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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Anthony Jeselnik - Comedian - Phoner

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:11-6:22
Good Morning! Weather.Traffic. News. Flight 214 tried to abort landing, crashed a second later. Pilot had little experience w/
type of plane. Teenage victim may have been run over by emergency vehicle. 305
survived & small number were injured. Under investigation. Airtaxi crash in Alaska.
10 passengers  killed. SPCA resumes investigation after finding a dozen live cats living w/ unconscious man. No A/C & covered in feces. Relatives came & called police. Sports. Dom Brown hit
homeroom & triple, phillies  beat braves. Lannen gets the start tonight.
Andy Murray beat Djokovic becoming the Wimbledon champ. Steve is more tired today than usual. Preston's wife woke up with him today. on a road trip & he's
alone for the week. Word of the week. 10 callers for Pacific Rim.
Announcement coming up. 

GunsNroses. Traffic.  Birthdays: Beck 43. Billy Crodupt 45. Kevin
Bacon 55. in Apollo 13. Angelica Houston 62.
Jeffery Tambor 69. Carlos Covestgo 56. Guitarist in quiet riot. They
gave the Preston and Steve show a shout out.
Changed by Theodore Roosevelt. Box office:Huge upset for Lone Ranger. 2nd
place, 29.4 Million. Despicable me # 1. The Heat was 3. It was ok.
Predictable. If you want to see it go see it. Hollywood news: Eva Longoria dating Ernesto Arguella.Lone Ranger lose a ton of money. A movie sees profit when it makes 3x its budget. Disney spends
ton of $ promoting movies. 15th season big brothers. Spencer Clawson made
homophobic and offensive comments & lost job. Aaryn and Gina were caught
making racist re-marks. Kayley Cuoko & boyfriend made relationship public. Johnny Depp loves Honey boo-boo. He's mesmerized. Canadian construction uses
sign: finishes project faster than a Kim Kardashian marriage. Seth Myers
is getting married to Alexie Ash. Paula Deen fired agent. Paris Jackson ismoving to boarding school for troubled teens costing 10 million dollars According to uncle,doesn't respect authority. Jane Leeves says nip tuck life is not for her. Calls out other stars for ruining their career. Tan mom, ratricia hospitalized after seizure. Got a message to use rotection. In rehab for alc addiction. Brandy Glandville ran into ex and Leanne Rymes. He went to say goodnight to kids. She raised voice &wine glass. Clips: Pacific Rim, Grownups 2. Single Mixer.

Incubus. Single Mixer. Traffic. Heat: Hot weekend. Casey in Poconos & it was in 80s. Girl w giant cans at Philly's game distracting pitcher directly behind home plate. DD club. She should cover up for our pitchers. Hot days make adults cranky. Heat triggers physical arousal & aggression. Stay away alcohol. Beer is chosen over wine liquor & food for celebrations. North Dakota consumes most beer. Pa is 28. Preston tried nonalcoholic beer. still gives beer breath. gave relaxing effects. May have up to .5% alc. Try Her-o-not, less intense heroin, no beer breath. Falling Asleep: Most difficulties on falling asleep Sunday, Weekends shift bio clock & cause social jet-lag. Intern Sarah back from Australia. Back for a week and just started to get back on schedule. Stress makes it difficult Sundays.Kathy's friend is depressed Sundays. Preston starts prepping show sats to relax Sun. Nick drinks on Fridays rather than saturday. Pope Francis make catholic church less
flashy & focus on poor. priests chose humble car. Mixer.
Stupid Q: What was the white house originally called?
Stupid A: President's palace.

Led Zeppelin. Dyer Maker. Traffic. Announcement: Philly's Hottest short shorts and prizes. Bizarre File: James Nichols hoarded body of his murdered wife,
missing since '85. American Airlines attendant suing airlines for accusations that she was hiding her pet rat in her pantyhose. Officer Jessica Renolds & mother got in to a cup cake fight after argument. Went beyond food fight & got violent. Teenager survives being attacked by lion. Attacked because she was
kissing the lion. 10 flesh wounds.

