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Tomorrow on the show: Nick Gilronan – Winner of the Small Penis Contest

Track  1                                  Time 6:13-6:25

Good Morning! Weather. Traffic. News Police and fire rescue crews were called when a vehicle veered off the road and crashed in the Schuylkill River. A tour bus filled with Italians plunged off the road in Italy killing thirty-seven people. Power has been restored shortly before ten o’clock due to flooding issues. Sports The Tigers won against the Phillies who are currently on their eight straight loss. The Eagles, Jeremy Maclin, tore his ACL & will be out for training camp. 30,000 people showed up at The Link yesterday for Eagles’ training camp. Donovan McNabb is retiring from football and will be holding a press conference. Brek Shea scored a goal, giving the United States a win over Panama. Preston received his Scuba certification over the weekend and is physically drained. Nick drove back from Cape May and somehow made it in studio in an hour and a half. Wow.

Track  2                                  Time 6:37-7:07

Live to Rise by Soundgarden! Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Geddy Lee; 60, Patti Scialfa; 60, Wil Wheaton; 41, Tony Sirico; 71, Ken Burns; 60, Stephen Dorff; 40, Marilyn Quayle; 64. SA. Entertainment News Judges state that any talk of Amanda Bynes will be put on hold until she is released from the psychiatric hospital. Lindsay Lohan has already made plans for after rehab and has reportedly bought a one-way ticket to Europe. I’m going to Amsterdam! Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty has stated that his reality television show days are over. He got a job running the Globe Theater. Peter Sarsgaard’s new movie written by his mother-in-law reportedly shares a sex scene with 19-year-old Dakota Fanning. The writers of the Sharknado decided to make a sequel, but are not re-casting Tara Reid. Miranda Kerr has stated that her husband, Orlando Bloom, likes feet. Shirley Jones, in a recent interview, said that accepting a television role diminished her acting career. Michael J. Fox chatted about how his Parkinson Disease plays a role in his new television show, The Michael J. Fox Show. Jennifer Aniston clears up relationship rumors with the press and stated that they are not rushing to get married. NBC announced that they want to continue working with Jay Leno after he gives up his spot to Jimmy Fallon. Clips Hank Azaria talks about being the Evil Wizard in the Smurfs 2. Laura Prepon talks about being a drug-smuggling lesbian on Orange is the New Black.

Track  3                                  Time 7:17-7:53

Linkin Park on 93.3! Philly’s Hottest. Traffic. Daily Rush videos are up on Preston and Steve! The rain yesterday was record breaking with 8 inches within a couple hours. There was extreme flooding in the area, even the stadium was completely flooded! Nick was down the shore yesterday and purposely didn’t drive from the shore last night. A cycle like that last night only comes around 300-400 years. Power went out at the airport and people were waiting for flights for hours. Using a word definition incorrectly Terrific actually means to cause terror. Preston remembers when terrific was used in the Hindenburg crash. Ironic, travesty, peruse, bemused, and recalcitrant were also on the list. Nauseous is not used to describe a feeling, but something that caused you to feel like that. Phrase also change like; I could care less should be I couldn’t care less. Matt Cord hates when Preston uses unbenounced. Many people mess up fewer and lesser. Casey tries not to end a sentence in a preposition. Just say a-hole after! Nick thinks less of a person when they use grammar wrong. Kathy always gets nervous when using me vs. I in a sentence.

SQ: What type of doctor was Cary Elwes’ character in the horror film “Saw”?

SA: Oncologist

Track  1                                  Time 8:06-8:18

93.3! Traffic. Cherry Hill Volkswagen. Bizarre File A 95 year old suburban man who pulled out a knife and a shoehorn on the police, died after the police tased him.  22 year old Derek Mosley walked into a gun store with a bat in hand and smashed a display case. The manager pulled a gun on him and demanded him drop the bat and leave. AA vacationer said that he caught an octopus, but then realized that it was the second 6 armed octopuses known in the wild. A hazmat team had to decontaminate many bible school campers after they were sprayed by liquid ass. Kentucky State Police are investigating a case where a man exploded due to smoking with an oxygen tank.

Track  2                                  Time 8:28-8:51

Lonely Boy by The Black Keys. Wow. Traffic. Preston is now Scuba Certified. He is now was card carrying PADI diver. Steve’s wife is scuba certified and absolutely loves diving. Preston’s kids did it with him and weren’t scared at all. With each diver you become more comfortable. Bethlehem has one of the largest fresh water dives called Dutch Springs. It’s a flooded quarry that closed in 1908 and currently has sunken boats, buses, airplanes, and mining equipment for you to discover. Since the water in spring fed, it’s very cold and has a good amount of fish. Preston wants to go to a tropical destination and go diving. Preston thinks that getting into these activities and adventures are important. There is nothing wrong with the sub-par equipment. Casey is thinking of getting his certification. Casey bought a little motor for the water that pulls him around. Elysium.

