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Weather Traffic News Police investigating two shootings on the same street in Philadelphia within three hours of one another. The supreme court wiped away defense of marriage act giving same sex couples the same rights as married couples. Same sex marriage is now legal in California. American Airlines is issuing apologies because during a delay members of the crew were taking photos on the plane. A man sitting on the plane for four hours before the flight was canceled complained about the incident. Why don't you shut up and go have a sticky bun.Sports Phillies 7-5 win. Sixers have 11th pick in the draft tonight. Roger Federer had his earliest lost in Wimbledon in 10 years. The new Lone Ranger theme is Milk Shake.

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Weather Traffic Stupid Q. Birthdays J.J. Abrams is 47 today. Khloe Kardashian is 29 years old. Toby Maguire is 38 today. H. Ross Perot is 83 years old. Drake Bell is 27 years old. Jo Frost is 42 years old.Stupid A. E News. Paula Dean attempted to turn things around for herself by going on the Today show yesterday. Her restaurants are closing and Walmart will no longer be selling her products. Dean says it is upsetting to her to hear young people calling each other hurtful names and throwing the word around. Some celerity couples were waiting for the over turn of prop 8 to get married themselves. Yesterday Kristen Bell re-proposed to her fiance Dax Shepard. In Michael Jackson's wrongful death investigation it was said he did not have a good nights sleep for 60 days because of the medication he was taking. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have stopped wedding planing because the two cannot decide where to live between the East coast and West coast. They should move to the middle on the country, Mississippi. Emma Watson spent ten years making the harry potter films but it wasn't until coming to the U.S to attend Brown University that she realized she was famous. Is Brown the only university that's just a color? There's plaid university in Scotland. Kim Kardashian is obsessed with losing her baby weight now that North West has been born. Oprah's OWN network has bought the rights to air All My Children and One Life to Live. A staged version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory opened in London and may be moved to Broadway. Clips Jaime Fox describes how he prepared his dialogue for the role. Marlon Wayans talks about women finally getting a full on action movie with guns F bombs and good old ass kicking.

Time 7:17-7:56

Traffic. Driving Laws. People in New Jersey may receive $50 tickets for lingering in the left lane after a new bill passed Monday. The money will go towards new signs warning against lingering in the left lane. Casey has an on going debate with his wife about right turn signal signs at lights. Red sky at night go straight through intersection. Caller Rob says if you are a truck driver on a two lane highway you are allowed in the left lane but if it is a three lane highway you must move over. They looked up the drivers license test for Pa. Preston quizzes everyone on the rules. You do not need to wear a seat belt in the back seat if you are over 18. He talks about his children being in an RV with his in laws. Can you imagine getting into an accident while taking a dump? That's all I imagine.Kathy misunderstands one of the questions. She and Casey are both getting notes written home from Steve. He actually puts his pen down as if hes writing a note to our parents. Nick has been exemplary today. What do you do when you come across a horse drawn vehicle? Throw tacks on the road.

Stupid Q: What company used to advertise their long distance by claiming users could hear a pin drop?

Stupid A: Sprint

Time 8:08-8:17

Music From Volbeat Traffic Bizarre File. A pack of 25 police officers taking part in a bicycle school road up on a man and woman having sex on a bench at Naylors Run park. A post mans deliveries to one couple left them horrified. He continuously peed on their doorstep. Fire fighters rescued a man from under a one ton concrete slab. He had stopped to urinate when a slab fell pinning his legs. The previous days rains had softened the ground so he only suffered a broken ankle. In NJ a mine was detonated after a diver discovered it in the ocean. Funeral home owner Carl Eggleston is creating a drive through funeral to see your loved one. Nick says the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs game are having a give-away a funeral night where you can win a funeral for a deceased loved one.

