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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:12-6:28
Weather. Traffic. News. Forest fires in phoenix kill 19 firefighters. Fire
chief said dead firefighters were part of city's department, elite group.
Fire destroyed 200 homes. Small plane crash in ocean city 500 yards
offshore. Was carrying only the pilot and there was no debris. Septa
prices are going up, mad rush to buy tokens. Ecard system to start. They
will also put lasers on the cards. Sports. Dodgers' Puig had 4 hits and
the Phillies lost 6-2. Flyers chose defense-man Sam Morin with 11th pick
in NHL Draft. Matt Kenseth won the race at Kentucky speedway. Flyers kid
is 17 kid who could win 4 stanley cups and just be able to drink legally.
Casey saw a video where he floors a guy. Airhorns call in. Word of the
week aircheck/hoagiefest. American badass weekend. Truckers calling in.
Female trucker. Robbie is in Delaware. Russ wants to eat goddamit. Michael
is on the PA turnpike. Kathy saw an incredible female trucker. Jerry
Bruckheimer is calling in.

                 Time 6:38-7:15
Crappy Weather. Traffic. Stupid Question Birthdays Debbie Harry is 68,
Blondie used to be punk before breaking in as a pop band. Liv Tyler. Steve
watched Empire Records, one of Marisa's favorites. After she shaved her
head Preston wanted to rub his junk on it. She is 36. Pamela Anderson is
46. Was in sexy commercial recently. Andre Braugher, 51. Dan Akroyd, 61.
David Prowse, body of Darth Vader, 77. Jamie Farr, he can do nose ups.
He's 78. Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. Monster's U #1 at box office.
Paula Dean is losing sponsorships. Piers Morgan: Wal Mart dumps Dean but
sells assault rifles. Dean trying to get lawsuit dropped. New book was
number one in presales, and company still dropped it. Paris' uncle Jackie
has said she's still hospitalized and she's getting better, should be out
soon. French newspaper claims MJ paid off families off molestation charges
victims. Let he who casts the first shemona. Brando complained MJ would
disappear with children, watch adult films with them. Alec Baldwin was
apologetic after going off on Daily Mail reporter who reported his wife
was tweeting upbeat things at James Gandolfini funeral. Called him ³toxic
little queen.² Neil Patrick Harris excited for marriage.  Lindsay Lohan
adderall free. Karate master/actor Jim Kelly has died. Cher quelled
twitter beef with Amanda Bynes. Cher is in that bravo show duck dynasty.
Brooke Hogan engaged to Cowboys player Phil Costa. Clips. Steve Carell on
Kristen Wiig. Depp on Cowboys and Indians.

                          Time 7:25-7:48
Rain in Bala Cynwyd. Traffic. Preston's friend is a reenactor. Nick
doesn't get it. It's a tribute. Lincoln was hot. Kathy has cousins who do
it, doesn't get it. Some of the strategy is fascinating. Putting on the
show makes sense. They party their asses off too. War Reenactments WW2
reenactments. Preston's friend, you gotta wonder about the Nazi's. They
have cooler uniforms. Caller Patrick did it, stunk so bad. Appreciation
for where soldiers parked their cars. There is auditioning process for big
roles. Some people may view it same as softball league. Let us not forget
great softball games that divided our nation. Preston doesn't want to be
around people. LARPing, reenact video games. Kathy's cousin who reenacts
on the phone. Used to play the fief. Dad still does it. Not supposed to
have cell phones, etc. Dad wrote book, love story during civil war.
Revolutionary war reenactments. Brandywine, Valley Forge. Spring Break
reeanctments. Antietum is bloodiest battle in American history. Colonel
Sanders. Kentucky Colonel is not military, honorary title, Preston's Dad
has it.

Stupid Question: What was Jeremiah?

Stupid Answer: A  Bullfrog

                          Time 8:00-8:11
Spotty Rain. Traffic. We will have announcement after Bizarre File.
Bizarre File. Man whose naked photos were left on his co-workers, gf's,
and grandma's cars says his ex-roommate did it. Gave him photos to not pay
rent. Omaha police arrested man who went to headquarters, claimed he had
witnessed murder, proceeded to take off pants,  gratify himself. Auburn,
WA woman accused of doing nothing while maggots gnawed on her mother.
Would have died if deputies did not find her. Paramedics said wound could
have taken leg, maggots could have kept woman alive b/c they ate rotting
skin cells on infection. 400 pound woman. Announcement: The American
Badass Weekend! Chance to win Kid Rock tickets. July 4th is Casey's
birthday. Casey got a puppy so he's good.

