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Disc: 1 Date: 7-3-2013

Track1Time 6:11-6:25

Calling for a heatwave. Traffic. NEWS. Bucks county native killed in wildfire in Arizona,just married at age of 23, grew up in Richboro. Former Tiffany executive resold the little blue box for $1.3 million and was arrested. Preston's step sister works at Tiffany's, security is very good. When confronted she said that she left it behind and some was lost or damaged. 4th of july celebrations already started at Penn's landing. Many fireworks are scheduled for tonight and tomorrow party on the parkway begins.. Sports. Cincinatti Reds pitcher hit a no hitter last night. John pettibone pitched in 6th inning and the phillies one last night. Ryan Howard ended slump with a hit. Short week for fourth of July. Jerry Blavat and Rick Williams will be in today. Painfully single mixer, and movie screening. Secret text word. Last minute plan for chance to win a night at the Revel for a meet and greet with playboy centerfolds. 10 Pacific Rim passes.

Track2Time 6:37-7:11

Long weekend coming up. Traffic. Stupid Question Birthdays: Tom Cruise, 51. Working on a top gun 2 -it's cheesy and unrealistic, Kathy likes it, Preston hates it. Yeardley Smith is 49,. Shawn E. Smith, Saw movies 43. Stephen Pearcy, lead singer of Rat, 54 - . Montel Williams 57, working on infomercials & radio show even though he has MS. Kurtwood Smith, plays the jerk character and comedy very well, 70. Paula Decker from sales birthday. Happy pre-birthday to Casey! Stupid answer: John Adams and Tom Edison both died on 7/4. Entertainment News Amanda Bynes tweeted about her love for a man who she does not follow on twitter.Could be Drake Bell. Jason Sudek gives Olivia Wild credit for being happy. planning a wedding and life after SNL. Steve could spend the weekend smelling his fingers. Linger on your finger- Rat's comeback. shift in River Valley vocal band. Kirsten Dunst Lina Dunham and KAJ had a threesome? Art project featuring e-mails. Shipping a couch from Sweeden, selling a car. Michael Jordan tried to win MTV's Kennedy's vagina. Jordan and Russel Simmons and Kennedy had dinner and Jordan had sex dice. Kristen Wig will not so Bridesmaids squeal. Russel Crowe twitter hacked, someone sent out picture of a woman's pubic area. He tweets his gym regimen everyday. Tom Hanks's son had a daughter. Tom Hanks is still cool. Alec Baldwin will never tweet again because 'Jimmy' Gandolfini did not have twitter Stevey thinks that's stupid. Clips: way, way, back. Despicable me 2. People texting in and sharing work outs. Jerry Blavat and Rick Williams on the show. Explain text giveaways – Revel & Secret Text. 10 Mixer giveaways.

Track3Time 7:24-7:46

Queen. Traffic. Phillies hottest red white & blue girl photos. American Badass and wawa hoagie fest. Number 1 place to watch fireworks is Philly. Fireworks on the parkway will be go off late. Watch on cityline or Mlk drive. 4th of July Fireworks Steve loves fireworks. Preston tired of them. Display tonight at Longwood gardens. Preston sat on whitehouse lawn w/ foo fighters were playing. Largest consumer of fireworks is Disney. Casey hated fireworks as a kid. Steve's wife bought fireworks at BJ's. Casey got Ided when purchasing. Caller Kristen: detail on welcome America. Caller Eric: sells fireworks to ppl who aren't from PA. Steve & Wife watched fireworks and saw bats flew out from under tracks and kids were screaming. Phillies having show next week bc theyre away this week. Firework safety PSA. 10 Pacific Rim Movie passes.

SQ What day did John Adams think would be celebrated independence day?

SA July 2nd.

Track1Time 7:59-8:09

wawa hogie fest.Traffic. Preston has itch on foot. Hot water is good for that. He needs intern to rub feet. Over night at Revel. Bizzare Files. 64 year old woman used superglue as medicated cream. Italian scientist claims he is close to being able to transplant human heads. Solution to muscular & organ problems. Attempted since '50s. Ending of DOMA parade was photo bombed by a guy with sign “here for the gang bang.” Athens man stabbed for flirting with a big butt girl. Secret text word. 6 Souls Blueray discs given away.

