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Traffic. News 6 year old boy is in critical condition after nearly drowning in a pool at Cobbs Creek Rec. Center. You're always watching. Kathy was a manager at a pool and you learn to pay attention and not fooling around. Preston got pulled out by a lifeguard in the deep end after someone jumped off the board before he cleared the water. Six arrested in human trafficking case operating in NJ, bringing women from Mexico for prostitution. The heat is moving backward across America moving east to west. Heat index yesterday hit 106 degrees. Sports Phillies begin series against the Mets tonight. NBA governors approved changing the Charlotte Bobcats back to Hornets they're not going with titmice. Today we're having an impromptu beach party without the beach. We're having a splash mob. Joey Diaz & Mitch Fatel with his wife.

Time 6:37-7:08

100 degree temps today getting ready for our Splash Mob that's taking place. We've had it we can't deal with it anymore. Traffic. Stupid Q Birthdays Brian May, Anthony Edwards 51, Campbell Scott 52, Nick McIlwain's 38th b-day is tomorrow so is Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam. Casey/Eddie Vedder sings Happy Birthday to Nick. Stupid A Entertainment News Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult slowly rekindling their relationship again. John Stamos reunited with Lori Loughlin saw a show on Broadway. Former teen mom was asked about Trayvon Martin, says “I think I've met her or something” Catherine Zeta Jones refused to respond to a photogs' question about her husbands throat cancer from oral sex. Emmy Nominees revealed. Kendall and Kylie Jenner have their own jewelry line at Nordstrom. Andy Dick had a wild weekend in the Hamptons where he's been incredibly intoxicated. Nick said he was the stinkiest guy they've ever had in studio. Robert Pattinson's romance with Elvis' grand-daughter is not to get revenge against Kristen Stewart. Clips Anthony Hopkins in Red2 & Kristen Wiig. The Wolverine Movie Screening

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Police “Walking on the Moon” Splash Mob later on Traffic Its just evil outside and the humidity is not fun. Why Odors Become Worse in the Summer Steve thought it was heating and cooking the stench causing element. There's a faint smell of urine in the air. The reason why the smell lingers the way it does is because humid air traps smells and lingers. By the airport is less stinky years before it stunk because of the sewage plant. A guy who works at the sewage plant said tomato plants would start to grow and that the tomatoes were delicious. Produce Growing from Poop Steve wouldn't feel right eating a tomato grown from poop even though that's where it comes from. Kathy says it doesn't come from crap. Kathy stopped putting lime in her coronas because there's poop speckles on the lime rind. Hold the poop please Shaken not pooped. Casey wants to know if fertilizer is worm poop. Jason Fehon has an orange tree and an entire garden. Kathy's father in law gets bored and comes over to plant things around her house he planted a multi fruit tree, the tag on the tree has all different fruit lemons, limes, peaches etc. It sounds like Wonka produce. Its enormous and there's no sign of any fruit growing. Casey wants to know if you can eat crabapples, its just junk fruit. He'd just have crabapple fights. Woman studies urban smells around the world the human smells evolves over years. Scents can trigger memories. The stinkiest city is NYC. Chinatown is disgusting with the fish outside. When they had a famous garbage strike in NYC it was horrible. The most pungent smell is that skunk stink. The Wolverine Screening Passes

Stupid Q: What was the first team that Wilt Chamberlain played for professionally.

Stupid A Harlem Globetrotters

  Time 7:56-8:06

Incubus. Splash mob is happening soon. Traffic Bizarre File Woman longs to be a paraplegic she wants to have unnecessary spinal surgery to have her legs not work. She was diagnosed with body integrity identity disorder. Paypal accidentally credits $92 quadrillion dollars to random DE County guys account. Violinist at Russia's theater fell into the orchestra pit below the stage and died. Young man ok after pool cue was poked through his eye and into his brain. It touched his skull on the other side. Splash Mob Nick is not saying where he is yet, he sees FOX29 and they're ready to film it. Its disgusting out and its only 8am.

Time 8:14-8:50

Traffic. Nick is on the line he's pulling up on the location The fountain at Logan Square is the location. Splash Mob There's a bunch of girls ready to go jump into the fountain the girls are all jumping around in the fountain Tina is always bouncing around. Joey Diaz in Studio he was 3 when he lived in Cuba doesn't remember anything. His parents moved out in the 50's before Castro took over. He lost his parents at 15 his mom died from a heart attack. He had a friend who owned a funeral parlor it made it easy to go pick up a body and drive through Harlem and pick up drugs. He loves being from this part of the country but he lives in L.A. Now. He smokes dope with three hands hasn't done coke in over 6 years. A lot of his friends are coming for the 2nd show. He's good friends with Joe Rogan. He just did a movie playing Robert DeNiro's boxing coach. He would cry when he would be on set, he doesn't take any of it for granted. He was in jail for kidnapping and robbery. Casey saw his show at Helium he laughed so hard and says he's a real deep guy. He's seen Dave Grohl at a restaurant by his house.