                          Time 8:23-8:54
Hoagie Day Tomorrow. Traffic. Weather ruined Preston and Casey's golf day,
Preston was having his best golf day all year and they had to quit. Nick
had same thing Wednesday. Casey was happy, was tired golfing. Kathy had
food poisoning this weekend. Food Poisoning Food poising trumps stomach
viruses. Body is doing everything to expel it from your system. Steve got
it from Chinese food. Had to drink pedialite. Much different from just
normal nausea. Kathy ate with her family and none of them got it. Listener
Colleen. She's a nurse, everyone's getting this stomach bug. 24 hour
thing. She didn't crap in the bed and her underwear survived.  Steve got
it so bad they gave him morphine. The restaurant should know. Chi Chi's
had problem with their onions, then they went away. Listener Ted, once you
get it you get it more often. Got it from turkey one year at thanksgiving.
Steve doesn't want anyone in his blast zone. Listener Matt went to
hospital from food poisoning, almost died. Bar he ate from was shut down
from food regulations. Dr Mike. Kathy probably had a virus. They are
working on vaccination that may prevent this. A lot of people die from
this. Only treatment now is fluids Viruses are always around. If you were
sick enough would you pop on an adult diaper? Listener email about brother
Teddy who had passed away, fell asleep without sleep apenia machine. So
Sad. No Drunk Day this year.  Announcement: Painfully Single Mixer at
Xfinity Live ­ female callers.

         Time 9:06-
Wawa hoagie fest. Traffic. Its Selfie Monday. Woman died performing at
Cirque De Soleil in Vegas. She fell 50 ft, had been with show since 2006.
First performance related death in 30-year-history. French show ³Oh,²
french word for water. Acrobats doing things in and out of water. She was
getting set up for stunt.  Marisa did acrobatics with pop-up on broad
street. Marisa does cool stuff, been to 6th dimension through wormhole in
center city. Cheating woman go to J. Crew and Banana Republic. Kathy went
to both. Kathy got $250 worth of clothes for $120. Preston has become
disenchanted with outlet stores that aren't outlet stores. Like the Gap at
Franklin Mills. Nick thinks  Casey doesn't get sperry shoes w/ black socks
craze. Preston saw guy with them at airport, no dude. Cutlery affects food
tasting. Why are they studying this? Marketing. Beer is the same way,
different better in drafts/bottles/cans. You have to pour Guiness out of
can. Brain makes judgment on food before it enters mouth. Chops closing.
Steve is sad, Charles Barkley liked it. Its the worst when a place you
loves closes. Had great food and service. Had meetings there. Didn't even
get last meal. Nick's fault. Lone Ranger passes.

                          Time 9:46-9:57
DMB didn't play All Along the Watchtower this weekend, Covered Zeppelin.
Traffic. DMB did cover Don't Fear the Reaper. Preston really enjoyed
Gifford's Lane. That girl could sing, her name is Serena. Bizzare File.
Driver drove in to home and was ejected, landed on the couch in the living
room upside down. Police saw speed was factor. Man pleaded guilty to
killing woman years ago, then carrying her remains in a backpack. Bag full
of hooker. Man planned on using remains for his sexual pleasure. Got the
nanny-cam beater. Evil guy. A man claims a police officer who responded to
a driver hitting a deer handed him his gun to euthanize the animal. Woman
released from custody after man asked for extra cup of caramel in
McDonalds drive thru, then poured it over topless woman and licked it off.
Lone Rangers passes.

                 Time 10:08-10:27
Tomorrow's Wawa Hoagie Day Jerry Bruckheimer. The Lone Ranger was
fantastic to make. A whole generation has lost the western. Telling the
original story of the Lone Ranger. Story is told through the eyes of
Tonto. Been trying to get Top Gun 2 for 35 years now, next Pirates of the
Caribbean starting work in January. Television, Executive producer sees
over everything, movies, they are a little more removed but still
responsible. Want the people who works for him to do the best on or off
camera, so make them happy though their stomach. New TV show Hostages,
filming new thriller for next year. Trying to put together new National
Treasurer for Disney. Big Flyers Fan. Cuba Gooding Jr. is a great hockey
player. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Bruce Jenner and wife seperated,
excited to move on to divorce. Alec baldwin apoligizes for attacking
reporter. Dax Sheppard can't accept sexiest vegetarian award, not a
vegetarian anymore & brushes teeth with hot dogs. Lesson Answer Music
News. Several Blackhawks players saw Rush in Tinsley Park, Dan Carcillo
brought it on stage. Dated intern Julie. Steven Tyler wants to finish solo
album before working with Aerosmith again. NIN has released video for song
off new album, directed by David Lynch. Halestorm winner at grammy's for
hard-rock performance, but they aren't rich from it. American Badass
Weekend. Painfully Single Mixer-Xfinity Live.

                          Time 10:37-10:45
Moist Day Today. Steve Hikes every day, last 5 days he's gotten caught in
rain. Matt cord, next sunny day will be July 9th. Matt golfed with Preston
years ago, were the disappointing celebrities.  Wrap Up Thanks to Jerry,
Lone Ranger tonight, Casey's going with his Mom. LOTD: T ­ Wawa Hoagie
Day. Matt gets to ring the bell. Pacific Rim

Lesson Question: What Website can you learn everything about Colonel
Sanders on?

Lesson Answer:

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