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Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:08-6:17
Weather Traffic News A search was underway Tuesday night for two people
who went missing in the Neshaminy Creek in Feasterville, the search will
resume this morning. Investigators are searching for a possible police
impersonator in North Coventry Township. He was pulled a woman over and
searched her car before driving away. Former US congressman Anthony Weiner
admitted in June 2011 that he sent explicit photos to women. His wife
appeared with him at an afternoon news conference to defend her husband
for admitting to continuing sexting even after he resigned from congress.
Sports Shelby Miller threw 6 shutout innings, the card 4-1 win over
Phil¹s. Sixers introduce rookie center Noel. First Eagles training camp
was held yesterday. Michael Franzese and Sal ³Ubatz² Polisi, Lisa Ann,
Paul Mecurrio, Todd Herremans, Joe Rogan, Hottie cam girls and a meet and
eat with Taqueria Del Sol. Wolverine Screening passes.
Time 6:28-7:06
Nice Weather today Traffic. Guests on the show today. Energy Works secret
word text. SQ. Birthdays JLO is 44. Barry Bonds is 49. Michael Richards is
64. Paul Geary is 52. Anna Paquin is 31. Linda Carter is 62. Robert Hayes
is 66. SA Entertainment News Amanda Bynes was put on a psychiatric hold
for allegedly starting a small fire in the drive way of a random home.  My
schedule is filling in, I have to take a dump in an alley, drink my own
pee and start a small fire Anthony Weiner admitted yesterday his online
sexting continued. He is running for New York Mayor. Kris Jenner made her
ten daughters cringe on her talk show by admitting she faked orgasms and
joined the mile high club. Kate and Will presented their baby to the
world. Rumor has it Hally Barry was worried her ex-husband would try and
ruin her wedding. Kanye West has made a fan of Kirtsie Alley, after he had
an altercation with paparazzi in an airport. Aaron Eckhert talks about the
movie, ³I, Frankenstein.² Joe Rogan talks about his inspiration for the
show ³Joe Rogan Questions Everything². We Are the Millers screening.
                         Time 7:19-7:43
Beautiful weather finally. Salvation Army Christmas in July today in front
of the Lowes Hotel. Traffic. Michael Franzese and Sal ³Ubatz² Polisi They
prefer to refer to it as La Palamambo. Michael took the blood oath and was
able to walk away from it. Michael was really born into royalty, Sal says
he was more of a street guy. Michael father and Sal¹s uncle were charged
with bank robbery. The night the movie ³The Godfather,² premieres they
said they stole a car to celebrate. Michael grew up knowing Joe Columbo.
Michael made a lot of money for the family through a gas scam. He became a
major target of police. When he fell in love with his now wife he knew he
had to make a change. Giuliani really worked hard against the mob around
that time. When you live this life style you can never really relax. He¹s
writing a screenplay and has done some movies. Organized crime was a lot
different 30-40 years ago. Michael realized his family¹s differences early
on. So he grew up hating the police because his father was the John Gotti
of his time. He got a 10 year sentence and served 8 of it. They didn¹t
have much interaction with the Philly Mob. Casey asks Michael if he¹s
still in trouble now. He says let me put it this way I¹m not gonna go back
to Brooklyn and say hey guys I¹m moving back. They stuck Sal in Texas for
the witness protection program and thought he was going to blend in. Show
³Inside the American Mob² airs Sunday on Natgeo.
Stupid Q: First in war first in peace first in the hearts of his
countrymen was part of the Eulogy for what president?
Stupid A: George Washington
                         Time 7:53-8:22
Hottie Cam Girls from Delilah¹s and Lisa Ann are in studio. Traffic.
Taqueria Del Sol brought food in. Live on Fox Good Day. They are all sick
of photos of food and drinks posted on social media sites and
inspirational quotes. Steve says there is an app called social fixer that
allows you to block certain things from your feed. Bizarre file 22 year
old alligator wrestler needs to undergo several arm surgeries after a
1,000 lb alligator attack. A man is dead after he plunged into the Indian
River on a lawn mower. The man had regularly mowed the lawn on a river
front propriety. Ernie Duff wife fled their truck while a bridge counter
weight fell and flattened their car. Surveillance video shows a man
stealing a baby alligator from his cage and sticking it under his shirt.
Australian man pulled over on Monday for having two blown tires and did
not have a steering wheel. Lisa Ann The most popular porn star in the
world. Once she was with her parents in a star bucks and the barista
mentioned he loved her gang bangs. Her parents laughed. She is from Easton
Pa. She spent the fourth of July at Lake Wallenpaupack. She is hosting the
Diamond G-String event at Delilah¹s. An industry friend of hers, Lucas
Stone, had a stroke and she is trying to help raise money for him. Last
time Lisa was here they did Nailin Lincoln with Pituation. She thinks they
should do an Anthony Wiener spin off like she did Nailin Pallin.
Delilah¹s. Taqueria del Sol
                   Time 8:37-8:57
Hottie Cam girls from Delilahs. Diamond G- string show is tonight.
