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Its going to be hot today will feel like its 100 degrees. Traffic News police say driver under the influence crashed into a West Mt Airy ave pool, it looked as though she was determined to get through the fence. Family of Daniel Cook Jr who was murdered after responding to a Craigslist ad say that he was a hardworking man trying to keep his legacy alive. Nelson Mandela remains hospitalized in critical condition. Sports Phillies beat Padres 6-2. Flyers manager will buy out the Bryzgalov's contract. We'll have a Not Your Average Listener in today that only Kathy knows about. Kate Flannery will be in studio and Aziz Ansari on the phone. Secret Text Word Word of the Week

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Hot and steamy again this morning Traffic Stupid QBirthdays Mick Jones 58, Jason Schwartzman Chris O'Donnell 43, Derek Jeter 39, Michael Vick 33, Stupid AEntertainment News Heidi Klum in the process of removing her tattoo to commemorate her vow renewal to ex husband Seal. Tara Reid called Perez Hilton a liar and a bully for his story about her getting wasted with her bf over the weekend. Matthew Fox appears briefly in WWZ. Ellen Page from Inception found out she looks like Ellies from the video game “The Last of Us”. Channing Tatum opening up about fatherhood to E-News has difficulty leaving his wife and daughter for work. Liam Neeson will earn 20mil to do a 3rdTaken film. Clips Adrian Grenier & Sandra Bullock there are so many cop shows and movies on. Steve was watching a fish tank reality show, Preston is giving up on tv shows. Bread Eaters premiered over the weekend wheres the crust I cut it off! Womp womp. Its pumpernickel? I woulda thought whole wheat! I'm Vinny I love read I'm Terry I'm from queens I love bread too together we're the Bread Eaters Lone Ranger Screening

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Going up to 93 today 100 with the humidity Traffic We're going to play a game with Kate Flannery later on today. Not your Average Listener will be in studio. This guy was answering a Craigslist ad to get an ATV. Preston gets freaked out by Craigslist. Shady Craigslist Transactions Casey's brother just bought a truck off ebay from Texas. Kathy's brother's friend bought a car off Craigslist and her dad went with him to make sure it was okay, the car wasn't there and they got in the car and left. Casey wanted to see if he could get a wave-runner on Craigslist. Kathy was introduced to a Craigslist type site its a group on FB its basically a yard sale on the site. She messaged a woman who had little kid trucks to sell, set up the meeting and said “your picture from FB is so pretty and I'm Chinese” Yo yo yo you look fly, and I'm black, you're a quite-a the beautiful, I'm Swedish. She was afraid and kept looking around and went up to a wrong Asian about buying trucks. Listener answered Craigslist ad to buy tires from a bad neighborhood in NY. He hears the cops pull up and has all of them handcuffed, he ended up apologizing to them because it looked like a redflag. Pre-Craigslist when Preston was in a band the guy who ran their sound he started talking to this girl on the phone she started saying things to lead him to say more than he should have. He finds out that she's into “photography” and wants him and the other guy to model socks. They met at this apartment to get pics of their feet a guy who's there knows the girl. Preston and the other guy went through with the photos. Preston thinks in hindsight that he could have been killed. He was in a vulnerable state he didn't have any shoes on.

Preston thinks he has Pauls number, they just wanted to see the girl. Paul is on the phone. He can't believe Preston brought it up. He's shocked and thought it was the weirdest thing. There was no follow up. Lone Ranger Screening


Stupid Q: In what film did Elvis debut the song “Return to Sender”


Stupid A: Girls Girls Girls

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1979 by the Smashing Pumpkins we're back after a couple days off. Had a great time at Hershey Park on Friday. Traffic Secret Text Word Bizarre File Chinese woman breast implant exploded while lying on her stomach for 4 hours playing on her i-Phone. Woman experiencing heart problems for only consuming soda for 13 years she fainted blood test said she has low potassium levels. Grandmother being killed by a runaway shopping cart at a supermarket in Shanghai. Ohio man hopped up on mushrooms didn't know his own strength when he was found bloody and naked and screaming he has ripped his own penis off his body with his hands. Lone Ranger Screening Passes

