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Time 6:10-6:24
Humidity is making its way back in. Traffic News body found last night in Neshaminy Creek is 18 yr old Perry Krewson. Kidnapper Ariel Castro will appear in court for raping and kidnapping 3 woman for over a decade. He’s been charged with 977 counts. NJ officials made permanent on toll cheats. You are expected to pay them they aren’t donations. Sports Cardinals beat Phillies completing series sweep. Phils lost 5 in a row. Eagles training camp everyone insists they don’t know who will start as QB this season. Natasha Leggero & Glenn Howerton will be on the show

 Time 6:36-7:14
Crash by DMB is one of Boyd Tinsley’s favorites. Traffic All of the interns took the McDonald’s coffee and Preston & Nick didn’t get any. Stupid Q Birthdays Mick Jagger 70, Roger Taylor 64, Helen Mirren 68, Kate Beckinsale 40, Jeremy Piven 48 Sandra Bullock 49, Kevin Spacey 54. Stupid A Entertainment News Doctors say Amanda Bynes is suffering from a severe mental illness w/ schizophrenic tendencies. Star Wars I never had a wooky fingerblasting that’s like 18 inches long JJ Abrams circling the idea of having Zac Efron & Ryan Gosling to play major roles in the film. I just shot my load got anything Vader? Why don’t you punch her? Giraldo doesn’t think his twitter photo was all that scandalous. His 18 yr old daughter told him to take it down. Anthony Weiner’s alter ego as “Carlos Danger” I am back to tell you stories of romance and my pee pee…have you seen the stories? I’ve gotta a big pee pee. Bam Margera arrested in Iceland for destroying a rental car. Preston thinks he told us this story when he was here last. Bruce Willis and Mary Louise Parker were caught by surprised when an interview got a bit tense. Clips Will Yun Lee in The Wolverine Bill Hader Hot Fuzz screening

 Time 7:26-7:52
Friday morning the weather is going to be beautiful today. It’s a great day to play hooky or be a hooker. Kathy has a quick hooker story from the Hooker Files. She saw a girl walking down the street a “Conshahooker” drove past and saw her face and was pretty sure it was a H.S. girl dressed like a slut. Phillys Hottest Short Shorts Video of Woman Throwing Tantrum husband takes video of wife throwing a tantrum about wanting to go to the lake. Kathy thinks the woman is PMSing. The husband is egging her on and she becomes a 10yr old. Listener had ex-gf who would scream and hit him if she didn’t get her way like going to the movies etc. Kathy’s mom was worse when she went through Menopause. She says she was evil. Listener Chris’ gf kicked the windshield and shattered it from throwing a tantrum. Kathy lights a stogie. Kathy could flip out on Dennis I hate your fruit salad! It doesn’t make sense, watermelon and pineapple! Listener says she’s clearly in need of medication, says she has borderline personality disorder. The guy was interviewed afterwards says she has drinking problems and tried to patch things up she tried to convince her friends that he was bad to her. He filed a restraining order against her. Anonymous caller speaking from a male perspective there was a point in his life where he was acting just like the woman in this video. He didn’t realize until afterwards how he was acting.

Stupid Q: What type of liquor is the prime ingredient in a Singapore Sling?
Stupid A: Gin

 Time 8:04-8:23
Glenn Howerton will call in soon and comedian Natasha Leggero will be here. Traffic. Two days in a row P&S on the Chive. Shart Outs Kathy made that up. Listener in S.C plays podcasts on trip up to Philly. Claire, who is in studio, sent an e-mail in for a shart-out. Bizarre File woman had finger blown off when grenade shell she bought at a trade show exploded in her hand. Man floating on an inner tube suffered broken bones after a man jumping off a bridge landed in his lap. Body fell from an Air France plan over Niger discovered lifeless. Family went bankrupt after spending 100k on beanie babies. Kathy could have given them her collection. They’re in a trash bag in a crawlspace in her parents’ house. Childhood Toys Worth Money Teddy Ruxbin, Giga Pets, Tamagachi, they kept furbys in the studio to see if they’d communicate with eachother’s There’s a supersoaker for $349. We’re The Millers Screening