Taqueria del Sol. Traffic Energy Works secret text word. Paul Mecurrio  He
just got his son a cell phone and doesn¹t think it needs a case, isn¹t the
cell phone the case? You don¹t laminate a baby. He doesn¹t think Weiner
should not run because he did what he did he thinks he¹s not qualified to
hold office because he was so stupid that he threw everything away for
virtual sex. Paul talked with Paul McCartney. He was at the Colbert report
helping out and saw McCartney standing in a hall way all alone. He said he
was incredibly charming. He went to the bathroom and hyperventilated after
talking to him. He went back and asked him if he would be on his podcast
and he said yeah, sure. He didn¹t know how to react. McCartney said that
they could set it up because his assistant would just muck it up so they
exchanged numbers. Paul left him a voicemail right after and they did the
podcast right after. He wanted it to be about creating music. Delilah¹s.
                 Time 9:11-9:33
Pleasant weather today Traffic Delilah¹s Diamond G-string. The Lamborghini
and Bentley stolen from East Falls have been found. TV¹s South Korean TV
maker will start to sell curved TV screens  in the U.S. there about $15K.
Bob and Ron¹s World Wide Stereo. Casey bought a TV a few months ago and
the TV was so clear that it seemed fake. He had to mess with the picture
and bring it down a notch. Steve tells kids at his house that they can¹t
touch the TV. You can¹t go past here or unky Steve will snap your neck.
Casey has a TV with voice and hand commands. Steve says Siri never
understands his wife because of her Long Island accent. Life Satisfaction
Researchers have revealed that life satisfaction peaks when your 23 and 69
years old. When Casey was 23 he was working with Preston and Steve. Casey
needed to go to Woodstock for work and cried to his father asking him for
money to go. Human contentment follows a U shaped pattern. Taqueria del Sol
                       Time 9:43-10:01
Preston, Steve and Casey will be in front of the Lowes Hotel today after
the show for Salvation Army Christmas in July fundraiser Traffic. Todd
Herremans He has a new hair style. Training camp is not in Lehigh this
year. They did a news story about what¹s not happening in Lehigh.
Everything they¹re doing is going to be at Nova Care and then they will go
back to their hotel. Cramping was always an issue in Lehigh. He isn¹t sure
if he¹ll get to go home during training camp. Kelly has on his schedule
that they need 10 hours of sleep. His foot is doing better. He has gone
fishing with Trent Cole but not hunting. He starts training camp tomorrow.
He¹s excited to see what happens this season. The first pre-season game is
August 9th. They open their regular season against the Red Skins. Todd
thinks Andy Reid shouldn¹t be booed, but there will be some guys in the
stands that do it. Casey¹s friend yelled at a 10 year old kid ŒI banged
your mom last night!¹ because he was wearing the opposing team¹s jersey.
                          Time 10:09-10:45
Great Weather. Preston, Steve and Casey will be in front of the Lowes
Hotel today after the show for Salvation Army Christmas in July
fundraiser. Bizarre File Greek Police report a 16 year old kid shot
himself in the foot to impress a girl. Rjukan, Norway is encircled by sun
obstructing mountains September- march the sun can¹t reach the area. They
are placing mirrors to redirect sunlight into the town so there is a sunny
place for residents to gather. Two men were attacked in Harlem by a gang
with a hammer. The first man was jumped and the second was attacked an
hour later. A 50 year old Brooklyn man fell off a building after he was
lured by women promising sex. The victim was jumped by men on top of the
rough and was massed before falling to his death. LQ. Hollywood Trash.
Amanda Bynes has been hospitalized on a psychiatric hold. Former real
world bike messenger puck was arrested agin. Rose McGowan is engaged to
Davey Detail and couldn¹t be more thrilled. LA Joe Rogan New show, ³Joe
Rogan Questions Everything,² is perfect for Joe. He went to SyFy with the
idea. The last time his mind was blown was yesterday, he was talking to a
scientist about simulation theory. The theory is that if human beings stay
alive we will create something that will interact with you mind the same
way reality does. This will definitely happen, but has it already? Would
you be able to tell? His show ³Joe Rogan Questions Everything,² premiers
tonight at 10 on SyFy. Tonight¹s episode is about Bigfoot. He wants to get
back to Philly.  He would describe it as really smart people that will
punch you. Breaking News: Hugh Jackman is coming in tomorrow. Music News
Sound garden plans to take a break from touring after they finish their
European trek. Casey farted on air, but he thinks it was the chair. Anchor
Bay entertainment has released the first trailer for horror film, ³Nothing
Left to Fear,² produced by Slash. Hinder lost Austin Winkler to a stint in
rehab and members of band were just injured in car accident. Secret Text
                       Time 10:56-11:02
Foo Fighters. Preston, Steve and Casey will be in front of the Lowes Hotel
today after the show for Salvation Army Christmas in July fundraiser. Wrap
Up Secret Text word. The word was Steamy. Thank you to guests we had on
the show today. Pierre needs an upgrade from his current TV. We¹ll get you
a color set. Taqueria del sol. LOTD
LQ: In order to prevent intruders what should the mote around Hally
Barry¹s wedding be filled with?
LA: Gorillas

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