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Tomorrow on the Show: Comedian Joey Diaz and Mitch Fatel

Time 6:12-6:28

May reach up to 100 degrees today. It's expected to cool down by the weekend. Steve could cook an egg on top of his grill. They're thinking about making cookies outside. Sports Phillies still on All-Star break tomorrow start a series with the Mets. British Open begins today in Scotland. Lisa Lampanelli will call in, Jason Biggs and Corey Taylor. The Great Pop Culture Challenge is taking place today with Bill Weston, Jacky Bam Bam and MMR fanatic Gary Lower.

Time 6:27-7:05

New music from Pearl Jam “Mind your Manners” Stupid Q Birthdays Jack Irons 51, Kristen Bell 33, Vin Diesel 46, Nelson Mandela 95, Joe Torres, Steve Forbes 66. Stupid A Preston loves Crunchberries. Entertainment News Emma Roberts arrested fro domestic violence in Canada, gave Evan Peters a bloody nose. Forbes released list of highest paid actors in Hollywood. Robert Downey Jr. tops that list at $75mil. Lea Michelle says she's deeply grateful for the support from family and friends. His body was cremated yesterday. Steve wants to be blown up like a whale on a beach, but after he lays with his mouth open full of dip. It's rainin' steve! Justin Bieber was in town last night canceled 18 rooms at the 4 seasons with short notice after they rearranged other people's reservations to accommodate him no idea where he stayed. Pierre went to the show last night there's a picture of him on Twitter with him wearing angel wings flying over the crowd. Preston says “eff you” He says he's a rock and roll asshole. “Sharknado” planning for sequel. People are enraged over Rolling Stone having the Boston Bomber on the cover. Dave Navarro tells Rolling Stone to go “eff themselves” The new season of Celebrity Motor homes premieres Wed with an RV owned by Brad Pitt. Mary Louise Parker thinking of quitting acting.

Time 7:15-7:43

New music from Kings of Leon, Preston is not a “first listen” guy he needs to hear it a few times. Traffic Jacky Bam Bam went out to breakfast, there's a great olive and swiss cheese place around the corner. Casey told him to shut the fuck up when he was trying to listen to the Kings of Leon song because he started talking over the song. No sign of Bill Weston yet. Germany is the Prostitution Capital of the World Germany is like an Aldi for prostitutes. Around 3000 red light districts and 500 Brothels in Berlin alone. Nick says in the red light district you can see whats going on inside then next door is a family of 5. Steve wants to know what these hookers look like. Listener Bill says girls would be on the side of the road. Says they weren't too bad if you could get past the hairy armpits. Their saying the prices have come down. Come to hooker city for the cheapest hookers in town! Listener just got back from Amsterdam says its $25 for a prostitute he paid about 10 times during a week and a half says they're not men. Casey was in Miami and a guy sat down next to them and started offering them coke, ecstasy and pot. He was probably a cop besides he doesn't do that stuff. Listener explains what a “Blooming Flower” is in Hollywood its called a”Raymond Burr”. It has to do with crapping on a table. Preston doesn't even look at a paper the news or his emails while he's on vacation. Kathy will just turn the phone off...Steve will take about 10-15 min in the morning to check his e-mail. Preston suggests going to Germany and enjoy prostitutes and turn off your phone.


Stupid Q What is Cap'n Crunch's full name? 

Stupid A: Horatio Magellan Crunch


Time 7:52-8:10

Traffic Bounty Hunters on CMT Saturday nights. She's been in our studio before Lisa Lampanelli on the Phone She had gastric bypass called “gastric sleeve” she lost over 107lbs like 7 Sarah Jessica Parkers. She was so happy to find out her husband was morbidly obese when they both went to the doctors she didn't want to be the fatter one. She says her husbands balls got bigger. She likes being a part of this show because she enjoys giving orders and she doesn't have to be in the same room as any of them. She used to work for Rolling Stone. She was on the Amy Schumer show she loves her and thinks she's hilarious. Bizarre File masked man came into a store and the woman behind the counter wouldn't open the register but offered tootsie rolls. She stood her ground and he ran off. Owner of store beaten with baseball bat by customer because they didn't have tank tops in his size. Woman threw a baby when trying to escape after being caught shoplifting. Woman had flesh eating maggots inside her ear when returning from Peru she developed headaches and started hearing strange scratching sounds noticed fluid on her pillow in the morning.

Time 8:22-8:54

Van Halen on MMR Traffic The Great Pop Culture ChallengeEnergy Works Bill Weston, Jacky Bam Bam who has no idea what the eff we're doing. He's been up all night and lifelong fan of mmr Gary Lauer are at their podiums. There's two rounds they get to buzz in before he's done asking the question they each have a contestant that they're playing for. Bill is afraid that the game is going to be a gross disappointment to the listeners.

1. This top ranked Nascar driver crashed his car into a wall resulting in his death. Answer: Bill Weston answers correctly with Dale Earnhardt Jr

2. Answer is Tony Hawk nobody got it right

3.Carlos Estevez is the real name of which famous celebrity? Nobody got it right.

