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Time 6:16-6:27

Weather Traffic News. A Sunday School teacher from Delaware was arrested on child pornography charges. A worker is hospitalized after falling 13 feet onto concrete. Thieves made off with thousands of dollars left over from the U.S Open. Preston said once when he was 20 a friend of his found like 6 half gallons of alcohol. Sports. Lebron led the Heat to a win over the Spurs for their second straight NBA title. First repeat champions since the Lakers. They are also the first team to beat the Spurs in the playoffs. Hershey Park Broadcast. The park looks immaculate. Kathy says the directions she was given were awful. She needed to get a golf cart ride to where they were supposed to be. Steve had an easy time with the same directions.

Time 6:39-7:10

Traffic Stupid Question. Birthdays. Brandon Flowers is 32 yrs old today. Joey Cramer is 66 yrs old. Kip winger is 52 yrs old today. Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross are 66 yrs old. Bernie Capell is 80 yrs old. Juliet Lewis is 40 yrs old. Prince William is 31 yrs old. Jim Brewer is 46 yrs old. Stupid answer. Entertainment News. James Gandolfini hes still dead. Son Michael called for help as he found his father on the floor of the bathroom hotel room still alive. He was working on a lot of projects. Celebrity friends express their feelings. TMZ claims that Kim and Kanye have not gone with the families tradition of K names, they named their baby girl 'North West.' They have not confirmed this. Lindsey was hoping to switch rehab centers again but the courts will not allow it. They are sitting right by the Comet Steve once lost his glasses on it because he did not heed the warning. Thyroid cancer survivor Brooke Burke said she thinks Angelina Jolie did the right thing with her double mastectomy. Melissa Ethridge said Angelina Joile should have waited to see if she developed cancer. Beckham unintentionally caused a stampede in China just by showing up to a college. David Arquette turned to drinking after his divorce. After being sober for two years. Some people go kayaking some people start drinking. Amanda bynes discuss the physical restoration she is going through to perfect herself. She claims to have had a webbing between her eyes. She says she just needs to shave down her bridge of her nose to perfect herself before she starts the next step of her career, music. She considers herself to be a hero for living 27 years with a birth defect. I consider her to be a modern day Rosa Parks.Doug Benson is skipping off to go on Sky Rush. Clips. Aubrey Plaza from Monster U talks about the appeal of watching prequils to popular films. Anna Paquin talks about the unique time line of True Blood. Gates just opened for listeners.

Time 7:21-7:45

Weather Traffic Doug Benson. He has never been up this early for something so fun. Says he feels like a make a wish kid. Says Sky Rush whips you around a lot they make you take everything out of your pockets and take off all of your clothes. They have a water park and a new salsa park. Dan Fischer Manager of Resident Entertainment. He is with the Chocolate Covered Band. They also have a Choca- Pella group. They have a new strolling show called Piano Express. The Chocolate Covered Band played a song. People just tuning in are thinking this does not sound like Alice in Chains. Steve always wanted to send someone a marching band. Apparently people get touchy when a loved one dies. Casey will be with Doug this weekend for Doug loves movies.

Stupid Q: Milton Hershey found success with what confection?

Stupid A: Caramel.

Time 7:58-8:11

Traffic The traffic report should include the Sky Rush. Nick Kathy Marisa and Doug went on Sky Rush during the break. Kathy said she was nervous so Doug Described in detail how scary it is. Very smooth but so fast. When it was over Marisa asked Kathy how it was and she was drooling and crying. Bizarre File. In Glastonbury UK a man and woman dressed as a Penis and Vagina to promote two plays being performed by the nomadic academy of fools. Residents were offended and police were called but no one was arrested. Kip and Nicole Macy dubbed the land lords from hell set up the apartment so it would collapse. They also tried to saw through a tenants floor as well as cutting wires, stealing things, and sending threatening letters. A robber was arrested after using a see through plastic bag as a disguise. A burglar discovered a dead body hanging in a vacant house he was about to rob. He reported it and was not charged for trespassing. A KKK member was arrested after his plot was discovered to create a death ray. Nothing more dangerous than a racist with a death ray. Doug likes the sky view tram car over the park because your feet can dangle and there's none of that safety Disney nonsense. Steve wants to go on the little train ride.

