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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Courtney Love - IN STUDIO - 9AM
Bert Kreischer - Comedian - IN STUDIO - 8AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Track 1                          Time 6:09-6:21
Weather. Traffic. News. Police shot suspect after routine Traffic stop.
Doctor shot to death by her husband whom then committed suicide on
Tuesday. She had recently filed for divorce. Calorie counts will be
posted at all Starbucks menu boards beginning on June 25th. Sports.
Phillies beat Nationals 4 - 2. Lebron led the Miami Heat to a victory
against the Spurs. Chicago Blackhawks game 4 will be played tonight.
Bruins lead the series 2 ­ 1. Breckin Meyer and Casey play words with
friends together.

Track  2                         Time 6:33-7:05
Weather. Traffic. Kathy's cousin is having her second baby today. Stupid
Question.  Birthdays. Bill Baretta is 49 Simon Wright 50 years old. Ann
Wilson from Heart is 63. Zoey Saldana is 35 years old. Paul Dano is 29.
Paula Abdul is 51. Kathleen Turner is 58. Phylicia Rashad from the Cosby
Show is 65. Steve does Cosby Impression. Salmon Rushdie is 66. Hugh Dancy
is 38. Stupid Answer. Calvin and Hobbes was an amazingly written comic
strip. Entertainment News. Selma Blair was fired from Anger Management.
Sheen said she needed to me fired or he would refuse to work with her.
Called her a C word. Justin Bieber was reportedly involved in a Hit and
Run outside of the Laugh Factory.  He was caught on tape in his white
Ferrari driving when he pinned a Paparazzi between his and another car.
He looks like a Flava-Flav rip off. Camera Crew was present for the
moments leading up to the birth of her child.  Chris Jenner used a hand
held camera to film the actual birth. The fact that Keeping Up with the
Kardashians has been on so long is horrible. Bruce Jenner's plastic
surgery is horrible.  Steve does Bruce Impression. New behind the scenes
feature shows a video of Johnny Depp almost dying when he falls off of a
horse while filming Lone Ranger. Nick Stahl from Terminator 3 was put on
psychiatric hold.  Jessica Chastain has a relationship with Italian man
Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo  but does not want to talk about it.  Hugh
Jackman tries to make it a point to be good to his fans even when he's in
a bad mood. He likes to be himself. He probably has a huge penis.
Preston watched an episode of The Voice and a 16 year old girl was
crowned the winner. Cher took a dump 17 years old. Clips. Breckin Meyer
talking about how he loved Saved By the Bell.  Helen Mirren describes her
character in Monsters University. Monsters U. Screening,

Track  3                         Time 7:15-7:40
Weather. Traffic. Rolling Stones Recap. Nick, Marisa, and Jacky Bam Bam
had great seats. Jacky got a guitar pic from Ronnie Wood. Marisa spent
most of the time tweeting about the show. It is NOT an oldies act, the
guys are very energetic. Casey has a problem with the fact that Marisa
and Jacky brought extra people down with them. He thinks people shouldn't
bring extra people down to the expensive seats. Steve likes to sit at
concerts. Marisa says the show was ³electrifying.² Brad Paisley was a
special guest and he played very well. Yesterday was Philly's birthday.
Steve does Mick Jagger Impression. Preston doesn't want to see Pierre
because he will be so excited. Steve does impression of Johnny Depp.
Secret Text. Hershey Park Giveaway.

Stupid Q: What nickname does Moe call Calvin in C&H?

Stupid A: Twinkie

Disc: 2           
  Date: 06-19-2013
Track  1                         Time 7:54-8:07
Weather. Traffic. New Daily Rush video is Kathy and her commencement
speech at West Chester. Live on Fox 29 Talking about the Stones Concert.
Tickets remain for Friday night concert.  Average ticket cost was $280.
Mike Jerrick is a grandfather.
Bizarre File. Man was struck in the head and then impaled through the eye
by an iron fence.  English labor politician Simon Parkes claims to have
fathered a child with an alien. Former teacher in Central PA is facing
charges saying she allowed students to perform body piercings during
class. The word College was spelled incorrectly on the dugout at the
College World Series.  Anna Murphy tried to kill her 3 month old baby
because she believed the baby was trying to kill her. Hershey Giveaway.

