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                        Time 6:08-6:26
Weather Traffic News Darren Dalton is in the hospital with a brain tumor. He is scheduled to have surgery next week. Philadelphia police conducted a sting for prostitution in which female officers went under cover posing as prostitutes, six men were arrested. There will be a fine increases for drivers in NJ caught using a cell phone to a first infraction min. of $200 and a third infraction max. penalty of $800 and the possibility of suspended license and points. Can you get a ticket for eating while driving? Soup. Sports 76ers traded Holiday and received Noel. The Dodgers beat the Phillies 6-4 last night in LA. Darren Dalton has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Guests Today A lot of guests will be on the show today. Boyd Tinsely, John Marks, Samm Levine, Giffords Lane, Charles Fleischer and Wawa.  Charles Fleischer will be performing stand up for the anniversary of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” Nick saw that movie with his grandmother and she thought it was too violent. Preston will e hosting the Wawa Hoagie Day. They make a giant hoagie. 
                      Time 6:39-7:07
Weather Traffic SQ Birthdays Kathy Bates is 65 today. Mel Brooks is 87. John Cusak is 47. John Elway is 53. Bruce Davisonis 67 SA E News. James Gandolfini's was put to rest yesterday. Governor Chris Christi was in attendance. Movers have been seen removing things from the home of Nigella Lawson and her husband. Emma Stone has red hair again. She is a natural blonde. Casey said she has a black bush because her eye brows are black. Steve thinks this is inconclusive. Amanda Bynes  said her sister and Zac Effron have ugly faces on twitter. A new add to promote shark week causes controversy. The commercial was made as a fake news story of a seal being released back into the wild and attacked by a shark. Paula Dean's continues to lose her sponsors. She just doesn't wanna go back to porn. TJ Jackson took the stand and opened up about Paris Jackson's recent suicide attempt. Kat von Dee has called off her engagement. Clips In the movie the Heat Melissa McCarthy talks about the two characters and their relationship. Maggie Gylenhal talks about the romantic connections between her and Channing Tatum's character in the film White House Down. Boyd Tinsley will be here soon, unless he heard what their talking about and turned around. 
                  Time 7:18-7:47
Weather Traffic Samm Levine In Studio  Although his show “Do Not Harm” was canceled the rest of his show will air on NBC on Saturday's at 10pm. He says the show gets better with each episode. It had a tough time slot and had tough competition. There are 9 episodes to air. He saw Man of Steel, he likes to call it 'my two dads'. He thought the movie was great. This is not your fathers super man, you can't have a muffin top and be super man. Given the choice between Wreck it Ralph and White House Down he would choose White House Down. Preston says its because he doesn't have kids yet but Samm says someday that will be his cruel fate. Steve asks why he wasn't in This Is The End and he says its his understanding that he is. He is in an oil painting on the wall and he thinks its his best film work yet. He's glad he could be a part of it. Casey was nervous at Doug Loves Movies, he found himself asking questions a 15 year old would ask. He did a pilot for ABC Family that did not get picked up, was it their version of Inglorious Bastards?Quentin Tarantino is the only person he has ever seen fall asleep standing up.
Stupid Q: What fast food chain was known as La Villa du Poulet Scott in Quebec in the late 1970's Stupid A: Kentucky Fried Chicken 
                        Time 7:55-8:20
Weather. Traffic. Wawa will have a 4.5 ton hoagie next Tuesday at Hoagie Day. Boyd Tinsley In Studio DMB has a concert tonight. DMB has written about 125 songs. There are songs that they have written but never recorded. Some things they completely leave by the wayside. He thinks the most perfect single they have is Crash Into Me. Steve asks if he ever put on his own songs while hes around the house vacuuming. Boyd says its rare hes vacuuming. Scrap booking whatever you do. He listens the most while hes on tour. Steve asks if hes constantly being asked to perform on anyone else's albums. He says no. Now that you mention it I'm a little upset. He says Philly has great fans. We take that brotherly love things seriously. They made a road show Faces in the Mirror. That's what he wanted to do in the beginning was make a movie and bring it to people. Casey wants to know what Dave is like. Preston has a funny story about Dave. He killed Preston's mother. He had him on Sonic Sessions and Dave confided in an intern that  you know your fat when your sitting on a toilet and you cant see your own Johnson anymore. Casey says there's something with the violin that you cant capture with a guitar. Or a Tuba. Asks if he can answer that. The case is a lot smaller than a tuba. Preston said if he didn't have a music program in school he would be a completely different person. You would have been a foot model. Boyd thinks kids need music programs. 