Time 8:24-8:50

Traffic Zoo America is visiting the live broadcast and an owl flapped his wings and scared Marisa. Elaine Gruin is the curator. She says the animal is used to being around people. They prefer print media. Pat is also there he works with the falconry experience. When the falcons swoop down to attack prey they stop themselves at 22 Gs. Steve says he will tongue kiss the bird if he can fly and get him kettle corn. The owl they have is a barred owl. A peregrine falcon can read a newspaper from 2 miles away which amazed me that they could read English. They also have a skunk with them. The owl is attacking Doug Benson. In college Casey and his friends chased what they thought was a cat but was actually a skunk. The skunk is trained to finger paint. They have an American alligator. They have a tarantula named Cher. Preston is afraid of spiders but hes facing his fear by holding the tarantula. Steve wants Preston to put it on his junk. Did you take the venom out? You put extra in? Rush is going to be in the Hershey area tonight. Preston hid tickets to the concert in the broadcasting area for listeners to find. All the people at the park are Preston and Steve contest winners and its a huge crowd.

Time 9:02-9:22

Traffic Casey just had an accident on Sky Rush. Kathy thinks her boobs flopped out during the ride. Is that why you have a black eye? Dave Nebalski, they call him Dave Ball-sacky from live nation is there promoting the Mix Tape Festival. Doug has to taste a mouthful of candy and determine what candies are in his mouth. To win the gold pack of tickets the listener has to guess if Doug is going to get it right or wrong. There is one he may have a problem with well cause its more of a bug. For both contests he only guessed two out of three. Casey and Preston try to guess just for fun. There not melty which is a technical turn. Kathy tries to guess. One listener thinks shell get it right one thinks she will get it wrong. She is the only one who got it correct so the listener won tickets to the Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival. Steve doesn't want to leave the broadcast area to go on Sky Rush.

Time 9:33-9:54

Traffic Casey, Doug, and Ball-sacky are on coasters. Doug came back and said he was taking Casey's job because he flew off the coaster because he made sure his lap bar wasn't down all the way. If I threw up right now it would taste pretty good. They are ending a little early today because Preston has a charity event. And I have some Amish bread raising at home. Doug has pledged to not leave until he has been on a roller coaster with everyone. Bizarre File. Prestons first story wasn't good enough to finish. I read the ingredients to my water bottle during that one. A Lebanese editor went to a drug store in Manhattan and the pharmacist offered to give her a breast exam . There is video footage of a woman grabbing her husbands lover y the hair and throwing her over a cliff. The woman survived. A man was arrested for spearing a moving vehicle. LQ. Hollywood Trash. Miranda Cosgove is suing a bus company. JLO is issuing an edict that the workers in her home cannot look her in the eye. Snooki spoke at an LGBT event and said she wanted to have a gay son. LA.Music News Stone sour has issued a new lyric video. Cory Taylor is promoting his new book. Black Sabbath's new album is such a success Ozzy wants to make another. Van Halen kicked off their Japanese tour on Tuesday. Doug Benson wants to know why there is a type writer in the background. He saw Courtney Love in a bar once and she yelled at him for making fun of her on VH1.

Time 10:05-10:14

Laura Woodburne Director of Ride Operations. She is in charge of all rides roller coasters and water park rides. Casey suggests doing them all over a weekend. She cant pick her favorite ride. Which one of your children is your favorite. She recommends going the opposite direction of people you see. Start at the back of the park and work you way up. Wrap Up. They are having a perfect day in Hershey. LOTD. Doug said this has been the best day of his life. He said he witnessed a murder in Amish country. Those silos are all full of bodies. He will be at helium this weekend. Caller Danny guessed the word of the week and won Rolling Stones tickets. Thanks to everyone who came out to Hershey Park.

Lesson Q: What is Tongji University in Shanghai's mascot?

Lesson A: The Fighting Pandas


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