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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Michael Franzese & Sal "Ubatz" Polisi - "Inside the American Mob" - IN

Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:12-6:22
Weather Traffic News Two people were killed in an over night accident that happened on the Schuylkill last night. The Schuylkill was shut down for 5 hours. A search of the Schuylkill river will continue today. Agents were searching for evidence from a white collar crime. Preston thinks it could be money or documents. Maybe Easter eggs? Radnor police are warning parents about a dangerous website called Omegle. When police investigated they found older men were exposing themselves and asking for photos on the website. Sports Dom Brown and Cliff lee will rep the phillies tonight for the all star game. Ben Revere will miss 6-8 weeks for a broken ankle. Flyers announce Ron Hextall as new assistant GM/ director of hockey operations. Philadelphia Zoo is coming in for a meet and eat. Tattoosday guest coming in. Jeff Bridges is calling in. Painfully Single Mixer and Phillies Hottest is coming up.

Time 6:33-7:02
A Traffic. Jeff Bridges on the show today and Sublime with Rome. SQ. birthdays Will Ferrell is 46 today. Ed Kowalchuk 42. Jenna Lewis is 36. Corey Feldman is 42. Phoebe Cates is 50. Stewart Copeland is 62. SA. Entertainment News. Barbara Walters says Jenny McCarthy will be joining the view in September. Back door teen mom star Farrah Abraham's has been rejected twice from playboy. E news is shooting down rumors that Kristen Stewart has been dating Michael Pitt. Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi are working quickly to legally end their marriage. Gabourey Sidibe showed up to Jimmy Kimmel's wedding in a wedding dress. Claire Danes revealed she almost quit acting after not getting much work after her Emmy win. Two days have passed since Corey Monteith's body was found in a Canada hotel room. Kris Jenner teased that someone special would appear in first episode and posted a photo holding a baby but later revealed the baby belonged to her stylist. Leah Remini's walkout from the Scientology religion may have cost her some of her Scientology friends, such as Kirstie Alley who tweeted about losing friends. Kelly Osborne is engaged. Shia Labeouf was photographed Sunday wearing the same outfit he wore two other days last week. Clips Ryan Gosling talks about the bank heist in Only God Forgives. Catherine Zeta Jones talks about her Red co star Bruce Willis. Painfully Single Mixer is this Thursday.

Time 7:12-7:40
Philadelphia Zoo has brought in food. Traffic GPS's and Traffic Their was a big accident on the Schuylkill. Preston asked if anyone had a GPS. Nick doesn't. Casey doesn't but uses his phone. Kathy doesn't know how to use it to avoid traffic she just knows how to use it to get somewhere. Casey thinks GPS's should have a feature that avoids bad neighborhoods. Houses sell for very cheap here, leave immediately. There's an app called 'avoid the ghetto.'Casey didn't have to parallel park for his drivers test. Did the guy make you touch his pee pee? Why didn't you have to? Caller says in NJ you need to disable back up assistance. Steve needs an electric tooth brush running when he parallel parks. Caller says in Pa you can use the sound for back up assistance. Casey's rear view cam is in the rear view mirror. But your steering wheel is in the back seat. Their cracking down on aggressive drivers on Route 30. These roads around here are old. Yeah they were designed to get ya to the witch trials. Philadelphia Zoo give away.


Stupid Q: What over the counter medication is used to make crystal meth.

Stupid A: Sudafed

Time 7:50-8:04
STP. Preston says they may be coming to our area. Traffic. Sublime with Rome are in our green room. Bill will be in the pop culture challenge Thursday. He was trying to articulate a rubber ducky and he called it an inflatable goose. Bizarre File A wedding reception ended in disaster after the uncle of the bride started a fight. The mother of the bride was knocked down. The fight started over the best man grabbing a piece of chicken for his 11 year old son. A Tennessee woman is outraged after a doctor examined her x rays and diagnosed her with ghetto booty. A lawyer is suing apple claiming the company has made him a porn clinical. An Israeli man was bitten by the penis on a snake. A Florida man was found unconscious in a hotel room and woke up with no recollection of his life and can only speak Swedish.  Doctors say he suffers from Transient global amnesia. They said it could be from trauma or a head injury. That's the new Rosetta stone, they hit you in the head with a maillot. Philadelphia Zoo give away. Sublime with Rome and Jeff Bridges are coming up.