                  Time 8:33-8:20
Hottie Cam Traffic Just got a text someones getting proposed to at DMB concert tonight. Samm Levine is in the studio. Bizarre File An American billionaire celebrated his divorce by having an orgy in a limo, making a sex tape and sending it to his friends. Dozens of bird watchers are distraught after watching the white throated needle tale bird become sucked into a wind turbine. Two Miami sisters were charged with driving under the influence in the same time in the same car. One sister was behind the wheel when she stopped in the middle of the street and they switched seats. Jon Marks In Studio With Darren Dalton News  He found out yesterday before his show that Darren Dalton (Dutch) has a brain tumor. They don't know if it is cancer yet, they will operate early next week.  He hadn't felt himself and wasn't feeling well so he went to the doctor and found out he had a tumor. Dalton won a World Series with the Marlins. Dutch has a lot of fans, Marks said hell never forget a woman with a blue mini skirt on and she said shed been waiting years to meet him and she was very aggressive but he handled it well and talked to her. He asks that you hash tag 'right on fight on,' for Dutch.
                 Time 9:07-9:28
Samm Levine in studio, Boyd Tinsley was in Traffic Giffords Lane Performing In Studio Just to be clear you guys are not midgets. Serena, the lead singer, is 11 years old. Salvatore is turning 13, he was the first to suggest they start a band. He started playing guitar at 5 years old. His father owns a music school that is how they all met. Steve reminds them their talking to the lead singer of the Image. Performed a mash up of Zeppelin and Adele. Serena's first show in front of people was two years ago. Before the band started a year ago she knew nothing about rock and roll. They brought some presents, they've already got merch!They will be opening for Quiet Riot at the Wells Fargo Center July 6th. They are also playing at the Holiday Inn. That's like being a voice on the fairly odd parents and then playing in Lincoln. 
                   Time 9:38-9:57
Hottie Cam Traffic It is the 25th anniversary of Who Framed Roger Rabbit Charles Fleischer In Studio He is doing a stand up show at the Club 260 Lounge and celebrating the 25th anniversary of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He has recently written a paper about gamma ray bursts. It is on the Cornell University Web page. He is drawn to mathematics because there is no human ego involved. In who framed Roger Rabbit he was brought in to audition the Eddie Valiant character and then they cast him as Roger Rabbit. After he got the job they told him Roger Rabbit needed a speech impediment. Nick was excited because there were Disney characters and Looney Tune characters on screen at the same time. He never considered  himself influenced by Mel Blank, more influenced by Groucho Marx. He considers himself an actor. Its harder to act with just your voice. Charles says Bob Hoskins was a great guy to work with. His voice was recorded live on the set everyday. He made them make him a Roger Rabbit costume to wear. He would watch to react to the acting that was going on. The entire set was 6 or 7 feet off the ground so puppeteers could go underneath with props. Nick asks if he was nervous the movie would not come together. He said wasn't my money. He was in Polar Express and Back to The future part II. There will be some give-aways at the 25th anniversary celebration. Same Levine will not be there. The last radio show he was on was all phoned in and no one was there.
                       Time 10:09-10:30
A lot of guests came in the studio today Hottie Cam There is a Sit Around at Chickie's and Pete's Saturday. Jacky sends a work spouse to his work spouse Michael McKinley. Samm asks when Shart week is. Shart Week coming soon. Bizarre File. A homeless man who cut off his own penis blamed Busch beer because he cut off his penis with one of their bottles after a rusty saw didn't work. The penis was air lifted with the man to the hospital. 5 months after Sandy they found a man trapped in a trailer in New York. A video posted to you tube shows a dog coming across a dead puppy and burying it with his nose. An Animal behaviorist said he probably was burying it to eat later. Steve knows where his loved ones are buried in case times get tough. A man in Australia stole a woman's kart at knife point but was caught while trying to put his walker and groceries in his car. LQ. Hollywood Trash. Paula Deans fall out continues. James woods 66 new girlfriend Kristen Bauguess is 20 year old. Martha Stewart suggests she has had a three-some. LA. Music News. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is working on getting Deep Purple in the rock and roll hall of fame. Kathy needs to work on shart week putting farts to music. Scott Weiland has confirmed solo tour dates. He just got married on Saturday. Duff McKagan and wife Susan have filed a restraining order after a man showed up to their home and demanded to see his wife or one of her daughters. Hans Zimmer who created the score for Man of Steel recruited a ton of drummers to come record to get what he wanted. 
                        Time 10:41-10:49
Preston and Steve calendar girl. Wrap Up Thanks to all the guests that came on the show today. LOTD. Monday morning Preston and Steve will have their first American bad ass fourth of July. WOW.
Lesson Q: Who hosts the show Bush Talk
Lesson A:
Barbara Walters
WOW: Boa

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