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Time 6:10-6:20
Weather. Traffic. News. James Gandolfini from the Sopranos passed away on
Wednesday in Italy. Seemed to always love life and be very nice. People
such as Kevin Smith and Gov. Christie have made comments on his death.
Police look for answers on bicyclist's impalement. Three men in custody
after committing a robbery  at a bank near Villanova causing a lock down
at the college. Sports. Washington Nationals beat the Phillies in the
11th inning. Brent Seabrook's slap shop helped the Blackhawks beat the
Bruins to tie up the Stanley Cup Series. We will have Bert Kreischer and
Courtney Love on the show today.

Time 6:32-7:14
Good lookin' day today. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Michael
Anthony of Van Hallen is 59.  Nicole Kidman is 46. John Goodman is 61 and
loves his hookers and dinner rolls. Birthdays. Brian Wilson is 71. John
Mahoney is 73. Bob Vila is 67. Cyndi Lauper is 59.  Danny Aiello is 80.
Martin Landau is 85. Lionel Richie is 64. Stupid Answer. Entertainment
News. James Gandolfini passed away on Wednesday; may have been a heart
attack. Nick thinks Ganolfini was such a good actor, he would actually
see Tony Soprano as a real person. Sopranos started the shift towards
movie networks making their own content. Dr. Mike phones in and says
Gandolfini's weight and high cholesterol could all be reasons behind his
death. He says that if Gandolfini was under his care he would have ran
tests to check for his susceptibility to heart disease. Obesity is a
disease. Now you can call into work fat. Gandolfini won three Emmys as
Soprano. Paula Dean gave a deposition to her lawyer. She admits to using
the N word in the past, however things have changed. James Franco wrote
an article bashing Sony for taking such a short time to remake the
Spiderman series. Amanda Bynes may make an album with Wyclef. She tweeted
that she can't wait to get her nose jobs so she can take pictures.
Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx are promoting their new movie by making a
music video together.  Selma Blair was fired from FX show Anger
Management.  Paris Jackson told a weird story about a former nanny.  Said
that MJ warned her that the nanny was ³sneaky and lied a lot.² She was
apparently obsessed with Michael.  Serena Williams apologized about her
comments made about a 16 year old rape victim. Williams said, ³it could
have gone much worse.²  Johnny Depp discusses his breakup in this month's
issue of Rolling Stone. Ways to spell cats for 10. Mens Warehouse
terminated the founder George Zimmer. We're gonna make a turd look good.
Clips. Elijah Wood stars in Maniac remake. Season Finale of Hannibal.
Hershey Park Giveaway.

Time 7:26-7:49
Courtney Love in today. Traffic. Slim Whitman Death. Slim Whitman passed
away at the age of 91. Slim Whitman commercials. Performing artist that
God talks more about than his son Jesus. Elvis once opened for Slim.
Conway Twitty has the voice of a generation. Victor Borge had a spot on
Sesame Street where he made sounds for punctuation. Pulp Fiction Faded
Flowers clip.  Playing Anne Murray commercials.  Play Victor Borge
Punctuation sounds. Steve makes his own Punctuation Sounds. Caller Amy
used to have Slim Whitman Parties and her brother lived down the street
from Conway Twitty.  His house had ³Hello Darlin² In the bricks. Charlie
pride was one of the few black country  singers. Bert Kreischer and
Courtney Love in soon. Hershey Park Giveaway.

Stupid Q: What was the little girls name in Monsters Inc.

Stupid A: Boo

Time 8:02-8:12
Cancer Run at Council Rock South on July 6th. Ladies from Delilahs are
here. Traffic. Corner bakery has free wifi, bottomless cup of coffee.
Corner Bakery Giveaway. Bizarre File.  59 year old man is stabbed by son
in California, his son stabbed him with scissors then cut his own hands
off with radial saw. Man in Liverpool had his ear bitten off and spit at
him, he was returning disabled daughter when fight broke out. Washington
state man won lottery twice within a few hours winning total of 250K.
Drunken polish dentist yanked patients tooth instead of replacing crown
then barricaded himself in his office. New York City man suing Ballys gym
when he slipped on a suspicious white substance and broke his shoulder,
semen? Hershey Park/Rush Giveaway.