4.List the Griswalds vacation itinerary from 1st movie to 4th. Nobody gets it

5.This honorary lone star state ranger once Answer: Chuck Norris by Bill Weston

  1. Hes fast and furious but some people would bid good riddick to him.

  2. Nockatomy plaza held party by moonlighting cop Answer: Bruce Willis Gary gets it

  3. Belky and Cousin Larry were unfamiliar with their sitcom.. Nobody gets it

  4. These Wilson brothers have both worked with Vince Vaughn. Nobody gets it Energy Works

  5. this macho man was a fanatic for beef jerky Gary gets it right with Randy Savage

  6. Gary gets it right

  7. Some people say this MTV show is called a redneck jersey shore nobody gets it right.

  8. Why should we not be ”fooled by the rocks that jenny's got”? Answer Jenny from the block.

  9. This absorbent superstar lives in a pineapple Answer: Spongebob by Bill Weston

  10. What candy does charlie return to Willy Wonka passing his morality test. Nobody gets it

  11. Gary Lauer is in the lead

  12. Ron Howard is the narrator of this cult comedy. Answer: bill Weston gets it right with Arrested Development.

  13. Whats the 3rd thing you should never do with a Mogwai? Answer feed after midnight Gremlins

  14. What ship made the kessel 1 in less then 12 parsecs? Answer: Millenium Falcon

  15. This Asian American idol contestant became famous for singing Ricky Martin Nobody gets it

  16. Ashton dated her on that 70's show. Jacky got his first answer right with Mila Kunis.

  17. Singer Kalis bragged that her milkshake could do this. Nobody gets it right.

  18. In what movie does Indiana Jones save himself by climbing into a refrigerator? Kingdom of Crystal Skull

  19. This double threat host oversees Americas videos as well as DWTS? Answer Tom Burgeron

  20. If you ever commit double murder it wouldn't hurt o have this O.J. Loving freeloader in your home Answer: Kato Kalin



 Time 9:07-9:41

Traffic. Great Pop Culture Challenge Lightning RoundEnergy Works

Preston will provide a phrase, they need to provide the source of the phrase.

  1. Nanu Nanu” Answer: Bill answers Mork and Mindy

  2. The need for speed” answer Top Gun nobody gets it right

  3. Gym Tan Laundry” Answer: Jacky answers it right with The Jersey Shore

  4. Schlameel Schlamazzel” Answer: Jacky answers Laverne and Shirley he's in 2nd place with 5 points. Bill has never heard the phrase

  5. Call me Ishmael” Answer: Nobody gets it right answer is Moby Dick

  6. Make My Day” Answer Gary says Clint Eastwood but doesn't get it right. Bill answers Dirty Harry for 2 points

  7. Flipadelphia” Nobody gets it right. Answer: Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  8. Its a Trap” Nobody gets it right Answer: Return of the Jedi

  9. As If” The Lightning round is killing them Answer: Clueless

  10. They Killed Kenny!” Bill Weston answers it correctly with South Park

The first ever Pop Culture Challenge winner is Bill Weston


Listener wins $1000 from Energy Works. She knew almost all of the answers to the questions. They have a parting gift for Gary LowerCasey got him a boombox with a cassette player. He's so grateful to everyone he's going to the singles mixer he wanst them to hook him up. Nancy from Energyworks they did some work over at Steve's house. When someone gets an assessment it gives them a way to save money and live comfortably. Preston thought that Gary was going to win he knew that Bill would have been so mad. Singles Mixer

Jason Biggs on the Phone involved in a Netflix series called “Orange is the New Black” its from the same creator of Weeds it has a quirky feel to it. His wife is pregnant so he's really excited about that. Singles Mixer



Time 9:51-9:59

Preston golfed yesterday with his friend Rick. He was staring at his golf swing every time. Tomorrow we're doing a “Splash-Mob” wear your floats, noodles, bathing suits and show up on a location and an impromptu swimming party. You'll actually cool off for a few. Bizarre File Indiana woman at home with 5 yr old grandson when she fought off 3 burglars using a guitar hero controller. Florida conservation wildlife rescued a male black bear scariest part was when he looked like he wanted to climb up on him to prevent from drowning.

Time 10:10-10:29

Preston likes the Kings of Leon song a lot more after the 2nd time hearing it. Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Snooki and Gianni set a wedding date she let him pick the date thats why they'll get married on Devember 38th e.Lesson A Corey Taylor on the Phone his new book “Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven” we've been following about his gear getting stolen out of his storage unit, it was a “friend” who stole it. He was really close to him and he was looking after his house and storage units while he was gone and he's been helping himself and taking things from his house selling it. He's been able to get 99% of it all back. All of his friends came out of the woodwork to let him know that this was going on and to help him get it all back. His interest with the supernatural started when he was 10 him and his friends snuck out of his home and visited an abandoned house on the way to his school they just wanted to explore the house. They went in and immediately their flashlights died with fresh batteries and a silhouette of a man came down the stairs at them. Music News David Draimon enraged over cover of Rolling Stone. Liam Gallagher sued by woman who says he's the father of her secret love-child.

Time 10:40-10:52

Getting set for our party tonight for our Painfully Singles Mixer Thank you to Lisa Lampanelli, Jason Biggs and Corey Taylor. Gary Lower almost won. Nick Murphy is so excited about the Emmy nominations. He mentioned that they included awards for shows on Netflix. Letter of the Day D Last night Pierre went to the Justin Bieber concert. He sent a tweet out of screaming girls and nobody guessed it. He sent a pic of him flying over the crowd with big angel wings. He does say that Weird Al was better. He thought that the concert was entertaining. Potential Intern Tim brought in “cronuts” they're croissants made from donut like cake. Everyone is trying them except Casey.


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