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Tomorrow on the show: Jeff Foxworthy - Phone Interview

Time 6:08 - 6:19

Good Morning! Weather. Traffic. News Accused Boston marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is going to trial later this month. He and his brother were charged with injuring 260 people as well as an officer. Police are looking for a man who crashed a wedding Sunday night who stole a present from the married couple filled with cash. The Connector, a shuttle system to King of Prussia, is starting in order to bring King of Prussia workers to work. SportsCole Hammels threw two sharp winnings and the Phillies beat the Washington National 2-4. The Cleveland Cavaliers are hosting free agent Andrew Bynum who used to play for the 76ers. 23 years after his passing, Fred Shero was elected to hockey's hall of fame in Canada. Preston remembers Morganna a.k.a. The kissing bandit, a woman with big boobs, that used to bounce out during baseball half-time shows to kiss the players. The pissing bandit

Time 6:31 – 7:04

Say it Ain't So by Weezer. Preston though that the lyrics were “Your truck is a heart breaker” the real words are “your drug is a heart breaker.” Traffic. SQ Birthdays Sofia Vergara; 41, Jessica Simpson; 33, Adrian Grenier; 37, Elijah Blue Allman; 37, Ron Glass; 68, Jake LaMotta; 92, Why would I want to eat your perfume, bitch! What is that on my steak, is that perfume? Are you wearing sandwiches? SA Entertainment Elizabeth Hasselback is leaving The View and will be co-hosting a new show called “Fox & Friends.” Brooke Shields is rumored to replace Hasselback. She dresses like a built-in pool. Meredith Vieira will have her own show debuting in the Fall 2014 called the Meredith Vieira Show. I know a lot about corn, therefore, I know the answer isn't one or two. Kate Hudson joined forces with in order to start her own work-out clothing line. Kris Jenner isn't premiering her show until July 15th. Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning to tour Australia & New Zealand to show off their baby. It has a giant crown of the cock-pit. Ryan Reynolds opens up about his marriage with Blake Lively and tells Details Magazine about starting a family. Amanda Bynes showed up in a New York court room in a strange outfit. Kristen Stewart left a studio & noticed someone wrote “I heart Rob” on her car. Elton John has canceled his show in Hyde Park due to appendicitis, but will play the remaining shows. Clips Octavia Spenser talks about what attracted her to the role in Fruitvale Station. David Spade talks about his comedic co-stars in Grown-Ups 2.

Time 7:15-7:44

P&S show! Traffic. When Casey sneezes, he says “a-shoe!” Deaf People Sneezing Deaf people do not say “achoo.” French speakers say “achom”, Japanese speakers say “hokkashun.” Listener Lynn has two deaf brothers, she said they just say “ch.” At one point people believed that a person's soul could be released from the body with the sneeze and in order for shoo the devil away, they would say “Bless you.” American's speak the way Britain spoke in the early 1800's. Nick saw an article that traced Philadelphia dialects back to specific British dialects. Popular Baby Names It is now popular to name your bay after popular movie character names. Django and Katniss are two big ones currently. Jacob, Rowan, Sofia, and Sawyer are hot names. Dolphins can't drink sea water. Sea water harms them & they get their liquids from the other food they eat. Nick doesn't believe that birds have teeth. Painfully Single Mixer.

SQ: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll lollipop?

SA: 3 or The world may never know!

Time 7:54-8:04

Short Skirt, Long Jacket or, as Preston says, Short shirt, Long Jacket. Traffic. Secret text word. Through the magic of television and split screens, Preston and Steve were able to make out. The show isn't going live with Fox Good Day today. Bizarre File Caroline Burns opened her eyes while doctors, who thought she was dead, were about to remove her organs and give them to donors. Due to an overdose, she was placed in a coma, the doctors assumed she was dead and was taken off of live support. Even though she opened her eyes at the right time, she committed suicide a few years later in 2011. A woman who hid a gun in her lady bits was given 25 years in state prison. Police in North Brazil are trying to find two men who are being charged with stabbing and beheading of a soccer referee.

Time 8:17-8:48

Sound City Players on WMMR! The Sound City documentary is awesome. Traffic. Shart out to Jason! Casey bought a new tent yesterday. Steve doesn't like the idea of camping and rather be with the girls. Casey is going up to New Hampshire and got a six person tent that fits two air mattresses. Camping & Tents Preston went with the son's Boy Scout troop and absolutely loved it. Casey practiced his skills and set up his new tent yesterday. In 1997, Nick was a camp councilor on a moveable camp called Camp-on-Wheels. The only thing Preston doesn't like about camping is other campers. Since the tent is so thin, you can hear everything. Kathy found a bubble tent for 2 grand that has a full living room. Listener Evan was a camping, woke up in the middle of the night, and heard two people going at it. That's why Preston brings ear plugs! Preston believes that anything can be more fun when a golf-cart is added. First time Casey went camping, it rained the entire time and his sleeping bag got drenched. The second time Casey went camping, all the Boy Scouts slept in the same tent, it snowed and, in his sleep, Casey peed in his sleeping bag. The horses of Chincoteague Island are huge Time