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Steve suggests wearing a lot of heavy clothes, sit out in the sun and eat hot food. Traffic Preston reads e-mail of person who was so excited about going to Hershey Park. Steve did Bert Kreischer's podcast with Doug Benson he said Doug had such a good time. Not Your Average Listener Bethany BonnerPJ's beefsteak theme song Kathy has kept this person in complete secrecy from everyone. She does portraiter for different things he's done a few things for April Margera's shop. She's done a portrait for the morning show. She's been drawing since she was little, about 9th grade she did it all the time. She gets frustrated with some art in galleries with just pain splatters. The highest amount she's sold a painting for was $300. They've just revealed a painting of the cast on a canvas, Kathy's pretty teeth are nicely shown. Preston is dead on. The person she had the most problem with was Kathy, because she's so perfect. She started another one with oil paints and ended up scrapping it. . In 8th grade Casey had an art teacher that hated his whole family. He made an awesome bunny in a tuxedo out of construction paper that he was so proud of that she gave him a crappy grade on.

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Traffic PJ's Beefsteak Theme Song Listeners voted yes via text for Bethany asNot Your Average Listener Kate Flannery in Studio she's in a new play called “Love, Loss and What I Wore” Nora Ephron wrote this female centric play. Mary Birdsong from Reno 911 is in the play. She thought the finale of the Office was wonderfully done. It was touching. Steve Carrell had to lie to 99% of the people he knew that he was in the finale. She said it was really tough to keep that from everyone. She does her Philly accent trying to get people to go to her play. Kate's boyfriend is here he used to shoot Punky Brewster and Johnny Carson. Kate Flannery plays Sex Toy or Dog Toy? She's going to determine if its a sex toy or a dog toy. She says it feels strangely pointy and roundish she asks if its a butt plug. Its actually a dog toy. Next toy she says feels like a pirate hook, its very hard, feels like theres a top that screws on. She thinks its a sex toy and she's right! Case of Miller Lite Feels like a triangle around a ball, she guesses a dog toy. Case of Miller Lite. Feels like 2 balls put together she says its a dog toy. Lone Ranger Passes She says its really heavy and really big, smells like sin and hate. She guesses wrong its actually a dog toy. Very jelly like, feels like the top of a syringe she guesses right its a sex toy. Miller Lite There's a little bit of pleather Its a gimp mask.


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Secret Text Bizarre File FBI said its investigating the disappearance missing of 1.2million of a Swiss airlines jet at JFK airport believe the cargo container hadn't been tampered with. 2 dresses made by a fashion designer move contort and light up in response to being stared at. Follow up story, man having sex with a couch pleaded guilty. A rare massive plant set to bloom in the UK preys on larger animals and sheep. Lone Ranger Movie passes

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Secret Text Aziz Ansari on the Phone he's part of this 10yr anniversary for the Borgata. He's an act in the anniversary party. The Roots will be there too, he's heard Slash is good on the guitar. He dies pretty early in the film This is the End. He has an unofficial troop of people he interacts with that help him along. He says everyone is very supportive of each others' work. He filmed a new standup show in Philly at the Kimmel Center it'll be edited it and it'll be out early Fall. He improvises here and there on Parks and Rec, what you see is right from the writing staff. He didn't know what he wanted to do when he was growing up. He did his first standup set as a freshman at NYU. Its definitely a weird thing to jump into he had so much fun doing it. He never had ambitions of acting he just wanted to get better at standup. He has so much fun doing voiceovers for movies like Epic. Lesson QHollywood Trash full house star Jodie Sweeten separated from 3rd husband said she was still addicted to drugs she responded with “How rude!” Fat Joe sentenced to jail for 4 months for back taxes he'll spend most of his time in jail bent over. Lesson AMusic News Ben Shepherd will release his fourtcoming album called “In Deep Album” Preston didn't really like him. Ozzy says he's never been able to attach himself to the word “heavy metal” it has no musical connotations. Rob Zombie wants people to send him video footage of people singing We're an American Band for a video. Regis loves Rob Zombies version of this song. He's got yogurt in his pants. Message from Preston through Regis to Casey “Shut up!” Kathy's been good lately, remember when she almost jumped that asian girl over trucks? Secret Text Word

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Secret Text Word Pierre has seen the painting of Bethany's work so they need to find a spot for the artwork. Wrap Up Thanks to Kate Flannery for stopping by and Aziz Ansari for calling in. Letter of the Day Pierre went to the Phillies game, then Jimmy Buffet last night he didn't know if he'd make it standing to today he's been out and about all week. He was at Bruno Mars on Monday. Borgata 10th Anniversary


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