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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Keenan Ivory Wayans - Phoner 9AM
Mr. Skin - Phoner - 9:30
Giuliana Rancic - Phoner 10AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:07-6:22
to Monday. Weather- cooling off. Traffic. News. Police found kids in North
Philadelphia house. There was
no ac, animal feces. Nutter administration suggests taxing lap dances. It
counts as amusable tax. Royal baby is on the way. Kate in labor. First
will be 3rd in line for heir to throne. Gender and name will not be
revealed until birth announcement. Regardless of the gender the child will
the throne. Sports.
Phil Mikelson had a victory at the British open championship.  Matt Harvey
struck out 10 Phillies and they
won the game. Eagles are ready for training camp. Camp will take place in
Philly. Casey is interested to see how the season goes. He is not
expecting too
much.The Wolverine. POD coming in.
Fat Bottom Girls. Rainy but cooling off. Traffic. Segway tour through old city.
Rabi wiped out on Segway. Birthdays. David Spade 49. Willem Dafoe 58.
Albert Brooks 66. Danny Glober 67. Selena Gomez 21.Coming to philly in October. Alex Trebeck 73.
Rumored -giving up Jeopardy. Louise Fletcher 79. Bob Dole 90. Don Henley
66.Preston & Steve watched Eagles documentary. George Clinton 73. He is a
crack-head.. Box Office. Conjuring # 1 w/ $41.5 Million. Despicable me # 2.
Monsters U # 10. Entertainment. Zach Snyder says Superman & batman will be together in a movie. Geraldo Rivera tweeted a
semi-nude photo & said 70 is new 50. Wife reaction unknown but he is a top
trending topic. Glee creator plans how to deal with the death of Corey
Monteith. His character will die off. Kanye West is a felony suspect. He committed an
attempted robbery when he tried to take a paparazzi camera and attacked
him. Yeezus. Steve hates how he never smiles. The victim wants to press charges. Amanda Bynes was kicked out of
the Ritz Carlton for smoking week in her room and making a hotel staff member cry
by calling her ugly. Ordered 2000 worth of roomservice. Shailene Woodly- newest
Œit¹ girl. Jennifer Lawrence gave advice to her. Katherine Jackson testified on
wrongful death trial. She broke down. Kris Jenner has a new talk show.
Steve watched the Kardashians for 10 mins. Bruce & son having  ping-pong
tournament. Olivia Munn pulls out eyelashes because of anxiety- trichotillomania. Clips. To do list,
Time 7:18-7:43
hottie on cam. Traffic. Strip Clubs: Nutter proposes that lap dances be
taxed. Steve never had
a lap dance. There are rules about touching dancers. Clubs could lose license
is rules are broken. Guy dancers can have that happen. Preston once had a lap
dance $10. He had a triple girl lap dance. A couch dance is more expensive
than a lap dance. Preston had a
girl get in front of him in doggie position and put her legs behind his
head and slammed her butt in his face.  The girls flock to
guys who spend a lot of money. Wealthy men will rent a girl for an
afternoon. Fantasy show bar leveled over the weekend. Caller Chris: shower show $5 watch
girls shower. Someone called preston and dirty old man. In Canada, finger blasting is allowed. The
manager and Fantasy show bar was really great. Caller Matt: Fantasy show
bar, woman named Diva was double jointed. Porn star with unicorn mask will be at
cheerleaders this week.Caller Kate: BYOB strip clubs. Casey has never been
to Lou Turks. Take my cold dead fingers from cold dead fingers.

