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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:08-6:18
Weather Traffic News The search for a 13 year old boy in Pennypack Creek continues today after he, his 11 year old brother and two friends went for a swim yesterday.  His 11 year old brother Anthony is in the hospital. Flash flood warnings are still in effect as the rain continues. Darren Daulton was awake and talking Monday afternoon after having two brain tumors removed. Daulton remained awake during the seven hour procedure to make sure his speech was not affected. Both tumors were able to be successfully removed.  Sports Phillies open up a series in Pittsburgh against the Pirates tonight. Serena Williams has been eliminated early on in Wimbledon, the latest in a set of upsets at the tournament. Wawa. Pacific Rim.

Time 6:29-7:00
Weather. Traffic Wawa. SQ. Birthdays Lindsey Lohan: 27. Ashley Tisdale: 28 today. Larry David is 66. Olivia Munn: 31. Jerry Hall: 57. Richard Petty: 76. Saul Rubinek: 55. SA. Preston visited the Independence Center earlier this year. E News. Farrah Abraham checked herself into rehab, was arrested on a DUI charge in march, has a breathalyzer  attached to her car now. Casey thinks every car should have that. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were in Charleston, West Virginia for the baptism of their son. Kyra Sedgwick was rushed to the ER this weekend after cutting off the tip of her finger cutting kale. And they say kale is healthy. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are apparently still talking. Pattinson was apparently seen with Elvis Presley's eldest grandchild. Kim K has kept a low profile after giving birth.  Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis could be headed down the isle soon. Kevin Clash dodged three law suits of molestation with under aged children due to a statute of limitation. Pierce Brosnan daughter died Friday from cancer. Henry Cavill is dating Kaley Cuoco. Paula Dean was just offered a deal to do porn. Back door Dean. Scott Disick went crazy in Miami hotel. Lindsey Lohan is afraid of relapsing after she leaves rehab in a month, plans to keep a low profile. Clips Army Hammer talks about his character in The Lone Ranger. Miranda Cosgrove from Despicable Me 2.

Time 7:12-7:44
Welcome to August. Traffic. Kathy thought “4” meant 4 inches for her subway ad. Casey had a great snickers ad. Someone spilled on nick's chair. Kyra Sedgwick cut the tip of her finger off. Nick cut his finger on a meat slicer once. Preston waited too long for stitches once. At what point can you sow the finger back on? Listener Aaron cut his finger off with a circular saw. Preston's friend was exercising and jumping up and down, caught his ring finger in a nail in the ceiling, almost ripped it off. Steve hates cutting while cooking, afraid to cut finger off. Chefs are tough with hot food. You don't need to cut food that fast, but you think you're a pussy if you don't. Preston had his hand crushed in a car door, Steve caught his head in an electric window, hey grandma hold on! Listener Darryl's friend grabbed rusty bucket instead of basketball rim, lost finger. He got a fake finger. Preston's ripped toe nail off with hot paper clip after hurting it. Ruined his foot modeling career. Casey recasted his broken hand once. Preston's father in law cut off part of his thumb. Used staple gun, how complicated can c-section be?
Listener Jim's son had different finger tips cut off twice, reattached. Child services? Casey's son got stitches in chin, injected painkiller. Casey couldn't put stitches in but could remove them, like scratching an itch. Pacific Rim. 

Stupid Q: How many people actually signed the  Declaration of Independence on the Fourth of July?
Stupid A:
Two people

Time 7:56-8:05
Nick has new music from Pearl Jam. Traffic. Landmark Americana/Meet and Eat. Bizarre File. Indiana woman attacked her boyfriend with a stun gun. Stripper in Houston reportedly had a miscarriage on stage while twerking. 2 teenagers arrested in Moscow for decapitating homeless man and using it as a football. Cause footballs are so expensive. This is what happens when you get rid of music programs. 2 Ontario families claim airlines dropped feces on their properties. Investigation shows not from aircraft. Philly rapper Meek Mill ordered to complete etiquette class. Lots of good stuff coming up. Steve Carell coming up. 