Time: 8:58-9:19

It's a muggy Wednesday morning. Weather. Traffic. Secret text word. Abercrombie & Fitch confirmed that they do not sell the color black clothing. The beautiful Aisha Tyler has a new book out called “Self Inflicting Wounds: Heartwarming tales of Epic Humiliation” and is going to be the host of “Who's Line is it Anyway?” Aisha, who co-hosts The Talk, was interviewed on her show. The book is just a story of how she got where she is in life, the mistakes she made along the way, and some funny stories. Aisha says she was a nerd and learned how to make fun of herself. If you laugh at your past mistakes, it allows you to move past it. Aisha says that you're going to fail in life, but keep doing what you dream about. She is excited to host Who's Line is it Anyway which has its original cast! The Perfect Summer is new on UP Eric Roberts who plays Lou! Perfect Summer is a surfing movie about a young boy who is trying to find himself. Eric is extremely excited about this movie. His character Lou is his grandfather who helps him to find his way. IMDB states that he is extremely busy with huge movies. Jason Castro and Eric's son tour together and are also doing the music for the movie. There is a link to Eric's son's music on his web site. Eric loves what he does and feels as though he is on a field trip everyday. Perfect Summer is airing this Sunday. Word of the week.

Time 9:31-9:51

93.3 WMMR! Secret text word! Traffic. Marisa is wearing a Leopard print shirt today. Preston attempted to roar and because of We Bought a Zoo, he learned that Leopards don't roar. We Rented a Humidor is the follow up movie to that. Preston got a text from someone that said that they can get them a golf cart. We rented a Golf Cart! If you want to buy a TV, you should do it this month. Supposedly, July is the best month for television sellers since a lot of people are outside. Nick had a television that never turned off. Steve absolutely loves 3D television sets. The television market are becoming more talented in their 3D capabilities. Best Buy has a policy that they will beat any price, however, they won't show the pricing online. Kathy is getting a manicure and Steve thinks she picks very good nail colors. Intern Beth always has the best nail designs. She currently has a tribal design that looks like leaves. Preston's daughter always has a bunch of nail polish and Kate still doesn't have a price on the Best Buys televisions. Bizarre File A Gorilla sculpture that looks like former Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury, is going to be repainted. A Browns fan who died at the age of 54, for his funeral he wanted his paul bearers to be Browns and wanted everyone to dress up in Brown's attire. Bin Laddin was reportedly stopped multiple times for speeding, but no one arrested him. A man was distracted and robbed by a skinny dipper. A Brazilian rapper was shot dead in the middle of a performance on stage. The video showed the rapper being shot in the abdomen during a free show for 3,000 fans. A man was arrested Sunday morning while members of a crime unit saw him spray Ketchup on store windows.

Time 10:02-10:18

Drop Kick Murphy's. Weather. Secret text word winner! LQ. Hollywood Trash Philadelphia model Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa were wed in a civil ceremony. A 16 year old Pink fan was arrested after tweeting about bringing a bomb to the concert. Hallie Berry showed off her baby belly at a red carpet event. LA. Kathy is grooming her cuticles. But on Kathy they're hoticles. Music News Stone Sour and Slipknot front man, Corey Taylor house was robbed by an alleged friend. Avenged Sevenfold will release the title track to their new album entitled “Hail to the King.” This record is the biggest record by far. Perry Ferril, is writing new music for his band Porno for Pyros. He has been actively recording Jane Addiction songs as well. Stone Temple Pilots booked another gig in Texas. Jack White's Third Man Records will release Jay-Z's third album. We have switched to Tonto speaking. Preston isn't well versed in Jay-Z songs. Casey won't stop playing Candy Crush. Queens of the Stone Age re-released their album in a UBS flash drive. Casey didn't beat his level of Candy Crush and can't get over how the red candy looks like a cocktail wiener.

Time 10:28-10:36

Pearl Jam announced their new album and tour, they'll be coming to Philadelphia! Thank you to Eric Roberts and Aisha Tyler for calling into the show today. Pierre is in the studio. It's supposedly a wonderful day outside today. WOW. Pierre got to go to the Made in America festival all 4 days and did an interview with Jay-Z, even though he didn't respond and shaked his head the entire time. That's how he got and interview with Bill Clinton and Jack Nicholson. That's how the pros do it! Pierre will be there this year dressed as Beyonce. Nick and the WMMrmy is making a personal appearance on Saturday at Beer-Rama in Levittown.

LQ: What rests on the cockpit of the British Royal Plane?

LA: A Crown


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