stalking Anderson Cooper. Lindsay Lohan plans on cutting 80 people out of her life once out of rehab. Steve wants to know if she’s still best friends with Angela Lansbury. Josh Hutcherson  using the name “Connor” on an online dating website. Leah Michelle returned to Twitter to thank her fans for her support.” Full Audio of Nick’s “A Cuppa” NY Post reports that ABC interested in Hoda Kotb to join the View. Housewives of NJ Teresa Giudice could face over 50 yrs in prison if charged with conspiracy for committing mail and wire fraud and federal charges of bankruptcy fraud. Johnny Depp thinking about moving on from acting. I’ve purchased a shake weight, I want to start working on that. I just want to go to that quiet French village I own with my hot former lesbian gf. TIME reports that a trio of tracks recorded from Freddie Mercury and MJ are being recreated. They’re George Thoroughgood songs “one bourbon, one scotch, one beer”. One Jesus juice, one propofol, 1  seven- year-old. Audio of the song sounds like a rough track. Hug a 7 year old…keep him for the weekend.  Clips Katy Perry & Robert Klein. Elysium Screening Passes

 Time 7:25-7:55

Weather is going to be perfect .Traffic “Best of Philly” for Philly Magazine Nicky from Hands at Home named “best massage therapist” Kathy was once voted for favorite African American broadcaster. “Funniest man on the radio” was Steve in 2011. The show won best cheese steak one year even though they never made a cheese steak.Lindsay Lohan needs to shed the bad influences in her life. Nick has had friends who went through rehab and completely eliminated people from their life. Cutting Ties with Friends and Family Kathy’s uncle is a former addict and moved away when he got sober. It’s smart to take phone numbers out of their phone. Casey has done this before. Preston hasn’t talked to his sister in over 8 months. She was bringing him down. Preston’s mom who is a professional soccer player had knee surgery yesterday and his sister is there calling & leaving him updates, she knows he’s not going to answer or talk to her. Preston has been happier because he hasn’t been communicating with her. It’s lingering though, that he needs to re-establish that relationship. Kathy’s cousin cut ties with his entire family for years and nobody knows why he left. Steve has a pic of his wife’s brother in their kitchen he’s never met him. He walked out of the house and never came back completely cut ties. Kick Ass 2 Screening


Stupid Q:

Who was once married to Jason Alexander for 55 hours?


Stupid A: Britney Spears


  Time 8:07-8:18

Traffic Announcement of Preston and Steve’s Grampy Grand Prix were switching it up this year. More aggression, more casualties more fire. We’re heading to Speed Raceway in Horsham. Men need to be at least 65 and must be healthy and willing to operate a go-kart. Grand Prize 2nd and 3rd prize gets a pair of 2 day tickets to the Made in America Festival This all takes place on Friday Aug 23rd. Bizarre File Italian thief held up 2 shops in a blue tuxedo in over 100 degree weather. I’m sweating my balls off. Talcum powder for my nut sack. Man in boxers vandalized a fancy restaurant and throwing glasses around. London fire brigade faced rising number of calls for people trapped in handcuffs blaming it on “50 Shades of Grey”. Man airlifted and charged for operating under the influence after a golf cart crash, had to be airlifted. Elysium Screening Passes

    Time 8:31-8:59

Best massage therapist in Philly Mag is in the studio giving massages. Traffic Preston says there are accounts of animals raining from the sky resulting in getting sucked up by a water spout or a tornado. Animals Raining From the Sky There are 5 documented incidents of this happening. Philippines 3 inch mud fish were raining from the sky a similar event occurred in Australia when hundreds of perch began falling from the sky. Frogs are frequent form of animal tornado, Jellyfishnados have rained by the thousands. Wormnado is most disgusting rained in Louisiana in July ‘07 after a water spout came down in tangled clumps. Casey has confirmed, tadpoles and frogs in Japan in ’09. I put the transmitter on the tadpole and came down as a frog, I saw it. Oh yea it’a happened. Alligatornado, 1887 in NY Times 8 alligators had dropped from a distant water spout. Former Major League Baseball Player Frank Castillo drowned swimming in a lake near Phoenix. People That Don’t Know How to Swim Preston doesn’t understand how there are people who don’t know how to swim or why would you go swimming if you don’t know how?  Erin’s Irish boyfriend doesn’t know how to swim. He can float because of the extra skin. It must be harder to teach an adult how to swim.Brooklyn’s Smallest Penis Winner Nick Gilronan most people feel like he should be upset about it, he’s not it’s just what is. He won $200 a magnifying glass and international fame came along with it. Flaccid he’s 2” up to 4”. He’s been getting calls from foreign women after hearing about this. Casey tells a leprechaun joke. Nick & Marisa is going to be hanging out with Bernie Parent

