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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:15-6:25
Good Morning. Weather. Traffic. News: A chesco/delco fire claimed lives of
two children, 9 and 6, a 4 year old is in critical condition. Train
derailment in Spain, the worst in decades, speed maybe the cause.
Borgata¹s now controlling the weight of their waitress, ³the Borgata
Babes². Sports: Phillies lost 4th straight game. Veteran Eagles report to
Training Camp today. In soccer the USA beat Honduras; they move on to play
Panama in the Gold Cup Final. Today Bill Engvall and Hugh Jackman.

Time 6:37-7:12
Foo Fighters on a much cooler morning. Traffic. Preston was sending an
apologize text to his wife, over forgetting to put clothes in dryer. Her
cousin took the train all the way from Sweden. SQ Birthdays: Matt Leblanc,
46. Iman,58. Preston¹s mom¹s birthday. SA. Cheesy caller of the week, SA
was Clay Akin. Grilled Cheese. Entertainment News: Amanda Bynes  on a 24
psychotics hold, doctors believe schizophrenia. She will not be charged
with trespassing or arson. Murray will drop a nuclear bomb at the wrongful
death of Michael Jackson, if called up to the stand. George Alexander
Louis his royal highness will be known as Prince George of Cambridge as
announced by the Clearance House. The Queen of England is the Katherine
Jackson of England. Birthing Videos: Listener send in video of a women
standing up alone in her house delivering her baby, unassisted. Casey
won¹t let us turn it off because he wants to see boobs. Johnny Depp on
Lone Rangers underperformance in the US. Steve talking as a British critic
yelling questions at Johnny Depp and him not understanding what he was
saying. How did these movies get sequels, it is based on how it did
worldwide. Johnny Depp as one of the Brady kids. Alec Baldwin got angry
about no valet parking in NYC restaurant, claimed that it was for his
pregnant wife not to deal with the heat. We want to like him, but cant.
John Travolta co-starring on look whose talking with Kristy Allen. Glen
Howerton said that tenth season of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia will
be the last. They are basically running their own channel. Clips:
Christian Slayer on Stranded. Bruce Springsteen still gets butterflies
before all of his performances. Steve is singing as Bruce, he is singing
the song from the Wrestler. Casey saw a cat with six feet. UA movie passes

Time 7:24-7:54
Hugh Jackman today. Traffic. Philly¹s hottest short shorts. Beyonce was in
the middle of a song, hair got caught in the fan, kept going. Hair
Problems: Kathy was in Manayank, her hair was on fire. Steve¹s lanyard
gets in the way. Intern Peyton has long hair. Casey was smacking a girl on
the back of her head because the cherry of her cig fell into her hair.
Long hair during sex sucks. Caller Brian got hair caught in an engine.
Pierre¹s hair caught on fire in Nick¹s apartment burned hair smells is
awful. Preston¹s ³pet² bat almost nose dove into pool. Bush Senior shaved
his head for a child who has cancer. Old person smell is a compound.
Wonder Bear the mascot from Gillian¹s Wonderland Pier, found in dumpster.
Mascot¹s of Philly moose, rabbit and kangaroo all things to do with
Philadelphia. Batman lambo and Bentley stole has a suspect, Dennis
Holdman. Lambo¹s are so much to drive, Casey thought it was uncomfortable.
Steve got a Maserati to drive, it was confusing
Jacky Bam Bam still has the club. Rocky seven about Apollo creed¹s
grandson. Stallone wants to get back to it. He needs the eye of the tiger.
Preston¹s new band name easy tree. Casey freaked out about Carl weather¹s
possibly being dead. Rocky is the new Mickey, he is Rickey Creed a story
of a bird; new movie rocky and the bird.

SQ: What is the first name of Eakins, who Eakins Oval in Philadelphia is
named after?

SA: Thomas Eakins

Time 8:05 -8:15
Kings of Leon new song, we like. Traffic. Email from Pip Freak world
record with 1500 hypodermic needles. Life has been up and down, mostly
down. Time for a road trip $3,000, kickstarter. Congrats to East
Brandywine Bulls won state championship. Bizarre Files: Florida police are
investigating the theft of three strap-ons from a storage unit valued at
$300, Oh that was a strap on I thought it was the real thing. Tattoo on
chest of Anthony Gracia lead him to be arrested because the tattoo
depicted the murder scene. Homicide at prison due to wet toilet paper. Man
causes international incident caused after drinking beer and drunkenly
swimming to Canada.