Time 8:19-8:40

Guns and Roses. Traffic. Sublime with Rome in studio right now. They never stop touring there's always somewhere for them to be. They just love being on the road. Playing in the heat sucks. They said their going to wear G strings tonight. They started this tour about a week ago. Steve asks if they have to re-acclimate when they start a tour. They said they just have to acclimate into being on tour. This tour has a little bit of a punk-y vibe. Sometimes on stage they implement and throw in stuff they've been working on to keep it fresh. Performed Ebin live in studio. The song sounded very summer like. They are doing a thing where people can tweet in and request songs. They will play the top songs from the list people put together. Preston asks if they get flack for having a replacement lead singer. They got together after meeting at a studio and just started jamming together. They Also performed Wrong Way. They are playing tonight


Time 8:52-9:31
Welcome to Paradise by Green Day. Pop Culture challenge Thursday. Traffic. The Pop Culture Challenge is this Thursday. Caller picks Jacky Bam Bam to win the contest. Jacky Bam Bam is on the line with a question. He just heard them say he was in a contest and has no idea what it is. Casey says he knows all about it because Casey has explained it all to him. Jacky Bam Bam was just watching Beethoven. Its a true story. What compelled you to tell us that? He said its pop culture and that's why he shared. Yeah there's gonna be a section dog movies from the early 90's. Casey said Nick was really mean to Jacky the other day. Preston got him back on the line to resolve the conflict. Wagering for Sex Some guy said he and his wife made a bet during a Wii game for sexual favors. He said he was too tired and she came at him so he shot her in the face. They had a little tiff, he shot her in the face, they're fine now. They resolved it how Jacky wants to resolve it with Nick. Preston asks if anyone has ever wagered sex. He also saw a company that is making false teeth into jewelry. Steve said he plays a guy who finishes too quickly and she plays a woman who is not satisfied. People admit to using their cell phones during sex. Before cell phones did you ever write a letter during sex? Caller Ryan's friend sends snap chats during sex. Preston doesn't like romantic music while doing it. You like Mumford and Sons. Steve likes the lights on when hes having sex on his neighbors kitchen table. Mixer this Thursday.

Time 9:41-9:54
Weather. Traffic. Casey's Package. Casey received a package and gave it to Preston and said squeeze this and see if you can tell whats in it just by squeezing it. Its a very long squeaky fart. They waited to get on air to open it. On the outside it says Happy birthday Casey Boy from Steve J. Its a book: Farts, a Spotters Guide. The book has fart buttons. There are tons of farts such as the silent but deadly, the one that got away, the flight of the buttock's bees, the poof. Bizarre File due to palm reading and people believing that the lines in your palm can determine your future more and more people have been getting palm plastic surgeries. Fire Fighters were called to put out a small blaze the other day after a man dropped a smoke bomb down a small whole in his yard. The animal that had dug the hole must have dug through a gas line causing it to shoot up in flames. KY intense arousal gel leaked from a packaged and spread to 10-15 others. Postal workers were hospitalized as a precaution. The packages were addressed to someone in the movie industry. A 6 year old swallowed whole in a sand dune may make a full recovery. The boy stepped in a sink whole. A group of Japanese scientist say those trippy paintings made on rocks by cave men may have been due to drug use. Similar patterns in cave paintings turned up in places separated by several miles. They may have been using hallucinogenic drugs. Philadelphia Zoo give away.

Time 10:06-10:35
Jeff Bridges will be on soon. Traffic. LQ. Hollywood Trash Barbara Walters announces Jenny McCarthy will join the cast of the view. Teen Mom/ Porn star Farrah Abraham was turned down for play boy. Kris Jenner brought out a decoy baby that was not North West, she fooled audience again by posing a Kodiak bear as daughter, Khloe. LA. Music News the new STP's have announced they will begin their tour in Bethlehem Pa in the fall. Slip Knot percussionists Shawn Crahan landed his first gig as a feature film director. Beastie Boys, Mike Diamond talks about his first new song in 2 years written to accompany the showing of the Kenzo fashion houses 2014 spring summer collection. Adam Horovitz is in discussions for a role in the Indie movie, ³While Were Young². Tool drummer Danny Carey talked about the bands long delayed new album. Tattoosday Listener Mike works security for Wells Fargo Center. He wanted to get a tattoo of his daughters portrait but instead did a photo of Rocky with the flag. He gave a shout out to his daughter. She works security at a day care right. Steve and Preston say they need to catch up on emails. There gonna start sending out Bill Weston's phone number. Still looking for Phillies hottest short shorts. Jeff Bridges on the phone. He is in the new movie Rest in Peace Department. This was the first time he worked with Ryan Reynolds. He says they had a great cast. His character was a law man in the 1800's. He is starting a tour with his band, the Abiders. Steve said hes in a movie called plane crash that is amazing.

Time 10:44-10:53
STP. Pierre is going to be airing an interview he did with Dean and Robert DeLeo at about 1:30. They said they've been more productive in the last few months then the last few years. Wrap Up Sublime with Rome came in and performed. Philadelphia Zoo came by. LOTD.

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