Question:world¹s largest rodent?
Stupid Answer:Capybara

Isolated vocals Queen. Traffic. Bizarre File. Midwife in hospital after being stamped and sat on by
cows. She has taken over a month to recover and may need a full year. An utter catastrophe, her condition is
half- and half. Man in New Mexico found a woman defecate by his house
every morning on her jog. He wants to hose her down and say bad human. St. Louis resident sexually
assaulted the same horse on multiple occasions. Beer drinking winner  won
and could not stop vomiting and died. Stunt man from Kick Ass 2 saved a woman dangling from a building in asuicide
attempt. She was distraught over a break up and taken to the hospital for
mental evaluation. Deanna Durante. Tour De shore. 65 mile ride. 1700
people are participating. The
third time she is doing the race. You can¹t sign up ride but you can sign up to
help. Funds over a dozen charities. She wants to get there in about 4.5 hours.
Greg murphy has his own team. If you want to get involved call the Irish
pub. 26th year. Jakes wayback burger give away. 
Tour de Shore. Traffic. Forklift driver from camp-out for hunger e-mailed from japan. Jason¹s wife is now in
labor. Nick met his new nephew this weekend. He was born at home. Isolated
vocals Marvin Gaye Heard It through the Grapevine. Perfect
voice. If he was alive he would be in the River Valley Vocal Band. He has the gift. Steve wants to hear
ŒWhat¹s goin¹ on¹ Tracks of different parts of songs are becoming popular. Taylor
Swift Concert. Preston¹s daughter had her first concert. She got
home at 3 am. She¹s 6 but always talks about being 7. Casey used to dislike
Taylor but changed his mind. She was visiting chop. The audience was mainly
female but there was a feminine guy in his 20¹s having a blast. Wore
knee-high red socks. Caller Christie: sat in parking lot for almost two hours and
called 911- no one directing traffic. Didn¹t get out until 12:45. Show was
unbelievable. Caller Mike: scored tickets and took 8 year old daughter.
She had to go to the bathroom and brought her in men¹s room. 75/25 female/male
ratio. Preston¹s first concert was Beatlemania in 5th grade. Caller Frank:
site called Jammit that breaks down tracks of a song. Isolated vocals
Marvin Gaye what¹s goin on. Rob Jennings from ABC retired
after 36 years. He used to be a bouncer. Many criminals found because of
his news stories. Jakes wayback burger give away. 

Live music in studio. Traffic. Payable
on Death here today. The show was great last night. One of best
shows so far. Been touring for the past year. Preston is reading e-mails from
people who were at the show. The band trades stories of what they saw in the
audience during a show. The tour is a 30 day run. Preston played clip from
The drumming grandmother. They are performing youth of the nation and beautiful. Their album
is called ³murdered Love² They were in charge of the production on their album.  
Heineken Performance corner. Traffic. Preston thinks
there should be no traffic at this hour. Steve tries hard to remain calm.
Nick thinks there is more traffic during the heat and Steve says everyone is just
tense during the head. Two weeks ago 76 was shut down and there was no roadways
for bikers. Bizarre Files.  Owner of Jersey Joe¹s says that he is not the
guy that is seen pleasuring himself in a kitchen. Might be a disgruntled
ex-employee. Jose Rodriguez put a machete on his roommate for changing his
radio station. He claims they just wrestled on the floor. A guy in Alaska
claimed that his neighbor was beating him but they it was self-inflicted
violence so he could blame the neighbor. Wyoming only has two sets of
escalators. A cop found meth preparing in a plastic bag in the back of his
car. Legend of Zelda Giveaway.

It is cooling off outside. Golf. Preston achieved his best golf score, 77. He would like to thank Eric Thomas
gave Preston a lesson. Lesson improved his entire game. Nick taking lesson next
week. Kathy would like to learn to play golf. She would look hot in the golf outfit. Anthony Jesilnik tickets. Hollywood Trash. Geraldo Rivera tweeted half nude selfie. Farrah Abram making a ton of money from
porn. Michael Moore is getting divorced. Music News. Former members of Nirvana
joined Paul McCartney on stage. Vincent Carol and Ray Annis created fake concerts
for Lady Gaga, Rhianna, and Kesha to scam promoters out of money. 62 year old
man who was found on a ferry adrift and claims that Stevie Nicks was his
girlfriend and it was her request. Free Music
Monday. Rock for the Rising Sun giveaway.

Time 10:32-10:37
Jakes wayback
burgers giveaways. National hot dog day tomorrow. Thanks to POD and Deanna
Durante. Tour De Shore is Sunday. Thanks to Lindsey for coming in for the hottie cam. Word
of the week is we¹re the millers. Thanks to sponsors. Tomorrow Keenan Ivory
Wayans, Guiliana Rancic, and Mr.Skin. Wolverine Giveaway. 
Lesson Question: who does the background
vocals on ŒWhat¹s goin on?¹
Lesson Answer: Leonard Nimoy
Letter of the day. P

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