Track  3                                  Time 9:03-9:36

Van Halen! Traffic.  Preston’s kids start school August 26th way before Labor Day. There was talk to elongate the school year and instead of month long breaks, they would have weeklong breaks. There is talk we are getting rid of daylights saving time. Sections on Indiana already don’t participate in daylights saving time. How many questions, on average, a four-year-old makes per day. The answer; 400 questions. Casey has four children and gets questions on a daily basis. You have to be careful in your responses because it will bring on another question. Can’t you say things like Mommy’s dead? Preston finds himself saying “it’s just because I said soI could punch you so hard. Preston uses “shut-up” to his kid every so often. Nick and Kathy don’t say it to their children. …I tell my real model daughter to sit on my hand. Steve has said the f-word in front of Casey’s kids a couple of times. Casey can’t wait when he is able to curse in front of his children.  He says “you silly little person!” Toy Cigarettes are extremely popular and are on the rise. Casey has one and is smoking in the studio. 95 South. Steve hears how successful people are with these cigarettes. However, they might not be as safe as everyone thinks they are. Dr. Mike is on the phone and says there is no good reason to smoke. Do not put anything in your lungs and Nicotine Gum is a lot better way to quit smoking. Some of these toy cigarettes are from China and you aren’t sure what’s actually in the smoke. Kid Kraddick dropped dead of a brain aneurism which scares Preston. High blood pressure, issues with blood vessels, and bad luck are factors that lead to an aneurism. Acute change in vision and horrible headaches are warning signs. Preston still thinks smoking looks pretty cool, but only in a three piece suit & with all your teeth. Will you pop an M&M in my joy hole, that’s what I call it when Kathy’s around.

Track  1                                  Time 9:46-9:55

Oasis! Weather. Traffic. Totally Office Calendar & Joseph Anthony. Bizarre File A North Texas woman is recovering after a swarm of bees attacked her and her miniature ponies killing her ponies. An inflatable bounce house exploded over the weekend injuring the children. Wonder Woman and Supergirl now have a Pakistani counterpart called Burka-Avenger who uses a black burka to hide her identity. They are using the superhero in order to promote women’s education and the importance of the environment. A Long Island man who purchased a storage container found it was Bond’s Lotus car. No one was aware that this was the iconic car, not even the buyer.

Track  2                                  Time 10:07-10:23

Smashing Pumpkins. Wow. Traffic. Supposedly the turn pike is extremely packed and one Listener has been stuck for the whole Preston & Steve broadcast. Phillies and Braves. LQ. Hollywood Trash Fashion Star, the design show, has been canceled after two short seasons. Diane Lane will play Hilary Clinton in a four hour NBC mini-series. John Williams, the composer behind Star Wars, will be returning for Star Wars episode 7. LA. Music News Disturbed front man David Draiman has condemned Pink Floyd member, Rodger Waters, for using the Jewish star of David on a pig balloon at his concert. A group of 30-40 member of Michigan attempted to ban the band Godsmack from playing at their local fair. However, they were unsuccessful and the show will continue. Church members did not like the front man because he practices Wicca. Preston grandmother would make homemade pickles. Strokes drummer has split with his girlfriend, Kristen Wiig. The split was amicable and they will continue to be friends. Free Music Monday.

Track  3                                  Time 10:34-10:43

Nirvana on MMR! Weather. Cherry Hill Daily Rush.  Philly’s Hotttest. Preston is absolutely exhausted from scuba diving this weekend. Preston showed up at Dutch Springs at 7:30 in the morning on Saturday and Sunday, there was already a line of people waiting to get into the water. Pierre says that Preston is the new Lloyd Bridges. Preston says that Flipper was the reason why he always wanted to dive. Flipper was the Lassie of the water. Gentle Ben was a large bear that was like Flipper. The show starred Clint Howard, who now looks like a smashed ass. The Jerk has the best dog, its name was s-head. Ben Stiller did his own parody and the dog was named Manson like Marilyn Manson.  Rambo Dicksack was the assistant trainer to Lassie. LOTD. Wow.

LQ: Where does tracheostomy man want Kathy to pop an M&M?

LA: Joy Hole


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