Time 8:28 -8:46
Weather is awesome. Traffic. The UM Game: everyone has written down a few
categories. Caller Jim: Philadelphia Eagles winner. Go Ape, Treetop
Adventure. Caller John: Going commando winner. We¹re the Millers Caller
Anthony: Going to the movies We¹re the Millers Caller JoAnn: Facebook Go
Ape, Treetop Adventure Caller David: Royal Baby Go Ape, Treetop Adventure
Caller Matt: Dating Zelda Caller Heather: Shellfish We¹re the Millers
Caller Steve: traffic Go Ape, Treetop Adventure Caller James:Nose picking

Time 8:53- 9:30
Weather. Hugh Jackman. Saw the orchestra last time he was in Philly. He¹s
a founding member of the Philadelphia union so he has to get down and
check it out. Preston said just when he didn¹t think he could be more in
shape the see this incredible picture of him as Wolverine. He jokes that
its photo shopped. He asked Dwayne Johnson for help adding muscle. There
was no acting involved because he was angry about the diet. He says the
film is different and fresh and it doesn¹t matter if you haven¹t seen the
others. He says the director gets the best people for the film and gets
the best out of them. He wanted to focus on the 20 seconds before
Wolverine losses it, that where the character lives. That specify is
really unique. He really appreciate the WMMR screening. Bill Engvall. has
to follow Hugh Jackman, now he has to do the interview in an accent, has
to train for an animated series. All starts in the kitchen. The series was
fun to do record. Weird to see self as a cartoon. His character has a
goatee from hell, but better the Blue Collar tour doll a cross between
Robert Goulet and Frankenstein. Not as edgy as Family Guy. Worked in
radio, club DJ here comes Cheyanne, gentlemen get out your wallets. He
fall back career. Blue Collar theme park or city, not a Disneyland for
Rednecks. Traffic. Marissa had a blast in the jet to Boston and she saw
Jay-Z! Sleeping on Planes: Woman sleeping on man¹s stomach during flight.
Kathy woke up with a big black man huddling in terror around her arm. On
the other side an emotional wreck. Would rather ride next to a disruptive
child than a smelly person. Preston was totally wrong about a turbo prop.
Marissa got Hova wrong, its Hov. Passengers are like a roulette wheel, fat
guy next to Preston, he feels for the guy. I¹m sorry I can tell you all
about turbo props. Policy on arm rest, unspoken rule, share for 50% of the
flight. Steve hates the guy who slams the recline. Preston hates the
reclining. Skymall next brace looks like you are wearing a thigh master,
Excuse me sir where you in some kindof accident, NO I was taking a nap
Sweatshirt pillow, pumpkin head pillow, Preston loves Skymall, original of
Hova, Jehovah, Jay-Z is the God and Savior of rap. Kanye is Jesus. Steve
thinks all of this is horrible, Preston is closed minded when it comes to
music, Casey agrees closed minded fool who knows nothing about turbo
props. He like Bruno Mars and Soup. Wolverine Passes

Time 9:43 ­- 9:56
Trip to NYC for the We are the Millers. Traffic. A variable pitch
propellers not a turbo prop. We need to do a show that has a fact checker,
bears can play the piano ­ Not true, everyone hates being wrong. Preston
and Steve fact checker. Centurions Christmas in July: Joe Mason and
Stephanie from Shriner¹s Hospital. The hospital is for kids with spine
injuries and developmental issues all non-profit. Helps them restock their
toy room. Over 500 bikes on Board Street. Weather is going to be awesome.
8:30 on Sunday, unwrapped toys no stuffed animals. $20 a biker, $30 a
rider. Bizarre Files: Caretaker hired to safe guarded $100,000 of 100 year
old whiskey, drank all of it over a 12 month period. He denies drinking
the alcohol. Women found naked in public with head wedged in railing after
having sex with boyfriend. Lifeguards save woman in Brazil just to be
attacked and killed by a bull shark. Wolverine Passes

Time 10:07- 10:15
Daily rush today is the Great Pop Culture Challenge. Kevin played for
someone and they are now listeners. LQ Hollywood Trash: Kate Middleton and
Prince Willam¹s ex wife, Sarah Freguson failed to convince them to name it
Rihanna was pushed to tears, she could is London, she could she France and
their underpants. Kayne has spent on gold toilet seats from
money he earn from singing songs about the man keeping him down. Caller
Joe LA Music News: Wes Scantlin has been arrested because he vandalized
neighbors property with a sled hammer and buzz saw. AlterBridge to release
album in October, pushed themselves harder and more unpredictable. New STP
frontman Chester has been named. Rob Zombie wrote and direct Broad street
Bullies, now with funding and casting. Casting will be hard because a lot
of actors cannot skate. Plans to shot of movie completely in Philadelphia.
Italian U2 fan site announces that tour. Preston wants to see Joshua Tree
preformed in its entirety. A thief stole Flock of Seagulls van was stolen
$70,000 worth of property, but the hard drive for solo files was the most
disheartening. Zelda

Time 10:30- 10:41
Wrap Up: Pierre¹s left clump of hair was on fire, he put it out and had a
beer, it was worse then Nick¹s. Jason¹s Back and he is tired. Pierre
describing the birthing process. This little girl being born and he was
the first face she saw and he welcomed her to the world. LOTD Work force
block of REM, collective soul and lots of beauty.

Lesson Question: A bird would never live on "Easy Street" - where would he

Lesson Answer: Easy Tree


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