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Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:07-6:21
Weather Traffic. News Police are searching for thieves who drove off in 2
luxury cars. 2 men broke into an apartment at about 1 am. They stole a
2006 Lamborghini  and a 2006 Bentley, a flat screen TV and $1500 in cash.
The front landing gear of a flight collapsed on Monday flying in to New
York¹s LaGaurdia airport. The air craft skidded down the track before
coming to a stop. Prince William¹s wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave
birth Monday afternoon. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are thrilled
to be grandparents. Sports. Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun was
suspended for the remainder of the season yesterday for drug use. Phillies
hope to end their 2 game losing streak opening a 3 game series against the
Cardinals. Devils have agreed to a one year contract with Jaromir Jagr. We
have a lot of guests coming in. Liscio¹s is stopping in today. Jason,
Pierre¹s producer, welcomed a new daughter yesterday as well. They did a
super natural birth. They did it in a sand box. Wolverine.
Time 6:34-7:08
Weather Traffic. SQ Birthdays. Slash is 48. Daniel Radcliff is 24. Omar
Epps is 40. Monica Lewinski is 40. Marlon Wayans is 41. Charisma Carpenter
is 43. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is 46. Woody Harrelson is 52. SA.
Entertainment News. Prince William and wife Kate welcomed a baby boy to
the world yesterday. Their child is now third in line for the thrown. It
sucks because Harry just got bumped by a kid who¹s pooping his pants. Law
and Order star Dennis Farina died yesterday from a blood clot in his lung.
Sasha Baron Cohan was pulled out of playing Freddie Mercury in the
upcoming Queen documentary. It¹s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will
premiere Wednesday. Amanda Bynes allegedly tried to steal pot from her
dealer. Lisa Kudrow does not support the idea of a Friends Reunion. Dina
Lohan has been banned from from contacting daughter Lindsey. Evan Rachel
Wood has not given birth yet but has urged her fans on twitter to not
support paparazzi photos of her child. Matt Lauer has allegedly been
getting flirty with a 20 year old college student. Two chains plans a cook
book to accompany his upcoming album. Clips Rachel Bilson talks about why
viewers are going to love the movie, ³The To Do List.² Famke Janssen talks
about Logan¹s character in the movie Wolverine. Hugh Jackman must have
eaten earthworms and almonds to look that good. Steve loves him. We have a
lot going on today on the show. Steve is upset because there is a
companywide block up on the Mr. Skin website. Thank God Marisa fixed the
Time 7:20-7:45
Loud thunderstorms last night. Traffic. Mr.Skin, Giuliana Rancic, and
Keenen Ivory Wayans will be on later. The Royal Baby Charles had high
hopes of one day being king but mom keeps holding on. You haven¹t eaten
your glass today. If you¹re the hospital delivering the royal baby you
must be on pins and needles. The family is really important to England.
They were reporting a bar was serving special drinks in honor of the
birth. There are bets going on about the name. James and George are
currently the top contenders. Caller Bill says there¹s nothing in the news
about 500 inmates escaping a prison in Iraq. The queen is the sovereign of
different areas of the world. Preston wants to take a trip over there. The
royal baby will be the most attractive in a long line. London Bridge is
falling down, falling down, and my milk sack. Double screening of Hot Fuzz
and World¹s End with Simon Peg and Nick Frost.
SQ: What is the eye chart called with the big E at the top?
SA: Snellen chart
Time 7:57-8:08
Metallica Keenen Ivory Wayans, Mr. Skin, and Giuliana Rancic Traffic
Bizarre File. The show Hollywood Hen Pit depicts naked actors and
mayonnaise enemas. Police say the act of sexual acts on stage is illegal.
A rare infection from a dog bite cost a mother her arm and both legs. She
fell into a coma after her dog accidently bite her and 6 weeks later when
she woke up she was informed she needed three legs amputated. A 15 year
old boy inhaled a dart from a blow gun. A woman in the UK was not served
in the drive through of a McDonald¹s because she was attempting to order
from the drive through on horse. The woman took the horse inside and it
relieved itself on the floor. Passes for Symphony of the Goddess this
Time 8:20-8:51
Liscios in today. Traffic Jason Fehon is a new father His wife did a
completely natural birth.  They had the baby at Bryn Mar Birthing Center.
She woke him up at 1:15 Monday morning.  He thought someone broke in or
there was a spider, but it was her water breaking.  Preston asked how much
came out when her water broke. He said he didn¹t ring out the sheets but
he would guess 18 oz. Teegan Margaret is the baby¹s name. She didn¹t have
to stay overnight. At one point the nurse checked her cervix and Teegan¹s
hand was sticking out.  They pushed it back in and she pushed twice and
the baby was out. I push more after a Mexican meal. The vibe is clinical
but kind of like a hotel, it¹s not quite a hospital but not crunchy
granola either. The workers at the Birthing Center are Preston and Steve
fans. Preston¹s first baby was almost 24hours of pushing. His daughter got
Justin Bieber sheets recently. Marisa gets to ride the corporate jet to
Boston for an hour today. Testicles and Taste Buds. An experiment on mice
finds that testicles and the anus have taste buds that are able to sense
savory and sweet flavors. Caller Wayne lost his sense of smell he
remembers because his wife was cooking spaghetti and he couldn¹t smell it.