 Time 8:20-8:47 
Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Philly's Hottest. Traffic. American Badass >weekend. Revel. Preston and Wife went to revel for the weekend. Impressive fireworks. Gambled a little bit. Steve finds shore relaxing
even in winter or rain. Holiday Weekend recap:  Casey was in the
mountains. Went swimming in lake harmony. Thought he could have gone
around whole lake, underestimated distance. Its sandy and rocky. Sand is imported
from France. Kathy used to go to mountains. doesn't like snakes. Casey's father-in-law found
rattle snake. They had a bear in backyard last year. Beware of cubs bc mom is around.  Steve stayed local, wife went to
France. Helped his friend moved gym equipment. Moved 8,000 lbs total.
Nick also stayed local. Went to longwood gardens. Kathy spent last few days in
pools. She did not pee in pool. Most people don't admit to peeing in pool. Preston
likes pools hot, Nick likes them cold. Preston is going to checkout dive to
become certified. Preston went to t-shirt store & got sons light up shirts.
Pacific Rim passes.

Alice in Chains. Former member of Nirvana and Soundgarden is  a war hero. Traffic. Announce American Badass Weekend winner. Elaine
Paino. Kid rock tickets still available. Shartouts. Adult probation for
ashley- who would like to remain anonymous. Paul, brother's fiance had an embolism.
She can not gain full
consciousness and he needs help raising money for her. Amy, 10 year
anniversary. Fires: 19 hearses carrying fire fighters in Arizona. Target:
founder Douglass Dayton, died
at age 88. Kathy can't walk into Target w/o spending $100. First 4 opened
in twin-city suburbs and grew to Canada. Kathy went 3 times last week. They
all have grocery stores now. Kathy watched an angry woman in line throw items
on to belt. Pluto moon names: two recently discovered moons have been named
Styx andKerberos. They are demonic names. They're not going to name it volkan. 3
other moons are Charon, Nix, and Hydra. Should be named wheezy, one day man will
land on wheezy. Some day the ropers from threes company will be
equivalent to Greek mythology. Tom Hanks has an asteroid named after him. Elaine Paino on the phone.
                      Time 9:33-9:42
Slash. Red white and Blue girl on Philly's hottest.
Traffic.  Bizarre Files:  Detroit officers thought there was a domestic
violence case but it was her boyfriend farting. She was screaming stop.
German tourist got his genitals stuck in a metal sex toy. The fire crew had to
free him. Heart surgery patient was punched several times. He ended up dying.
Man accidentally shot himself when he was sitting on porch with loaded gun.
Painfully single mixer. 

                      Time 9:54-10:12
Weather. Steam coming off the road yesterday. Selfie Monday.
Whitney has big sunglasses. Hollywood Trash: Charles Saatchi and Nigella
Lawson are getting divorced. Thomas Paculis was arrested for attempting to
extort Paula Deen for a quarter million dollars. The situation lost his
with Abercromie and Fitch for using their phrases. Shart out to Mike
Steele. Music News: Metallica will make an
appearance in San Diego at the comic con. They have a movie coming out on
September 27th. Alice in Chains were joined on stage by Lane's \father, Phil. Feature article in NY Times about former nirvana and Soundgarden member, Jason Everman is a war hero. Most deadly individual he met was Mr. Rogers. Nirvana and Soundgarden had a great time with him but things went south very quick. A cloud was over him. Tool, latest band to get the lullaby treatment with twinkle twinkle little rock-star. 3 hours left on Pearl Jam clock. Casey played a jokeby pretending to play new Pearl Jam music. Everyone was in on it except for Nick. Nick thought for a few seconds that it was Pearl Jam.

                               Time 10:23-10:29
Monday and back at it! High of 88 today, showers later.
Intern Tim's last day. Started May of last year. Learned everything he
about radio from Preston and Steve. Nick Murphy was taking pictures and
thought it was the fire alarm. He knows Steve's Primos order.  Same last
name as girlfriend. Takes care ofclips write-up.  Tomorrow is Tattoosday. 
LQ: In Lake Harmony, where do they import the sand from? 
LA: France 
Letter of the Day: T

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