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Traffic listener says he watches the homeless do their laundry in that fountain. A few other people joined in a lot of the people were there to watch. Last night was the Singles Mixer Recap Preston talked to someone from the DE state police. They had to bring the party inside because it was so hot outside. Nick saw a cougar leaving with a young guy wasn't sure if they were going to make it out of the parking lot. There were some gorgeous women at the party last night. Kathy said there were a lot of cute guys last night Gary Lower was one of them. There were a few pics that Kathy took of Casey standing behind Nick at the mixer with his hand on his shoulder like they were dating. Listener showed up to the splash mob sitting in an inner tube, he has the day off today. Preston didn't recognize Casey last night at the mixer because he's lost a lot of weight. Pierre showed up at the end of the mixer. Mitch Fatel and Jess in Studio They start taping on their show for A&E Monday. Jess walks around the house naked. Once a month Jess shaves his entire body. They're both adventurous in the bedroom. She's going to school to be a sex therapist. Tammy Jean was a girl from Philly they got involved, turned out to be nuts. The guy has to have a hot girl with her in order for him to have sex with his wife. They're doing a lot of adventurous stuff they just did hang-gliding. She had these recurring dreams of hang-gliding so she decided to try it out. Mitch keeps having this recurring dream that his face is a vagina. They've had sex with 2 other couples in the room, Jess is a freak and had no problem performing. They're going to tell his mom on the air what they really do in their life. His mom thinks Jess is a princess. He's performing at Comedy Cabaret in Doylestown.

  Time 9:42-9:54

Traffic There's a huge fire at Nifty Fifties can't imagine fighting a fire in this weather. There is video of the building that came down and crushed the Salvation Army on Market St. Casey and Marisa at Sugar House Casino tonight giving away concert tickets from 5-7. Bizarre File R.I.P.D. Screening Passes A porn star wearing a unicorn mask and PNC park in Pittsburgh was thrown out of the park for unknown reasons. Officials from Satanic Temple traveled to chief a-hole of Westboro baptist church's mother's grave and performed “pink mass” ritual. Manhattan courtroom evacuated when bed bugs were crawling up the neck of someone in the room. Police say family found a pipe stuffed with marijuana inside a kids meal in a Burger King . “42” Blue Ray Combo Pack Giveaway

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Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Wolverine Screening. Marisa will be at Bally's in AC tomorrow afternoon. Its going to be hot at the beach this weekend too. A fisherman pulls 14 foot shark out of 5 feet of water. Steve used to go surf casting all the time, they never caught anything. Nick says you can put your finger in the cheek of a bluefish and eat it like sushi. It was actually a Sandshark you never stick your fingers in a blue fishes mouth when its alive they will bite your finger off. Lobsterman loves eating Bluefish cheek. Nick no like fish! Nick kill fish! I AM NICK KILLER OF FISH! Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Rhianna has gone gray told friends she likes its so much shes going to draw liver spots on herself. Jason Sudeikis says sex with Olivia Wilde has helped him shave off weight and says gold coins falls out of his 2ft penis Lesson A Music News NIN unveiled the 4 covers of their new album “Hesitation Marks”. STP revealed why the parted ways in a RADIO interview says they replaced Scott saying it was a quality of life decision. Preston's wife is taking their daughter to see Taylor Swift at the Linc. Kathy loves her. 311's vocalist releasing first solo album titled “My Shadow Pages”. Block theme weekend There's a heat advisory warning at the concert tonight. Eddie Vedder Sings Happy Birthday to Nick McIlwain There's a friend of mine who likes to eat fish cheeks. Casey wants to try something live and now he forgets the word. He goes for it anyway. The Wolverine screening passes.

 Time 10:46-11:01

Its going up to almost 100 today. Thanks to the Philly Cops for being so nice. Britney Taylor stopped into the studio she used to eat the eyeballs of fish when she was younger when they would go fishing. Wrap Up Britney came to town for Nick's b-day, and for American Muscle Calendar she got to host it. Tomorrow is the Valley Forge bikini pageant and she's hosting it. She just got back from Hawaii and she's going to the Bahamas and will be going to the U.S. Open. Saucy Little Red Head brought in 2 cakes 1 for Casey who's b-day was 2 weeks ago and for Nick's b-day. She made a sound effects cake. Pierre showed up last night at the mixer, he's lost 33lbs. Kathy used to do “Sweatin' to the Oldies” in her living room with her mom. Letter of the Day Word of the week Casey and Marisa at Sugarhouse and Marisa will be at Ballys Next week live performance from P.O.D. And Mr. Skin, Guiliana Rancic. The Wolverine Screening Passes


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