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Tomorrrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Erik Roberts - Phone Interview
Aisha Tyler - Phone Interview

Here's what happened on the show this morning:


Weather Traffic News woman rescued after her car plunged into Schuylkill River last night. She was telling good Samaritans that she didn't want help she just wanted to die. Two children were injured in a school bus accident in Langhorne Bucks County yesterday after the two back tires flew off. Three women who had been held captive for a decade in Cleveland by  made a short video thanking people for their support. Sports Phillies beat the Washington Nationals 3-2 last night. Ryan Howard needs surgery needs surgery to repair a torn meniscus. Victor Cruz signed an extension contract with the NY Giants. EA sports maker will remove former Patriots player Aaron Hernandez from the games. Casey got a selfie taken with Eric Lindros yesterday at a golf outing.


Weather. Traffic. SQ.  Birthdays Jack White turns 38. Courtney Love is 49. Tom Hanks is 57. Donald Rumsfeld is 81. OJ Simpson is 66. Jimmy Smits is 58. Richard Roundtree is 71. Brian Dennehy is 75. Fred Savage is 37. Kelly McGillis is 56. Chris Cooper is 62. SA. Enterntainment News George Clooney and Stacey Keibler have ended their relationship. You would be grabbing onto her legs as she was dragging you out the door. Even Rambo would miss her legs. Rambo song about Stacey Keibler's legs. Justin Theroux spent Sunday shopping in Beverly hills with Jennifer Anniston. Amanda Bynes tweeted that  the president and first lady ugly. Prince William and Kate Middleton's child will be given the official title the royal prince or princess of Cambrdige. Country Music star Randy Travis is in critical condition from a viral heart infection. Jennifer Love Hewitt posted a lengthy note to her followers on twitter that she didn't appreciate the negativity. Michael Lohan is attempting to clean up a report from Sun magazine that Lindsey had been involved in prostitution and over dosed on cocaine at age 18. Bon Jovi presented a $1 million check from his band to a fund to help NJ recover from hurricane Sandy. Lauren Hill started serving a three month prison sentence for not paying taxes. Clips Mads Mickkelsen talks about his characters struggle throughout the film The Hunt. Charlie Day descries the design of the giant human controlled robots of the film Pacific Rim. Preston isn't as excited about Pacific Rim as Steve. Steve thinks of it as the unofficial sequel to Bridges of Madison County. Phillies Hottest Short Shorts Contest. Traffic. Appendix Bill Weston's daughter had to undergo an emergency appendectomy. Nick passed out from pain from appendicitis while in France on the Eiffel Tower. Nick didn't know how to say appendix in French. Little girl I have to tell you something, you have a penis. Caller Amy was having a C sections a few years ago when her husband complained of stomach pain. He walked himself to the emergency room for an emergency appendectomy. Steve was on a cruise ship during a hurricane and got sick and was falsely diagnosed with a disease that attacks the appendix, that actually doesn't exist. Houdini was punched in the appendix which caused it to rupture and killed him. That's the great thing about your appendix it has a little nubby like a butter ball turkey. Caller John his appendix burst as they were removing it. Like a little hand grenade. We need a Beep Beep monitor flown to Philadelphia. Of the Bruins played with broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

SQ:. According to Randolph Duke,  where might you find bacon?

SA: inside a BLT


Preston hated last song, Come As You Are by Nirvana. Traffic Kid Rock concert is tonight. Valley Forge Casino is in the kitchen cooking food. Preston is gong to reveal something later. Bizarre File a taxi driver hacked an American to death with a machete after arguing over a $1.60 fair in Thailand. Hitler themed resturant opens up in Thailand with the logo of Hitler in a bow tie. 51 year old Johanna Wetherford attacked ex with a meat clever and began to attack him with it. She defecated while climbing through the window. An Albuquerque man was arrested for injecting herion into his genitals. Single Mixer giveaway.


Weather. Traffic. Valley Forge Casino brought some great food. Last time Preston was at Valley Forge Casino he won a little over a grand. He may go tomorrow. Preston's finally watches The Departed Casey has been telling him to watch the movie for years. He said its a long ass movie, but its good. He loves Jack Nicholson. Mark Wahlberg's character was stupid. Steve thought Leonardo DiCaprio was great. He needs to see The Grey next. Casey thinks there two different kinds of movies. He also needs to see It Might Get Loud. Steve said it was on cable last week, Nick just said it. No one listens to him. Mexico is now the fattest country in the world. Philly used to be the fattest city in the fattest country in the world. Taco Bells new commercials feature a woman talking about healthier food. Prenuptial agreements are being singed for weight, TV usage, sex, mother-in-law on vacation and cats. Preston would ask for time to play golf. Steve would ask for a threesome. Casey gets whatever he wants but, he would ask for a threesome before they were in their sixties. Maybe he would with Shirley McClain. Preston knew someone who became unhappy with his wife who was putting on weight. He said something and now their divorced. You tie a piece of pound cake to the end of the treadmill. Nick says Casey is losing weight on his own, and my wife said I was a fat ass. Caller Finn says her ex boy friend told her she was becoming a larger person. Hes dead now from alcoholism. So you won. Caller Barb said she would rather have her husbands friends say she is hot than fat. She and her husband have a celebrity clause. Valley Forge Casino Meet and Eat giveaway.