Caller Matt says he works with a guy who can¹t smell, so if you bust ass
in the car you don¹t have to worry about anyone complaining and you can
bask in it. Four pack of zip line passes.
Time 9:03-9:24
Weather. Philadelphia Orchestra passes for Symphony of the Goddess coming
up Traffic Keenen Ivory Wayans He and Eddie Murphy wrote Raw together.
Steve says it¹s an iconic movie for so many stand-up comedians. If he¹s in
a movie and has a scene about divorce, for instance, he will go through
and use his stand up bits as inspiration for the scene. He said they don¹t
make good, bad movies anymore. Like Sharknado. Sharknado was intended to
be crappy. When they wanted to make a big movie but only had three
dollars, those are the best. He and his 4 brothers will be going on tour
doing stand-up. They all have different personalities to bring to it.
Keenen will be at the Stress Factory. His kids pushed him to go on
Twitter, they call him ŒOldie- Von- Moldy.¹ Road Trips Preston got an
email from Ryan saying he is driving from London to Mongolia. They are in
a Daewoo done up like the General Lee. The only way anyone on the show
could do anything like this would be if they went on the road together. It
would never happen because they would kill each other. They¹re going to do
a wife swap and take the show on the road at the same time. Steve and
Kathy would have to fly. Yeah I wanna be knocked out and in a dog carrier.
Wolverine give away.
Time 9:31-9:52
Weather. Traffic. Last chance for Phillies Hottest Short Shorts. Mr. Skin.
He always wanted to do the 69 freakiest movie nude scenes of all time on
his website. Steve is a member of the site. They¹ve had nude scenes with
women with ants, midgets and more, and that¹s only 69-11. There is a woman
completely nude with a swarm on her nether regions. Kathy is going to have
nightmares. Number 9 is Drive Angry with Nicolas Cage and Charlotte Ross.
Kills guys while never exiting Charlotte Ross. The movie is in 3D. The
movie looks like a porno. Jessie Morgan has the largest natural breasts.
Number 8 is a foreign movie porno. Number 7 is a human centipede. In the
late 80¹s there was a movie called ³Basket Case² where a pair of Siamese
twins were wrongly separated at birth. The messed up twin has sex in the
movie. The doctor takes his own disembodied head and uses it to perform
sexual acts. I know Kathy is gonna throw a party with her friends and
watch them. Bizarre File Go Ape Tree Top Adventure Suspected Tennessee
burglar got a shock when he thought he stole a box of cocaine, but it was
actually human remains. A man has reported having sex with his cars. He
has never been attracted to men or women, he treats them like girlfriends.
 He has also had sex with a helicopter. In Japan people had to push a
train off a woman who became trapped. Workers tracked down a refrigerator
that was recycled; the owner of the refrigerator had their mistakenly left
their life savings in the car. Double screening of Hot Fuzz and World¹s
End with Simon Peg and Nick Frost.
Time 10:04-10:24   
Neil Young. WOW prize for ³We are the Millers² Premier. LQ tickets to
Anthony Jeselnik. Hollywood Trash. Obama congratulated Kate and William on
the baby. Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum gave birth yesterday to a baby
girl named Who Gives a Damn. Miley Cyrus had a wardrobe malfunction when
she accidently covered her exposed vagina.LA. Music News. Bruce
Springsteen Paul McCartney and U2 have signed an open letter asking for
the release of Pussy Riot. Courteny Love owes $266,861.01 in back taxes.
She is going to be in Seattle tonight for her I¹m Still Alive Tour. Pearl
Jam fans at the concert on Wrigley field on Friday were treated to a show
of epic proportions, there was a 3 hour rain delay after only 7 songs of
the 42 song set were played. Giuliana Rancic She feels very special to be
the last guest of the day. It¹s the seventh season technically, but
they¹re calling it the sixth. They can do math she says. A bunch of
producers sit around a table and ask what they have coming up.  They go
through everything they have coming up and decide what they are going to
follow them to and what they won¹t. There are some reality stars who don¹t
do anything and they have to create things for them to do. They have
enough going on to fuel the show. Bill was the first winner of the
apprentice and worked there the longest. Trump doesn¹t email, hell hand
write a letter and have it scanned.  He likes to personalize. People said
there was no way a positive show about a happily married couple would make
it a season and they are the longest running show on Style network. LOTD.
Thank you to Keenen Ivory Wayans, Mr. Skin, Liscio¹s Bakery, listener Jeff
is getting a microphone tattoo.
LQ: What kind of dessert might the Queen of England confiscate from you
LA: An Ice cream cone.

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