Track2Time 8:25-8:53

Rain is becoming annoying. Traffic. Caller Caitlin: friends w photobomber. He supports his lesbian sister. Worst restaurant meal in America: 1,320 calories 33 g transfat, biggest catch,Long John's Silver. fried fish comes w onion rings & hush puppies. Preston used to get a boat filled with left over batter.Phelps was swimming 6 miles & consumed 6,000 calories a day. New China law: must take care of parents over 60. Taking care of Elderly Parents: Steve's father is 85 & in great shape. Preston would have parents live with him. Steve would get a cage that breaths from petco. He has a girlfriend of decades. Nick would want to live at the Birches. Kathy's parents don't like it. China man left 100 year old mom in pig stye. Not ok, cages are cheap. Kathy's mom would want her to kill her. Everyone owes parents proper care. May move retirement age back. Dentists making advances: root canals ending due to tissue and pulp restoration. Casey has a great dentist- top 5 in area. Dr. Mike. Marisa's mom named Kanra and always asks people if she listens to the show. Preston's mom and sister always point out who they are. Pamphlet 101 things to do besides pre-mar sex: blow bubbles, share straw, make lunch for elderly, handed to kids in Australia. Run in circle until you throw up, hum until you taste blood in your throat. Maca's is Australian McDonalds Nickname Happier w friends than family. Steve enjoys being home with wife, Claire likes to go out. Pres wants to sit down & shut up. Family means kids or nuclear family. Preston enjoying time alone w wife. Still hasn't watched the departed, but next week he will be alone. Secret Text word. Pacific Rim.

Track3Time 9:06-9:27

Shine Down Song. Word of the week prize, hoagies for a year. Traffic. Hating Songs: Preston doesn't like Mumford bandwagon. Kathy hated Hey Ya! Jerry: doesn't like Beatles! Didn't fit in with Motown. Killed Beatles Career. Music with rhythm beat & lyric stays. Young people still rock to it. Birthday celebration @ Memories in Margate. Average age 55-85 then it goes 25-65. There might be a Geator movie based on book. Dragging birthday celebration all week long. Keep on rockin' cause you only rock once. He remembers/knows everyone. Wonder if he knew Jimmy Gindolfini. Pres got tired of Hotel California, guitar solo- amazing. American Badass. 5 Painfully single mixer.

Disc: 3 Date: 7-3-2013

Track 1Time 9:38-9:54

Offspring- No Self-esteem. Heatwave starting. Traffic. 4th of July is a great time in Philly. Rick Williams and Cecily Tynan:covering the 4th starting at 7 pm. Cecily called in. They will be taking the stage in the beginning before the concert starts. Kids aren't coming. Does Cecily twerk? Preston hung out with them outside of work and enjoys it. Cecily looking forward to Jill Scott. It will be hot and humid tomorrow. Down the shore low 80s for the weekend. Concert will be very interactive. One Prize will be a chance to appear on Cecily's weather broadcast. You can also win a big screen TV or ride in Zoo balloon. Rick just earned yellow belt in karate. Training is mentally and physically exhausting. Word of the week.

Track 3Time 10:05-10:28

The sun would be nice for the extended weekend. Hoagies for a year. Bizarre Files:Ran in a 6:36 mile 128 degree death valley in a Darth Vader costume in Guiness book of world records. Snap shot cleared man who was accused of suffocating his daughter while mother was sleeping. He was innocent. Florida woman being charged with battery after kissing police on the nose against his will. Hollywood Trash: Beiber tired of press making him look bad. Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroger got married. One Direction saying they're not so innocent. Don't dance like other boy bands. Music News:Seether has surfaced on twitter, working on new album. 15 sec clip of new music. Pearl Jam put countdown for announcement on website. Rumors about new-Mind your Manners. 3 shows on schedule. Avril and Chad got married in France. Stephen Tyler will have knee surgery. Secret text word. Waiter from Chops called in. Restaurant closing. Secret texter.

Track 4Time 10:38-10:47

Getting ready for the long holiday. Preston going to a romantic dinner with wife tonight with Spring Mill Cafe. Steve's wife is on vacation. Nick is going to a party tomorrow. Steve can see fireworks from his house. Congrats to David Clark for winning trip to Revel. Matt Cord is here from his appearance on Fox. Today is Jacky's birthday but he never talks about his birthday or age. He is currently 22 in 1989. Thanks to Rick and Cecily and Jerry. Caller got word of the week wrong. Correct word of the week is 'TIM.' Hoagies for a year. American Badass weekend.

LQ: What will be Rat's comeback song?

LA: Linger on your finger.

letter of day: M.


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