Time 8:23-8:55
Delilahs girls and Corner Bakery here today. Traffic. Delilahs girls are
promoting Lingerie Days. Bert Kreischer In Studio. Played his segment
when Steve was sick. Bert didn't know he'd like his children this much.
Watching Time Travelers Wife crying on his bed. Hes shocked how much he
cries these days. He got shafted on fathers day. He got a cooler and a
number one father trophy. Preston got the same trophy. He was so drunk
yesterday he thought he took a flight that hasn't even taken off yet. He
tried to pull an all nighter in Portland. Little girl says he smells like
alcohol and has to sober up before the flight. He doesn't like flying. He
doesn't like the death possibility. Doesn't make Trip Flip hard though.
Steve has a tough time skydiving because no one is big enough to tandem
with him. Like getting paired with a guy in prison. Close with Rachel Ray
but his wife hates it.  She's jealous of her. He can't cheat on her he's
horrible in bed. His wife was a wreck. No one else thinks shes hot but he
does. She farts in front of him and its fine. Porn is nice but not real
to him. Stops during sex and asks ³are the sprinklers on?² Having sex for
so long that you're looking up at her like a crocodile. Cat jumps on bed
like you're running a train. He tried to mock something he saw in porn
and slapped it too hard. She asked if there was a fly there. His wife
never heard of reverse cowgirl. Its not very connecting for her while she
stares at the wall. Hes a ³lights on² kinda guy. Did it with the lights
off and they are both gorgeous. Making new friends is hard. Life starts
with a moan. Woman are not good at computers. Men are better because of
porn. All Casey has looked at on his Ipad in the past two months is porn
and his puppy. Lobster tube. Bert's daughter's used fat booth on a
picture of his junk. He trims his pubes not to the hardwood but to the
sidewalk and he has bangs on his nipples. He shaves his wife's vagina.
When he was in college women didn't shave. Its like having sex with a
cave person. We eventually wont have to shave anything like E.T. Half of
the porn consumption is women. The girls in studio are empty vessels to
him. Casey whispered to his wife ³Im gonna make you feel so good.²

Time 9:06-9:45
Playing Hole this morning. Traffic. Courtney Love In Studio. Courtney
gave Johnny Depp CPR.* She's been ³sober sober² for about a year and a
half. Anything to do with money, law, and Aderol don't mix. Her better
than sex dream involves Antiques, credit cards, and Sean Penn. Her tour
has no new music. She has a book coming out in December she'll release
her single then. She helped Russel Brand get big in America. Her and
³Bert Christ² should tour together. Bret Kreischer was almost in creed.
Book talking about how she could have gotten STD's but didn't. You'd
think she's a virgin reading this book. Her worst decision is not letting
her daughter get emancipated. Paris Jackson was DMing her on Twitter.
Duff Mckagen started a
program for celebrities money. Played at Pizza Hut Park underneath 30
Seconds to Mars and Limp Bizkit.  Jered Leto was doing a film about his
lawsuit and he wanted Courtney to go on and rant and rave. Wrote him a
crazy Aderol letter and never heard from him again.  She was together
with Edward Norton for 4 years after dumping Gavin Rossdale. Rock is on
crutches with leprosy. Trent Reznor has a band with his wife that is not
very good.  She Doesn't think Foo Fighters is an amazing band.  Jack
White was a poser.  She wants a dream catcher that catches credit cards.
Courtney does John Malkovich impression. Raids Bert's pockets for airport
bottles of booze.

Time 10:06-10:31
Preston gave Pitch a hard time. Traffic. Courtney Love got mad because
someone in our sales department wanted a picture but had a picture of
Dave Grohl on her iPhone case. Bert Kreischer Still In Studio. Miranda
Lambert killed a dog? Bert wants people all wearing spray painted
pictures of his face on their shirts and to leave blunts in his casket
during his funeral.  Bert says black people do things so much better than
we do. Like block parties, White people just want to play parcheesi.
Black people have better food than we do.  You can compliment everyone
except white people. Then it's racist. Bizarre File. Police say Edward
Bonita castrated a paraplegic man in Philly after a dispute. Man tried to
hide from the law in an ottoman with a glass of chocolate milk on top.
Daughter of Yankee Legend caught a 1 year old boy who fell out of a
window. And saved his life. Bert would spike the baby if he caught it. He
lost his Yoda Figurine when he caught a cat. Lesson Question.  Hollywood
Trash. Mens Warehouse fired its founder and spokesman. Katie Summers,
Porn star, is suing male star for having HIV while shooting and not
telling her. Chris brown is firing back saying he doesn't have to remove
graffiti on his walls. Lesson Answer. Music News.  NIN's Trent Reznor got
David Lynch to direct a video. Aerosmith will release it's latest concert
film Rock for the Rising Sun. Several song clips posted online of
Metallica's set at Orion Festival. Black Sabbath's new album sold 150K
copies in it's first week. Hershey Park Giveaway.

Time 10:42-10:54
My Hero by the Foo Fighters is about Bert Kreischer. Wrap Up. Thank you
Corner Bakery/Giveaway.  Preston drives by a golf course in his
neighborhood. He stopped to let a flock of geese go by. Some douche bag
was honking and flailing his arms at Preston to go and run over the
geese. They need to update the horn to make a nice version. Prerecord
your own settings. Brake lights need to be different shades of red.
Urinal Men. A bust of celebrities with their mouths open to fit the
urinal cake in. Pierre drove into a telephone poll while waiving to
listeners. LOTD. Thank you Courtney Love & Bert Kreischer. Pierre will
have Rolling Stones tickets.

Lesson Q: What hair style does Bert Kreischer have on his nipples.

Lesson A: Bangs.


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