   Time 9:10-9:36

Grampy Grand Prix. Traffic. Nicki from Hands at Home, she was voted the best thing of all time. Men Are Wearing Bow Ties Again Steve says the look is kinda prissy. Chuck’s cousin is the “bow tie” guy. Preston loved wearing bow ties as a kid. Marisa learned how to tie a bow tie from youtube. Nick knows how to do a full Windsor. Steve learned how to do the full weezy. Casey learned from and episode of Diff’rent Strokes. Men have the option of wearing the bow tie in a casual outfit. Wearing it casually seems a bit prissy where’s the crapper? I need to take a smash. I took a dump in your coy pond? Preston doesn’t like wearing suit jackets because they feel too big, he’s recently discovered the sport coat. Preston feels fat in suits. Instagram Most Depressing Social Network the 3 worst aspects of FB in one place. Looking at, liking photos and millions of people constantly announcing how great they are. Nick likes that you can access other people’s Instagrams through Twitter. Preston and Steve have an Instagram @ThePrestonandSteveShow.

Intern 007 is trying to get laid he’s on “Tinder” a dating website. Kick Ass 2 Screening


  Time: 9:47-9:58

Grampy Grand Prix Traffic  ShartOuts Bizarre File Hawaii man filed lawsuit against Delta that he had to crawl across the tarmac up and down the stairs of the aircraft and into his seat because he was unable to use his legs. They said they didn’t want to help because of liability reasons. Two 28 yr old woman arrested after disorderly conduct at a Chuck E Cheese. House covered in flattened beer cans remains a landmark and art project in Houston. He began papering his walls with 50k of beer cans from drinking a 6pack every day. Two badminton players in trouble after an on court brawl and may face fines. In the Olympics they took back a metal from one of the teams because they lost on purpose. Grampy Grand Prix is August 23rd at Speed Raceway in Horsham, PA this time we have Grandfather’s racing send an e-mail with your information and your story. The winner of each heat goes onto the final race to win 1st prize a tropical vacation for 2 to the grandchild.

 Time: 10:09-10:29

Preston and Steve’s Daily Rush. Nick Murphy is working on a video for Chelsea for Philly’s Hottest for Miss August. Tattoosday Listener Mike is from Germany and just got his green card. He really likes living here being a resident. This Fri he’s going back to Germany to visit family, he got an old school anchor. He said it was a little bit painful. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Sai reveals that he loves to drink and is drunk throughout the day also admits he loves killing old woman and using their skin for a pillow case. Miley Cyrus admits she likes to smoke pot over drinking because she never has a hangover also admits she loves killing old woman and using their skin for pillow cases. Gay Jewish white supremacist terrorizing Anderson Cooper judge suggest that he should take a gander at white supremacist brochure. Lesson A Music News JJ. Kale musician wrote the songs cocaine and after midnight made famous by Eric Clapton died suffering a heart attack on Fri. Soundtrack to Metallica released on Sept 24th will highlight last year’s shows. White zombie fans will never see a reunion for the band. Regis says shut up, no more white zombie get over it. Korn’s 11th album out on Oct 1st . Time: 10:38-10:46

STP with Chester Bennington Preston likes that grungy sound to them. Wrap Up:

 thanks to the winner of smallest penis. Kathy hated the interview thought the whole thing sucked. LOTD: A Pierre singing. Boomeranging for Preston. This is not going to the museum of broadcasting, blocks of Incusbus, Ozzie, Black Crowes. Grampy Grand Prix.





 Lesson Q: What is Hitler’s son’s name?


Lesson A: Skip



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