Time 8:17- 8:43
No rain yet, wawa hoagie day. Traffic. Montana on the hottie cam, little overdressed. Videos of the making of the office calender. Strella. Flip Flops. Kathy went to metroplex Saturday, old navy was having a sale. Huge line that wrapped around the store and back to the entrance. You could buy 200 shirts at old navy for a buck. Flip flop sale, dollar pairs. Some people addicted to sales, waiting in line. Guy stops kathy as she leaves and asks whats going on, he was waiting in car as wife waiting in line. Never seen anything like it even on black friday. Listener Jill: works at old navy, people wait months for this sale. Foam with rubber flip flops. Sad part is sometimes I do it. People give them in gift bags for weddings, kathy did that. Casey and Preston hate flip flops. Steve is a high heel man. Preston doesn't like the beaded flip flops. Nick sees them as indicator of summer/looking like a bum. Jelly's are coming back in to style. Shore studies. People standing in knee deep water get the most injuries. Researchers say people more relaxed near the ocean. Oprah was in cape may. Casey is going to lake instead of shore, thinks its more relaxing, beach is a hassle. Billy Joel and Anne Hathaway have houses in Cape May. More of a year round town. This week is a huge vacation week. Business is down at the shore. Stronger than the storm, Mother Nature's a whore. Preston not a beach guy. Burns easily, water's cold. Best time he had at shore was in a house with a pool. Outerbanks. Pacific Rim. 

Time 8:55-9:27
Wawa hoagie day. Traffic. Landmark Americana M&E. Nat Faxon and Jim Rash-In Studio./Steve Carell Calling In Is also in Nat and Jim's movie “the way, way back.” Steve thinks he is in every other movie, was great in lone ranger. If Daniel Day Lewis did a cartoon, that would be Steve. Its really easy doing voice acting, you just show up and do a stupid voice for a few hours. Good script. Has seen despicable me 2 twice. Steve has never done a voice acting scene with the other actors, didn't meet brand till opening. Thinks “TWWB” will be great, Nat and Jim are truly good guys. Character in “TWWB,” not loveable. Wife said about his character, boy did I hate you. Nat and Jim wrote Steve a letter to cast him. Wrote script 8 years ago. 1st scene of a movie, actually happened to Jim where his step-dad ranked him. Got lucky with the casting. Good actors & people. Winning an Oscar allowed for people to engage in conversation about making new movies. We all go though rights of passages, same with characters in the movie. Sam Rockwell's character: like Bill Murray from “Meatballs.” Always attracted to balancing comedy/drama. Kid who played Duncan, felt like he was the kid. Natural, honest. TV you get answer fast, movie can take a while. Anxious for opening. Going on beach tour. Both love waterparks. Aware of audience reaction at premieres. 

Time 9:39- 9:50
Weather. Traffic. Hottie Cam. Bizarre File. Passengers waiting for a train in China  were exposed to an x-rated film. Technician forgot to disconnect computer from system, starting watching dirty film. Disorderly conduct against drunk man who pulled tooth from 9-year-old boy. Flicked the tooth out. Man had hand blown off from illegal fireworks, tried to relight mortar. Trailer full of fireworks exploded, killed a man. Man went in to Wells Fargo with a mask on, was doing it to protect from germs but mistaken for bank robber. Tattoosday. Listener Pete. Tattoo: neck-tie that is body of a character with spiked hair, names of his kids. Went to school with Casey, did martial arts. Painfully Single Mixer. 

 Time 9:59-10:24
Pearl Jam new music. Nick might finally meet Eddie Vedder. 50 States. Steve been has done all 50 states thanks to stand up. Kathy's only been to a handful, some states she doesn't want to visit. Nick loved OKC. LQ. Hollywood Trash. Kevin Clash is now off the hook, Clash says hes ecstatic and cant wait to get his hand in someone's ass. Ruben Studdard joining TV show biggest loser, because there is no show called total loser, Farrah Abraham checking in to rehab, she's been getting too drunk to enjoy porn and neglecting child. LA. Music News. Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Sinister Waits giving master class to 10 lucky winners. Will compete with video submissions. Dave Grohl performed Under Pressure cover with Taylor Hawkin's band “Chevy Metal.” Great American Nightmare announces dates with Rob Zombie. Tracy Chapman/Fast Cars Tracy Chapman will be there too. Hard to tell if it's a man or a woman. Eddie Vedder acapella. Steve's version of Fast Car, very depressing. Fall Out Boy has unveiled music video for the single Alone Together. What were the lyrics to Sugar We're Goin Down Swingin? Fast Cars never made NOW that's what I call music. Fast Cars Remix. Landmark Americana M&E. 

Time 10:34-10:41
Cloudy but no rain this morning. Wawa Hoagie Day. Wrap Up. Preston's computer is glitching. Hi to Montana from the Hottie Cam/Office Calender. Competing in Fitness Competition for Flex Magazine. LOTD: I – Wawa. Matt Cord filling in for Pierre again. Pacific Rim.

Lesson Question: Listener Pete used to train with Bob Dodge doing what kind of dance?

Lesson Answer: Tap Jazz

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