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Track  1                          Time 6:09-6:21
Happy Tuesday. Weather. Traffic. News 2 people in the hospital after a school us traveled the wrong way down a road in NJ. 52 year old woman removed from the rubble of the center city building crash had to have both of her legs amputated due to her severe injuries. She was buried under rubble for 13 hours. NJ may change requirements for becoming a teacher. Sports Phillies blew a save and ended up beating the nationals. Boston beat Chicago in game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals. Boston leads 2-1. A.I has refused to return his 5 children to his ex-wife after their vacation in North Carolina. Hershey 4 pack. 
Track  2                          Time 6:33-7:05
Dropkick Murphy's. Weather update. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays Paul McCartney, 71. Do you think Pierre is gonna do a block of The Stones or Paul? Lou Brock, 74. First man to steal home from first base. Carol Kane, 61. Isabella Rosallini, 61. Stupid Answer. Jitters, Jack the Giant Slayer. Entertainment News Lindsey was photographed taking a smoke break outside her rehab. Hey everybody! Amanda Bynes spent her weekend relaxing in a hot tub at Revel casino in Atlantic City. Shellygirl got a picture of Amanda in the pool with her cell phone. She was by herself and she didn't  look bad in a bikini but her wig was terrible. Revel Casino. Best meatballs Casey has ever had. Steve Hirsch won some sex tapes. Kristen Stewart was seen eating at Hooters and took pictures with fans after. Tory Spelling husband Dean and friend Anthony twitter feud being brought to the ring. UK Mirror posted photos of famous cooks Nugella's husband choking her. Stars of FX Anger Management Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair are at war. Ed Hardy brand being hit hard and Ed blames it on John Gosling. 2 cast members of Real Housewives of New York seen filming staged scenes. Nick tried watching Duck Dynasty. Tollbooth attendant, I've seen a lot of guys come through here but I never seen that kinda currency before. Someone texted in “The guy that sells roses and cleans your windshield.” Clips Emma Watson talking about the movie The Bling Ring. Steve Bushemi talks about the characters in Monsters University. Monsters U screening. 
Track  3                          Time 7:16-7:50
Preston hit wrong music. Traffic. Hershey broadcast is this Friday. Kobe Bryant's mom selling his stuff without him knowing. Nick's mom threw away his baseball cards when he was younger. I never liked raisins in meatballs. Kathy has thrown away a lot of things that may mean things to people. When Kathy throws the junk away, grandmas ashes did too. Casey's wifes stuff made it and Casey only wanted Y100 stuff. Preston has minimized his collections. Rochelle holds on to everything. Kathy has a pin that a little girl made for her. Kathy threw away Nick's four loko can. Caller Mike, his mom sold his car and kept the money. Caller Megan, her mom threw away all the Christmas decorations that were going to be passed down to her. Caller Bee, mother in law saved umbilical cords. Caller Anna, moved from El Salvador and lost all of her things. Steve wanted his Iron Man head to be in the living room. It's a full iron man torso. Banana boat hat. Caller Annie, her mom is trying to sell her wedding dress. Kathy's going to hang her wedding dress on the iron man torso. Caller Dan, friend got an autograph from A.I. Caller Jeff, mom threw away so much. Kathy wishes she kept her love letters. Preston keeps notes from his wife. Caller John, dad sold snow mobile & kept the money. Caller Kathy, went to first Springsteen concert and she got a dollar bill signed and husband used it for toll money. Hershey. 
Stupid Question: What is Michael J. Foxxs' middle name? 
Stupid Answer: Andrew
Track  1                          Time 8:01-8:12
U2. Weather update. Liscio's giveaway. Traffic. Liscio's. Sara brought by a birthday cake for Steve yesterday even though it was a little late for his birthday. Ian Zeering and Tara Reid. Bizarre File Man was mauled by a bear in Alaska after he was throwing BBQ meat at the bear. 21 year old man texted “I need to stop texting or I'm gonna die” just before he drove off of a bridge. Upstate NY man facing charges for endangering the welfare of a child for holding 4 boys in a closet after they destroyed his father in laws house. 2 woman arrested after a topless braul in front of children. Hershey. 