Traffic. Anthony Jesselnik he goes on tour as soon as show was over. He has a couple executives who glance over his shoulder but are weary of making him furious. Dated Amy Schumer. The second season of his show is going to be like the first but better. Amy Schumer, Doug Benson, Joan Rivers and Jim Norton will be on as guests. He picks guests that are friends of his because its more fun. He talks about the show as if the devil had a talk show. This week he will talk about necrophilia. He talks about things that people don't like to talk about much less hear numerous jokes about. He learned how sensitive necrophiliacs are. He does jokes that only he would say. Occasionally hes gotten in trouble, but no matter how offended they are they usually get over it. Twinkies are back now with longer shelf life! All of the hostess treats will be back on July 15th. At Swiss Haus now serving cronuts: a cross between croissants and doughnuts. A crookie is a croissant and a cookie. Theres a limit to how many cronuts you can buy a day. We just got done talking about American's being fat. Karen Hepp had a baby. Cronut for short. Valley Forge Meet and Eat giveaway.

9:32 – 9:43

Budweiser's made in America is the Letter of the week giveaway. Traffic. Countdown clock for Pearl Jam they were announcing their tour, two shows in Philly. Second countdown clock for their new album? Or song? Actually their new line of cronuts. Bizarre Files: Man with backpack full of sex toys causes bomb scare at Walmart in Aurora, Co. Man crashed car on the front yawn of Clayton county police station in GA, officers questioned his fashion choices. 9-foot-tall, 600-pound purple aluminum chicken statue stolen from outside a Florida home by19-year-old Darrin Edwards, 21-year-old Tyler Jones and 18-year-old James Smith. In Fox Chapel, PA, 19 different police departments responded to a party of over 700 of 18 to 21 year olds largest party they had every seen. 42 year old Turkish man, wearing helmet like wire cage to kick a smoking habit, keys are kept safe by wife or daughter. Pacific Rim Giveaway.

9:56 – 10:13

Bon Jovi donating a million dollars to the Sandy relief, he just happened to have it on him. John use to be the owner of the Soul, Gifford's Lane gave us a shout out at the Union game. Congrats to former member of WMMR Family, Reese Aslin and his wife had a baby boy named Issac. LQ Hollywood Trash: Lance Armstrong in a expedition bike race in Iowa less than six months after admitting to using preformance enhancing drug, less than happy fan stated ³the dude has some set of balls.² Kris Jenner to host TV called Kris, will be joined by celebrity guest hosts will have different questions other than how tall are you? Or how much do you weight? Clooney and Stacey Keibler ended relationship, Clooney states he is taking his penis is a different direction. LA Music News: Pearl Jam has announced tour starting in Pittsburgh on October 11th, two shows in Philly, ends in New Orleans second leg to end in their hometown. Second countdown clock started as soon as the other ended, rumors of new music. Tickets on sale Saturday, July 27. Ten Fanclub pre-sales started this passed week, Pearl Jam decoder ring included with membership, reminding you to drink your Ovaline. Metallica announces gig to happen in San Diego after Comicon, 500 free tickets will be distributed. 30 seconds to Mars, Love, Lust Faith + Dreams announces tour starting off in GA on 9/27. 3 Days Grace is asking fans to direct next video for Misery Loves My Company. Black Keys sponsoring little league teams, spending 300 dollars to set up the team, to sign all jerseys after the season. PnS little league team next year? Everyone make a note to forget about this.

10:23 – 10:30

Wrap Up: Thank you to Guest Anthony Jeselnik and Meet and Eat - Valley Forge Casino. Pierrre once sponsored a little league team in MonCo Bad news Roberts' LOTD Work force blocks of Kid Rock, AC/DC, White stripes, box seats. Tomorrow we have Erik Roberts, Julie Robert's brother and Aisha Tyler from the new Whose Line is it Anyway?

LQ: When your lung collapses what do they cut off?

LA: your balls


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