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Good Morning! Weather. Traffic. News Thousands of demonstrators protested a jury's decision for the decision to prove that Zimmerman was not guilty against the killing of Trayon Martin. A week of excessive heat is a head of the Philadelphia area. Expect temperatures to feel between 90 – 100 degrees. Hi this is the Heat Line. Are you outside? I feel bad for you, I'm in an air conditioned cubicle. 3500 cyclists rode 65 miles for the 41st Annual Cancer Society bike-a-thon yesterday. Sports John Mayberry Jr. hit a winning run allowing the Phillies to win yesterday. Cleveland Indians fan, Greg Van-Neil caught four foul balls yesterday and stated that he wasn't in his regular seats. Jordan Spieth won the John Deere Classic, he is only 19 years old. Philly's Hottest. Painfully Single.

Time 6:39-7:12

Bob Marley! Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Marky Ramone; 57, Joe Satriani; 57, Jason Bonham; 47, Forest Whitaker; 52, Terry O'Quinn; 61, Jesse “The Body” Ventura;62 , Arianna Huffington;63, Harry Dean Stanton; 87. SA. Entertainment News Despicable Me 2 was top in the box office two weeks in a row. Glee Star Cory Monteith was found dead in his Vancouver hotel on Saturday. An autopsy is scheduled for today. J.K. Rowling published a successful crime novel called “The Cuckoo's Calling” under the name Robert Galbraith. Jimmy Kimmel exchanged vowels with his girlfriend, Molly McNearney in California. Jenny McCarthy is reportedly dating New Kids on the Block member Donnie Wahlberg. Susan Boyle does that too. Emilly Krauss, a fan of Dave Matthew's, found Dave stranded on the side of the road on the way to his show. Dave was thankful; invited the couple for dinner, gave them passes backstage, signed her tickets, gave her front row seats, and thanked her at the concert. Lindsay Lohan has planned to sit down with Oprah after her court case is over. Henry Cavill is no longer dating Kaley Cuoco. I will cat bath your scrotum, but I will not hold your hand. Hallie Berry married her boyfriend Oliver Martinez. If you get a Euro-pass it's really good. That's french for Great Wolf Lodge. Denzel Washington denied rumors saying that him and his wife, Pauletta Washington are divorcing. Clips Bear Grylls talks about the advice he gave to his contestants on his new show, Get Out Alive. Snoop Dogg talks about writing a song for his new animated movie, Turbo.

Time 7:23-7:46

Pearl Jam on 93.3 WMMR! Traffic. Miss August 2013 for Playboy magazine who happens to be from Philadelphia. Val Keil is in studio. Keil's family and friends told her she should model, then she had pictures taken, and a couple hours later Playboy called. Playboy puts on a huge presentation when they have shoots. Keil felt like she had nothing to worry about and felt super comfortable. In Philadelphia, she used to be a Buckle Bunny before she became a Playmate. For being a Playmate, you are paid handsomely and the Playboy family takes care of you. Keil has met Hugh Hefner before and was the one who specifically chose her. The August issue is out right now! She can stay over at the mansion, but she lives a few miles away. Keil moved out there two months ago. She is currently living with other Playmates and is single! Keil says the best part of the pampering is the outcome. The next big event is the lingerie party and she dreams of being painted naked. Keil wants to see where her modeling career is going to go, but wants to give back.

SQ: What is the slogan for Brawney paper towels?

SA: The strength to get things done.

Time 7:57-8:15

93.3 WMMR, Everything that Rocks! Traffic. Bizarre File A Brazilian man died from internal bleeding after a cow crashed through the roof of his home. Chinese police have seized out of date meat from smugglers who were attempting to sell 46 year old chicken feet. Asiana Airlines stated that their reputation was ruined after a television station used racial names. A 23 year old Australian woman was gorged after being hit by a bull during the running of the bulls. A 44 year old motorcycle rider died yesterday after losing control while reaching 285 miles an hour on an airline runway attempting to beat a world land speed record. Announced Preston and Steve Pop Culture Challenge and got 1st caller. Preston and Steve great Pop Culture challenge. Philly's Hottest.

