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The Preston & Steve Great Pop Culture Challenge!

Time 6:07-6:19

Good morning! Weather. Traffic. News A mother and two of her four young sons were stuck Tuesday while attempting to cross the Rockland Boulevard. The mother and the one year old son were killed, the three other sons are in critical condition. Officials at the Crozer Medial Center are investigating a bullet that pierced the hospital's window and injured a patient. The FBI was back out on the Falls Bridge searching in the Schuylkill river. I go gun fishing all the time. Sports Murriano Rivera took home the MVP combined with nine other pitchers and gained home field advantage in the World Series. In Soccer, Brett Shee scored his first international goal giving America a 1-0 win against Costa Rica. Secret Text Word. Painfully Single Mixer.

Time 6:31-7:07

Stones on 93.3! Secret Text Word. McDonalds. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Geezer Butler; 64, John Ventimiglia; 50, P.J. Soles; 63, David Hasselhoff; 61, Donald Sutherland; 78, Diahann Caroll; 78. SA. Entertainment News TMZ reported that Cory Monteith was traveling between California and Vancouver so that he could continue to do heroin and abuse alcohol in Vancouver, but would act sober in California. Both substances are believed to be his cause of death. Jenny McCarthy, the new co-host on The View, & has already received negative reviews due to her harsh views against vaccinations. Bryan Cranston reveals in the August version of GQ that he believes that there is a little evil in everyone and there is evil in him since he envisioned killing his ex-girlfriend. Kate Moss appears in the August issue of Velour magazine where she denied the rumors of being anorexic and doing heroin. Jane Lynch appeared on the Hulu show, Larry King Now, and talks about her recent divorce from her wife of three years, Lara Embry. John Stamos is reuniting with his fictional band from Full House, Jesse and the Rippers, to perform on Late Night Jimmy Fallon. Kirstie Alley is attempting to silence the rumors of her losing friend, Leah Remini, due to leaving Scientology. Tom Cruise surprised the graduates of Joanne Baron Acting school in Santa Monica to offer them words of encouragement. Clips Ron Livingston talks about what audiences can expect from his film, The Conjuring. Maya Rudolph talks about voicing her character Gum in the animated movie Turbo. Painfully Single Mixer. Secret Text.

Time 7:15-7:43

Word of the Week prize. Traffic. Men are more likely to end their relationships via text messages than women. Preston wishes he had this when he was younger because he was too afraid to hurt a girl. 88% of the men polled said they would do it or have done it before. 72% of women prefer of a man to break-up with them in person. 32% of women have used social media to end a relationship. Plus you can play farmville while doing it. Marisa is famous for the fade-away where she just stops talking to the men she was dating. Facebook became popular in College campuses because you could see who was in a relationship. Then she changed to single, loves black men. Nuttin' but butt plugs. Kathy says people need Facebook spies that you need to get friends to friend your ex so that you can see how they are. S Casey, Steve, and Preston are friends with their exes. Kathy has no interest in befriending her exes. He wears make-up. Casey likes having Facebook because it is sort of like a journal. A person passes away on Facebook is a good memorial.

SQ: What is Psycho's full name?

SA: Francis Sawyer

Time 7:54-8:08

Casey had to open the break. Preston was too busy pooping. Traffic. Live on Fox Good Day 50% of men wanted Ryan Gosling as their wing man. Celebrity Wing Men Preston agrees with that and thinks that he would be a good bait to lure women. Steve thinks he would just attract all the women and wants Louie Anderson. Seth Rogan came in second as a wing man. Kathy thinks that Ryan Gosling would be a good wing man because women would want to be in that social group. Bizarre File A sheriff's deputy was dispatched to a Florida elementary school after a girl was reported kissing a boy. The Houston homicide department is investigating a death after a man accidentally fell into an appliance shredder. An alleged drunken driver who crashed his car into a party was beaten until unconscious by the drunken part goers. Officials say a woman is in stable condition after she was hit by a bullet while in her hospital room at Crozer hospital. Japanese police have arrested the alleged owner of a prostitution business that caters men interested in women weighing over 300 pounds. Secret text. Pop Culture.