Track  2                          Time 8:23-8:45
Stones are in town tonight. Traffic. Dylan Moran In StudioNorth American tour – playing the Troc on Saturday. He's only ever in Philadelphia for one day. Irish and Italian population in Philly is very high. He was the first English speaking and Irish man to perform in Russia. Hundreds and hundreds soldiers were watching him and he was very nervous. He said that Russia was amazing and that the people were very nice and amazing hosts. His show black book did fantastic and he said it was very fun. Some shows they record an entire season, show one or 2 episodes and if it's not good they cut it. And they take the people out to a field and shoot them. In Europe they know we like to rip off their shows (The Office.) Left school at the age of 16. Did open mic stuff then started doing festivals. He grew up on Marvel comics and is surprised about zombies being everywhere and wants to do a show about “Zombsters” where zombies and hipsters are combined. Isn't very big on twitter, only tweeted once. Everything else wasn't him. Wants to be 80 because he wouldn't have to do any of this. Why would you want to make everything public? Sometimes he drinks on stage, sometimes there's a rotisserie, sometimes I shave my thighs. He's lying about all of these things. Every bar in Edenboro has a door that leads under the city. Tickets are still available. 
Track  3                          Time 9:03-9:24
Trapt is in our studio. Liscio's giveaway. Traffic. Trapt Performing In studio. Chris enjoyed listening to the traffic report news. Any band that plays well live does good. Travis, their new guitarist, was the guitarist for Atreyu for a while. Headstrong live in studio. Kathy didn't notice the 4th guy in the back. He plays the “cahone.” That's like one ball. Love playing acoustic because when they start acoustic, once all the bells and whistles are added you know you're going to sound good. His tattoo on his forearm is the Trapt symbol. A lot of their loyal listeners have the same tattoo and it's weird because it's like they have followers. Love Hate Relationship live in studio. Released to the radio a few weeks ago and their video already has a half a million views. Playing the TLA tonight. 
Track  1                          Time 9:35-9:54
Trapt was in studio this morning. Traffic. Kathy didn't know the Norristown express line existed. Preston likes to ride the rails and get away a little. Hobo stew and make love on the cargo trains. Hired thugs beat you to death. Springsteen forgot to sing about that. I got rapid punched in the kidneys for a half hour and a chunk of my liver threw up. Shart Outs Avi and Alisa for Milkaila. Girl from the blood drive asking for a shart out for everyone who does a shartastic job. Starting Queef outs on Friday at Hershey. Steve is looking forward to chocolate and kettle corn. Marty, who works for the red cross. Dave from Tennesee. We're skipping the bizarre file so we don't put love on hold. Got all of these in just under the wire. Man met a woman at a Phillies game and they went to Xfinity live together. He said she said she wanted to hook up and he doesn't even remember her name. Teresa and her sister Carolyn. Hershey. 
Track  2                          Time 10:07-10:32
Led Zeppelin. Preston did the love letter. Casey found a song called “You can't put my love on hold.” Bizarre File Man hit by a car turned violent and attacked 2 paramedics who were trying to help him. Man was pushed off of moped and was beat with his own prosthetic leg. Florida teen jumped on a whale shark and rode on him. Mexican man tattooed the letter “I” on his 3 year old nephew with home made instruments. Chinese media reported that 30 companies are closed down because they used toxic waste and bleach to clean year old meat. Lesson Q. Hollywood Trash Sachi said he trying to make his point by strangling his wife. Girl meets world will e about Topanga has big jugs. Paris Jackson depressed because her life was normal; then her dad was a white black man who wore makeup and played with monkeys. Music News Corey Taylor scheduling book signings. Rage Against the Machine front man has been served with divorce papers. Rob Zombie unveiling his “Great American Nightmare” in California which features haunted houses, music and much more. Andrew W.K will try to break the world record for longest drum session in a retail store. He will have to drum for 24 hours. Lesson A. Tattoosday Listener Jon got a tattoo representing his job. He did scissors and a wrench. Battle for Bailey, Bailey's father Rob is here. and there is also something on Facebook. 
Track  3                          Time 10:42-10:52
Wish we would have had the microphones on before Zeppelin. Thanks to Dylan Moran, Trapt, Liscio's, listener Jon for getting a tattoo, RC and Battle for Bailey. Pierre is in. Letter of the day. Secret sounder. Pierre is so excited to see The Rolling Stones. Seeing them 2 weeks ago, they were still completely alive. Interview clips, Stones, huge work force block. It's also Paul McCartney's birthday. Hershey. 
Lesson Q: My DJ nickname was “The meat behind the beat”
Lesson A: Pud with the thud

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