Time 8:27-9:13

U2 on WMMR. Weather. Traffic. Preston and Steve great Pop Culture Challenge. Preston played golf in the heat this weekend. He was able to play golf with a few members from NBC10 at the River Winds golf course. It was Sheena Parveena's first time golfing a full course and was impressive with her swing. He stopped by Valley Forge Casino three times in the past week and won every time. Casey went to the Phillies game with his family on Saturday and his row was one row away from the shade. Casey's two kids made a sign and made it on the jumbo-tron. Casey and Preston both think it's a good idea to have someone photograph the people on the jumbo-tron in order to document that you were on the screen. The Phillies took one of Nick's photos and used it without crediting Nick or the show. The fireworks to mark that the Phillies won did not go off until one in the morning because of extra innings and rain delays. People were sticking around for the fireworks show. Some people thought that the fireworks were to celebrate the verdict for the Zimmerman case. The latest the fireworks have gone off was 3 in the morning. Proposition of new law to own stray cats after feeding them. They are trying to propose a law in Radner Township that states if you feed a stray cat, you own the animal. It requires people to take ownership for the animal. Preston saved multiple frogs last night while weeding. Sometimes they swim with him in the swimming pool. Australian researchers say that the year 1978 was the greatest year for quality of life. Steve heard that they said that about 2012. There are people who believe that the current status of the world is horrible, those people are normally nostalgic to live in the past. 1978 wasn't a good year for people in third world countries. The next guest has a book out entitled “Just when I thought I heard Everything” by Charles Grodin. Grodin says there are multiple studies in his book like the ones Preston talks about. He had a treadmill in his study for several years and just looked at it. Back in the day, he was a bit of an athlete until the coach basically told him to not play baseball. In his Flomax commercial he states that users of the medicine shouldn't participate in physical activities that are harmful, however, everything is harmful. Grodin loved growing up in Pittsburgh. He almost didn't graduate high school, but ended up graduating valedictorian. Grodin loves the movie that he was in, Heaven Can Wait. One of the greatest memories he had of Dianne is when Carey Grant called asking for her. He also thought it was great of how hysterical she can be while acting and how hilarious her actions were. The book is available on Amazon and is full of little snip-its from his life. Painfully Single Mixer.

Time 9:18-9:41

Heat wave! Weather. Traffic. Preston still can't believe that Marcus and team MMR rode during the heat wave yesterday. Casey is currently the 2013 Rose Wood Tree Pool champion for the biggest splash competition. Casey won a Rose tree wood magnet for his car. It's an expensive process to go pro for splashing. He won by doing a suicide splash and goes with the hands over the face for style. Casey got the perfect score of 40. Russia is now using typewriters instead of technology because they are afraid of information leaking. Preston remembers his dad using an old school typewriter. Tom Hanks collects old typewriters. Steve used to hate how you needed to extend your pinky super far in order to reach certain keys. Some information is probably better to have on typewriters. Charles 'Chuck' Foely the inventor of Twister died at 82. An appearance on Johnny Carson really made the game popular. The game was risky and sexy, especially when you played with different sexes. Steve thinks that the hottie cam girls should play it. Dolphins take a special interest in pregnant women. It might be possible that dolphins are able to see the fetus through sound waves. Steve and Kathy both swam with dolphins. They have massive teeth and are strong. Nick swam with them back when Hershey park still had dolphins.

Time 9:54-10:02

Sublime with Rome are going to be in studio tomorrow. Traffic. Bizarre File Liscio's Gift Card A fan, Greg Van-Neil, watching the Cleveland Indians was able to catch three foul balls. A serial offender was sentenced to home arrest even though he is homeless. A new device that looks like a large pair of rubber lips has promised to make you look younger. Keith Wines a common law police officer shot and killed his wife after promising then denying his wife sexual favors if she won the Wii game. Painfully Single.

Track3Time 10:10-10:24

Foo Fighters! LQ. Hollywood Trash Hallie Berry and Olivier Martinez wed in the South of France this past weekend. Jenny McCarthy is reportedly dating Donnie Wahlberg. Kris Jenner lashing out at the gossip industry saying that they print everything. LA. Music News A Dave Matthew's fan helped Dave make it to the show on time. They were on the way to Hershey when they spotted him stranded. One listener said that after he got to the venue, he hopped out of the red car and stopped to say hi to his fans outside. Stone Sour and Slip Knot member said 90% of the equipment stolen by his friend from his house has been recovered. Black Sabbath has reissued three of their older albums due to the success of their current CD. Alice Cooper has stated that branding Mumford & Son's a rock -and-roll band is an offense to rock-and-roll. Free music Monday.

Time 10:34-10:45

Poison! Weather. Preston, Nick, and Casey are all going golfing on Wednesday in the heat wave. Kathy and Steve will be in the air conditioned heat hotline. Brianna Mazzola is in studio, she's 12 and has an amazing voice. She's performing this week at Villanova, check out her music on Youtube, ReverbNation, and soon on Itunes. Thanks to Val Keil for coming in and Charles Grobin for calling in! LOTD. Pop Culture.

 LQ: Where does the heat line guy keep his air conditioner?

LA: He keeps it at his feet


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