 Time 8:34-8:59
Mind Your Manners Pearl Jam. We’re having a Pearl Jam weekend. Traffic Its “Freeballin’ Friday” Preston finally went to the Mann Music Center after 17 years. He took his sons to the Philadelphia Orchestra performing Legends of Zelda. The conductor is pregnant, or he hopes she’s pregnant. Murph and Michelle are in the hospital right now, she’s about to give birth to their first child. Listener dropped off cupcakes and writes a note to his gf. Dolphins Use Whistle to Communicate Dolphins have unique whistle to identify each other. Study from lingerie store Intimacy the average womens’ bra size has increased to 34B-34DD over 20 years. Women purchasing the right size bras now. Women Buying the Right Bras It might have something to do with weight gain or hormones in food. During the Revolutionary war the average man was 3 feet tall. Casey wants to know what margarine is. Margarine made from hydrogenated plant oils. Kathy can tell the difference between the butter and margarine. Difference Between Margarine & Butter There’s a chef in the city that made their dish with margarine and Kathy couldn’t eat it Steve uses the spray margarine. Smoking and Drinking go Hand and Hand alcohol boosts dopamine in the brain and the greater level of pleasure you feel. Hot Fuzz & Worlds End Screening
Track 3 Time 9:10-9:44
Traffic Natasha Leggero in Studio. Steve loved the show Burning Love that she’s in. She looks like she has a big bush she does have hairy arms. She got a bikini wax at the airport at the Delta terminal. Preston’s kids heard him talking about her hairy bush. Remembers the second she graduated H.S. she left town by herself. She once answered phones in a brothel, in Australia, at 23 she lived with a 45 yr old man. She quit the same day when they wanted her to clean the towels. She’s ranked 100% on Wikifeet. She’s a size 6 foot. The next in line is Emma Stone and Megan Fox. She likes a man who feelings of superiority, she likes swagger. She has someone she’s practicing emotions on right now. She’s dating someone in the industry. Glenn Howerton on the Phone they worked together on season 2 of Its Always Sunny. College Humor have such a loyal fan base they produced the movie Coffee Town that he’s in. Ben Schwartz. Its about people who set up shop in a coffee shop. Rolling Stone interview misquoted him. He re-read the interview and he made it sound like it was the end of the show with season 10. He should have said it was a misunderstanding. He quickly corrected himself. People started tweeting to him thinking he was talking about the cover of Rolling Stone, its easy to get misunderstood. He went to see Charlie’s film Pacific Rim and loved it. The baby is almost 2 he’s doing great. Natasha thinks Philly is a beautiful city. She saw a bunch of girls dressed up walking down the street she thinks it from the Beyonce concert.



 Time 9:54 – 10:05
Traffic. Miller Lite Paid Internship Contest. Preston’s scuba lessons. Kathy’s scared of drowning. Bizarre File. 27 year old man was rebuffed by 2 men who punched him in the face when he offered to perform a magic trick for them. Police say priest was carjacked in front of Wilmington church. Same church broken in to earlier this week. Surveillance video caught bear walking in to bar. The Wave, a forbidden area of Utah dessert, claimed 3rd hiking victim this month. Woman died while husband went to get help.

 Time 10:15 – 10:32
Just had an Emergency Alert System Test (EAS) Preston wants the audio of the person fixed, you can never understand. Casey is swimming laps after the show today. Kathy says she can swim faster than him. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Debbie Rowe testify in MJ case that he was a hardcore drug addict, he was never and addict because he always wanted to set a good example for the boys he was molesting. Ireland Baldwin quoted on Twitter every daughter has a daddy who’s proud of his pig. Lesson A Music News Wes Scantlin trashed with a sledgehammer and saw his next door neighbor’s patio. His neighbors say the problem has been going on for a while. She thinks he’s jealous of the view of her patio. Slipknot front man Corey Taylor says he wants his 3rd book to be his collection of columns he’s been writing. Pearl jam released a free app it’s a really good app it shuts your phone off Nick says they have a “lighter” feature on for a concert and each time he brings it up it shuts his phone off. Maybe it’s an Eddie Veddar joke make sure it shuts his phone off, I don’t like him.AC/DC are on a list of 50 wealthiest families. Zip lining package.

Time 10:43 – 10:52

Thank you to Natasha Leggero she’ll be at Helium Comedy Club this weekend and Glenn Howerton from Its Always Sunny he’s in Coffee Town which is on itunes now. Preston’s wife’s cousin is in from Sweden. Wrap Up Letter of the Day: O It’s a glorious day today and this weekend it’ll be a little more humid to mid 80’s. Pierre is wearing pink shorts and pink Chuck Taylors. Word of the Week PHOTO Pierre played Jessica from the Allman Brothers on Vinyl yesterday and he replayed a part where it steps up and kicks in he wanted to play it again. you can find out little things about different songs. Next week we’ll have a lot of cool stuff going on in the studio Simon Pegg and Nick Frost will be in along with Frank Caliendo and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Lesson Q: What did the bear order at Estes Park, CO?

Lesson A: Harvey Wallbanger

Letter of the Day: O


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