Track  2                         Time 8:17-8:58
Weather. Traffic.  Study shows that males care about how big their penis'
look to other men. Male Vanity. Men worry about what other men think
about their penis size sometimes more than what their partners think.
Marisa asked Preston if guys ever notice a bulge in another mans pants.
He says he does not he notices arm size more. Eyes are usually drawn to
boobs easily, however guys will go out of theuir way to stare at an ass.
Girls flattered even if they dont show it. Steve excercises to be healthy
and less for vanity. Casey doesnt mind taking his shirt off but he'd
rather not. When people run in highly populated areas they look stupid.
Regis is into a good joint as much as a chick. Caller Mark plays handball
and doesnt understand guys flexing at the gym.  Steroid use getting big
in highschools. Pierre lost about 35 pounds. Caller Heather finds Casey
more attractive than Preston.  Worlds last telegram will be sent next
month. Sending money via Western Union is a long process. Casey saw
someone try and use a fake ID, get caught, and then they gave him the
fake back. Not knowing the birthday. Is it a month where I could wear a
sweater?.   Chinese University built the fastest super computer. Capable
of 33.86 Petaflops per second. A petaflop is a computer that mollests
children.  Could the Computer become self aware. Only 1Ž2 of a dolphin's
brain sleeps at a time. First Memories. Golfers have the best memories of
all Pro Athletes beause they can take their time and process.  Steve
remembers lots of things from movies however can't remember phone
numbers. Caller Hank remembers being in his crib. Apparently Kathy's
brother remembers being born. Preston remembers his pet duck Quack-Quack.
Kathy rememebrs finding her dolls headless in the park. Hershey Park

Track  3                         Time 9:10-9:30
Secret Text. Hershey Park Weather. Traffic. Hershey park Chocolate World>Dark Chocolate Milkshakes. Hershey Park one of the show's favorite spots
to go each year. Breckin Meyer. Third Season of Franklin and Bash.
Heather Locklear joins cast. Moved show to Malibu. Breckin Meyerwas naked
on Piers Morgan. Casey and Breckin play words with friends together. He's
working on Robot Chicken and Men at Work. Telekenisis. Is it possible?
People have been disproven. Game that uses brain power to move a ball
through holes. Casey tries to move highlighter with his mind. Hershey
Park Giveaway.

Disc: 3           
  Date: 06-19-2013
Track  1                         Time 9:41-9:49
Will give away Rolling Stones Tickets. Traffic. Bizarre File.  63 year
old man arrested for driving a motorized shopping cart while under the
influence of alcohol. He has done this in the past and would have ran
over anyone who tried to stop him.  An Albuquerque grandmother Pamela
Barringer had her house robbed by a man in a mask who endedup being her
own grandson. He was later arrested.  Team of biologists found a way to
reversebly kill sperm cells. Method requires injections or nano sized
golden rods, aiming an infered laser at the testicles which makes the
gold react.  Laura Gambrel graduated college; her mom went to a bakery to
get a cake for her. The baker wrote down ³draw a cat² instead of ³cap² on
laura's head. They got the cake back with a cat drawn on top of her head.
 Thailand budhist monks live the good life on a private jet wearing
aviator glasses, carrying name brand bags, and using expensive headphones.

Track  2                         Time 10:03-10:16
Sound City Players on WMMR. Weather. Doug Benson will be at Hershey.
Preston and his family are going to Disney World. Kathy's family has
never met her rother's fiance's family. Sexting. She was ³Assless Jeans
Girl² Lesson Q. Hollywood Trash. Charles Saatchi Admitting he assaulted
his wife after an argument in London. Giving a vigerous throat massage.
Ariana Grande addressed rumors on tumblr about her having an eating
disorder.  Greg Louganis announces engagement to partner. Lesson A. Music
News. Ozzy and Sharon have moved back in together. Couple was also at
premier of the new Sabath Album.  Alice In Chains released a new App. A
pinball game played to a soundtrack. Brandon Flowers revealed his plans
to record his second Solo Album. Soundgarden's episode of Live From the
Artist's Den is set to air on July 11th. Secret Text.

Track  3                         Time 10:27-10:36
Secret Text. Monsters University Giveaway. Wrap Up. Pierre was out at the
Rolling Stones until 3:30am. Show was an 11 out of 10.  Daily Letter.
Thank you Breckin Meyer. Catch the third season of Franklin and Bash.
Courtney Love is in tomorrow.

Lesson Q: Space under nose is caleld what?

Lesson A: Face-gina

Daily Letter: I

Posted By: Preston and Steve  
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