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Weather Traffic Chris Hardwick He is on Talking Dead which followed Walking Dead. They discuss the show after to talk about what happened during it. His father was a professional bowler. He has a show called Bowling Bad in which he bowls with stars from other TV shows. Preston is from St. Louis where the bowling hall of fame used to be located. His bowl is 14 pounds. He wrote an article for Wired about the new materials bowling balls are being made out of. Chris says ovaries are shriveling up from the bowling talk. Nick says everything they talked about was gibberish to Kathy, are his shows like this? Kathy asks if she should go. Well I have a lot of traffic based jokes. He says he shows are not just nerd talk. Chris thought Iron Man was great. They say the voices from the movie are cartoon- like. Steve talks to him in his Bane voice. Aw I don't have one of those Bane button's over here it sucks to be the guest. He will have the midnight show on comedy central called At Midnight starting around October. He doesn't want to be a zombie on walking dead because its filmed in the heat in Atlanta in make up for 14 hours. He also couldn't be featured in case someone recognized him. There is mini zombie school if you want to be on the show. Its harder to be zombie than you think. His girl friends father is John Dykstra, one of the greatest special effects guys. He gave him a chunk of the death star for Christmas. He will be performing at Helium comedy club this weekend. There's nerd jokes and wiener jokes! You get the best of both worlds. And Traffic!

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Weather Traffic Dreams Kathy had a dream last night that Preston died. They were playing crack shot and a listener shot Preston in the chest with a BB Gun. Nick had a dream Paula Dean worked at his gym and he got her to come on the show. Preston thinks work dreams are night mares. He dreams about dead air, rude guests, and equipment not working. Steve only has pleasant work dreams. Casey has dreams similar to Preston's. He would love to know what a professional baseball players work nightmare would be. Casey had a naked at work dream a few nights ago. Nick and Casey have going back to college dreams. He had a sex dream about someone in the sales department. Casey asks if Kathy has had a sex dream about him. She is repulsed. Casey asks if anyone's ever had a gay sex dream. He hasn't either.Porn Traffic Traffic on in Boston went up after the Stanley Cup Finals.Parachutes An SOS parachute has been created for people to escape a building in calamity. Steve thinks 10 story stilts is a better idea.


Push and Machine Head Traffic Bizarre File. An officer from an Arizona jail was attacked by a prisoner and saved by other inmates. They were rewarded with a pizza. A supermarket manager was being interviewed about a rash of thefts when in the middle of the interview he took down the culprit. Two Swedish girls were found guilty of slut shaming, she published photos of girls with information about them being a slut. Doctors in Chile are baffled by a woman crying tears of blood. She also pees miracle whip.

Time 10:12-10:25

Audio Slave's I am The High Way. Lesson Q. Hollywood Trash Melissa Etheridge announced she will marry partner Linda Wallem. Paula Dean was dumped by Cesar's entertainment. Kristen Bell asked Dax Shepard to marry her. Lesson A. Music News Avenged sevenfold has revealed its new album will be called Hail to the King coming out in August. They cover has been posted online and is part of an online scavenger hunt. They will celebrate the album by holding a free show in L.A. Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello has teamed up with Game of Thrones producer Ramin Djawadi to contribute to the film score of Pacific Rim. Cold Play has made it into Forbes latest list of the most powerful celebrities. Sammy Hagar will release a solo set featuring many different stars. At the Sellersville theater tonight is the show Drum Wars with Carmine and Vinny Appice.

Time 10:35-10:44

Foo Fighters Preston was surprised Courtney Love didn't freak out about them talking about Foo Fighters. He never heard how her show went. Wrap Up Thanks to Chris Hardwick for coming on the show. LOTD. The Kimmel center is holding an intimate interview session with M Night Shyamalan tomorrow night. Samm Levine, Charles Fleischer, Giffords Lane and possibly Boyd Tinsley.

Lesson Q: Khloe Kardashian will be playing Chubaka's wife in the next Star Wars Movie, what will her characters name be?

Lesson A: Gladys Bacca


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