Time 8:19-8:56

Tom Petty on MMR. Weather. Preston is playing golf today with Kevin Frandsen. Traffic. Ladies in Maxi dresses Preston thinks that ladies look nice in long dresses. Maybe it's the strap on. Steve thinks that they look very elegant & that's why they're so sexy. Scott Hartnell heard there was an opening in guests. He just bought a new place on a lake in Canada. Vinnie Lecavalier and Mark Streit are two new additions to the Flyers and Scott likes them. Scott has his own charity golfing tournament coming up in September. Boston Marathon bomber on the cover of Rolling Stones. Steve believes that he should not get any press at all. He already has a fairly be enough ego and if you have a Rolling Stones subscription, you should cancel it. Steve just sent over a list of 13 Bands with Horrible names. Preston likes this because of the one band, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head. Todda the West Sproket, Dogs die in hot cars, and Hoobastank are some of the names on the list. Preston's favorite name on the list is Dale Ernhart Jr. Jr. The Beatles used to be Anal Anal Vagina. Preston is going to bring in his old band names. Pop Culture Quiz. All Gary Lower wants is a new boombox with a nice cassette player. Someone needs to pick up Gary, he said he will be waiting at Pep Boys.

Time 9:07-9:38

Black Sabbath! Weather. Traffic. Painfully Single. Xfinity Live Nick likes going to the mixers because he gets to be the wing-man. Kevin Frandsen asked Preston to play golf today and just texted him to cancel. Frandsen is extremely sun burnt and doesn't want to go outside today because the heat wave might make it worse. You shouldn't feel so bad because at the last moment Preston was able to get on of the Mets. Kevin had a great time hanging out at Revel and gambled a bit. He isn't allowed to use sunblock in baseball because some players use it to spin their pitch better. Saturday was the longest day ever for him in baseball. Could you ask him for a bigger penis for me? Kevin isn't sure if they are going to make the play-offs, it all depends on how they play. Preston doesn't know if he is going to play golf now. Steve thinks he should as long as he wears a parasol. Kathy's dad actually loves the heat. A Doctor released a statement said you sleep better if you put your pillow in the refrigerator.

Time 9:47-9:56

Mighty Mighty Bosstones! Secret Text Word. Traffic. The Preston & Steve show won the Best of Philly, but they've never been on the cover. The show feels bad for people who are working outside or in places without air conditioner. Bizarre File An intoxicated woman was arrested when she refused to leave a McDonald's drive-thru when she demanded free food. Shoppers at a grocery store were shocked when a woman was struck by lightening in the check-out line. Vandals left a bloody bag full of dead rabbits on City Council's Nancy Young's door step. This wasn't the first time this has happened, vandals recently left a swastika made of out stones in her garden. Annette completed a full year of running a full marathon, 26.2 miles, everyday. Painfully Single

Time 10:09-10:26

WMMR! Word of the week. Painfully Single. LQ. Hollywood Trash Stevie Wonder disagrees with the Zimmerman court verdict that he refusing to perform in Florida. Kristie Allie is slamming reports that she dissed Leah Remini. Johnny Depp arrived in Japan to promote The Lone Ranger. LA. Teen Wolf and Thriller dance were really similar, however, Casey thinks they are a little different. There are more claws in the air. Music News Foo Fighters guitarist said last week that the band is going into the studio to record a new album. Stone Sour and SplitKnot singer Cory was robbed, it was reported that two of the basses were owned by the late SlipKnot singer. He reported that they weren't actually from him, but they were his signature guitars. Fall Out Boy has confirmed that they are going to be recording a new album together. Sound Garden Ben Shepard bassist has released a song called “Collide” from his solo disc. Shepard told base player that the album title was the name of a place where he used to hang out. Original Black Sabbath player is going to debut his own pieces of fine art. Ward worked on the project with a Los Angeles company and used drumsticks to complete abstract pieces of work. Bill Weston said that the new Pearl Jam song is amazing, Pierre is going to air it at 2:30. I'm going to throw up! Roy Perry is in studio and works at the traffic department at the radio station. Preserved Minty McMintenstein (Shamrock Shake) for Steve He is here to give back and is giving Steve a Minty McMinterstein after saying a while back that he wanted one all year. Roy got one for him, which just a preserved McDonalds's Shamrock Shake. Happy hottest day of the year! Secret Text Word.

Time 10:26-10:44

POD on WMMR! They are going to be in studio next week. Secret text word winner. Thanks to Fox Good Day, Scottie Hartnell, and Kevin Frandsen! LOTD. The Welsh Valley school kids are sitting in studio. They don't want to be here. Uncle Pierre is trying to give them JD and cigarettes. Painfully Single Mixer. Happy Birthday to Tom who is turning 50 and is the coolest teacher award winner from O'Hara High. 

LQ: What's Steve's wife's screen name?

LA: Nuttin' but butt plugs


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